711 MaCroVerse BeYonD

Here.. the continuing “I’m The Boss”.. photos from my 710th MacroVerse oF Faith
continue.. and this is the Step-Father of the very nice Pacific
Islander gym attendant girl named Vida.. and this
Guy.. Furney.. comes from the oldest of
Bowling Center Days.. back since
1984.. Retired Chief from the
Navy with his deceased
now wife named Eva..
and new wife.. mother
of Vida.. Bowling
mainstays they were
then as the Bowling
Ball turns and noW
juST an intro here.. as Now
pArt of Coming ‘711 MacroVerse too’..;)
So.. now.. to the complete.. titLed way of
“BeYonD 711 MaCroVerse” as the number
711 has sacred technological and substantial
significance as such.. as sure.. there are 711 stores
7 to 11 pm.. of antiquity.. in local areas of the United States..
just a memory too.. of the
place that had the
Playboy magazines
funny how that’s what
i remember of the stores
huh.. hehe.. anyway..
we are human
Okay.. and
7 is what used
to be the number of
planets visible to the
human eye before we then
move to telescopes that
go further than
we can
with naked eYes..
and for me without shades
i cannot see a star at all but
the one inside.. hahax2.. and what
else.. yes.. 11 beyond the 10 digits
of hand wHere the opposable thumb now
and surely sacred one too.. allows us to then..
grasp sticks and construct alphabets in sanskrit
sands of SouthEast Asia.. in oldest Indian ways..
as sure doing it only with a pointer finger is like a
Smart phone without stylus.. in modern days too.. then..
oh.. the opposable thumb and visual spatial skills that allow
us to imagine connections ‘tween stars and copy those straight
lines and angles to soil.. and then stone tablets.. making written letter
language possible.. along with recorded collective intelligence to make greater
human tools to increase shelter.. security.. means of gaining overall subsistence..
and finally one of the greatest technological developments of all.. soft and cozy toilet
paper.. after the retirement of the Sears and Roebuck catalog for the purpose of THAT..
and now shaking hands with both hands
is considered possible.. however
we still veer away from
the left
per se..
but at least
the old ignorance
is no longer present that
the left handers are inherently
evil.. and epileptics are no longer
demon possessed and perhaps noW one
day ignorant church going folks WiLL also come
to an original apocalyptic definition in Greek way
of lifting the veils of ignorance by ignorant men who
condemned homosexualS in the still ignorant parts
of the old testament per Leviticus to get a little
more specific.. of the human dARk that
still lives in the Trump souls
of men and women too..
sadly still.. oh..
the walls
chains of
ignorance and the
true Greek original definition
of taking those true babel walls down
to allow freedoms for all of God’s children..
that of course Trump souls of anti-christ hate
would take away even in rights to marriage if
the devil didn’t shoot himself in comb
over feats of transparent
Narcissism that has
no empathy
for even
the daughter
who sits as trophy
upon his lap and when
you make your daughter into
a trophy.. yes.. the evil of the old testament
rears its ugly snake head in metaphor as
no snake is as stupid as that of course..
as daughters who are treated as
more than possessions
are one’s who
in freedom
to raise strong
sons instead of
Trump one’s with no
heart but that of owning
God’s earth and the people who
are part of that.. even daughters
as trophies of slaves to sit upon
laps of eYes with little
to no heARt
of Humanity’s
Love as Faith
gifted higher and
higher power from
the God oF Nature
whOle iN pARt oF wE..
who sets our selves free
fearlessly with Love fully still in tow
of kind and courage.. so more about 11..
we are born with 10 fingers and 10 toes.. so what
about the 11th one.. well my son was born with an extra
digit so sure he made another evolutionary step of digits..
but the metaphor of course is human technology taking our
innate nature further through transhumanist extensions ranging
from sticks to smart phones.. and more to come.. but only if we retain
our empathy.. our compassion.. and our human touch will we be a hybrid
of human potential greater toGETher and not one that destroys not only
more of the Living eARTh but the species itself.. as Love is the only
thing that has ever held the human race toGeThER.. as
surely that balance is ultimately FucKeD up if someone
as dARk as Trump could come close enough
to the button
for nuclear
that could
destroy life as
we know it on this
blue/green orb gift of Heaven
as gifted now sTiLL on eARTh
by the GoD of NaTuRE wHole..
that lives within we all and greATest
oF ALL with Fearless and smARt Love..
as hiGher poWer of God as HUman Nature Truth iN liGht..:)
And then there is dice.. yes.. six sided cubes.. and what Penrose
suggests is a sacred geometrical shape that holds the secrets to
a holographic UniVerse more and less.. away from big
bang theories of explosions for life but hey
that’s the way of the wind on
earth and the seeding
of life so below
and above
as life
goeS oN
for noW.. but anyway
six sided cubes have become
tools for addiction to money as God..
yeah.. Casino’s in Trump Slave dice
that hold us back from ever gaining greater
riches within the hUman soUL oF MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG way.. i see
elder people like my father
who played this
dream of
lotto.. even though
he had all the money that
would ever make him happy
as happiness is not an external
phenomenon.. happiness is a bio-chemical
star-like reaction of the miNd and BoDy sOuL
BaLaNCinG generated by heARt of FeeLinGs SenSES FROM
WITHIN.. and of course the theme SonG from Beyonce noW
from riGht beFore the year oF liGht started in 2015.. clearly
shows.. tHeRE IS A place of NirVAna and Bliss that comes from
within.. in what she does in both MoVinG and StiLL meditation with
mantras that only make sense to her in FeeLinG SenSinG ways of sacred and
holy but why make it so mysterious sticking your tongue out with party
hats at the ignorant masses.. bragging
about being so fresh when
the other folks live
in a virtual living
hell on earth..
a place that
is meant as Heaven for
wE for We who gain thiS
MiNd and BoDy BaLAnCing SoUL.. eXpReSsinG
iT to OtHerS in mirror neuron way aS SpiRit
as Miss Beyonce does do a great job of thAt in the video
of course.. but to be clear all she is drunk on is love.. not
unlike her previous video in mesmerizing meditation free style
dance on the beach when she becomes a beach of pure love
that has no
aT aLL..
and that’s the thing..
people who are ignorant
will dismiss it all with words
unless they see and feel and
sense more for themselves that
this love is real.. aided by no external
substances but the Force oF GoD’s Higher
power within.. as gifted by wE who retain our Freedoms
inherited as gift from God in simple to hiGher levels of
animal homeostasis bRight as shining StAR eYes from
head to toe and more.. as A liGht of A lamP of
wE shines hiGher and HiGher wHeRe the
KALE as Beyonce spells Kali
on her shirt.. is no
longer a destructive
Force of dArk but liGht
that rises out of the dArk of
Destruction that seeds the liGht oF wE
as Phoenix rising from ashes of wHaT was dARk beFore..
but you see.. not everyone and truly hardly anyone
is cut out to understand this from words alone..
it is only the experience of bliss
and nirvana that will
show you.. FuLLy
that all the
Trump money.. status
and power in the world will
never equal one tiny mustard seed
of the Faith that is real nirvana and
bliss alwAys now for those who seek
God within.. as hiGher power.. find this
inner Pure Love as fearless Strength in
kind and couRaGE and make iT an iSREaL
liFe practice to GroW iT as UniVerse of Love
alWays waiting for another verse bEyOnd to BehOld noW..
as iSreal
liGht oF Truth
inside and not some
imaginary God in a Book
or as a man.. AS God lives so
briGht iN and aS eYes so aliVe
and Fresh forevermore now.. BriGht..
anyway.. i am three full Macro-Verses
behind in backinG-up free Facebook Hard
Drive space to copy and paste my last three
text only versions of “WaY uP HiGheR2”..
“Golden Age reKneWeD”.. And
“Black Moon Apocalypse
Weekend!” And
i’LL back uP
MacroVerse oF Faith”
iN text only way after i publish
this one on Holy and Sacred R and R
Thursday with A 130th Dance niGht
with all the Cool College Age Folks
at Old Seville Quarter iN P’cola metro
city way… While the Facebook all free algorithm
assistant and various Google and other online free
tools of new transhumanist automated secretaries do
help my creative duties so much.. i still must do the boring
repetitive systemizing science tasks of liFE that pale in comparison
to the free floW iN ZonE Art of creativity fully free verse set FReED..
as mE..
but hey..
not everyone
has a Super Strong Computer
and Broad enough Band access..
to open uP my fully illustrated Macro-Verses
or wanna wade down through all the comment draft writing
section too.. to see wHere the end even comes of all of that..
so i not only copy and paste to two Blogger Blogs as public..
i also copy and paste just all the text and YouTube lInks
in sequence as such on three Facebook pages..
not only for free back-up but for those
folks that might actually
not like beautiful
photos of Nature.. etc..
or not have the hardware
and Internet infrastructure to
open them up.. particularly to
risk setting their Samsung ‘smart’ phones
on fire.. nah.. that’s not funny but GO APPLE..
