kATman BEach

So.. i’m dancing at the beach in sugar sand so deep
air expanding out to see as breeze
becomes me as one with
waves of gulf
free.. in
colors of
light as
magic now
Lovers walk
ahead.. now
Lovers sit
with each
other on
sands and
shores of
peace and
my Lover
is God
as Nature
whole with
all others too..
God touches me in
ways.. that most may
never feel now.. i wish
they WiLL n0w fAll
in Love
UP with
God of
this way
i wish..
My third
wish to GOD of Nature
Smiles Suzanne..
I’m always attempting to improve my philosophies of life..
I appreciate your ideas here and I learned something new
of the origin of the term Nike in myth and
metaphor of the winged
Greek Goddess of
Victory.. and truly
I learn something new from all
poems as they often come from soul with
the best lessons of life.. Smiles again..:)
Smiles.. Suzanne.. againx3.. Truly.. i
could write a sitting Novella on this wonderful topic you bring to light here on life’s purpose of what you speak here as a beautiful and true quote in light to me as well.. per.. “It’s about being connected to nature – to the world around me – to the people in my community – and my internet community – it’s about our right to live in a free and just society where all are equal.”
Ways of enlightening sparks of others to this purpose and mission in life.. is the way of the general metaphor of the Bodhisattva who has completed a satisfied state of White Light Love being.. in life.. and more than anything wishes to share and elevate that feeling and way of life in others.. so yes..
The Yogi comes down from the mountain..
as White Light Love is never selfish and withholding..
and that is in our DNA as evolving humans in one lifetime
in true epigenetic effect of unpacking DNA in today’s science terms..
as science is finally slowly catching up
to Yogi’s in the Internal measurement of the human Universe..
albeit still slowly as the clunky scientific method cannot adequately measure human heart.. spirit.. and soul.. as that is a non-repeatable unique experience as experiment that cannot even be adequately repeated from second to second in one person’s existence as truly we are infinite beings.. every second of our lives.. no less than the rest of the Universe..
But it is difficult to successfully tale this to a ‘scientist’ either in profession or metaphor.. who has not become the metaphor of Yogi.. Carl Sagan approached that.. with the help of external substance drugs.. but these fuller enlightened scientists are not common as the mechanical cognition mind as exercised constantly excludes more than half of human internal potential as expressed in life.. in terms of Moving heArt.. spiRit.. and soUl..
So it can be a self fulfilling prophecy that scientists
may never prove God exists.. as whole..
in science terms.. as
those are not the terms
that connect to God more fully..
ironically enough.. and sadly enough too..
as it can be almost impossible to get through
to a person.. who is not currently capable of
seeing the other side..
for biological/environmental reasons..
ironically enough too.. and sadder as well.. as it is the act and practice of science that is blinding them and not allowing them to see more .. and yes.. there is science behind what i am saying.. too.. so far in the metaphor of infantile form.. exploring the internal Universe of human mind and body balance in all its complexity and simplicity as well.. yes.. it helps to have the ‘weapon’ of science too.. to bring greater understanding to scientists too.. so ironic.. yes.. but true…
Some of us are almost born this way as empaths.. feeling so much in senses and emotions that we need no external substances or drugs.. to achieve it.. a common metaphor for this that some folks take as literal is the star seed.. indigo child.. crystal child.. etc.. but nah.. it’s in our DNA.. this our home.. obviously..
but as usual.. myths often house the vehicles and
vessels of truth and light.. but i need look no further for home
than my backyard.. but of course all is one..
so all the stars
are home too.. in elementary ways
of the ingredients of life..
but not a place where any of us likely could survive
as breathing human beings.. now.. or anytime before..
as we balance with the balance of this real home earth…
Again.. i have written a 9800 word comment before.. where the formatting of Word Press falls apart.. and all becomes one big wall of block text.. so i will try to bring it to a close.. i often say that when i am talking with folks to just to remind my lips and or hands to stop one day soon now.. wInks for now..;)
Humans are multi-colored human beings.. a fascinating opportunity and task in my life is to participate in a county wide leadership class named a sim-soc society.. as the military civilian employment life was grooming me up the ladder in administration of government programs.. and in that class and simulated society over a year of classes..
we are taught there is a primary color wheel of human beings
in ways of personality that are green.. red.. blue.. and yellow..
and they graph that with a personality test to see where we fall..
i suppose i am one of the lucky ones
as i fall almost directly in the middle
of the color wheel graph..
with all the colors like a
chameleon of sorts..
and i suppose that is
part of being an empath..
seeing with so many eyes.. of human..
