Moon Child Closes iN

Happy Veteran’s day.. everyone.. and i must say with both pride and glee..
that i am a citizen of this great country still.. as truly iN many places
oF the world.. a Good Cop Jesus could not exist and fully SinG/
DancE or even witness for God for 6 years and 12 million words..
without cultural clothes.. including.. 42 months and 3.3 million words
plus iN A longest long form poem free verse with
some concrete poetry form freest
as essence comes form.. either..
unless my LioNs SonG DancE
is housed within
truly a New Israel..
iSREAL wHeRE God livEs
as life and liberty and the pursuit
of happiness within we human beings..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all
around too.. sure.. that’s the American dream
for me.. fulfilled as i speak and do.. and DancE
and SinG Now FreeST vERse PoeTry too.. what a gift
all of this iS.. aS oNe looks around at the rest of the
world in so many ways of priSons away from free noW iN
A KinGdoM of God AS Heaven Within.. don’t need no labels
for this.. not one from this religion or that religion.. and sure i
for one make many new ways of doing and speaking life Holy and Sacred
for me.. and that’s the thing.. my Friend or FriEnds sAme.. even foes
as such too.. Separation of Church and State is necessary so all
can speak tHeir own languages of God if one is to believe that
the Kingdom of God and potEntiAl Heaven lives within and
is at hand now.. iF one wants to control.. subjugate and
dominate others for power.. status.. and material
ways of man-made toolS in extension of success..
THaT most alWays harms others.. rather than
bRinGinG all of uS up toGeTheR aS oNe
Force of God.. that iS liGht.. trUth and
liGht iS.. tHeir is also dArk.. and sHades
of Grey ‘tween aLL of dArk to liGht..
And we folks who walk iN/aS liGht
trUly have iT aLL as liGht
groWs greater and
ever now
is more
than bEfore
iN liGht… wE can visit
dARk.. we folks who are wide
aWake but God within sHows uS
through all natural innate.. instinct..
and intuition.. in how to get back to Heaven
in both short and long term way.. i’ve never been
to ‘war’.. i’ve never been an active duty soldier.. although
i spent a quarter of a century working to provide greater morale..
welfare and recreation for those soldiers and veterans of war too..
i enjoyed it very much and took great satisfaction in supporting those
who would give their life for others to continue to enjoy life.. liberty
and the pursuit of happiness too.. never the less.. i am a free verse
soldier of God continually adding more verses to a UniVerse oF
God within i.. as me.. and shARinG that aS it comes… with no
limits or expectations set firmly in stone.. i am a streAM.. A
RiVer.. a WaVe as pArt of Ocean WhoLe God too.. noW
and surely at lEASt to me.. this all IS A reflection
of that.. and yes.. as Katy Perry might say..
to John too.. just another New Testament
in the can out of so many that have come
in 3.3 million words every six weeks now
at 180k words or so in length.. and yes.. for
arriving in 6 years now of all the homework online
for that iN writing 12 million words as my next milestone
so far to celebrate this ThanksGiving since the one that
arrived 72 months ago.. in 2010.. yes.. i celebrate too.. the
Veterans who have fought in wars for our freedoms.. and yes..
i celebrate my way as free verse Soldier oF God too.. kNoWn by
no label
but the
essence oF
God thaT liVes
within me.. fuLL of HeARt..
exPReSsinG EmoTioNal SpiRit
and FeeLinG HeARt FuLLy WiTh
aLL emoTioNs and SeNSEs fuLL too..
iN a MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG as A practice
oF liGht and liFE in all sHades of Grey and DArk..
noW and even BeyOnd RainBoW coLors oF liGht too..
MoVinG.. ConNeCtinG.. CreAtinG.. sHArinG Now and
GiVinG too.. as i once again provide an over view here
in 12 chapters full now.. as this could be a 13th chapter..
or a 720th chapter same.. in Witness of God sAMe.. as all
12 million words have come to be written online since Thanks
Giving day 2010 when the first word was a mountain of pain.. suffering
still then.. from the worst pain known to mankind at around 33 months
to that point.. with no ability to read or write anything without intolerable
pain until then.. yes.. to reiterate.. type two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. assessed
worse than Crucifixion in medical associated literature.. and for me a full 66
months with 19 medical disorders.. including Sjogren’s Syndrome.. Dysautonomia..
Fibromyalgia.. Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my spine.. and Spinal Stenosis..
Severe Anxiety.. all associated with Severe Depression.. Anhedonia.. Panic
Attacks.. PTSD.. Alexithymia.. eTc..and zero point of no emotions and even
no senses at all after 35 days of 1 hour of alpha blocker cardboard
shallow assisted sleep.. for each night.. and no sleep at all the
last 5 of 40.. around the lent period of 2008.. as Catholics
speak to in giving something up.. no.. i’m not a veteran
of any ‘war’..
just hell..
and trust
me that’s a place..
an isREAL place on eARth..
that i can only hope that no one
has experienced like i did for 66 months..
where at that point.. a thousand years was/is
a second in hell.. as all there was is/was time then..
an experience wHeRe burning in hell was/is preferable..
to nothing at all.. in what felt like total separation from
God and Nature ONE.. anyway.. now.. it’s possible folks have
gone to worse places than that.. and never been as fortunate
as i am now to come and speak to it in poetic ways that may
reflect something.. anything.. at all of what it’s like to liVe
iN HeLL so with all that sAid.. for the record.. now what i
just did in continuing
witness for
ISReaL wHole
God as Nature oNE..
don’t need any words for
that as God IS A Verb that
does me do.. now.. Wide Awake..:)
Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! 15,155 words
Golden Age reKneWeD 12,895 words
710th MacroVerse oF Faith 17,340 words
711 MaCroVerse BeYonD 17,179 words
‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712 11,190 words
World War 111 DreAMs 13,480 words
SoN oF Man MoRe NoW 19,147 words
ArT oF tHe hUman HeArt SpiRiT SoUL 17,298 words
Book oF Ten Sixteen 17,560 words
BRidge to noW SinG 11,552 words
DeStiNaTioN 718 12,429 words
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen 15,996 words
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
Hello.. my FriEnd.. just stopping by today..
to share with you.. what you in part helped
to inspire.. i don’t exclude anyone.. not even a grain
of sand to
muse the liGht
oF God my Friend..
and the least i can do
is give this to you.. and let you be..
i don’t ever expect to totally agree with
anyone.. as we all see God a little differently..
as while we are one with God.. we are also individual
have a great day my friEnd wiTh God..
what ever your name is.. A call for an uprising dude on youtube..:)
Hi.. gigoid.. as alWays things are changing
fast in a world that is rather
more coNfusing
than a Beach..
i move
back tHeRe
uP heRe noW
as much as Now
possible with sMiLes..
finAlly it seems like a cloudy
cool day in November.. wHere
even grey can be beautiful for change
in azure bliss blue skies of fall as Summer still..:)
“Reality is a cliche from which we escape by metaphor.”
~~ Wallace Stevens ~~
WiNks.. what i
“There are two ways of exerting one’s strength:
one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.”
~~ Booker T. Washington ~~
Fearless tends to float up..
and fear
up up up.. i float away from dARk..:)
SAdly.. Trump reflects reality..
the DArk Side of what fear desires..
“Make the best use of what is in your power,
and take the rest as it happens.”
~~ Epictetus ~~
And yes to phrase
it differently
with an end
to means..
don’t forget
to get
“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be,
and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”
~~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~~
Yes.. BRinG people uP stARting
at greater
Fly stARTinG aS Air..:)
“He was part of my dream, of course –
but then I was part of his dream, too.”
~~ Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass” ~~
in the niGht..
And look at each other and sMiLe..:)
“There is nothing in this world constant but inconstancy.”
~~ Jonathan Swift ~~
constantlY iN FloW In zoNe..
breeze shines
“Keep the golden mean”
~~Publius Syrus — Maxim 1072 ~~
Yes.. Be the Hurricane
Winds of never ending energy now..
eYe Peace..:)
“If I do not do it now, when shall I do it?”