AS surely if not for Apple Products.. alWays reliable
and fast in transhumanist way.. there is no way i could
have written the longest long form poem number 11 in newer human
potential with technology that i have surpassed now with 3.3 million
words plus and close to 100K fully illustrated photos.. youtube videos..
etc.. for a poem noW in a way that has never ever been done before..
but hey.. just a pioneer
way for more to
come for those
who do it
just for fun..
as nah.. this ain’t
just a Trump Twitter thing..
as mE.. in Free ArT
WiTh GoD within.. inside..
outside.. above.. so below
and all around the globe.. plus..
AnyWay.. off to do boring mechanical
cognition shit for a while for must be done’s2..;)
The Facebook Algorithm slide show..
StILL doing a great job of providing
daily.. weekend.. and week memories..
particularly.. for those folks who shoot
tHeir life as stream of consciousness photography
and that too reminds me of a Facebook topic slide..
that Facebook Friend Ashe shared talking about the ills
of having weddings with everyone using their smart phones
as new modern age extension of human bodies.. as tools become
us in transhumanist technological ways greater and greater noW iN
Avatar Cyberspace.. tHeRE CAN bE A BaLaNCinG as tHeRe are
both costs and benefits in human way.. but as far
as paid photographers go.. it is often the ones
who do art for love rather than money
who go deeper in capturing moments
that no matter what the quality
iS.. in more expensive cameras..
ArT cannot be duplicated
for any less than the
trUe crEativE poWer
aS Fearless uNconditional
smARt Love way of BeinG
hUman.. yeah.. like the Song
‘Take the Long way Home’ that
i played for my old high school crush..
when she said how do you do that without the
notes.. computers must be programmed.. they
can only replicate a tiny bit of the FULL POTENTIAL
OF THE HUMAN miNd and BoDy BaLancing SoUL but what
a computer will alWays lack is SoUL and sAdly that is BeCominG
an ever presSinG reaLITy for hUmans who are bEcoMing more
Avatar noW than
hUman.. for me.. aLL
oF this IS A fancy pallet
FoR art in canvas.. and
paint brush way to give
and share with the World
for totAlly Free.. wHere incentives
for material stuff or awards as such
in all the online ways that comes now too
are no paRt of this but for the Joy of Now..
iN FloW iN ZoNE.. an investment only
in SoUL
as Art aLivE
for FReED as ME
with the HIGher PowEr
of God as mY Soul GroWing
higher and HIGher no matter
how sMAll or lARge the FaiTh
of anyone else in how i personALLy
define the HiGher PowEr oF iSReAL hUMan Faith..
the HiGher
ForCe of Art
potential with smARt
and Fearless Unconditional LoVE noW..
Giving and ShaRing aLL foR FReED Now..:)
Macro-Verse Memory from two years ago..
as reminded by Facebook of course..
but apparently this is one i missed
sharing the text version on Facebook
with but never the less.. “Chinese Tiger’s
End of Days” is about what would you do
for Survival and Love and what we are doing
to those stronger than we.. without Trump Guns of course..
yeah.. the word Trump can be used to Trump so many things
these days.. an incredible anti-christ-like name it is becoming
to be used
as only
of course that illustrates
so well the dArkest sides of
Human NatURe.. that surprisingly
not.. bRinGS out that Nature in others
too.. it’s like a Litmus test of dArk..
wHere the dArk
comes out
the minion weak
away from fearless
smARt LoVE that kNows
and FeeLs and SeNses no separation
From Whole oF Love that has no borders
and fences.. remember class.. gentile.. jew..
servant.. free.. woman or man no more when
aLL iS FReED eQual
as hUman opportunities
for rights to LIFE.. LibERty
and the pursuit oF Happiness
for all and of course that is metaphor
as social roles are important for human
Nature in successful living balance for free too..
so what would you do to save the love of loved one’s free..
some folks give the ultimate sacrifice of not life now but
soUl too.. more on that in the associated Macro-Verse
but there are also those who try to own the earth
and others as entitlements of selfish
greed in human way too..
and that is the Trump
that is attempting
to rule the
world but
who is
failing now..
iN all TrumP dARk ways..:)
This Macro-Verse Memory.. “Confidence Stripped”..
comes in from last year.. full of micro-micro
Verse poEtry as inspired by dVerse
online poet folks.. of course..
and bottom line..
i ain’t scared
from head
to toe
and much
much more..
as beach am i..
haha.. and all caught
up for now.. For all the
Macro-Verse Facebook Memories
from the last week or so.. and years ago too..
now off to new stuff for renewal after lunch
and sand and sun dance.. as fall cool
air comes and brings refreshment
in R and R ways of regeneration..
beyond the mechanical cognition
and thinking only ways of LiFe..
yeah.. as Beyonce says
in less than words..
711 baby..
i’m drunk
oN Love alWays FReED..
@LeASt for mE noW..;)
HI Zee.. now..
eYes say so much..
about a heARt..
a spiRit oF
liGht to dARk..
to heaRt liVing
to dying death
as life.. and truly
it’s hard to go through life..
with never having eYes to shine
to OtHers what the feeLinGS are iNside..
as sHades for me hid the hell and store the heaven
Now Away from Greater liGht to share with otHers
in real liFE
now away
from words..
and i suppose that
is why i dance and sing..
as i kNow longer have eYes
that show a Dance of Song
as i must wear shades noW..
iN ways oF LoVe…When
we can love..
it’s best to love..
for when we can’t
all tHere is is
it seems
to me.. of eYes
no longer shine to spread…
trULy.. eYes do say a soUL..
Dance and SonG will never
replicate an eYe of Love..
full now..
i can try..
i cry for Love..
with tears of Joy mY FriEnd..
in Dance and Song a gift too.. oF Love..
wiTh Hopes and Wishes for you mY friEnd for eYes oF Love..:)
“Pain has an element of blank;
It cannot recollect
When it began, or if there were
A day when it was not.
It has no future but itself,
Its infinite realms contain
Its past, enlightened to perceive
New periods of pain.”
~~ Emily Dickinson
Sounds more like an absence
of EmoTions creaTinG Pain..
EmoTiOns cure..
positive as liGht
moves as trillions of
peptide receptors in cells for
metaphor of neurohormones
and neurochemicals isREaL..
if only i could have
danced ‘naked’
with her..
or convinced
her to do it.. she
might have FeLT more.. and hUrt less..:)
Hello gigoid.. alWays welcome Pearls of wisdom
no matter Century.. Millennia.. or even
Aeons of star dust
sentient life..
and what to say
about ergonomic injury/PAIN..
to the human form as structure
from head to toe of repetitive restricted movements
ranging from walking on sidewalks to
constant trauma of martial
arts and even
of contact
sports.. don’t do them
of course.. don’t even walk
straight for too long or one part
of the body will get out of balance
with the other one.. and next thing ya
kNow we are no longer foragers moving
in all directions.. inside.. outside.. above.. so
below and all around like any galaxy mini-me
human would to escape predator and capture prey
invisibly expending the least amount of energy in center
balance like the calm of Hurricane Winds of Energy as caloric
intake is rarely an all one can eat sugars and fats prize from a Super
Walmart all one can buy buffet of chips and sodas and stuff like that..
Moving isn’t the problem
we move
or don’t
move is..
at leASt that’s
what my body tales
me as i continue to get
even stronger at age 56..
never ever moving the same
and sure resting my feet while my
fingers take over.. albeit a ‘little’ too long
as sitting down.. ‘they’ say now is worse
than smoking a pack of cigarettes and sure
it only makes since.. stuff moves to survive..
in some
of animation now..
but what cha gonna do
if that’s what you do to get
paid to do to live.. action
dark or light..
positive or
it doesn’t
matter how
good we do the
job.. it’s how the job
does us in the end/
Beginning of now.. mY FriEnd..
there are cures so far beyond medical
science that ‘they’ know not what they do..
it comes from within2.. with no limits expected by oThers..
for me..
and nah..
i did not alWays
FeeL like a Lucky one..
and nah.. never free..
one must
harder to heal..
even if that means
rest for 66 months..
for those like me who faiLeD E-Scape..:)
“I see my life go drifting like a river
From change to change; I have been many things –
A green drop in the surge, a gleam of light
Upon a sword, a fir tree on a hill,
An old slave grinding at a heavy quern,
A king sitting upon a chair of gold –
And all these things were wonderful and great;
But now I have grown nothing, knowing all.
Ah! Druid, Druid, how great webs of sorrow
Lay hidden in that small slate-coloured thing!”
— William Butler Yeats, “Fergus and the Druid”
minus any
one of those.. incomplete..:)
“All things are the same,–familiar in enterprise, momentary in endurance, coarse in substance. All things now are as they were in the day of those whom we have buried.”
— Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) — Meditations, ix, 14
except for Human Nature..;)
“Rights” is a fictional abstraction. No one has “Rights”, neither machines nor flesh-and-blood. Persons… have opportunities, not rights, which they use or do not use.”
— Lazarus Long, from Robert A. Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love”
A wrongest
right not
rights.. so
many folks JuST DOn’t DO..;)
“Warning: Politicians can damage your wealth.”