In short.. the green folks are human connectors
who can make the sales deals of successful human interactions
either in love or material goods.. the red folks are the folks who enforce the laws like policeman.. military.. etc..
the yellow folks are the folks who make and interpret the rules like lawyers and judges.. and the blue folks are the artists.. who are often very emotional with ups and downs.. yes.. the soul tortured artist.. of what we often see online in the poetry world here.. but anyway..
These are just the primary colors of personality illustrated here that make a society function.. there is a full color spectrum of human beings and beyond.. as some of us see so much differently and hear so much differently the lessons and general reality of life.. for example.. my tactile sensitivity innately is so jacked up i cannot stand to touch anything manmade.. so i spend my life with my hands closed..
and balled in fists.. to avoid the discomfort of even touching my pants.. unless they are silk.. and nah.. no silk pants for me.. smiles.. and no long pants either.. i can touch the skin and fur of my legs.. so i wear shorts.. even in the snow and 18 degree weather here in North Florida.. when that rarely happens.. smiles.. again…
Human cognitive empathy is a life long process
of learning to gain sympathy over the differences of other
human beings.. to understand the differences of human beings..
is to better tolerate and accept the differences of others..
fortunately i am financially independent and
can do the Bodhisattva thingy..
with no terms of commercial interest..
publishing books or any of that stuff..
a reality of gaining human subsistence for some..
and a great privilege i have too with the privilege
that comes with a athletic looking military/law
enforcement white middle age
serious looking guy in real life..
that allows me to get away with many antics of joy
to help other folks.. like dancing an extreme ballet/martial arts-like dance
everywhere i go in public that most people would not be able to get away with.. so i count my blessings in this way regularly as it allows me better to serve no masters other than Love.. Love in general.. as Nature as well.. in what i understand is the higher power of GOD as gifted in us.. as well…
So anyway.. life is a never ending story of Loving and Connecting and Learning more about each other to me to better tolerate and accept each other and help each other in growing a world garden of Human Love.. and what i feel and know and understand with human innate.. instinctual..
and intuitive knowledge of the DNA kind.. for what some folks describe with the term gnostic.. is that we as a species are evolving in just one life at an increased pace that comes with our increased ability to connect as a global tribe to learn more about the differences of each other..
to hold hands better without aversions of differences that are not understood well.. i see this garden of human growing no different than a mound or a hive of Eusocial insects.. difference being that we are all different and alike too.. and yes.. of course.. much more complicated too.. these journeys and multi-dimensional paths will continue like an infinite painting that has no end or beginning in beauty of art.. and like all art.. with blue human ups or downs.. there will be valleys at lowest depths and mountains at highest peaks.. but the bottom line is
in human
terms of tolerating
and accepting each
other as brother and sisters
ONE with the rest of Nature and
this is proof that GOD EXISTS IN US..
IT didn’t take 9800 words but this is
my proof for people who
ask me for evidence
in less than
11 million
or 9800 words..
smiles.. my friend
Suzanne.. and i’ll
keep working on my
evidence for
Smiles.. Love to you as well.. my friend Suzanne..
and yes.. it is quite a job of JOB in metaphor to
find metaphors to help folks find the lights and
truths of life that will work the best for them..
there are thousands of ways.. and more..
to metaphor basically
simple essences of life..
to grow as human heart.. spirit and soul..
and an unlimited number of ears who hear
differently.. so the work goes on as a
practice of Love.. not much different than
medicine.. i guess.. with potential fewer side effects though..