~~ Dogen Zenji ~~
oF Victory juSt do IT..:)
“Even the worthy Homer sometimes nods.”
~~ Horace — Ars Poetica, 359 ~~
That day in November 2016..
when life
stranger than the ‘Simpsons’..;)
Anyway.. even
for the better.. iN liGht.. noW..;)
Facebook Friend Rafiah provides a nice share of a Pentatonix
A Capella Cover of recently deceased Leonard Cohen’s
Song Hallelujah and i say in mutual appreciation..
Always surprised at the depth of your worldly appreciation of music
culture.. Rafiah.. and although Pentatonix is probably my
favorite modern A Capella singing group.. i must say..
i still like Cohen’s version much
better as it captures the original
intent of the blues better to me..
with the light of Hallelujah mixed..
and by a way the Catholic version Alleluia
is one of my favorite high terms to connect
with the temple dome at church.. sometimes
Katrina says.. all she can hear is me singing it..
but truly
it is allone
A voice that comes
aS oNe of praise..
so here’s ‘a
from me
too.. in appreciation
of Leonard Cohen
and a word of praise..:)
The blues.. surely a song that the educated folks
who voted for Johnson and Stein are singing in college
educated groups across the country in Occupy Democrats
against A 99 percent fashion too.. sure.. in a way we have another Vietnam
brewing in the country on our hands.. and surely it will be Trump who either
makes or breaks that protest lesser or greater in months to come.. hEars a caution..
better yet a warning.. people aren’t numbers.. people aren’t pawns in games to play
to achieve status and power.. not in a Democracy as in a Democracy there are consequences
for stepping on the emotions of other folks.. and there are also consequences of emboldening
the darkness in the population when hate is praised against the different and the have nots
among the populace.. same in dark ways that are coming now as empirically evidenced
same even in schools with chants of build that wall against poor Mexican immigrants
who want a better life out of misery for their children in poor places
of desert scarcity down below.. no matter what.. comes.. even words
of hate make misery and suffering and even death
come to the mix of life.. but again..
the consequences comes
on both ends
of the coin
for both the
haters and the
recipients of that hate.
and the ones who are emboldened
by the hate message of those now at
the top of the hierarchy of the message
that comes through clear too that the general
population hears.. do not underestimate the power
of the dark force.. from what Trump preached and how the
message was delivered and heard.. the evidence of the winning
result is all too real for now.. and here’s the other thing.. don’t discount
the liGht force of Love against the dARk Force of hate either.. if those Republicans
ever do anything to harm the general population.. there will be ten times more consequences
that they and their children will face in many years to come.. as a free country doesn’t forget
when their peers are harmed.. even if those fears are not grounded in reality.. as Lord
knows.. if Hillary had won.. there could have been armed protestors with the
conspiracy fears that their guns were going away.. as that was the
chatter even in online avenues before this election ended..
it wasn’t hard to hear.. particularly for someone
who reads as fast as i do and
travels at ‘light speed’..
all around the
world wide
yeah.. 10 to
15 times faster
than the average human
being… don’t discount what
is filled in this head of mine either..
hehe.. for all these folks who think that
government is not necessary.. just remember
that the after effect of New Orleans comes in all
colors and ways of human being.. you start to attack
someone’s very subsistence of life.. and you do it when
it is not necessary for just politics of power and status and
such as that.. and there will be a sleeping giant that rises up
giant has been
Love.. when Love
raises up.. be careful..
’cause the Mama Grizzly will
FucK you up worse than any
angry old white dude in a suit
or smiling hypocrite like Pence..
who would take legally and medically
safe abortions away to prove his religion right..
while in Mexico where the Majority is Catholic and
Abortion is illegal there are close to as many illegal abortions
now which often results in permanent disability up to death for the
mothers and a sad way of suffering for the unborn up to infanticide
and filicide that comes later in situations that folks in feathered nests
cannot imagine for human suffering and misery and death in life.. the
World Health Organization measures this suffering in countries where
medically safe abortions are not legal.. and those are the countries where
unsafe abortions are a major cause of disability and death among women now
there.. and the same shit happened here in the back alleys with the coat hangers
and more infants in dumpsters then.. before ’73.. yes all the one’s that were never noticed
too by those
in the
pews with
shiny suits
and Sunday
Dinners at Buffets
of all you can eat slop…
Ignorance is the scourge..
of the world sTiLL that is a high
force of dark and hate still today..
the real definition of the term Apocalypse
is lifting those veils of ignorance in original
Greek way.. however StiLL there are dark forces
iN religion and group think that blocks the force
oF liGht and TrUth from coming to IsReaL noW in
liFe’s of the minions who will follow the most
despicable leaders that come to support tHeiR
so-called religious beliefs.. and if you wonder
why so many Hispanic Catholics voted for Trump..
you can be assured that it was for issues like Homosexuals
getting married and abortion too.. as dictated by the Catholic
Church as sin rather than the Nature that has always been here
on the planet earth for folks born different in changing environmental
pressures.. too.. including not having enough subsistence or mental health
to raise another child that comes.. and not to mention thAT same Catholic
Organization to the top around the hoping to deny resources of planned parent
hood for effective birth control and better health for the parents and children
to come.. the very measures that will reduce the number of abortions that come
in reality now2.. those veils of ignorance are heavy to the core of group think
and religious ignorance for the facts of life and God of Nature same..
don’t forget both dARk and liGht is pARt of God.. even iF iT iS
you yourself as part of God who would send a poor
Mexican family back to a place that doesn’t
have a promise of life.. or a young
woman to committing suicide
over a birth she cannot
take.. or same
for a young
homosexual person
now in church pews
who finds out his or her..
etc.. Love.. is not sacred enough
for marriage and as follows neither
are they as human beings now.. if Jesus
came back today.. he would not be too happy
for the comb over philosophy that has taken away
the good cop Jesus philosophy and makes hate instead
of love in seeing God as two separate and more things..
either love works together or the ‘tween and the dark force
hate as we see both happening today in cities across the land..
the liGht Force WiLL eventually shine bRiGhter than the DARk
that’s jUST common sense.. as long as it sings and that bird of freedom
shut uP now..
and sure.. i have to
go against my own mother
on this topic.. but unlike
the bad cop Jesus i refuse to
hate her based now on what she
doesn’t know in ignorance of the
facts of Nature and God the same..
same as all my so-called republican friends
too.. who live in my community at rates of group
think up to 80%.. i am fortunate.. i have an education
with three college degrees in the real humanity subjects
of Anthropology.. Social Science.. and Health Science too..
and what that provides evidence of is people are similar alike
and different in all areas of the world.. and almost anything of
dark or light that helps or harms others at human nature core
can be held holy and sacred as gospel truth in any country
and culture of the world still.. when one gains
a bigger picture of life..
the ignorance
in veils can
start to
fall away
now to
an isreAL
original Greek
definition of Apocalypse
today more now.. and i for
one will do all i can to Atlas
lift a world of DArk and hate
that still exists in ignorance now..
anyway.. the first step is cognitive
and affective empathy in understanding
and feeling the shoes other folks live in
including compassion in actually alleviating
their suffering and misery now in understanding
kind and courageous ways.. and to venture out of
the walls of church and such as that and hold hands
and feet
in dance
of someone
who dances and
sings to another drummer than you..
it’s possible almost anyone can do
it who never gives up and reaches out.. with
And speaking of Dance.. hehe..
and the strange brew among
us that is me too..
a MacroVerse
Memory coming
from two years
ago to date named
Another DAY IN THE LIFE of a DanceWalker..
with focus on the similarities of God liGht we share iN TruTh
no matter what religion we so-called belong to in ownership
ways of bonding for common dark and light in
heaven and hell ways too.. with
another symbol
of that Sergeant
Pepper’s Album
cover by the Beatles
with a stone Statue in burial
ground to rise up to awakening
in boTh TrUth and liGht way
of reason in intellect
and emotional
ways too..
in Love.. as
fearless and smART
as unconditional ForcE noW..
wHere a lonely heARt’s club
bad dances and sings toGeTheR once aGain..:)
Veterans of Human Weather
And finally two MacroVerse memories shared noW in appreciation
and respect of Veteran’s day from a year ago and two as well..
with many many MicroVerses and Micro Micro Verses to ago along with
that both
and not
too of course.;)
Allah’s Art
And yes one from three
years ago Allah’s Art..
celebrating the art of Friend
ship to in
Veteran’s way2..