— Smart Bee
And the worst possible
thing they can do.. is
convince you..
need it..;)
“The thief
Left it behind —
The moon at the window.”
— Ryokan
Priest.. Scientist..
Politician.. Philosopher
i follow the moon..
sHe aLways Glows
out from
bEhind cLouds oF Lies..;)
“At this precise moment, no reproach proceeding from men or gods can affect me: I have as good a conscience as if I had never existed.”
— E.M. Cioran
‘Sorry’ that
meditation cRap
bores me to death as life..
i’LL move and
FeeL iT aLL..
even the bad
for challenge
for even more liGht
ouT of dArk muse too..;)
“The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation, and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be relieved only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance called “faith”.”
— Robert G. Ingersoll
i have faith
in me.. and
that’s what ME sAid too..;)
“As God is my witness”
– I am that fool!” — Gomez Addams
Amen.. God IS A Joke
to me..
as Long
as i Laugh..
God Laughs
as mY Witness..:)
“You don’t fool me!!
You’re not really an idiot!!”
— Smart Bee
i’M reAlly
“The improver of knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, skepticism is the highest of duties, blind faith the one unpardonable sin.”
— Thomas Huxley (1825-1895)
i kNow
’cause i seNse
And FeeL iSREAL..;)
“I’ll tell you what kind of guy I was. If you ordered a boxcar full of sons-of-bitches and opened the door and only found me inside, you could consider the order filled.”
— Robert Mitchum
WAS A great actor..
and great actors
sell cars too..
the most cars.. that is..
i hate buying shit.. i’M Free..
and never ever a son of A Bitch.. at lEAst to mE.. he HE..;)
“I would far rather be ignorant than wise in the foreboding of evil.”
— Aeschylus (525-456 BC) — Suppliants, 453
Judging from politics
equals evil..
Trump equals Minions..;)
“After a while he realizes that she is beautiful
– he just hadn’t noticed it at first.”
— Lazarus Long
Beauty IS A
an EmoTioN
thaT groWs as FloWer
or withers as hUman..:)
“MAD, adj. Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence; not conforming to standards of thought, speech and action derived by the conformants from study of themselves; at odds with the majority; in short, unusual. It is noteworthy that persons are pronounced mad by officials destitute of evidence that themselves are sane. For illustration, this present (and illustrious) lexicographer is no firmer in the faith of his own sanity than is any inmate of any madhouse in the land; yet for aught he knows to the contrary, instead of the lofty occupation that seems to him to be engaging his powers he may really be beating his hands against the window bars of an asylum and declaring himself Noah Webster, to the innocent delight of many thoughtless spectators.”
— Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”
HeHe.. Ne0..
A secret sMiLe
of Mad..
when one understands iNsane..;)
“Half of the American people have never read a newspaper.
Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.”
— Gore Vidal
Jesus F. iN Christ..
alMost everyone reads
today.. a similar 33 percent
or more..
And that’s genetics2..
as living in caves is
boring.. but there
are fewer
“Some days,
SB is just better than others…..”
SmArt Bees
practicing tHeir Buzz..;)
Oh by the way.. i’Ve been
missing thumbs up..
and it only
uP at 7:11 this morning.. hehe..;)
The best thing about consolidating all my Free
Verse Micro-Poetry efforts from responding
to all dVerse Prompts and liNks from
4/15 to 3/16.. yes.. an entire year
and making one MacroVerse
out of that per GodsUniVerseNovel3..
AND OMG yes.. 338,630 words and around
300 super gorgeous Navarre Beach and Pensacola
Beach photos.. is it makes it so easy to print out
20 to 30 pages of Poetry and share that with
my mother as she really gives a shit
about it as she was an actual
published poet.. and poetry
isn’t really all the
rave hehe..
where i
rave dance
at in Good Old
Trump-Land U.S. of
Asses where locker room language
is more the standard here and thanks
god no grabbing P’s overheard at old
Seville Quarter but there was this one
guy bragging about.. his ‘relationship’
with a 60 year old woman.. hmm..and
i then thought of some really super
witty things to say.. considering
i am 56.. but i jusT let it go for
that night.. as sure.. i cannot
possibly do the ageism
discrimination as
he at least
made it sound
consensual if not
just a stereotypical
male conquest by males..
so anyway.. from what i can
actuAlly share with my mother as
sure it’s really hard to escape Trump
Land although she will not support him..
and i’ll give her conservative spirit credit
for that.. i’m up to 80,000 words of sharing..
and even just in sharing pARt of that with her..
the mountain of pages she’s been stacking..
makes surely almost two books.. worth
of HP all in one printer pages.. so i
came across this one today..
and said WTF i’ll share
it.. as all this Trump
stuff bRings found
memories like this2.. in
striking D i S tan CE oF A Karmic eYe..;)
School days.. the first day.. always exciting and
nerve wracking.. all senses.. emotions..
intellect focused for what
and grades 1 through 5.. not bad except
for that second year.. at Private Catholic School..
so advanced from my small town school.. in a two
story building.. walking distance from a river home..
and then across town.. small class rooms.. same teacher
all day long.. same kids all day long .. same friends to get to know..
and oh.. always at the top of the class.. only challenge NOT
to make anything less
Straight ACING
hmm.. 11 years old comes
6th grade
a beast yet
Halls of School Brightly Lit..
homeroom by 8 AM..
but many rooms
to come
different classes and different teachers
but still school as EASY AND FUN..
competing against friend Jill
who is the only
one who
me in
before then..
so i smile brightly just waiting
for the games to begin.. but wait..
a new word comes i have not heard before..
an F word and not Fred by some bully boys
who tell me what the hell are you doing F word..
wipe that smile off your face mister we do not
allow boys to smile here.. don’t even think
about it.. but wait.. i’m not thinking
about it.. I’m just feeling it
but anyway.. don’t
know what
F word means.. just that those
boys got some kinda problem
for sure.. anyway class starts
and Amanda taps me on the shoulder
and says you know you have a FUNNY
hmm.. i’m
thinking a head’s
a head.. for thinking..
and dam i can’t see the back
of my head to know
what you
are talking
but i’m too busy paying attention
to Ms. Bonner to become the
teacher’s pet as i can charm
any teacher into
am the best
student ever if I just
look into her eyes and
never ever break contact..
it’s just
how i
to others in
MELD where student
becomes one with TEACHER
oh and then it’s time for P.E.
and i get to sport my new school
sports shorts.. and Tammy says..
HaHA! Fred has bird legs..
and i look at my
legs and think
about wings..
and flying..
BACK from PE into math class
and there is all around sports fanatic
Murry who will one day become
Mr. High School.. Mr. Football..
Coach of the Football Team
and Athletic Director
at the
his game..
he turns around and says
peabody.. peabody.. peabody..
peabody.. ever so often..
and i’m thinking
Lynn on the other
side chimes in with
skank.. skanky.. skank..
and i’m thinking sounds
like skunk.. skunk..
and i think i smell fine..
but she sure doesn’t look
like she likes me much..
this is getting challenging
and i’m starting to feel
like something
must be
very wrong
me to get all this less than
‘A’ Feedback from what at
this point seems like
the whole dam
ah.. finally an escape..
the school bus comes..
i can finally relax but
in the
back of the bus..
turns around
to her friends and says look
look look aren’t his eye lashes
pretty they look just like a girls’
eyelashes.. and oh yeah back in
home room earlier some boy says
Hi Mr. Wanda McKenzie
you look just
like her..
and yes.. Wanda smiles
a lot and has semi-short
blonde hair and spectacles
and her daddy owns a
car dealership but
if Vicky thinks i’ve
got long eyelashes that
must mean that boy
thinks I’m a girl
this bus.. my Dachshund
Charlie never judges me..
he will let me hug him
and roll around
at my feet
as always and never ever
call me the F word.. Skunk..
Peabody.. Long Eye Lash Girl..
Wanda.. Bird Legs..
and just let
me Love
free with smiles..
and that works out okay the
rest of the year.. but Charlie
finds a way to get outside
the gate and one
day my
real friend
outside of family
is laying on the side
of the road..
and i am
heartbroken to
even get near to
say goodbye..
and the whole family
cries.. and i never get another
dog and decide if i become my best
friend no one will ever hurt
me or
me again..
But oh no..!