for sure.. as Love is a drug that can focus on the problem..
if experienced.. of course.. both Love and problems..
of which the second is more common it seems
these nows for sure.. for most folks..
sadly enough.. but potentially fixable
with practice and effort.. with Will and Love..
and sure.. Grace too.. now.. smiles again..;)
Oh what a long day.. a nice one too..
on Pensacola Beach.. starting out as Batcat
and ending up as kATman BEach.. anyway..
a blog post titled something like that coming
tomorrow or whenever.. but for now..
the last post “Victory
Song’s Dance of Love”..
coming back again..
with faster links to blogspot blogs..
on Facebook.. for friends and other folks there..
and back to responding in poetic responses to 28 more
poems from Thursday Night open link night at dVerse..
if i can stay awake to do that.. hehe.. as dancing
in the deep sand at the beach with Athletic shoes..
every which way.. can be rather exhausting..
after 10 miles or so of doing it.. like Nike says..;)
My first trip to the beach with my new iPhone 6s camera.. that promises better photos and doesn’t fail here.. as the quality rivals that of my wife’s Grand or so costing telephoto lens camera.. as it almost looks surreal capturing a still shot like this.. at the beach.. particularly the texture of the water.. where one might imagine walking on water like this.. but i had to settle for floating on sand.. which who knows.. likely feels better.. as i haven’t tried the walking on water thingy yet.. yet..;)
Anyway.. an absolutely euphoric environment at the beach this evening.. and it’s pretty amazing that one can only see one couple enjoying this beauty in front of me walking on the beach.. it’s kinda sad thinking of all the folks on screens when they could be in a real world of beauty to feel in so many senses and emotions free as a beach.. with eYes of GOD.. yeah.. kATman Beach..
where “Atman” is a real deal..
per other philosophies and philosophers
who address that metaphor as well.. for awakened and enlightened human beings..
I took a total of 135 photos today.. and it was very difficult for me to arrive at a favorite one.. per the beach pictures.. as there is an endless palette in hues of color this evening.. but seeing is not enough.. one must be there to feel the bliss of Mother Nature in her most peaceful Love in Harmony generating state..
i for one know of or experience.. what a blessing to live here.. and perhaps a curse not to.. but the good news is.. so much bliss can be generated inside with eyes closed as well.. in free flowing dance and song of life..:)
Oh by the way..
yes.. this is that place
‘they’ forecast.. HEAVEN..
to send me here..
i owe God big
time.. this
debt i will
pay in
continuing always
now as a Joyful Labor
of Unconditional
Tough and
Love once
now..smile emoticon..:)
Yah.. a SonG
for that too..:)
And finally a resounding note here
from friend Himali’s Facebook Page..
and good night from me..
as responding to poetry
will have to wait one more
day for sleep here..:)
Yes! I remain the oldest child in my hometown
and with Will and Love stay that way now..
Also as a clown to bring Smiles.. Laughs..
And Joy.. As well as introspective thought
to those adults who might like to join me..
The eyes of a child clown..
Smiles again.. Himali..:)
Smiles.. Suzanne.. This is what is wonderful about photography..
Just for fun.. Finding beauty in both the large and small things in life..
Dark and Light.. And of the brightest of all places.. That is where I s
pend yesterday.. With my iPhone 6s camera and a dance in deep
white sugar sand like Tai Chi spirals that never end in now with
pastel colors of twilight on similar vibration and wave length
with sea oats.. Emerald green gulf.. And me..
And sure with poetry who needs photos..
I for one cherish them without
effective use of my sight for 66 months..
A blessing.. Such a gift to me now.. The beach as me..:)
A full night sleep after a full day of of Art in dance..
and now for poetry.. after a dance in sand and sun again..
in my own backyard of beach and paradise true and light..:)
HI Sherri.. my dance friend.. of our ages.. winks.. and Smiles..
i already did/do ‘write a book’.. 11 million words on the Internet..
seriously literally 11 million words on the anniversary date
when i started all of this.. November 26th.. 2010..