Now with
And sure.. why not end
and stARt iT all with another FB
Video Slide show presentation of
Thursday niGht dance.. at good old
Seville Quarter where there are no barriers
of color or gender or nationalities or religion
etc.. except for ignorance in pockets of dARk and hate..
the yin and yang oF iT all dARk and liGht and the ‘tween of
that i see and experience in FeeLinG and SeNSinG ways oF aLL liFe
and yes..
it is possible
for A LioN noW
and Lamb to dance/SinG
toGeThER sTiLL aS oNE..
WiTh otHeRS like and not like thAT too…
i turn the other cheek when it comes to
potential feet and chops of fury over
words of ignorance now.. but no..
i will never exclude
the potential
my life from
physical harm with
the same.. no different..
than i will stand up for the
TrUth and liGht with family
but i refuse to hate anyone
for their ignorance or differences now..
a little anger now and then sure.. always
diffused with dance and song of poetry too.. away from hate..
to rise iN
liGht and TrUth this way..
even with the parachute drag
of all the shiT that exists in the world stILL2..
yes.. sHit
of ignorance and
more TrUth and liGht
iN original Greek Def to come..
in Apocalypse way..
if one
it and
heAR it
wiTh God openED eYes too..:)
Rocky Racoon.. the Beatles..
the power of ignorance mixed
with crimes of passion.. sure.. could
be a girl
or your
gun.. the
fear that started
a long campaign that
would last for 8 years against
an African American President
Barrack Obama.. and yes.. the
Gideon Bible.. or the Koran
or other books of
dArk and liGht
of murder..
dashing children
of opposing tribes heads
against stones or sacrifice
of animals and children same
for an imaginary God that is real
too in Part as human Nature dARk isReaL2..
yes.. this song.. a spoof from an English Elite
Rock Group.. where as close as you’ll get to
many of their songs on youtube is a cover
in tightly reined copy right
to keep
inside of original
mineral rights per se..
anyway.. the way they viewed
the American conspiracy tinted public
then is a same thing now… as ignorance brews
the worst of hate crimes and ones of passion
and conspiracies same.. yes.. this song is
a spoof of the Trump rights of the
population who are jealous
of others gaining
their grain
in locked down silos
guarded with guns.. and if
some of them could they would
blow up entire countries for religious
rights and older countries of origin in gideon
way too.. an eye for an eye.. a tooth for a tooth
if you get welfare benefits you are taking more than
i want
to give
to you
now too..
particularly if you
don’t go to my specific
Christian Church and see
and look like life like i do..
fear.. ignorance.. jealously..
greed.. doubt.. anxiety
of never having
of what
others have..
all ingredients for
a perfect dark storm
of discontent.. hate and
general misery enjoys company
way of life.. and yes pARt of Nature
and God same today as dark lamps come2…
so Thursday night
the opposite brew
comes up to
me.. in ways
of elite college
drunk frat boy never
me in the
dancing club before..
a holiday the next day
and some room to play
with privilege of the educated rich..
sees my shirt with kitties flying through
the air.. having no idea i am old enough to
be his grandpa.. or the fact that i leg press
1020 LBS on a very difficult parallel leg press
with arms raised in air 33 reps now.. sure.. about
twice as much as the elite marines in that facility
using that
leg press
machine now..
nor the fact that
with one swift kick
i have the power behind
my feet to kill a human dead..
much bigger than him.. so he sees
the incongruence of my T-Shirt with
the sweet little kitties flying through space
with moons behind and shakes his head in
what they term as shaming these days for
folks who do not meet the mold of whatever
elite flavor they taste.. no this is no Trump rights
group.. this is the elite without common Fucking Street
Smarts that says shit happens when you least expect
it be careful
who you fuck
with when you
are drunk off your
ass and are not seeing
the bigger picture approaching
240 Lbs behind what you think
is a less than man shirt on someone
in front of you now.. anyway.. i have never
come across someone as ignorant in the
opposite ways of what so-called ‘rednecks’
do have in common sense.. ignorance comes
in all ways and there are many more types of
intelligence than in what one finds in schools and fraternities
too.. and it was kinda ironic.. as i was just speaking to these
kind of bullies in that day’s ending Macro-Verse of a New Testament
too.. anyway.. i write about it all… for a lesson as such too.. never judge
a person’s cover/niceness for potentials that lie and tell the trUth and light/dArk inside..
and same lesson to the Trump Elite.. don’t fuck with someone who has been to hell..
or you
a kick
back you don’t
like.. my martial arts
experience allows me to
have the restraint in quick
reflexes not to kill someone dead
for being as ignorant as this.. but sure
there are other folks just like me.. who have
been to combat with PTSD.. and a little mistake
like that could cause anyone like him to fuck with someone
who has been
to hell..
to lose
your life
on what you thought
was funny and now what is dead.. as you..
i surely hope the coming administration and
all the coming haters keep this lesson
full in mind.. as trust
me you have
no idea
the dark
goes in hell still now isREaL..
Bible.. gideon or not.. Koran
or whatever else
will not
from A Rocky
Racoon who
IS A faster draw than you..
and for some all it takes is one quick
foot powered like a missile oF liGht oN dARk.. eTc…
Anyway.. this is a 720th MacroVerse.. what to name it
what to name.. it well.. as mentioned before.. if this
were the 13th verse of just another New testament in size
written in a little over 6 weeks.. it would exceed that by
about 10 to 15K words or more so now too.. depending on the muses
that come my way.. and yes.. as there was a Black Moon Apocalypse then
that started that brew.. there is a Super Moon coming as part of a triad
as such with one on October 14th and still one coming in the middle of
December that will be November 14th when this is published.. that will
be the closest Full moon.. since ’68 when i was 8.. 48 years ago.. so sure
this MacroVerse
in what ‘unofficially’
will be juSt another 13th verse
of the New Testaments from me that
come in personal way every 6 weeks now.
yes.. the
of this
now be..
‘Moon Child closes iN’..
more on that later as later now
Hello gigoid.. stopping by to say hi and…..
“The problem with troubleshooting is that real trouble shoots back.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
just speaking to this
issue literally seconds
synchronicity rings
truth and light
and bullets
too.. sadly enough.2….
and of course the ‘tween of all sHaDes
and beyoNd rain
bow colors
most too..
iN all that colors liFE now2..;)
“What is required is sight and insight — then you might add one more: excite.”
~~ Robert Frost~~
True.. without
pasSioN liGht..
much action
doing or in effect from affect
consequence of all of that too..
skeleton letters
or word breath in air..:)
Yes.. float
in shit
and it all
shits as roses..
in reference to
Murphy and loving him
as much as he hates you back more..
liGht wins
“A thing is not proved because no one has ever questioned it…
Skepticism is the first step towards truth.”
— Smart Bee
Proof is also
the enemy of miracles..
in other
art wins even without science..
side.. proof or not..
always another side of ‘anything’ with a side..;)
“The common dogma [of fundamentalists] is fear of modern knowledge, inability to cope with the fast change in a scientific-technological society, and the real breakdown in apparent moral order in recent years That is why hate is the major fuel, fear is the cement of the movement, and superstitious ignorance is the best defence against the dangerous new knowledge. When you bring up arguments that cast serious doubts on their cherished beliefs you are not simply making a rhetorical point, you are threatening their whole Universe and their immortality. That provokes anger and quite frequently violence.”