Or Learners..:)
Ah.. yes.. the church continues to
serve the function of the village
supplying school needs for
life that parents often
can no longer do
without help..
and perhaps
the emotiOnal
ways of heArt
expressING as SpiRit
as human balanced
mind and body soUl
are among the
can and
for all schools
greatEST needs
to be met ALL Now..:)
Ah.. yes.. i can relate.. difficulty speaking
coherently straight with no mumbling
or stuttering to effectively
communicate.. straight
A’s are not enough when
one fails the speaking
parts in roles
of School..
and for
me the
writing no easier
to come up with
anything new..:)
Oh when school becomes work instead of play
the mechanical cognition can tick
down to robot
minds of
of human being..
but society will just
not work without school..
and we must tick off
the bad parts.. and
continue on renew
as this land is our
land together
in well
and sickness
a Like for aLL.. NOw..:)
Nature’s school
never opening
never closing
Truly sad the state does not allow
school.. to teach lessons of
humanity.. where ‘they’
are no longer teaching
those lessons at
home.. and nah..
not just a lower
thingy.. some
times the
are completely
from humanity
AS those AT
Ah.. that look of the very first day
of entering school..
walking the
This is
uncharted human
land forged by insanity..;)
Ah.. me.. not smart enough to feel what school is doing
to me.. why Summer feels so much better
than school.. year.. of what
really counts in emotional..
physical.. existential
and in general
Human 101
to move connect
and create life once again..:)
Ah.. yes.. a scholar.. a fighter..
but most importantly
a diplomat
at age 5..:)
Ah.. yes.. a school of ADHD Hell.. where sitting still extends out all around
the year now.. in some places.. where Physical Education is
no longer even necessary in some high schools..
and if one is lucky emotions
are an art of human
for basic
still allowing
that if that at all..:)
Ah.. sitters and rovers of school.. alike in most all of
animal kingdom.. in general as well..
where school can and will
be adventure
and for others
a challenge just to
get through
every now
of self-conscious
discomfort of
one level or
in speed
or slow..:)
Oh.. new rules school.. crystalized intelligence.. rote memory
of multiple choice facts.. figures.. but tHere is
fluid intelligence moving.. connecting.. creating
ART of human being IN ALL of Love
that comes in Light
and Truth of
Human Being
of school
is sewAge
to ART
I as actor
of i and
i have to say graduating close to
the top of a class of almost
four hundred in
high school..
that i learn
nothing of
value other
than two
of the three
R’s of ‘Rithmetic
and Reading and
truly graduating
like this with
little to no
to oRate
or ‘rite
in creative thought
in output.. and even
after three degrees in
college the same dismal
report of school failing
me my basic humanity
of education as
choice is
enough then..
to pass me at
the top
of the
THAT pArt of
education is
changing some..
but the ART of
Being Human
is nowHere
still in
the curriculum
of Westernized
schools from
moving.. connecting
to creating human
being Well NOW
with more than
Standard IQ
that humans
are not
even evolving
for more or
less to begin
with except
for those cogs
in the machine
of walls of
society making
excess of comforts
in materialism way
possible as Zombies
grow larger in numbers..:)
Ah the beauty of the
inner monster.. the class clown..
the trickster.. the joker.. the sacred fool..
the inner being that does say free in so many words
of actions.. steps in human being that says wake
up crowd
step outside
the box
what you’re
used to
Truth and Light..:)
Ah.. heArt a lit one.. warmer
yes.. in humid rivers flow..
no snow in North Florida
row.. but prison goes
up the hill a little
further in brick
story school..
to take
freezing heArt
no longer wave
oh.. ocean blue
eyes i miss you
at 47.. but i flow
back to me at 55..
no signs of speed
limits for me..
i flow
i ride
i play
i pray
edge free
to waves
Ocean Blue
in i’s of I! now..:)
moving connecting
creating flowing waves
ocean never ending..
so below.. a spark..
a light.. libido
wheels of
Ah.. mothers pride of children
like cubs of mother Lioness
step high step low
grow more
as Love
in out
as tides
of dark
and Light..
a mix makes
birds buzz
and bees fly..:)
OH no.. and then
there’s work
and school
starts again..
and then
life with
full rubber
on wheels of
life again.. a
Live we go
in golden
flow of
Lynn.. of course write on course
it’s you again.. at the end
of this dVerse trail..
more and less..
and i never fail
to come again..
hehe.. and yes..
siblings alike
and all
cultures tend
to get along
more than
rules now..
challenge of
eternity to
of compassion
and cooperation
wheRe different rules..:)
A sponge can hold much water..
float forever
on rivers
that move..
to oceans
creating more..
but a sponge
that stills
in one
old with
mold before
ever truly creating more
absorbing ocean
of just
one behavioral
sink.. and yeah..
there’s even a
link for
Sink” on
ARE we
rats or
are both
away from
sinks of US..:)
This time Sister..LYNN it is
hard to miss ya..
as we almost
tie at
19 for
me and
20 for you..
but i still
beat you
and expect
you to beat
me next time
as that is fair
for me..
as tie
as well..:)
Ah yes.. the bell tolls for ending school..
and even larger Universities
where friendly eyes
too scared..
connections no
longer growing..
and oh NO WORK..
where all’s a dollar
so much easier
when doing it
with others
free even
school.. yes..
as much as i hate
school.. i miss the
friends more than
any restriction
of school..
and i
feel i
am far
from the
only one on that..
as Facebook friends
most often grow
with High Schools
past.. but nah..
i much too
for them..
but my
school now
is the world instead..:)
There is no schooling quite like the
schooling that is nature
abundant in
freedom of
curriculum of
life.. adding in the
ingredient of Unconditional
Love.. and school becomes
the child that still
feeds upon breast
of Love’s Milk..
where emotions
grow equally
free with
child before..
home schooling is
the way of hundreds
of thousands of years..
where brick
and other
Free Education
Freest with
of Village
home and
Family’s Loving
eYes.. allnowallone..:)
Ah.. greaTest thirst for anything in my life has been
the thirst for feeling.. granted exquisite ones
from birth but losing them
to knowledge ways
of robotic
cognition being..
well for me then..
THAT less than
70 standard IQ
emotional savants
are beyond measure
of intelligence for
and Creating..
requiring DOING
of many of
my less than
70 IQ
and mentors..
And of course
still major
success in human
creativity making
children Loving
any age
of being Well IN
Humanity’s NOw..:)
Child tiMe NOw reaLity
alArm clocks thEn
futURe illusiOn
Oh.. my
goodness.. the
job of childhood speaks
trembling into adulthood
for me.. i always wonder
when will i learn how to well
learn speak.. after all.. my mother
and father do it so fluently.. so well..
ah.. but they never input like i do.. oh
to output is more than input before.. smiles..
and yes.. now i never ever.. no.. ever never shut UP..;)
Thanks Gabriella..
i needed this prompt..
Ah.. yes.. my friend.. X.. as note above on the starting photo.. where My teacher Mrs. B for Bonner states on the earlier part of the school year.. the ‘Old Fred’.. and per the song by Jessie J.. above.. i go out and buy some weights.. and start health habits that last me the rest of my life.. and eventually in high school..
Gracie.. another one of my not so
well wishers from middle school..
comes up to me and tells me Fred..
you’ve really improved..
we are proud of you..
welcome to the human race..
in those words more or less..
And although my wish to have
a real girlfriend from Kindergarten
never materializes until
after high school..
i do not stop being nice with smiles..
and develop many close friendships..
and even one of the high school bullies who
announces me at the beginning of the Beta Club meeting.. who is then President of this club for nerds.. Welcome Ladies and Gentleman and Fred..and he later confides that you know what.. i can’t understand it..
you are everyone’s favorite person.. and yes.. he is talking about another Lynn.. who is my new best friend… who he has a crush on.. and she gives me her time as friend.. eating lunch with me everyday..
and trivia note.. we both tie at 11 out of
381 at the end of the high-school days..
And I always wish then that Lynn will be my girlfriend.. but First Baptist Girls only date First Baptist Boys.. and by then.. i am not part of any church at all.. except for the one out in nature.. but she calls me her best friend Fred and that is enough for me then.. as i don’t even know what sex is until sixteen years old.. and i don’t miss much.. as i Learn to Love girls for their personalities instead of T and A’s.. and the missing continent i know nothing at all about until after high school.. as Penthouse.. only gives an exterior view of that new horizon of feeling stuff in life…
Anyway.. during the period of my pain disorder.. i lose a lot of my long term memory.. with the emotions that leave me then.. and truly this entire blog has been therapy for me to regain my memories and humanity…
as i don’t think many people can possibly understand what it’s like to not even be able to remember if you ever smiled or belly laughed before.. as when emotions go.. there is no reference at all to any emotions as feelings are the reference point.. and not empty shells of words alone…
I spend today at an ophthalmologist office..
with those drops that dilate your eyes..
and a lot of time.. thinking about the
old days.. after i see this prompt..
and those feelings of sadness come back but more than
anything the joy of even being able to feel sadness.. as that is what makes us appreciate
Love as much as i do now.. for sure.. and truly without emotions it is
hard to feel GOD too.. so i AM BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF..
and i always hope my words or dance of life..
will help someone know and feel it is
okay to be different..
enjoy life as silly..
and be strong and courageous too…
I have lots of inspiration.. and I see my ‘old friend’ Murry again.. as he nears retirement as Athletic Director at the High School.. I have the joy of him meeting my still young looking wife in 25 years of marriage and reporting to him that yeah.. i become a Federal Military Installation Athletic Director and retire 5 or so years ago.. then.. when i see him.. and i tell him i just Write and Dance now.. for fun.. while my wife shops.. looking down at him from around 4 inches above.. 50 LBS or so plus in muscle.. and a bright white smile.. that defies his somewhat ‘older teeth’.. belly extending a little more.. and snow white hairs with the miles of life driven hard to get the biggest house on the block…
I have the biggest heArt..