5 years ago.. to escape the endless pain in my eye
and ear of type two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. i
personally like the electronic form of blogs for doing this..
as i can add as many photos as i like with all the beautiful
youtube songs that bring so much emotional inspiration
to me along with words that never quite fit the full size
of inspiration of image and song notes to me..
additionally i abhor the restrictions of creativity..
that come with the ‘Official way of doing stuff’ in life..
Art is for beauty to me in both science and art..
where no culture or religion can control me in
free spirit of art in words and steps..
and this is just another note to
add to a tapestry of all that is..
simply flowing like a river wheRe the
river of spirit inside me decides where to go next..
with little to no effort with the tide of God behind and with me.. smiles..:)
Smiles my lovely friend Sherri.. i appreciate the art that lives in you
where you can appreciate my words.. sadly perhaps.. i come
across relatively few who tell me they do.. considering
the effort i put into sharing it with the Unconditional
Love that lives in me.. but those who do i treasure
and appreciate.. as that light fuels the art
in me even more.. for now it is enough to
share it with friends like you.. here..
and other strangers who
are never strangers
to me who become friends of art as well..
and maybe one day.. when the art of writing slows..
i might think and feel about publishing some of it..
smiles.. but for now just art.. just art.. and Lord
knows i’ve already written enough poems for an entire library of me..
in print.. wInks.. big Inks.. from me and smiles.. again..smile emoticon..:)
Thanks so much Sherri.. you are only the second person who has ever encouraged
me to publish my poetry.. anywhere in this world.. and i encounter thousands
of poet’s work a year.. rarely with any comments from them at all..
and for me.. i can never let a human
conversation go
and ha! i am the
so-called diagnosed Autistic
one with Asperger’s..wink emoticon..;)
Yeah.. i think “that’s” the deal.. i’m usually the only one who can
fully understand what i say.. even though it makes sense to me..
and i suppose that is the thing.. that makes me Autistic
with Asperger’s syndrome.. i wanna connect to other people
really bad and have friends.. but it’s hard for them to get me..
and easy for me to get me.. so ha.. at least someone always gets me..
winks.. and much love to you.. my friend of over 30 years now.. and sure..
you are a little bit like me in ways of different
and that is what I love about
you too.. smiles again..
smile emoticon..:)
And now to dance
before i get
back with
the art
of responding
to the rest
of dVerse
open link
night poet’s
with 28 more
poems and
responses coming
from me.. but clouds
are coming.. so i am
gonna enjoy the
life giving
this morning..:)
Hi Leah.. as they say Synchronicity..
my Emails continue to increase the more connections
i make online.. a little concerned i might have missed an
email from you again.. so my plan is to connect with you
to make sure all is okay with you today..
and i get ‘this email’.. cool..
synchronicity again.. but nah..
this isn’t the first time i wonder how you are doing
in your recovery from the burns.. after a month
now of you returning to the flesh and blood bigger world..
And oh yes.. your world in Romania.. as a child.. on the soils of war.. death and destruction.. is so far removed from the gentle soils where i live.. where being Autistic in that higher functioning way is challenging and eventually a life or death situation for me.. with the chronic stress of social challenges at work.. and all my stress related illnesses.. but nothing like your challenges on both your soil and in your home as you have related before..
So i can only imagine the stress of the issues
of terrorism discord that brings to you
in Europe now.. in Germany as well.. where you live now.. just a hop
skip and jump away.. with issues there as well..
So glad you are feeling joy again.. perhaps my greatest obstacle to recovery for those 66 months of shut-in hell beyond 19 physical disorders mostly as a result of never ending chronic work related stress.. is the loss of not only pleasure but even the ability to feel sadness with a tear..
and as i think i have already related to you.. the death of a cat friend Sunny boy.. son of Yellow Boy.. injured in the wild with kitty aids diagnosed.. and us having the decision to put him down.. to keep the rest of the neighborhood strays alive and well.. is what finally brings a tear of relief for me.. in sadness..
