A woman’s opinion on GOD

i like your way
of looking at GOD
through the ‘woman’s’ eyes…
For thousands of years
GOD is literally created in a ‘male’s’ image…
And truly more women than you
are finally creating GOD in ‘women’s’ image…
When the two balance
and become one in the world..
perhaps there will be balance AND peace…
In my opinion..
it is Patriarchy
that is responsible
for most of the world’s conflicts.
Too much Yang
and not enough Yin
can cause some serious suffering..
and yes.. VICE VERSA.. as well… :)
But whether anyone wants to admit IT or not..
we all create GOD
in our own image..
whether it is personal or cultural..
by or ‘buy’ design…
And no..
that’s not surprising..
as ‘those’ are the ‘eyes’
we are blessed with..
to create GOD with..
as truly a fractal of the whole..
as science now shows…
GOD is Science and GOD is Art…
Too much of one and not the other..
is where many problems start and end.
i know all too well
from personal experience..
GOD does not exist fully without Art..
in one’s own life..
no matter what culture
and or religion says…
And yes..
i find GOD everywHere..
very often in the Movie Theater
and Youtube videos too. :)
IT’s just a matter of finding GOD
that FEELS like the ONE for one.
some folks don’t understand..
at core..
yes IT..
as metaphor for GOD..
TRULY IS..ALL up to US. :)
You are part of a vocal minority..
but never the less..
i see your words as TRUE..
as you create GOD that is right for you…
i’m sure that GOD doesn’t mind. :)
In only my opinion..
of course..
i think GOD is smiling on you..and probably winking too. ;)

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