That’s all that counts..
and Lesson
for Infinity NOW
in my smAll view
Yes.. Sherry.. ONE
thing LIFE Teaches
me WELL IS to Live IT
and never ever
be afraid to
share it
as Truth and
Light and Dark..
and yeah.. modern science
even shows that humans are in
real empathy trouble as empirical
measures of college age adults
in ways of empathy are
decreasing at around
30 percent in the
last several
The Zombie Apocalypse
is a meme for reality
as humans
lose their
and spiRits..
and Truly the Internet
is a thriving place for Zombies
clear to see.. particularly on YouTube
as people have contests to see how
much of a Zombie in cruelness
to other humans they
can be.. the
best revenge
AS JOY..:)
Hi Gabriella.. I sure hope schools take it more serious
but at least where i live.. i know the children do not..
overall.. and with the Internet there are more ways
to bully young folks than ever before..
and the only way to stop that i think..
is if the children are taught to Tolerate..
and Accept differences among their peers..
and Love better and stand together
against bullies when no adults are looking..
i do see that now on the Internet more often..
particularly on the gay issue that has always been the last pariah..
of the lesser seen by others.. overall.. in the United States culture..
it is always inspiring to me.. when I see folks stand up for others..
and acknowledge and honor their full humanity
no matter how different from the
Vanilla norm.. they may be..
Ah.. thanks so much hailee’s comma
for stopping by and providing those kind words of
appreciation for what i do here today.. and yes.. intense
non-stop focus staring directly into another person’s eyes when
speaking with them.. is considered inappropriate and potentially..
intimidating by standard norm of human cultural rules..
and technically also a clinical symptom in some
forms of Asperger’s/Autism along with
extreme empathy for some and little for others..
however for me.. i Love people and am simply absorbing
all of their soul as part of me through the windows of
what they are deepest inside.. and i guess since i
wear shades now.. it is not nearly as disarming.. as before..
some folks say please don’t look so deep.. i feel like you are
undressing my soul.. and sure i am.. and hoping for something
both light and fascinating.. but yes.. i can see the darkness
of souls too.. as there is much more than meets the eye alone..
in eye to eye contact.. for within.. is the history of infinity
of each unique soul.. just waiting for me to see..
given the opportunity of course..
and i will love it if more folks show
their eyes on the Internet as truly i want
to see that greatest expression of soul
that comes through windows of us..
when within looks outside..
with us watching..
just patiently
absorb it all..
as all watchers can
and will do.. smiles..:)
Yes.. hailee’s comma..
Oh my Jessie…
i am singing and
dancing off the same sheet
of music from ‘her’ too..
as she just wants
the world to dance..
as nicely illustrated ‘below’..
and it ain’t about the ba bling ba bling..
smiles.. coconut man.. moon head.. and P..;)
Hi Kanzensakura.. after this experience i am fortunate and sprout up to almost my entire height in middle school.. albeit still at around 120 LBS.. but still.. for some reason no one has ever attempted to actually physically abuse me in life.. and now that i can fight back with ease.. anyway.. i am still happy not to have to.. the best offense can be a greatest defense.. and with a martial arts exhibition here and there.. in public.. words and actions get around.. smiles.. and when anyone bumps into me in the bar.. they quickly say my bad man.. excuse me..
i believe in being able to defend oneself and not having to ever have to use those skills to actually hurt someone.. IF possible.. as those skills become more proficient with practice.. and yeah.. 930LBS of kicking power 1 inch from any target i choose in exhibition illustrates that nicely.. in 360 degrees of movement.. smiles..
But most importantly.. the actual practice of it provides mind and body balance in emotional regulation and sensory integration.. better cognitive executive functioning in focus and short term working memory.. all clinical symptoms of Autism.. and essentially the real life working cure for me.. that allows me comfort in my own skin..
And to make a stranger of a friend.. from the roughest looking bar dudes.. to the fairest of them ‘all’ in dance.. smiles again.. i wanna connect with everyone.. and fearless pays that due.. in real flesh and blood life too..
And yeah.. overall.. school is insane in many ways.. as it teaches us to be cogs in an efficient working machine for the materialism excesses of culture.. and rarely to even be human again..
And this is my favorite song for that reality..
as i too become the logical one.. the clinical one..
then.. as culture decides.. i will then.. but nah.. i follow the
True Wild and Free ONE NOW.. THE GOD OF
no limitations or expectations as FREE..
knowing and most importantly FEELING SaMe..:)
Thanks Lynn.. and truly looking back on it..
some of it is silly now.. with adult eyes..
but of course so confusing then.. and yes.. i always want to see my friend Lynn again.. and of course Charlie too in heaven as that may be the case.. somewHere now then.. now.. and last class reunion.. i am a shut-in with illnesses and cannot go.. but certainly i will go to the next one.. which will be the 40th class reunion in 2018.. God willing.. of course.. smiles.. and thanks my friend Lynn.. two or three.. or however many friendly Lynns.. i meet in life..:)
Yeah.. Mary.. truly.. compared to losing Charlie.. i didn’t care what those kids did to me.. as long as my dog was okay.. but truly the memory of Charlie is what also helped me to get back from real human hell of no emotions for those 66 months of that beyond any human hell i can imagine before.. so yeah.. Charlie’s death as dark as it was then.. is still a light of my life.. and sacrifice for
that life of Charlie that continues in my eyes..
i don’t hold humans as any higher as Love as any other being..
they are ALL worthwhile as Nature IN 100% Love and Respect..
and my cats continue to teach me that lesson well..
Yellow Boy has Feline Leukemia but
Love makes an immune system
as strong as it can be.. and as much as Yellow Boy
is Loved that will be the medicine for him that no medicine from
Vet can bring.. other than that same Love from Vets who are
most often that Loving too.. with all animals as well..:)
Ah.. yes.. Marina Sofia.. in the Poet world and Artist World..
and even any World where there are achievers that break out of boxes there are often these stories of dark and bullying in childhood of those who use this darkness to inspire greater Artistic Light.. but then sadly there are the others.. the bullied who go on to extend the vicious cycle and become bullies more..
Yeah.. bullying Sucks Claudia but as the following music video nicely illustrates in ‘Radioactive’ way there is a rising tide of opposition.. namely ART and LOVE that in TSunAmi Form IS washing away the residue of Darker ways of human beings.. some folks call it THE New Age..
THE Illuminati.. THE Real ONE about Truth and Light
and not the fake one that folks twist Just like Jesus’
teaching to repress human nature and oppress
others in domination through illusory fears
of subjugation and oppression..
Anyway.. pioneers from Jesus to most unlikely candidates
like Aleister Crowley are predicting this phenomenon for Centuries and Years..
and surely when an African American becomes President of the United States.. and a Woman is about to enter those doors too.. those are sealing signs of a new age of Art IN Love’s Freedom.. in ALL the COLORS that comes in..
and perhaps when a Gay President comes that will be the Seventh Seal of the Kingdom Jesus is speaking of when Love your neighbor as yourself with complete tolerance and acceptance of human differences becomes more than a rule and just a talking point to muse..
BUT the Dance of
Life that comes in
real flesh and
blood human
But yeah.. then there is Donald Trump who truly stands as a symbol for what most of the folks of my Local First Baptist towering church IS.. when folks enter my River Town.. SEE standing HIGH and LOW at core.. a clique.. a group of human beings.. where they SAY THEY ARE GOD’s chosen.. few..
and the others can wait behind a wall of division.. of true Anti-Christ Mission.. exemplified Ironically so.. in almost ludicrous clarity.. for anyone who can see through all the selfish serving lies of individual or group.. with real Truth and Light of Jesus eYes of Human Nature and the God of Nature as well..
BUT yes.. Tribal Instinct is pArt of GOD and Human Nature too.. and even this Anti-Christ Nature too.. and the solutions are any solutions that help to make the World ONE Tribe where all humans are tolerated.. accepted into
and of course the
first step of that is a
Dance of MOVING..
KIND are certainly
part of that Tribal
Dance of one that
binds all together..
particularly Soccer
it seems as ALL
no wonder
why.. truly..
as WE continue
to evolve OURONE
Ah.. yes Bjorn.. so often the medicine for bullying is the Love of Togetherness and all ways of Moving Imagination and in Connections of Creation Activity that come to rescue us from Bullies of Life.. from Cats and Dogs to books and brushes of painting human life Renewing Love as Creativity..:)
Ah yes.. so true Sumana Roy that human bullying is a crime and ‘they’ are most always in a Gang and Cowards in numbers.. and the saddest part perhaps of my bullying in the middle ages of school.. is that the one thing in common that almost
ALL of the bullies have in numbers (:Ha! ‘they’ have no idea then.. they are dealing with a budding Anthropologist/Psychologist/Sociologist/Health IN ART Scientist.. eventuAlly degreeING in UNIversITy of West Florida as such;)
IS the supporting ideology and human Arms
of the giant First Baptist Church in my local area..