And in feeling this great weakness inside of almost zero emotions.. and zero tears.. with that tear.. i finally feel strength in my legs that had been leg pressing close to 500 LBS still over this 66 months.. with a feeling of spiritual power in what i consider the equivalent of emotional feelings of strength..
that made me feel so weak inside without that emotional spirit.. and so empty those 66 months in continuum.. no matter what the leg press numbers say empirically.. then.. except for that short respite of a few tears in April.. coming with my creative spark in March of 2013..
And now there is almost half a ton slowly surely
on a free weight parallel leg press machine..
with arms raised in air like a ballet dancer
pumping iron in action..
but urethane sure.. as nah..
i don’t wanna crack the floor hehe..
for twenty-five times at ease.. but yes..
the grinch heart that grows..
so much bigger in size.. can be empirically measured too..
as the force of love in my heart.. converted to LBS as well..
And i do mean this literally too.. as there is new science here too.. available in research.. finally understanding better of the internal Universe of human emotions.. senses.. down to the flesh and blood level and up to the multi-verse of human emotions and senses in feeling innate instinctual and intuitive ways of being..
And force of physical power too.. where every human connection is a unique and growing Universe unto itself.. so yeah.. this here is the Universe of Fred and Leah in connection.. separate.. yet similar to all others in many ways.. too.. but still unique.. always special in its own way..
like us as individuals as well.. he her..;)
And finally recovery.. almost miraculously.. yes.. miraculously in an all natural way.. from pain and emotional emptiness.. in July of 2013.. with my first belly laugh in early August of 2013.. of which before i did not have a reference point of memory feeling if i had ever even smiled or laughed..
as without feeling there is no reference point of remembering feelings as remembering feelings are feelings of course.. a catch 22 of magnitude in real human hell now.. most certainly.. and why folks will self injure to feel pain over numbness when this emotional death in life comes..
Anyway.. i work my heARt OUT now.. like an Olympic Sport in metaphor.. as i’ve been to that hell of no feeling.. and i ain’t going back.. and poetry.. dance.. photography in all i do and all other art i participate in of human connections.. is my insurance that I will not.. ’cause God HEAVEN IT.. (there is no damn in heaven) there is science to happiness of heArt too.. and science is faith too.. in assurance of continuing success.. in life of joy.. in what i just do now..:)
And sure.. the Wrong Planet..
website overall.. is like ‘they say’ ..
an overall great place for misery loves company..
particularly in that PPR.. Politics.. Philosophy..
and Religion section that was the only part that truly interested me..
with the Autism Speaks political controversy as just a mindless exercise of obvious logic that i would never win but kept fighting against.. then.. per dark emotional social cohesive forces of the imaginary demon of Autism Speaks that people used to bind together in the joy of misery.. that feels better than nothing of course…
Sadly.. there is not much in school or college.. including psychology about the art and or science of emotional health.. that comes in metaphors of human heart.. spirit expressing that emotion of heart.. or the soul of a mind
and body that is balanced at center.. neither stuck in just mind or body alone.. or too much of reality of existence in one yang or yin science or art way.. exclusive of the other…
i went to the Wrong Planet for an escape from pain.. but now with my full emotions back.. and creativity as well.. that left me for about 40 years.. in the crude patriarchal ways of my small home town.. including the
military administrative work life.. that says boys can’t smile or do art as boys just don’t do that.. AND without fuller expression of emotions.. art dies in heart.. spirit.. and soul.. without a doubt to me..
And sometimes boys and girls try to bring emotion back with art as emotion becoming art and art becoming emotion.. music.. dance.. song in general.. painting.. yes art in general.. so many places of human journeys and paths to bRing hEart back to life.. as true human joy of Loving life just as it is for now..
needing nothing more but Life.. and appreciating that gift from the God of Nature so much they must share it with all others in a natural human altruistic way of unconditionAlly Loving life in all the ways that can and
does come in life.. in art of human eyes..
connecting to all humans and Nature one..