— G – Gaia
i always try to keep
in mind that in some countries
genital mutilation of young folks is the norm..
in the
and go from
there less protected
from the elements of
Nature in what i see as
of God..;)
It’s one thing to see and use
technology as just a tool and keep
it separate from the moving.. connecting..
creating flesh and blood we are evolved to be..
it’s another
thing to
the throne
and never move
anything at basic
essence of Life for
almost the entire day long..
there is insanity everywhere and
that surely includes the very science
and technology in effect that is God now too..
both literally
and figuratively
too as an extension
now of Nature and God
same.. that can be either
or idol
of ill health too..
you wanna piss a very educated
person off who has kids with autism..
just suggest in part it is because they are on
their smart phones instead of giving their kids hugs
or are sending them to a prison of sitting still every
day to be a good little societal sitting still and quiet cog of the
machines of society
today.. yeah.. i love it..
too.. as i sit here and pound
on a palette of paint in keys of
art and reason too.. but on the other
hand/foot.. i know this tool will shorten my life
in pain and misery of ergonomic and repetitive
small movement injuries too.. as well as the fact that even
science shows that sitting is as deadly as a pack of cigarettes
a day too..
long term
habit on a throne
of Technology God now2..
as screen of scream of ‘that’ painting now2..;)
“I just stepped on a factoid!”
– Zippy the Pinhead
And sitting too much behind a ‘new age throne’.. can lead to hemorrhoids too..;)
“Youth of today! Join me in a mass rally for traditional mental attitudes!”
— Zippy the Pinhead
Additionally.. as far as even ‘the new century’ youth go too.. there is a lean
toward Idealism too.. not much more out of the scope of common
sense than the same with their ‘new definition’ of Libertarian
too.. some of the same folks who are marching
now.. who think in a bi-polar
world of conservative
and liberal..
one is
gonna destroy
one or the other
by thinking different
without facing the reality
of nature and human nature is real
overall.. the greatest ignorance of all
as proven historically over and over again
is a lack of basic common sense that comes from
within… innately.. instinctually and intuitively too.. text
books are
for ignorance too..
in all the ways that comes
in school.. or in the Facebook chat room too..
or not.. bibles
come in many colors
of even so-called atheism too..
just as an example and not limited to that ‘new throne’ either2..;)
“This is patently absurd; but whoever wishes to become a philosopher must learn not to be frightened by absurdities.”
— Bertrand Russell
The world is nuts
and i am
a squirrel..
i rarely
fit in..
this is my world..;)
SeriouSlY.. iT’s all worth
it for the nuts i find..;)
i am now a
Hello my
friEnd M..
now kNown
as some bloke too…
The college i graduated
from.. yes.. with three degrees..
all emboldened with a humble yet
very lasting shell of Nautilus in total
exquisite workmanship to protect from
oncoming predators to eat the softer life inside..
comes with a logo
from Oliver
to build
more stately
mansions in living life
too in excellence as college
is supposed to prepare one for life…
weLL.. what it did prepare me for was handing
out shoes at a small Military Bowling Center
as the now humbled Nautilus who was always
me found at least some niche w/rewards to get some gas
money.. and other tools to meet women in bars then..
hmm.. my 1970 Maverick wasn’t too impressive with
no AC and Heat.. and ripped up dash board after
bringing me to school.. with three part time
jobs then.. ranging from Janitor.. adding
Book Store Stocking Clerk.. also too..
to Research Associate in Archeology..
yes.. all three jobs at once with full school
load too as pArt of a Degree in Anthropology
to go along with the one in Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary and
Health Science too.. back in
’83.. it paid for the peanut
butter sandwiches
and gas
and other stuff for school..
anyway.. other than a few stiff
dancing skills then.. and haha.. wearing
cowboy books and fancy slacks for someone
who had no idea what was in or out too.. oh.. the
trials and errors of life.. if not for already a humble
Nautilus.. me.. i would have been quite humiliatED if i had
known any better then.. And this could really end up being a very long
story of my life.. my friend.. but i think as you can see as you visit my
blog.. life got better.. much better finally after working at that Bowling
Center.. for around two decades.. a stint as an Administrative Assistant
for a Captain of another military station.. Community Activities Director
and finally Athletic Director of a military installation.. for the kid picked
as the last on sports teams in school.. and also mistaken for a girl at
McDonald’s around age 12 to 13 too.. oh yeah.. and there was that stint
of living in real earth hell for 66 months as a shut-in in my underwear
in my bedroom.. like that dude who sold meth in that famous TV show..
i wasn’t selling anything but grabbing onto a string of anything.. even
one word after i was able to do that after doing almost nothing at
all but staring off into the distance and playing with words in
my head.. backwards and forwards and upside down.. like
those paintings that prisoners of war etch in stone
fact is.. my friend..
i had no hope then..
as hope is an emotion and
when one totally loses their
emotions that is extremely rare
for a non-brain injured person.. although
no doubt my brain was cooked in deep down myelin
sheaf ways then of nerves fried by flight or fight stress
in the two years that preceded that hell back then.. i was
the devil as that’s what happens when a human loses
their emotions.. for all practical intents and purposes
when the only feeling worth living is any pain at all..
but here’s the thing.. there IS A Super Moon coming by
the time i publish the part of a Nautilus Shell i am writing
steadily at work.. for only the reward of doing this now.. same
as i did in school.. and mostly at work at close to minimum wage after
all that work… yes.. at GMT time on November 14th.. 2016 when i publish this
all for free just for fun.. for the joy of the Nautilus who builds a shell of mansion
and at the end of life someone says aren’t you proud of what you did and you say
i care
i lived
i liveDevil too..
livEvil staRat2
and the Nautilus
shell that comes
from all of this.. is just
something on a beach to
be washed up on another ocean
front of being life.. who kNows/feels perHaps
in a record oF a new fossil way of new manmade
technology too.. and like the never ending story.. i
will scream moon child if i can do anything to
with all
of that..
so i sing
MoonChild! today
my friend.. cloSinG in
on Supermoon Monday for now..
closest to Earth Since ’68 at 8 years me..
and sure.. the moon IS A child of earth and
so are all of we.. same as daughters.. sons.. Etc..
as crucible of and as Star Burst plus Sentient Stuff we Live..
And all
of that
Miracle oF noW..:)
As added note here.. interesting
how the reality of our minds and
bodies in or out of balance work
with the environmental changes we are constantly
exposed to across the lifespan.. in both epigenetic
expression of changing form of human being to neuroplastic
ways of adding learning and wiring of the brain more complex
and briGhter noW Lamp as WeLL.. in FeeLinG and SeNSinG and
KNoWinG ways of liFe.. that do include head to toe.. and
more than science can and may ever be able to imagine..
a tour
of the
of BeinG hUman
noW in forms that come
to express that isREAL MaGiC..
just a share of a relatively unknown
song above.. by a fellow blogger who is
speaking what i speak to in this MacroVerse too..
when you take away the middle letters of words and just
leave the wall letter of front and end.. the mind will fill
in the blanks.. an ability close to half the population has and
will do.. as in tests do show.. say you’ll get up at 6 am.. too..
and wake at once second ’till immediately before the alarm clock sounds..
Defying empirical analysis of the hows except for the consequence of action
in how stuff human works now..
the song below.. ‘A Human
Child’ brought to me
by a stranger on
the ‘WrongPlanet’
in 2013 healing..
no longer available
as music on Youtube for
copyright reasons of not
sharing it with the world for free..
and perhaps drawing interest in pay way
for this artist’s other works too.. but never
the less it was/is truly a gift that helped me come
born again with full emoTions and SeNses and a greater
gift oF SonG iN poEtry and vocal way.. and DancE surpassing
well over 6000 miles now..
the gifts that come
are from one
force now
we will likely..
never fully understand
not even a Dr. Strange could noW..
other than juST doing it for strange brew Now..;)
Ningen no Kodomo
A Human Child
“Don’t raise your voice, okay?