And i without my ‘Robert Conrad’.. ‘Wild Wild West’ looking ‘James West’.. Law Enforcement officer (46 years in total terms of that) patriarchal influencing Father.. i am raised by Love dripping with the estrogen of an almost total female matriarchal influence from birth.. just seeing my father twice a year.. trying to quickly imitate that gender role.. BUT that doesn’t work.. obviously.. as i become soft as estrogen and matriarchy will Love..
And I have no clue what this First Baptist Patriarchy thingy is that I must imitate to become one of the MALE crowd then.. and i become a very androgynous looking human at that time that is soft smiling and moving contradicting all the rules of the First Baptist patriarchy fueled by homophobia.. and hate of anything that moves outside the First Baptist BOX of exclusion..
Sadly church is the core sin of bullying in my town.. then.. and sadly still.. just a few years ago.. the most prominent Local Radio so-called Christian Evangelist in my town is still promoting the ideology that ‘homosexual behavior’ is demon possessed with
his so-called Christian Manager of the Radio Station suggesting
I am spitting nails listening to THAT but far too weak then with illness to confront face to face.. but still as weak as i am behind a computer with barely a voice to speak.. I confront the Preacher and Radio Station Manager online.. and both truly never do that again.. on Radio Air.. as far as I know now..
WORDS are powerful sWORDS..
much more powerful than my feet that now press half a ton
twenty five times.. and can hypothetically kick most ‘evil butt’..
one on one.. but nah.. I WiLL use Art of Words instead
of feat of physical harm.. and on top of that
I enjoy my freedom..
and do not want
to go to jail.. smiles..:)
Hi Glenn.. i still am amazed that i get away free from any beatings
on me.. or any significant fear of that.. but oh the
story different for friends as close as wife..
as my pretty little wife poor with no church
‘rich’ friends behind her in school..
is terrified every
day in school
that literally
are gonna
kill her dead..
they still
like her
for the same
beautiful reasons..
but nah.. she still thinks
it is just ’cause she was poor..
but that is no competition for
the boys.. as mean girls
continue to beat
the nice
and pretty
ones down..
If only ‘they’
realize real
beauty comes
and flourishes
until death do
Haha! Victoria obviously i ramble more.. as i am never
one to fit in holes.. except
for rabbit
that never
way only..
i am a forked
road with
that go..
and there is
no individualized
plan that works
for me.. except
me.. and truly
of World
provide more
avenues for US
who fit in no
or square
we are
PI flowing
in PHI
with numbers
never ending
into Infinities
Truth and LigHT..:)
And for a relative sense
of how much more there is
to go.. that’s just close to 6,000 words
and there is about 56 times more poetry
than this in that one ‘little’ MacroVerse
of now what is reaching 711 wHole
Ocean Poem Macro-Verses..
well over 3.3M words now
and perhaps
even many
more than that..
as the best i can do
is estimate it to this point..
as MicroSoft word says that
would be approximately 30,000
printed pages.. excluding tens of
thousands of photos plus YouTube
Videos too.. just for ‘some sense’ oF iT.. NoW..;)
11:17 pm..
still noW
on 10112016..
and making a visit
to a choice of a cloud
precisely 44 word Quadrille
prompt for inspiration at dVerse..
from Monday.. or a general one based
on celebration from Tuesday at this place
of online poets and many many links accumulating
tHere of poeTry as throughout the last two days as
i have
been engaged
in oTher wRiting
and DanCinG activities
in lieu of finding inspiration
there.. a little gas left from a night
full of Store DanCinG.. so let’s see how
the cLouds come next in Micro-Micro Freest
poetic ways..
with no number
limits at all but
F as alphanumeric
6 for Free.. yes.. FReED..:)
icy clouds Northern
morn.. dawns day
Sweat of
Sun as Summer
roams lands South…
no relief.. cLouds peace..:)
SMiLes.. most
only colored leaves
are tans of sKin sTiLL
in Florida sun so far away from shades
Clouds.. inK blots
expresSinG human
inner uniVerses multi-way
through life breezes.. some light
some heavy
some noW
stone walls
wHeRe fluffy turns
siNk a soul as dARk
holes in skies covered grey..
i used to pretend the clouds were
not there for relief..
now they
are all
as living
BeinG oF liGht
over clouds of
do say
so much
mY FriEnd..
TG.. they alWays change..
CloUd of DaRk to sKeYes oF Love..:)
There are no clouds
of dance
all is sunshine toes
to fingers
clouds for
rest of feat.. in peaceful
skies no matter winter cold or Summer heat..:)
And as a side note here.. whenever i dance
i transform into ageless timeless
spirit.. and if could paint
a picture of what
i am..
all i am
is am a liGht am i oF Dance..
too many folks view God as noun
when God is MoVinG SounDinG
oF DAncE..
Nataraja is
more oF God
than any word
of FucKinG Book..
DancE Baby ONE SonG as GOD..:)
Whale shadows
clouds of Ocean
Blue magnificent
moves free
through seas
of life..
bLocKinG Breathe…
Side note of Truth and liGht..
Purpose of poEtry..
reminding folks
are human..
iF aT aLL possible..
to feel thaT attribute aGain..
loss children
cloud Death..
taR oiLed birds
liVe plastic SoULs…
Sadly.. A rape culture
started in the old testament
around the time of concubines
and sharing daughters..
still reigns
to women
all ways that comes…
there is no bravery/patriarchy
in weakness of man fallen clouds to rule….
October Skies of Northern
Florida.. respite from
all stuff
including clouds..
but sure.. i Love
sunset colors
paint and
brush as canvas..:)
iN original greek definition,,
the term apocalypse means
lifting the veils of ignorance..
and those are
that are not
getting much
lighter these days
sTiLL Dark aS oWning ways..:)
i’m good to go
as long as i don’t
see any evangelical
Christians in THE CLOUD..
i think i’d rather find
any hanging
Trump ornaments to go astray..
hehe.. one place.. i feel free here toNiGht
to let A greaTest disgust over slavery
come iN
words rest
here free..heHe..
FucK the people
who think they own the world..
and grab their hate by bAlls juSt for FuN..;)
So many dArk spots
cloud Sun SouL
Earth.. stars of liFE
sway dArk
to death
as owning
lifE.. Clouds faLL
lEaves SinG
clean Sun..
without an own..:)
WeLL.. ten is enough
foR noW.. perHaps
more later
as morn
without clouds..
12:49 am
Columbus day is here..:)
The En name test
special Facebook provided
personal improvement assistant..
says i am an Enchanting
Princess by the
name of Katie2
in a previous lifetime..
so i say..
That’s what the
Katrina Princess
Calls me2..;)
WeLL.. the Karmic eye and beast mode
is out in full force again.. and i’m really having
a hard time.. motivating ‘my assistant’ to help me
in putting up.. all our outside Halloween Decorations..
including my favorite.. the 16 foot tall
grim reaper who has his hand
extended.. down.. you
know.. like he’s either
fixing to reap you
or grab something..
or perhaps offer ‘someone’
some ‘Halloween Candy..’
anyway.. who needs Trick
or Treat when you have access
to the news and dArk clowns visiting
the local town.. and the craziest clown
of all in truly Trump dArk ways on almost
every news channel.. no.. every news channel..
every day.. with the most evil trick next up his sleeve..
it’s hard for predators to change.. it’s almost like the
social role of the grim reaper reminding uS of the dark
and evil side of human nature iSREAL.. and
sure.. myths and religions and other
symbols remind us of the inner
UniVerse that is multi-verse
of each human being..
but.. seriously with
24 hour news
not hard to
realize the devil
is wE when the dArk
side lives as i.. of uS
no longer bRinGinG each
oThEr uP but tearing down whole
A potential liGht of the hUman race
to the dArkest doubt.. greed and hate..
that are the con-social emoTions that the
human race have alWays ‘mythed’ into ‘a devil’
broken out of chains incarnate as our human being..
the devil exists.. in the dArKest soULs of iSREAL
Evils hUman beings too.. and most often..
they are bred that way through either
social abuse or neglect..
particularly at a young
age but sure..
they can
literally come
that way through birth
through no fault of their
own but their God Given Dark
Nature too.. science proves this..
so what this sadly means.. is if one
is to love all of God one must find even
some compassion in their heARt of empathy
for sympathy for the devils and truly some of them
know not what they do.. and sure.. these folks have
always played a role.. where heart gets in the way of
getting the job of survival done for the tribe.. whether it
be the surgeon who has laid to rest any way of harming
others.. by cognitive gifts of moral code.. or the top warrior
who doesn’t hesitate at all to kill someone with their bare
hands to save the tribe.. but sadly there are those
who just exist to bring pain to other folks..
yes.. sadly.. there are the Trump folks..
and truly they do get sympathy
the DArk
that lives in all
of we potentially if
this snake that is no
snake at all raises its
ugly head and says come hither..
to reap souls to dArkest days of iSREaL…
and at one point in my life.. i could never
fathom what it was that made devils tick..
all my experience said it just didn’t make
sense.. and truly.. if i was to fulfill my
full assigned mission of life..