Like the Phoenix of me that is rising in that creative spark and tear in 2013.. and finAlly on a beach.. in July of that year.. going back the first time in 66 months.. where i FEEL ONE WITH THE WAVES AGAIN.. never an intellectual exercise there alone.. AN EXPANSIVE FEELING OF BLISS AS ONE WITH NATURE WHOLE..
with clear feeling that all of Nature and Beyond
ISGODONe and same with us. NOWonE…
with never any separation of illusory fears..
and all hate associated stuff
related to illusory fears..
A school of heart.. is never a science alone..
and that is why we rarely see it in school..
as school.. is more science than true human related art..
and society has become more science than art.. even in ways
of religion.. sadly as such in literal ways of being..
rather than being in an expansive fuller living
artistic and creative mind..
So on December 25th.. 2010.. i finally get the strength and resolve.. where every word i type then is like a mountain of pain in my eye.. to scan my baby photo of the child with bright blue eyes.. that my mother tales me.. reaches out to every stranger to hug them..
not for them to hug me.. hmm.. yeah.. sounds like the opposite of Autism huh.. but my problem is i could not speak until age 4.. and my mind operates fast.. with senses and emotions so sensitive.. jacked up.. as an empath..
receiving what seems like the internal world
as a radio receiver of external energy
emotional and sensory.. and information..
in general of all types.. that when i finally
could speak it comes out
really fast and scattered..
as there is so much in there to get out..
And yes.. i have a new diagnosis now by Doctors of Bi-Polar not specified.. disorder.. as when i get into that Doctor’s office and have to explain everything in ten minutes that is going on in my life.. it comes out really fast like this.. fast enough for me to process it fine.. as i have all the contexts.. but hey.. it’s hard to communicate thousands of words in 10 minutes completely coherently and slow.. so basically they think i’m ‘crazy’.. and might need something to slow me down..
But what they don’t understand after viewing me since this diagnosis two years ago before i get well.. is this is how i’ve always been.. people loving me to death.. before i open my mouth.. yeah.. strange girls at dance events years ago then.. too.. as i give ’em a headache with all my passion of communicating too fast and too complicated for the ‘normal’ human to understand..
And yeah.. fast is crazy huh.. and i am fast.. so fast.. and even my dance.. has become too much.. for most people to join me in.. even in the biggest dance halls of fast.. hehe.. but the reality is i am as peaceful as the eye of the hurricane of me.. inside no matter how fast the external winds come out.. hehe.. truly i am a Hurricane in this sense.. as metaphor.. Hurricane Fred haha.. all the time.. never dying out for now..;)
But they see the joy in me.. and truly want some of what i’m on..
people have been asking me for it all my life.. when i am healthy..
So now i am sharing it with them..
but nah..
i cannot give it to ’em
as i was born this way
and the shining lights
of that baby’s eyes
Love you friend..
and you know and feel
i will always be here for
you when you wanna
chat.. and
i feel you
will always
come back
when you
are ready for
another LARGE injection
of me.. hehe.. all NOW
in joy my friend..
all in
with smiles
and grins
and laughs
and to you
too.. my friend
Leah.. smiles AGAIN..:)
Yeah.. we have something
in common don’t we..
i know i’m not
very clear
as well.. but
i keep trying
and so glad
you tolerate
and accept
Smiles.. friends mean everything to me..
and i suppose if i ever enjoy enough
of life with friends.. the only poetry
that will come
from me is
in words
to friends..
and sure it is already
that way in a sense
and feelings as i see
and feel everyone as a friend
whether now they see me that
way in dark or light.. no different
than when i am a baby.. but no
one now.. can keep me from
hugging others in poetry
and dance.. whether
a hug
or not..
in steps
or words..
a Baby of
Love WiLL
FiND a way..:)
Well.. it’s 2:24 pm..