I came here to save you
No one else in the classroom
Is able to see me
The road home is scary, isn’t it?
Because you could get beaten again
Let’s take another road
There are no other circumstances
Only your road
Before long, you’re on your own
You’ll be able to endure it, right?
You won’t be able to say anything
Or talk back
You’re still small
But when you grow up
I will show you love
No one can mimic
Your way of doing things
A child who can laugh
A child who can cry
A human child
In the corner of the classroom
The sunlight shines in
You’re worried about me
No one else can see the “truth”
With such beautiful eyes
A child who can laugh
A child who can cry
A human child
A child like everyone else
A child different from everyone else
A child who can laugh
A child who can cry
A human child”
In determining which of close to 500 themed T-Shirts to wear
to the New Dr. Strange Movie… i settled on
Star Wars and the Dark Force
of Vader and light saber
and it certainly fit in
the ultimate theme of the
movie.. that was literally unreal
with special effects.. with a dark side
theme surely rivaling that even more
mystically than the Star Wars Series to date too..
And yes it touched on the Guru Yoda side.. in more
magical ways.. of healing per se too.. mind over matter
and such as that.. that has some merit per anecdote of my
liFe isReaL too.. as the metaphors of standing words different
continue to change too.. there is this higher power of human as
told through the ages of the mystical and occult sages as long
as recorded history shows.. rather vague it is but never the
less it’s beyond words and an iSREAL power inside that
one can only learn through much trial and error
experience.. yes.. deep within.. and farther
than any symbols used before..
at least in my
of isReaL hiGher
power of God as this
“Moon Child Closes iN” now
number 720 MacroVerse continues
to spiral and gRow some more in Ocean
WhoLe Poem.. SonG oF mY soUL more..
as what comes around goes around
more more more.. more.. as i am
kinda tired as not only has the
norm of 181K or so words
every six weeks come..
festivals all the way
through October ending
in Biloxi Casino trip last week..
and OMG too much news watching
of election.. and a never before held
protest of a Presidential election
across the country from
shore to shore.. it’s
a good thing
this year isn’t the
year i decided to respond
in poetry for every dVerse prompt and
link for the entire year of 4/15 through
3/16 in months to date then.. but still
the words flow no matter what comes
what may now.. MaGiC.. Exoteric.. Occult
and mystery schools same.. there IS A much deeper
world iN TruTh and liGht that the comic book hero’s
mentor and he eventuAlly speak too.. and that world
of strange iN dARk and liGht and ‘Tween of sHades
of grey and beyOnd RainBow colors too.. iS as iSrEaL..
as it’s not real to the folks who ain’t been to this isREaL yEt..
and one of my favorite pARts
of the movie experience
tonight was the preview of
next Summer of ’17.. Guardians
of the Galaxies.. where they said
“there are two kinds of being in the Uni-
Verse.. those who dance and those who do not”
and must find that great song they used in that Now
preview to accompany this.. as i am really worn out
and feel a fresh wave of sleep coming on too for noW
still multiple Macro-Verses behind in catching up my text
only FB backups of what i’ve done in the last month full.. and
perhaps that will get here by Monday too.. as i need to rest this
brain and body.. including the feet that have traveled 6416 miles
now in close to 39 months.. as i keep up the average at about 166
miles a month overall of public dancing everywhere too.. night night..;)
And yes.. the Facebook Algorithm.. Video
Production Slide Maker Assistant..
does A usual great job in
providing a short documentary
in visual images of what i just said..
in the previous Profile Photo.. monologue too..;)
Servants of the Lord..
more on that in a minute..
additionally more on who that
Lord is.. but first
Facebook Friend
Greg.. and co-worker
from decades of work at
the Cheers-like atmosphere
of Bowling Center days at
the local Navy Station here
provides a share of a county from
Pennsylvania that has moved from Democrat
to Republican in substantial part willing to accept
Trumps quick fix pills to bring jobs back to what are
currently occupied by automation
and namely a Casino and
plenty of service
to replace
what was once
lifelong secure manufacturing
jobs.. sure.. like Trump wouldn’t
hire cheap labor and build a
tower with Chinese Steel..
anyway.. all anyone was
interested in was
he promised
to bring ’em
back when they are not
coming back as i go on to respond..
Ain’t gonna happen.. Automation
Is not going away…
And more
than likely a recession is
coming after as good as it gets..
as the machine wins…now…
And now i go on to say.. quick fix pills.. Technology
the God of the 21st century and even before that in
Luther way.. as Paul the original Saul and only so-called
Apostle who called himself that never actually meeting the man
named Yeshua.. By direct revelation by God said what he said what
Jesus said kinda like what Muhammad said in a cave too.. hmm.. always
giving the authority to someone else with greater authority so these folks can
become the new authority.. not unlike how politics works too.. in the modern age now
as these folks in these dissatisfied places have given the authority now to a pussy grabber
bragger of the modern age.. ’cause he says he makes a quick pill happen soon.. of granting
them wishes that are impossible no different that saying if you believe this dude as they say
in Romans 10:9.. here let me quote it.. no.. not just believe.. but if you confess it like you Fucked
up before you knew it in the first place as it
says specifically
this in the
Version of
what Saul the Paul
said then by his own
direct revelation from God
attributed by him to a dude
named Jesus from way back
when of 40 years or so of Aramaic
illiterate speaking wanderers in the
middle east patch of land back then..
Romans 10:9 NKJV..
“that if you confess with your mouth the
Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that
God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”
And i came across this in the card section of Walmart
last night.. who knows perhaps God planted it there for me
through current day servants in both dARk and liGht quite
literally i say.. as God is all stuff existence that is seen.. unseen..
felt.. unfelt.. if you get the drift of all that is and more we don’t perceive..
kinda like what Dr. Strange’s Guru first showed him in that extra cool movie
last night.. as remember.. a prophet of God can even come from a commercial
or a movie.. even something as simple as Nike and just do it.. or perhaps you have
Saul the Paul your God or Jesus Christ not much different than Muhammad or JTrump
now or any other one little flea of a human being.. even the humble speaking JChrist
who said the last will be the first and the meek will inherit the Earth and not FucKinG
JTrumps or other folks who just recite magic incantations like if you believe a myth
you are saved and it’s as simple as that when the Jesus Dude already also
said that getting into heaven is as easy for a Trump as a Camel
passing through a needle.. in a three piece
FucKinG suit..
as such
in metaphor
i provide here..
as just another
JFred prophet of God..
but hey.. i ain’t the only one..
Nike says it best too.. with lots
of works are required in just do it too..
and at least the Catholic Church says that
some works are required.. as Luther took the
quick fix pill.. from one part of Paul’s Romans
that said it’s simple as confessing that you believe
in some snake oil sales person like Trump’s myth that
jobs will be created and he is the ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT..
do you see the irony.. the hypocrisy.. well.. probably not.. if you believe
in taking health care away from poor people so the richer folks can get
richer.. sending hard working migrants back to Mexico who just wanna feed
their family and will find a FucKinG way to scale a 25 foot wall like that’s hard
for someone who washes windows on high rises.. huh.. no.. they won’t get little kids
over the top.. but they carry portable built in tools to make kids over here if they
so choose as free lance children of God.. where this land is your land.. this land is
my land this land is some fool’s land who thinks THEY can own God with walls
and borders and such as that.. hehe.. God’s Children will roam free outside
of man-made laws if that is what it takes to feed tHeir family.. as
that’s how most all of us got over here in America in the
first FucKinG place.. in some way or another
for a better fucking day.. and what
normally happens when the
jobs dry up..
is you
go somewhere
else.. or you starve..
as folks are doing in
nomad way today.. and other
more conservative folks are refusing
to do in their home town still with fewer jobs..
and that’s understandable too.. as i didn’t have
extroverted social skills to move somewhere else
to get a job either.. and ended up passing out shoes
at a Bowling Center and also found out that happiness
comes from within and not fucking garage filled Walmart stuff..