God would move to
give me eYes
of the devil to
go along with
my Angel eYes..
i lEarned my dARk
lesSon well.. and yes..
i kNow and feel less of what
makes the devils tick.. never having
or losing the warm and fuzzy purrs of
actually feeling pro-social emotions of
connection.. where the only pleasure one
feels is pain and other more shallow emotions..
or in a worst case human scenario.. no feelings or senses at
all.. the lowest point of separation from all of God liGht and dARk..
wHere one will cry out to even feel an ounce of pain over the dArkest
night of Black Hole soul eternity wHere every second is a thousand
years wHere all tHere is is never ending time as illusion iSREAL2
and pARt of the
highway tHeir
is Hands
now of
soul gain…
pit of hell..
here isREaL
aS Earth cOldsOldsoUls….
Another one of the best things about
improving poetic intelligence and yes that
is an intelligence of our ancestors before the
days of electronic entertainment.. and before even
the days of the written word developed as an art of life..
mostly for the comfort and trust of gaining existential intelligence
overall to gain peace of miNd and BoDy soUL
iN Harmony.. you kNow and FeeL .. perHaps..
like the Tibetan Monks
in Mountain
and Kung Fu schools..
and those who combine
art of painting and poetic Koans
for deeper meanings as cave art eYes
of greater light as condition now of being human..
hmm.. so what does a photo ‘ike this say.’. does it
spArk a Novel or otHer art of poetic interpretive eYes
that go deeper than literal constructed site.. well..
for me.. this photo lives.. with no interpretation
at all.. the colors spark my EmoTioNs
and the textures so diverse spaRk
mY many SenSory potentials
of seNsinG and FeeLinG
liFe too.. in much greater
miNdful awareness in
the now.. the greaTEst
PreSent of aLL beyond
materialistic promises.. of
future gains of liGht.. fully liGht
noW beYond RainBow oF sEnSinG
and FeeLinG liGht.. Yellow Bright
reaLliTy isREaL of JoY sofT
Pastel PiNks as Grace
oF Love.. Green
shoots out in
StriVe oF LiFe
and HuMan sands
hands to BRinG order
to the canvas.. brush and
paint of God.. God lives on
while human goes concrete sands
of stagnant water and air.. eYes of
God shines Bright in ALL of SeNSes
FeeLinGS wE when colors grow freely
as SpiRit air and water free.. Firing eARTh
as liFE moRE.. Ocean WhOle of BeauTy
GoD’s EYes ouRs DeLight.. so wITh
aLL that sAiD.. FeLT and SeNSeD
i AM properly mused to Develop
my poetic intelligence greater
in existential way too..
at dVerse Cloud
Prompt links..
in poetic way
and perHaps
even a Celebration
one.. before this pARTy continues..
tHeir is ReaSon and there is heARt..
THeiR is Art and THeir is science.. two
general ways the MiNd works too with
faith of pure love and trust or order
that imposes chains of reaSon
on human poTenTial for
greaTEr eYes of God..
however.. tHeir is
also ignorance..
wHere Apocalypse
in original definition
of lifting those veils of
ignorance come into play..
so all wE hUmans can greater
exercise the Art intelligences that
grow beyond the concrete walls of liFe..
sure.. scribes of God who empirically measure
in ways of science.. to a greaTesT science of art
and art of science.. to help lift the heaviest veils of
ignorance that are still ever present around wE and
in wE same who fall to clouds of illusions.. that are dArk..
instead of liGht or purgatory ‘Tween of concrete walls..
lift the concrete
walls aside..
and make
oF aRt.. they are
tHeRE aLreAdy waiting..
they exist.. question is.. do we….
To put it SoMEwhat bluntly.. now more..
WE are huwomanifestations oF and AS God..
every flower every human every gRain of sAnd..
somewhats wanna dance and otHeRwhats wanna grab….
Yes.. it’s true.. there are two faces in ‘this photo’
one of God
and one
culture that
has become two faces of God….
if you can’t see God in all things..
you are missing a mighty big thing…
and serIOUsly God juSt GrinS and frOwns
@folks who try to shrink God into Concrete walls of Sand…;)
Hmm.. that’s an interesting hash tag..
just something that came to spirit.. you
kNow and FeeL.. huh.. the deeper pArt
that underlies our everynow concrete minds..
to get the job of modern cultural priSon done..
as Lord KNows and FeeLs too.. if we don’t… tHeRE
go all our creature comforts of order away from toil and
trouble.. or it that the illusion.. is the struggle.. the cross
of the animal kingdom the way to everyday intermittent
gratification in simple animal homeostasis.. so what..
you were expecting Jesus to only come back
with parable clothes..
without a
to liFT the
veils of Ignorance
in TrUe Apocalypse way..
do you not even kNow and FeeL
what an iSREAL Jesus modern human
archetype is.. you kNow A poet warrior
and king and such as that in building fields
of dreams for King as i @lEast to coMe
as mE.. sure.. now that’s a deep
deep parable that
means if you
don’t believe
in me you’ll never
get to heaven now..
and find it in the only
place heaven iS in now..
and me.. is me.. and you and
we and uS ToGeTHER in this gAMe
of liFE all one or separate away from
Ocean wHOle poem eYes now too..
anyWAy.. we must all become
modern Jesus’
if we
to live life
well in liberty
and pursuit of happiness
away from all stuff dArk strife..
doubt.. Jealousy.. Greed.. hate
you get the drift of hell.. oKay..
wELL Heaven IS A place i live..
i built a field of dreams of poEtry
of photos.. of Dance of liFe and Heaven
iSREAL for me.. believe that or not Ripley
i prove it every day.. juST for mE of course..
as i rule not a multi-Universe of a Grain of SAnd
any different than the smaller than subatomic Quantum
particles that make up that Multi-UniVerse as animation
too.. iSreAL as isREaL can be.. at smallest to largest levels
i could go
on forevernow
and TrUsT mE or
NoT ’cause in My FiEld
of DreAmS BoTh hE and
sHe cAMe Back as mE..
how ’bout you.. i’m juST here to cheerlead.. OK..
remember.. fight fight fight Go TEaM LIGht.. sure
Jesus can do anything huh.. if he or sHe seTS mind and BoDy
soUL BaLanCinG to
FaITh Mode
tHere ain’t
nuThinG likE iT.. huh..;)
And whatever else
he or sHe
and yes.. thE
‘clown photo’ is three
yearS old.. i understand
clOwn masks may get ‘outlawed’
like Halloween wHere i Live in Red state hell… this year…
it’s kinda sad when maKinG FuN of the Dark gets ‘outlawed’..
iT iS iSreaL..
to either be afraid
of the DArk that’s iSREAL
or cynical of the liGht iSREAL
iS juST a JoKe on yOu my FriEnd(s) iN
purgatory now@most…. or HeAVen liGht.. @lEast..:)
“We must respect the other fellow’s religion,
but only in the sense and to the extent
that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.”
~~ H. L. Mencken ~~
That reminds me..
in the last town hall
debate.. Hillary forgot
to tale the Devil
wife is
Funny how
Devils have
beautiful wives..
and even funnier
when Jokers do..
iN Fact Jesus F iN
Christ it’s Hilari0us..;)
“Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
CRap.. i missed the first
quote.. but it will
on the tRail..;)
Regarding your wonderful
poem it’s worth noting
some folks
do drop dead happy..
seriouSlyS even in A last stroke of sex..
10 to
a thOught
of glass over
“An idea that is not dangerous is
unworthy of being called an idea at all.”
~~ Oscar Wilde ~~
The best ideas
oF all
plain fun..
FucKinG Serious
poets and scientists
P R i E sTs Pastors..
and philosophers
and etc..
the world needs
more Jim Carrey..;)
Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker.
Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy.
Speak your mind
and fear less the label of “crackpot”
than the stigma of conformity.”
~ Thomas J. Watson, Sr. ~~
have more
fun without crack..
when folks ask me when
i’m public dancing iF iT is
Crack that fuels mY liGht..
i say no..
“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
~~ E. E. Cummings ~~
FinAlly a poet.. scientist..
philosopher.. priest..
A Cummings
i AM CRACK who gets iT2..
Jesus F iN Christ.. EE..
Cracks mE uP even more..;)
“A process which led from amoeba to man
appeared to the philosophers to be obviously progress
– though whether the amoeba would agree with this opinion is not known.”
~~ Bertrand Russell ~~
Wondering here
if Bertrand
yeah.. like
EcKart Tolle..
it’s alWays now to Dance
in the
if one is Yogi..
and yes i can prove
i did it but all legal in
my blacky tighties..
even on
Jesus that
was funny..
but not to Christians..
the one’s i know @most..
even my closet relatives who kNow mE noT..
Facebook Friend..;)
“The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears,
for there’s no risk of accident for someone who’s dead.”
~~ Albert Einstein ~~
as already
given.. last
and first stroke..;)
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, –that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
~~ John Keats — Ode on a Grecian Urn ~~
The more ‘ugly’ inspires
me the more is beautiful oF liFe.:)
“Let us endeavour to live that when we come to die
even the undertaker will be sorry.”