11162015.. to minute..
and yes now i am
making it back
to dVerse to
finish 28 poetic
responses to poetry
there from Thursday
Open Link Night just
for fun and Love too..:)
Art of open forest roads
lined by trees of
nature’s details
moving on as
open future
just a path
no destination
reAlly but going
on and on now..
as free and open..
there is a now where
i can not feel of any of
this truth and light of Nature
experience but the primitive
excellence of innate IQ lives
as me again.. on the open road of Living
free and will enough for fortune’s Love breeze..:)
Life of Nature
color seasons bright
Love of human
Smiles.. i am always sad.. when ‘they’ tale me
they cannot see/feel God.. but i understand
as they may never see as through
of the
who loves
me.. there are
miracles in life
and the fAct that
my wife is in my life..
is all the evidence i need
to believe in an all merciful
i know NOW
and feel not so
well of pain sad+
as then.. a tree of
Love lives with me now..:)
Sadly.. there are many
empty vessels of human
beings just waiting
to get the human
race back..
comes in bits
of thrown away
apple core of
evil in
heArtless eYes..
somenows illustrating
dark shadows in death
as religious groups and
othernows framing as
the entire human race..
evil now black
snares of death..
even when living..
Love is the answer
but an answer long
ago never painting
vehicles and
vessels of
and hate
in terrorist wake…
If there is any magic in dementia
it is the emotions that
go last.. if there
is any terror
in life
is when
the emotions
go first.. and the
mind is left sinking
and knowing a
never ends..
and of course that
can happen at any
age of human hell..
this earth
just now
in eYes
deep beyond
human heArt…
A taste of nature
the sweetest dream
more than cookies
and ice cream
sure a
in naked
butt an
echo of
free that never ends
in flesh that connects to all..:)
Smiles.. i suppose nameless forces
can be harder to relate to..
than labeling one’s
of anthropomorphic
sweet Abigail..
of gale force winds
is kinder than
that flood
a human home
but tests are
in all
and Abigail
is teacher whose
gale will be heard..:)
Sadly.. the message of
Jesus can be
missed unless
his prophecy
of folks
after him..
yes.. doing
much more..
comes true..
i trust
on this
one as
already true..
and still now coming
true to save the world..:)
Smiles.. tears.. gift
saving Grace..
through crystal
Smiles.. i’ll make another comment on one of your other poems..
(:..i don’t do candy at all..;) just a note on your Post Script question..
per wordpress posting features.. if you don’t like the new blue
screen editor for posting.. you can click on dashboard first
and click on posts next.. and then click add new post..
that will take you back to the old black/gray and white
wordpress editor.. that keeps the
posting options same as in the past..
the new version
stopped hyperlinking
photography automatically
to the wordpress library..
which can help
stop folks
from scraping
photography and
using it for their own sites..
which is really okay with me..
as i try not to own art.. haha..
But i just want people to be able to enlarge the photos
when the hyperlink works.. taking one back to the larger
word press library photo.. as my blog is almost equally
photography with poetry and prose.. and not one
for slow computers and or slow
broadband access for sure..;)
Oh.. no.. dizzy.. no fun..
Vertigo i used to get
from just standing up
from a meal or walking
around the block as
my blood no
longer makes
it to my head..
where brain
and nervous
system now
no longer
and blood
in synch..
only cure
is making..
stronger to pump
blood.. and now
i spin with bigger
muscles and dizzy no
longer controls me.. hehe..
A butterfly lives on land again..
but oh noX2.. my wife gets dizzy
from just watching
me dance spin
Dragon fly WinGs
oldest flying
and longest
living being
along with
roaches of crawling
night and flying skies
both are credit to
wheRe balance
stays key
to being
all Gods
eYes.. brave and free
Whole allone and never
the roach and
the dragon fly
are brothers
and sisters
friends too.. still now
of God and us too..:)
Highlight fairs around
the world sing
stars of joy
in human
heart.. as humans
are made to live
together and
it is the
that can
be lonely
and truly insane..
at least an online
connection can
bRinG dreams
of real
again together
free and sane..:)
Slow pause.. death
abrupt ending
where now
last forever
in pain
and joy..
where death
makes life
and life
death real..
