LOVE IS and Casino Dance Walking

perhaps Prophet David (peace be upon him)
is the prophet i live by example of the most..
as yes..
i sing for and with the Lord..
GOD Allah of Nature..
play the piano.. dance.. yes in the au naturale..
and celebrate the Lord.. GOD Allah of Nature..
in poetic words that flow from my heart..
that are never metered or structured
in intention of mechanical mind….
Some people.. yes.. think i’m crazy..
and some people think i’m self aggrandizing..
but i celebrate the Lord.. in ALL WAYS.. always..
here NOW… and share my love for the Lord with ALL OTHERS TOO..:)
i let IT ALL GO.. i let IT ALL FLOW..
Allah lives in our heart.. outside.. inside.. above.. so below..
i love you.. i love Allah.. i love everyone Unconditionally..
and everything Allah creates…
Allah is my co-pilot in Life..
YES..i LOVE ALLAH and i love you…..
Some people see love as something jealous
or something owning.. or the sexual act..
but that is so too narrowing for me..
and in my new post it is about Love IS..
as my friend Cabrogal is talking about that yesterday..
and he inspires me too.. before i go to a casino with my wife…
And nah.. i don’t gamble..
i fly free on land for 6 miles in dance..
Cool October
Cold Front
celebrating the Lord..
meeting people with smiles and cheers
passing me by.. in automobiles.. on sanded shores of Biloxi Gulf…
And then i meet three wise homeless men..
on a board walk below an Interstate Spiral..
and they immediately see
the love of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him)
and ask me if i’m listening to Christian Music on my headphones..
And i tell them.. all the music in the world
is the music that people use to celebrate the Lord..
even sometimes if they don’t know words for the Lord..
and i celebrate the Lord with them everywhere i go..
And no they do not ask for money..
as people so often think
that is all of what homeless people are about in the US..
they only want to share words.. smiles.. and even fist bumps
about how much they love the Lord with me….
Yes.. these men are truly wise men.. as they see the Lord of Allah..
as the ONE and only true ALLITIS..God of nature….
and see the cultural lies of illusion.. as yes..
they escape these lies too..
in wandering Allah’s nature..
one and true.. with Allah ONE…
And those with open hearted souls….
Do see the Lord in me…..
when i dance freely like a butterfly with the Lord on Land….
And i am going to write something else.. and now this is what i write…
as again..
inspire me…
Smiles and have a blessed Allah day…
my friend…
Unconditional Love is Allah..True..:)
Sacred Unconditional LOVE
Beautiful and Rings True to me..
This Love is real..
in the interdependent relationship of all IT IS..
where seperation is the REAL illusion..:)aka as that 3 letter word 2..;) me..
heaven and hell..
are metaphor for illusory hope and fear..
And awakening to truth in analogy
and metaphor makes heaven now…
as illusory doubts..fears..and hope
are a great source of all human suffering
away from balance..
But balance includes desire too..
to repress..oppress..human emotion..
and human sexuality can also pave a road
to REAL human hell..
escaping nature is the Grand illusion..
and A road to hell..
and from a problem solving perspective
the irony is delicious..
what many people see as dark is mask of light..;)…
And words inspired my Facebook Friend
Emotional and physical intelligence
are the most important intelligences for real life success…
School promotes robotic mind success
which means being good little motionless robots..
to play robotic specialized roles
to keep the comforts of culture going..
So drug the kids with spunk to keep ‘em in line…
But they in truth are the movers and shakers of the world..
without them we simply would not be here..
as they are the nomads too…
But that’s understanding human nature..
and nature in general..
a place where our taxpayer funded schools
fail.. miserably…
One need look no further
than one third of school age children who are type two pre-diabetic..
depressed children under the age of puberty
who are taking anti-depressants..
which is unheard of when I grow up..
roving the town freely..
and of course a nation on pain-killers….
The truth is humans are emotionally
and physically subjugated for control
to repress and oppress basic human nature…
It’s already ‘1984’ and the ‘sheeple’
are living in bars of body and emotion control…..
BUT through challenge and adaptation..
as it is still our legal right
within reasonable guidelines..
for those with WILL TO set themselves free…
NO ONE holds me back now.. and yes..
i figure out the laws that do protect me..
and once again live free with the GOD of nature..
as yes.. simply free also known..
as un-repressed..
in body..
in balance with the GOD of nature..:)

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