Make the tool.. Serve the tool.. Become the tool.. the new God like
new Coke is Technology now too.. obviously and stuff or otherwise
folks wouldn’t mind if migrants came here and worked hard to make
a living off of service jobs.. folks don’t care to do here anymore or take
basic opportunities of health care away from some people who will otherwise
die sooner from chronic illnesses without it.. but this somehow passes right over
the head of those who say they follow a dude without money in his pockets that
panhandles his way while spreading the Good news that the Kingdom of God is at
hand now and lives within.. but sadly the basic teachings of Golden Rule Love are lost
from that
we have
Jtump as the
new Lutheran
Savior of the Paul
Christ folks.. truth is
no one really knows all
of what Jesus said or did..
it depends on which illiterate
oral tradition was believed a couple
of thousand years ago.. and then how
the Roman Catholics determined would
be the best way to expand the Roman Empire
by Forcing folks to believe tHeir ways for promises
of heaven or hell any place other than this generation
at hand now.. i live in heaven now.. and have 100% Faith
it’s real as i walk in those iSREAL shoes now.. does it take work..
hell FucKinG yes it takes constant work of mind and body balance..
no different than the Eastern Gurus and other Yogi’s still do and say..
the minute details of how you actually practice it in A paths that works..
have been almost totally lost beyond standard platitudes of Golden
Rule Philosophy in almost all big religious traditions as such..
but no.. not lost in the East
as miNd and BoDy
is STiLL
a path that
works in being
one with God but
yes it takes work like any other
creature of God does from wake
to sleep.. invisible to predator and
prey alike as we move like the water
and air and God the same..gifted with
fearless.. smARt Love as doing does more
than saying in God’s world that needs no words aT aLL..
anyway.. i refuse to be a robot..the tools we made.. the tools we
use.. the tools we have become and now the God we worship technology
and stuff.. tool yes.. but no more the essence of i than manmade words supposedly
from God..
sure all is from
God but none of that
WiLL ever be limit iN God
eYes of Wisdom within human now
for those in the
God KNoW and FeeL
greater than words alone..
or other tools as technology same
where the technology.. yeS even A word
as words written are technology too.. becoMiNg God over
plus iSREaL noW..aLL FREE..
nah.. i wouldn’t be like ‘you’.. the tools..
As God has become Technology.. even a FucKinG Book..
yes.. folks.. written words are human technology.. all stuff we make
to assist
us in
are tools for life
and tools for death in life too..
discernment.. greater discernment
is required to escape rings of hell as death in life..
wHere tools can either help or make us Zombie Robots now..
dead heartless..
spiritless miNd
and body out of Balance SoULs isReaL..
walking in Walmart Aisles as there is a little
room left in the black holes of garage space for more STUFF… away
a living
God within..
just waiting to E-Scape..:)
Don’t take my words for it..
only you can let God out..;)
and liGht lines..
God lives within.. inside..
outside.. below
and all around all that is noW..
Top of A Florida Panhandle
morning to ya friENd gigoid..
as i am well rested and ready
for the Catholic Temple booming
SinG of the day.. and then some act
of flesh
and blood
in a dance
of public life.. hehe..
anyway what you bRinG
today for wisdom will fit in
before the wife says get
your ass off that
as ‘i aint’ gonna
walk in that church
late in front of’ all the early
bible thumpers and such as that..haha..
anyWay.. happy songs sung bRinG mE uP
and i am a gonna be singing with iSREaL
Angels in the coming hour or so here in
sunshine panhandle way so high.. so high.. i fly..;)
“In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then
to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”
~~ Bertrand Russell ~~
Katrina says you better shake a leg..
so heRe i go..hehe..
Yes.. like Katrina
saying shake a leg..;)
“I once wanted to save the world.
Now I just want to leave the room with dignity.”
~~ Lotus Weinstock ~~
And yes.. i plan
on leaving ‘something’ too..;)
As the wife continues on
with Fred you better get moving..;)
And remembering the several free lance
Video Production assistants sharing my
dance on Facebook around the world..
those helpful
and fundamentalist
Christians of minions
in Walmart last night..
who truly serve
me so
and free too..
i trUly Love those
hard working Miltonian folks sTiLL..
hehe.. things have changed.. in the old
Jerusalem.. i would be serving them..
and they would be crucifying someone
like me instead of spreading my praise
dance one with God near and far.. noW..;)
yes.. my friend..
place in liGht too..:)
“I’ve got to get back to Reality.
Where IS that silly Blue Dragon?”
~~ Schizo Bill from Philly ~~
Or a blue
“ARTHUR: Then who is your lord?
WOMAN: We don’t have a lord.
DENNIS: I told you.
We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune.
We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.”
~~ The Quest for the Holy Grail (Monty Python) ~~
“I’m gonna be a monkey,
monkey monkey muuuunkey!”
~~ Stimpy ~~
Recent quote..
from the new
Guardians of
the Galaxy movie
coming to a theater
very close ‘to me’..
in Summer of ’17…
“there are two kinds
of beings in the Universe.. those who
dance and those who do not”
addendum by me.. and
sure others too…
who Sing
and those
who do not Sing”..;)
“When having a smackerel of something with a friend,
don’t eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out.”
~~ Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~
get out
and smile..
as there
are also beings who smile..;)
“There’s no problem so awful
that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse.”
~~- Calvin and Hobbes ~~
Most all guilt is associated
with naked..
is mostly shameless and guiltless..
seriously it works
at least
i find
iSrEaL now..
as fearless too..
wHere Love
becomes A
greaTest atomic power noW2..:)
“I’m in direct contact with many advanced fun CONCEPTS.”
~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~
It’s most
all naked to me..;)
“Most of all, I’ve learned that a
good time to laugh is anytime you can.”
~~ Linda Ellerbee~~
God IS A biggest laugh…
One of five Dance friends from Old Seville
Quarter.. meeting up by chance with all of them
at the mall.. including A nice girl from Morocco
whose family owns one of those big Race Track
Gas Stations in hometown of Milton..
small world it is and this girl
from somewhat of
a Muslim lean
by her non-verbal
language said so so..
with no fundamentals only
lean of course.. living here for
only two years.. and disappointed
by all the hate seen in the area against
those who are different from the norm of herd
as such.. as milltowns can tend to go.. all frowny
face and stuff like that2.. and nah.. not much dance
iN M town
either.. hehe..
but hey that’s the
way it goes.. open or closed..
Anyway.. as the Facebook Algorithm Assistant clearly
shows in photography slide show way.. a busy day of
store dance.. and a very disappointing day at Catholic Church
where the ugliness of the political climate of the JTrump campaign
version raised its ugly head in the pulpit with the Priest suggesting that
folks are angry as this country no longer is recognizable for what has
changed in the Obama Administration and as we know those two
things are legalizing gay marriage as a federal law and right..
and a more accessible health care option for those
previously not covered with subsidies from the
Government like there is something BAD..
about these two things.. promoting
an Unconditional Love of
God in the same FucKinG
sermon of hypocrisy same
as when Gay folks who are
four percent of any audience or
general population anywhere.. including
young folks in church who are forced to go
by their parents.. and listen to this disrespect
toward their rights to love and marry same in
same sex sexual orientation of course.. as science
shows is reflected in all God Given Nature and Environmental
pARts too.. that are Part of GoD Nature too.. of FucKinG course..
anyway.. the church did a fine job of almost divorcing themselves.
from this political climate.. but after the fact it was a celebration of
hate called love.. and i almost stood up and had my say.. but the
truth is i already did.. and oh by the way.. it’s worth noting that
Hispanic Mexicans make a significant portion of the population
of the church too and of course a great deal of distress for
the much harder line Campaign Trump who is melting
all his tough talk to more moderation.. as any sane..
half way sane person will.. good on Trump on that..