light and dark..
the human condition…
Smiles.. i too take my
heart.. tears.. fears..
putting them in a box..
and fortunately now
for me.. i then am
able to retrieve
the heart and
tears minus
a lesson
and accomplishment
of a lifetime of me..
total Love
with zero
A place where skin
becomes fibers
of a couch..
an air of
system where
roar’s air becomes
human being
a place
to grow
wings.. a heart
grows in body
moving.. regulating
integrating whole
in emotional
and sensory
a butterfly
emerges well again..
yes.. been there done
it for over 5 years..
reaching 66
months.. then..
but yes.. again..
even at my age
and greater.. life
can and will get
better.. as nows go by..
and for me every step forward
is key to
dark as
not so well.. finAlly..
and now.. so very well..:)
Smiles.. interestingly.. a phenomenon
of changing brain waves
from beta
stress to
to theta flow
in creative
cosmic freer
like connections
to all around us..
can and will occur
on a country drive
without stress
that fall
us down
to beta
as stress.. comes us..
and some folks only
find it in places like this
where meditative flow
comes real.. true.. and free
and we let all the other stuff go..
away.. from a new wave.. of peace..:)
Human condition.. so varied
and freed and trapped
and tried and
and burned
until emotions
and senses
come under
control and
all peace
of river
and winds
breeze.. Credit
human written
language.. collective
intelligence and all of
culture for drifting away
from inner control.. without
all the distractions that rarely
change.. Nature changes and
makes it harder to get stuck
in associations of
but sure..
manual drive
is possible too..
where Diwali
lives inside
us shifting gears
of light dark as all of we..:)
Imagine a race of human beings
all of them sitting still
or standing sit
with heads
bent down
in great
to the God
of a five inch
screen.. growing
a little bit at least..
in screen size
still down..
from the Savannah
we go to a scream of
a four
inch screen..
wheRe love letters
are lost in candy crush
A change so real.. a change so close..
from hunting and gathering
to escape the cave..
to agriculture
and planting
to harvest
to machines
and automanwomen
holding gears and levers
in industrial way.. to
Info technology
and back
to the
what comes
around goes around..
but i’m staying outside..;)
Ah.. before the apple..
before the fall
there are
and free
apple in the
eYeS of Nature’s Goal
living.. just living.. to be..
as is is now.. floWeRinG ALive..:)
ThrOne iS readY
pastUre free..
it is we who
must study
hiM.. wheRe
greater iS necessary..
setting entire world free..:)
Smiles.. a little box can follow us
around all our life..
or we can
live now..
as.. as is
as Love..:)
Freedoms new gifts
from centuries
old of prisons
in so many
ways of
souls… to
escape back
to soft love holds
a place that sings
an archetype wholENonE..:)
Star wars is not my wife’s pleasure..
Internet ways of connecting
or problem solving
so unlike
her.. Best of
life is in change
so opposites do
the best
in me too..
she in her room
and me in mine..
i see my father
and his
third wife
do this and
now i am here..
no longer now on
couch intWinInG
as Love.. but best
friends make it
in decades
trial.. oh different.. i Love..:)
Black leafalls now
on concrete streets
moods risEn..
what comes next..
concrete crack..
sprout peaks
agaIn.. graIn
sAnd now liVes..
Nomads of modern
days spread out
from villages..
two by two..
opposites of
ark they stray..
where togetherness
leaves.. loneliness
thrives.. an
answer.. an
Interent hands..:)
Candy apple red..
oh fruits desire..
but all that
is the
taste inside..:)
Paths of wooded roads.. trees straight
trees cooked.. leaves
colored.. leaves
faded.. with
life what
just journey..
Living Now..:)
28 poems
in four hours
around 6
minutes a-
peace in
fun for me.. sWinGinG
through the words
with the greaTesT
of ease..
a pARtY
with my fingers
comes to a real
keyboard close..
and now.. oh GOD
it’s finally WORK-OUT NOW!..:)
and now to post
when i come back.:)
This post is fun..:)

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