BAD ON PRIEST.. for suggesting that homosexuals
who are part of his audience and their rights to
marry are making the country unrecognizable
and a bad FucKinG place to live.. in his
way of hate as love.. in bad cop Jesus
way.. and that wasn’t all as today
was also Paul’s lone derived
scripture with a little help
from wherever that says..
in contradiction of the Jesus
and Apostles who emptied their
pockets of many and took hand outs
of subsistence from those ‘Good Samaritans’
along the way in supporting their totally volunteer
effort to spread some good news.. yes.. today was the
one that some Christians use to disrespect people who are
not working where Paul says if you don’t work you don’t eat..
and by the way.. don’t complain about what other folks are doing
you don’t like in other words shut down freedom of expression.. and
by all means no public protesting.. hehe.. and the Priest today also
made snide remarks about transgender bathroom usage.. Universal
health care was a bad thing instead of a good thing of giving.. and
protestors were doing something bad about complaining about
Trump’s campaign of racism.. and all around hate.. well.. here’s
the thing.. Protest means you’ve ever stepped your bounds..
Trump realizes it and is seeking the middle ground far far
beyond what he initially said as hate.. in fact.. calling
Mexican immigrants living in this land Terrific People..
God news for you priest.. your congregation and
the young folks in it who will eventually leave
the church for days just like now..
will eventually get married
and love someone
sacred as such..
a far cry from the
closet you live in
when my sister spotted
you at the Gay Dance Club
in P’Cola.. perhaps you were just
checking in on some friends but no
matter what you spread hate today not much
different than Trump when he was in hate mode..
i’ve already emailed you in the past and gave you all
the pieces of my mind on what i think about your Catholic
rules of hate and ignorance.. including the planned parenthood
fiasco.. where lack of effective birth control.. just leads to more
and NOT less abortions.. when the church lobbies everyone
to vote for Trump with scare tactic letters.. anyway.. it’s
too bad he couldn’t just let this go and shut his mouth
as to not hurt the emotional constitution of the
people who suffered at the hate of the
Bad Cop Trump in how he campaigned
as such.. so anyway.. decided on my
protest that only the priest would notice
as my voice usually booms poetically
for the pARts of the Nicene Creed now
that i feel comfortable enough to stand
and say.. today.. it was no Catholic Church
of mine.. no Universal.. Sharing Giving Love
there of the Unconditional Good Cop Jesus
Golden rule kind.. so.. i sat down all relaxed
with my arms spread out like a cross on the
back of the pew.. and my height was not visible
nor the heard of the deep poetic voice that sings
with choirs of Angels.. both in song and prose.. of
what comes in gathered way of sing/speak.. but yes.. i went
to communion as i was one of few who reflected the Good Cop
Jesus today.. and the truth is.. perhaps the priest knows not what oF
aLL he does.. so i’ll forgive him with Mercy as i tend to do.. so far.. at least..
the Catholic Church does a lot of Good.. but yes.. they do a whole lot of
bad too
and are
directly responsible
for much human misery
and suffering too.. but sure..
the dArk force comes in many
clerical colors as history shows
from hate to down right harmful
perversions that the entire country is
fully aware of.. including a priest of this
same parish here.. not.. too long ago.. go against
God and do not express all of your human nature..
and that is when the perversion comes with little boys
etc.. instead
of whatever….
it’s days like this
that i’m tempted not
to go back.. but hey..
like ‘tHEy’ say mix in with
the darkest of those too..
leaving no one behind in darkest too..
and on top of that somebody needs to cheerlead
for God in that church other than the choir as usually
it seems like i am one of few other than that.. who even
has a spirit to SinG iN Free and Exuberant Joy iN UniSon
with God as it’s true when two or more come ToGeTher
and join hands like that and do not ignore each other.. God
is stronger
in the room
than alone.. and tHeir
are a few of those moments
at this Church still that are uplifting
enough to put up with the fresh hell i saw
i for one per Paul’s
letter of the day.. will never
be silenced or ever ashamed
if someone feeds me in return for my love alone…
as i for one will retain A chamPioNship of A Good Cop Jesus for now
and for all others2 who live free this way never shutting God down within..
or shuttiing
out God when
any two people
come together in
Unconditional and
Sacred Love.. today
i’LL use Katy Perry as my prophet and priest helper
as theme song for this rant against hate
and prejudice of the Catholic Church..
i suppose.. i could
tell ’em tHeir
for me
at all.. but hey.. likely..
they’d not believe anyWay..
if i told ’em.. i write an isREaL
New Testament every six weeks.. fulfilling
John 14:12.. in epic King David dance way too.. oh.. news.. oh
can be
so hard to spread..
in money changer
temples of hate StiLL..;)
A share of a headliner
photo of me in the very epic.. cryptic..
and somewhat esoteric
post named..
as MacroVerse memory
from three years ago..
And Facebook Friend Ned..
aka gigoid responds with..
Emmett Kelly, right?
And i say..
Yes!.. clown rays..
As additional note of clarification
here.. Emmet Kelly is a famous
Clown.. and the picture is one of
me with Sun rays piercing the outside of my face..
as enclosed of course in the epic post.. all clear too..;)
And finally for this go around
in Micro-Verse and Micro-micro
Verse way of current Macro-Verse
that will be titled ‘Moon Child Closes iN’..
a Macro-Verse memory from two years ago titled..
As truly when we get lost as
being one with man made tools..
or even separate from that too..
with Nature Deficit Disorder as same
as separation from God wHole.. we encounter
misery and suffering out of balance as mini-me
pARts of God and lost fractals of whOle GoD.. for metaphor too..
with many more Fredtales.. associated with that in the associated Macro-Verse..
oh.. by A way.. did you know there is a song for my real life three initials.. for
first.. middle.. and last name..
yes.. there is..
in flesh
and blood
at least
away from pen name now..
just anoTheR
coincidence.. i suppose.. heHe..;)
Like my first name Frederick
that means peaceful ruler..
second name Arthur
for strong..
and a sir
that is almost
identical to first name
as earth and water for silt
in middle east way for the word God
then.. before it became a feminine and
masculine balance of Elohim.. Yah.. and eTc2..
in praise of all that is
aka God now too..:)
Well.. Moon Child Closes iN to closest
approach in 46 years as child of
Earth continues to Grow
larger from
foggy skies
of Sunday the
13th of November
2016.. arriving soon
on the 14th officially
as Super moon in GMT style
time.. and actually technically it was
the 16th that the Super moon arrived in
October as full moon same.. although of course
the close lasts for several days in ‘tween of briGhtest
biggest closest moon night.. with one coming in December
as already mentioned in this Macro Verse too.. as triad as such
of Super Moon’s too.. ‘may you live in interesting times’.. a Chinese
philosopher and many others have said too.. and continue to say.. and
i too will say.. that much is gaining liGht and dARk.. through the current
political climate.. as the dirt and the laundry will be exposed from all pARts..
when a unwitting and pARt witting trickster like Trump shows up in mostly dARk..
bringing out the dArkest paRts of human nature away from free.. as evidenced
in full exposure in the Catholic Church today.. and continuing as such
where emboldenment by circumstance is not necessary
for all the dirt of doubt… fear and hate making
human misery and suffering real too
greater as such.. as the beat
goes on.. in both
dArk and liGht
and all that ‘tween
stuff and beyond too..
it’s good to air it all out for
eventual change.. as alWays in
the hUman Condition change stARts
aT heARt and gRows Ocean greater Love
if fed that way in now ways as otherwise kNoWn
as future ways too.. there’s alWays room for improvement
as we all continue to get to know each others demons and skeletons
as such in closet same.. open it all up.. is what Facebook.. and so many
other avenues of modern technologically enhanced global reciprocal social
communication.. to poTenTiAlly enhance at lEAst cognitive empathy of understanding
what folks feel inside.. emotionally raw.. to potential affective feeling empathy with compassion
too for those who either retain.. grow or find that fearless smARt Love foR now.. stronger
toGeThER as Planet of the Apes New Age Caesar says too.. we treeless apes can
say too.. in feeling way of compassion too.. or not.. as truth is.. not unlike
what the Movie Series the Matrix said too.. only those who
wanna get unplugged from the misery and the
suffering of the system of doubt fear
and hate will do as such
while others
their place
in man made matrix
hell way.. sTiLL noW
and after now too.. Now..
AN invitation is open iN/As liGht
NoW.. whether anyone else disconnects
IS A rather complex and hard paRt of this mission to do..
or at least wish and hope for too.. or even write a very long
Magical InCanTaTioN.. as Dr. Strange miGht hand out too..
AnyWay.. A Moon is watching briGhtly as Moon
CloseS iN..;)
It’s been a weekend of wolf howling solitary as
child of Earth Moon Closes iN as second of
Triad of Super Moon makes its closest
orbit now.. in 48 years since i for one
am 8.. and speaKinG of 8 and
Alpha Numeric letter H for 8..
‘this photo’ of me per the
Prices down and staying
down at the Winn
Dixie store has
an obvious
anomaly as me..
that no one will likely notice
but me.. hehe.. and that is the
fact that i wore my under armor work
out socks for gym only with the insignia
of that cool looking H.. instead of Nike Victory
Socks with swish of that Greek Goddess as such..
yes.. the Goddess of Victory Nike.. so what could that
mean.. as it is seriously a first since the beginning of
September 2013.. since these socks are purchased and
hehe.. even wrote a blog post about them too.. as makes it all
meaning and purpose in holy and sacred and life gets special
and awesome more so in positive thought.. action in liGht away
from negative thought.. action in Dark down down ways of downer
ways of thought and action in liFE too.. that’s the thing.. pick up
your chin and move forward in life.. or go.. down.. down. down..
in negative thought.. action and dARk DARk dark.. that’s what
they do in cognitive behavioral therapy.. but hey.. for anyone
with very much up and down life experience.. you
kinda figure out this is both a law of Nature
and Human Nature same and yes
additionally a law of God
same as balance
aS rule oF
God and
Nature saMe best..
go forward or go backward..
go up.. or go down.. inside.. outside
or all around balance in all ways life comes
Nature and hUman nature same.. with no division..
separation.. but what we create our lives as actors..
producers.. and directors of our own play of liFE now..
yes.. the dualities of life.. that can be seen by the number
11 without a bridge of H to make both hemispheres of brain
and Earth Communicate toGeThER in balance.. same as both
Hemispheres of eARth.. in up and down latitude ways as well..
and then there is the alpha numerical pARt of 8 as H too.. as
complete iNfiniTy more iN and as now.. all the more reason
not to limit life to sevens and go to crazy 8 and H that
is not crazy aT aLL when liGht IS A BalanCinG Force
with the YiN and YanG of all liFE now.. as
metaphors of course.. see what i just
did.. i devised my own positive
way of looKing at liFe..
matters not if
anyone else
follows it as it
works for me..
and here’s the other thing..
the action.. the Nike pArt of juST doing
it.. the othEr pARt that is missing in most
religion and philosophy and even physical education
in high school these days.. where in between the ears
and screens of screams on smart phones become a robot
way of data download life.. and associated interactions in
between the ears.. as such.. in Information technology way..
last night in Barnes and Nobles.. i am moving with the air and
water in the philosophy aisle of books.. reviewing out of the box
philosophies like Edgar Casey as i ignore no opinions of liGht or
dARk.. ‘tween that in sHades of grey.. and beyond Casey rainbow
colors too.. of potenTials of existential intelligence now too..
but no.. i am not standing static and still nor sitting
static still either.. i am dancing as air and
water through the aisles.. as my focus
becomes more laser in an ecstasy
of heaven that few people will
experience.. as it is a free
verse movement that
has no judgement
in how it looks on the outside..
and no shame.. if people haven’t
seen a human move free like this before..
the power of God in BaLanCe iN my huMan
Being rises like this with and as God same within..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around..
not only am i that under armor symbol of H iN balance..
i am also the Nike Swish of Victory in JuST doing it aLL
innately.. instinctually.. and intuitively too.. as God flows iN
my veins free.. and trillions of peptide connections in neuro
chemistry way too.. as my boDy/miNd becomes a liGht force greater
away from dARk.. and the thing too.. is the dARk around me..
in all the Trump like campaign ways that continue.. in
red state.. closed in minds and bodies.. spArks
mE even more.. as the dARk inspires the
liGht iN me higher in DancE and SonG
Focus of liFe iN what otherwise
can bring a person down..
without a rise of
dance/song to lift one
uP to hiGher liGhts oF
liFE with and as A pARt oF God..
anyway.. as wolves do.. in brightest full
moon liGht when separated from the pack of liGht
wHere inheRently they belong as liFE.. they howl for
the rest of the pack.. no matter how far they are away from
liGht.. just a cry in the wilderness.. perhaps a thief in the night..
bottom line is.. i cry.. i try.. i cry.. in hopes to lift jusT one person uP..
and trUth is.. the dance i bRinG does that much better than all these
12 million words arriving on Thanks Giving day in 2016.. since 2010..
these words are basically nothing.. compared to the dance ministry
i stARted in September of 2013.. almost everyone in the metro
area has a record of that somewhere on their smart phone..
in voyeur video shared way.. as a public dancer in
red state land spreads in good news.. if even
a laugh like a wildfire otherwise in
a solitary voice online.. sure.. there
are over 1.5 million views on Google
Pllus clearing house ways.. Wrong Planet..
and all the other online avenues to get a message
across.. but it is the dance of Balance that will stick
around visually likely much more powerful than that..
as dance is the language.. that speaks no lies.. speaks
no confusion.. and is not a run on sentence that lasts 12 million words..
hehe.. but never the less.. not everyone can heal their selves with positive
SonG and DancE.. so these words are for who ever they may help or not..
bottom lines.. they reinforce my philosophies of life.. and it don’t hurt to give
and share that in faCt that is what language was/is developed for in written
way in the first place.. for gaining subsistence and to share common and
different experiences.. particularly for existential intelligence..
that church and school.. now.. often fails in delivering well..
including physical and emotional intelligences.. A three most
important intelligences of humanity for hundreds of
thousands of years.. before the kind of mechanical
cognition of tools become human beings as robots in
new culturally derived Standard IQ ways.. to make humans
successful cogs in a societal machine.. that is steadily becoming
more zombie apocalypse than social comfort.. in what human beings
even are as social animals.. make a social animal into a machine and
Johnny and Suzie become very unhappy campers.. in misery and suffering
too.. move.. connect.. create.. expreSsing SpiRit as FeeLinG heARt EmoTional
SeNsoRy FeeLinG giVing and shaRing ways.. iN A miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL way IS A WHAT i for one say.. you may say something totally different that
works for you.. as there are no cookie cutter human beings or cookie cutter
God chained in a Book that is fully iSrEAL now.. alWays chanGinG.. alWays
GroWing and EvolVing as God liGht and we togeTher or stayinG saMe..
StaGnaTinG and Shrinking down down down.. as dARk.. inFinitE
metaphors for a liFE of liGht away from dARk.. bottom..
lines liGht liFe as
fearless and smARt
Love in unconditional ways
makes God happy as God lives
iN all of wE as liGht when Love comes
that way.. fiGht for liGht a fire of Love makes
all of this worth it to me.. in H of 8 whole and
Nike Swish Victory of JusT doinG it now
iN Ocean Whole poem way and
A overall SonG and
dAncE of liFe liGht
iN Fearless and smARt
way.. unconditionally as Love that works..
as Moon Child is here now.. fully BriGht
DanCinG and SinGing noW.. as fullest moons WiLL do noW..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
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Free Verse Poetry Novel
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SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
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Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
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final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

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