~~ Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar (1894) ~~
i can’t say he/she will be sorry..
but i sure will tale ya one trUth
and or liGht.. he or she will never forget
if they see
me dance
one time
Super Walmart..
SeriouSly.. how many
strangers doeS onE
or even
They can’t
miss me..
they do..
Have a nice day
gigoid.. thanks
Just a thOught heRe..
wondeRing if some folks
wonder what i expect to
get out oF all of this
writing @12
in 6 years..
longest long
form free
verse poem
in the history
of humankind..
@3.3M words and
@6000 miles of
public dance in
three years..
@100K photos
to give
in three
years sAMe..
@10,000 or so
nude art photos alike
as new age renaissance
Art in all male style..
leg pressing @Half
a Ton now
parallel style
with arms
ballerina air up
i have
one thing
to say..
in the wash
and rinse
and spin
and dry
of life..
And @’711′.. 2..;)
First oF aLL.. juST to be clear..
i realize there is no changing your
ruse.. but once again.. Mr. Uprising
DoWnrising.. eTc.. anonymous
Avatar man.. i am here
for some poetic
muse.. so let’s
juSt have some
FuN.. oKay.. as seriouSly
too many folks thINk and FeeL
that God is all too seriouS like
aN Evil Joker in kinda Trump
ways of dARk inStead oF liGht
yes.. go team liGht go teAM go..
and sure we iSREAL illuminati CheerLeader
Folks say God TEAM GOD TEaM LiGHT..
and sure we are not fearful of the dArk
as GoD iS aLL dArK and liGht and
‘tween of shaded grey hues
and colors of BLack
and WhiTe
floWeRS of sNOW
and that’s the really kool
thing about YOU HUMANS..
you as Carl Sagan once intimated
through a Movie named ‘Contact’ have
such a great propensity for beautiful
dreAMs and niGhtmares saMe..
and sure it’s alWays
Halloween here
as dArk
is liGht
as liGht iS dArk..
and i’d much rather
make FuN of Halloween
than take the dArK so daM
serIOUs that yoU create here
mY uprising friend of
HillaRity and
Hillary and
same as all..
politics is no different
than the so-called religion
AWay from liGht you RinG heRE noW..
AnYway.. i have this SonG named ‘Kilroy
Was Here’.. and i needed a few more
words to end out that theme SonG
and thiS shouLd JuSt about
fill the BiLL.. for that ‘711’
joB from GoD oF
aLL Nature
for isREaL
and hey..
to trUly Love God
one muSt loVe dArk
in understanding sAMe..
so here IS A ‘710th
MacroVerse oF Faith’
as Part of Longest
Long Form Poem
and 42 month witness
for the GoD oF Nature
in the entire history of
humankind sTiLL noW
surpassing 3.3M words..
as gift to whomever
dares to see
and liGht
than fear
of Dark
oF liGht..
See ya. when i see ya babe..
you may not kNow me but i KnoW you heHE..
and by the way.. seriouSly dude.. you can’t be so
naive to sTart out suggesting that Obama’s Beautiful
wife who surely doesn’t scare him or me or any real
man with her strength.. is a male with a six foot one
daughter.. and now you’ve gone to other extreme..
exclaiming and supporting Mr. Jones claim
that the Obama smells like sulfur
and is a frigging Demon too..
hmm.. at least you
didn’t think
Hurricane Matthew was
iS A real actual demon
too.. but hey.. it’s true
as science in biblical scholar
way shows.. there was never a Matthew
that actually even wrote a word in New Testament
way.. nor a Luke.. Nor a Mark.. Nor a John either my
friend.. perhaps two letters from Paul and the rest
is more or less changes.. scribe mistakes.. a
few trUth and lights and whatever came
out of 40 years of oral tradition
from illiterate Aramaic speakIng
folks after the death of whomever
the real Jesus dude was.. then..
after the super smart
literate Greeks
which sects they
liked ranging from so-called
Christians with one to twelve Gods
and where anything goeS in 40 year old
round table passing around the illiterate
oral tradition.. and sure after that.. no Xerox
machines.. and reported 300 to 400 thousand
scribe mistakes as that’s what humans do when
they copy by hand over centuries before the first even
English Print Edition was put out in bound cover around
1500 or so.. ha!.. some of wE can do anything my friEnd..
as ye of
little faith
may not fully
understand yet..
but sure.. tHeRe are many
paths to God.. and i’M just
another Kilroywashere who found A way..
My friEnd.. an iSREAL way one from the
God who lives as mE within.. and you too..
as soon as you rise from ashes aGain too..
like a Phoenix
oF Free mY FriEnd..
hmm.. anyWay.. i went
further as i aLways do
wiTh 100% Faith wHere
you caN fiNd aN iSREAL Definition
of thaT FAiTh iN the liNk above with
zero mistakes from scribes oF old..
and you’LL also find Bruno Mars and
hiS great new SonG that says Money
ain’t sH88 with hashtag Jesus.. noW
B L E S S i N G ST RuE and LiGht too..
Oh.. Team liGht.. yA goDDa
LoVe aLL mY
FriEnds noW..
who do yoU thINk
i reALLy aM myFriENd..
remember.. Kilroywashere..
don’t need.. no hashtags..
or other POUND S i G N S..
i’M practicALLy aLL ’round the eYe..
eAR GLobe alReady wiTh juST a bunch
of words and photos heHe.. eTc.. HasHtAg liGht..
ps.. don’t tale anyone i’M an isReAL Modern Jesus
A seCret.. oKAy..
kinda like hiStory
rePeats iTsElF and StuFF
liKe thaT iN hUmAN ArcHeTYPE way.. OK..
but hmm.. as hiStory shoWs.. somEonE alWays
Cat outta the bAG..
what’s uP Pussy Cat..
iT’s a grab bag ya KNow..
FuLL oF Tricks and TreAts..
and while you are special enough
to get my attention.. trust me as the
record sHows.. i’ve given just as much and much
more attention to literAlly thouSands oF FoLks
around the world in six years now of writing 12 milLiOn
wordS oNline..
amaZinG huh..
that any
can do
allthatis oF tHis..heHE..
once aGaIN Horatio..
Sweaty and with a smile..
and or serious reAlly fUN Dance..
the mostly way i AM kNown iN the
General Public without a word..
hmm.. it beats 66 months
of bedroom living..
and car sitting
with pain
and numb.. at least..
And i was jUST thInking..
watching the latest news about
two older women reporting some more
Trump grabs.. when Hillary Rosen came on
to defend the other Hillary and somewhat prosecute
the Trump.. what a small world it is as she is the daughter
of my Stepmother’s Best Friend from Tally Town in Florida..
a place of college town where even the NewsPaper is
named the Tallahassee Democrat.. in that now
Republican Led Town.. as sure.. there is
some red state crew that lives there
along with the College folks..
and other folks of
open.. more
liberal minded
ways of thinKing.. and
my Stepmother’s second
husband after dear old dad doing
the marriage thingy 4 times.. twice to
the Stepmother on topic here.. anyway..
she married a foreign diplomat next.. and i
finally had a real open minded male member of
the species to speak with on Tally trips in brief
encounters with “NASCAR” Hunting flesh
and blood dad there.. raised on a
patriarchal way of farm life..
and never escaping that
smaller school of
from a younger
age of hilly billy ways
more of doing stuff in life..
but never the less.. his father
was a theological scholar.. and
all around philosophy dude too..
Piled Deeper and HiGhER yes. P. H. D.
X-Priest.. once counsel for the Vatican..
noted author.. of books and magazine editor..
and all around evangelistic speaker for the new
Protestant Christian way after ex-communication
for getting married to his cajun sweet-heart.. my
Grand ma.. at 17 yearS old or so.. ways out of his
parish pews style.. hmm.. controversies nothing
new in my family.. hehe.. with plenty of
low hanging skeletons in the closet
of heritage from Ireland Catholics..
traceable to the selling of the
past Guiness Beer Operations
buildings too in old Rainsford
way of Mark and others as such..
too.. as such2.. anyWay on topic
heRe.. smAll world aGain..
as oft reported paRt
of his 15 minutes..
(X-Catholic Priest GD)..
of old timey fame too..
was dining with Einstein..
in the socialist circles of New
York.. New York.. that both my
Paternal Granddad and Einstein
shared then.. and other notes of interest..
my Maternal great grand dad.. the President..
of his college debate team.. and a self educated
and passed bar exam person.. for lawyer.. also
met Geronimo in the flesh on a camp trail too..
and that Cajun Grandma on the Paternal
side.. would have never made it past..
a trip to Wakulla Springs.. if the
first Tarzan.. Johnny Weissmuller
wasn’t there to save here from drowning..
as she fell in and didn’t know how to swim..
oh the small.. small world it is.. and little
did they know then.. and never will they..
tHeiR underling would/WiLL eventually write
now the longest long form poem ever after
E-Scaping earth bound hell for 66 months..
yes.. TrUSt mE or noT.. stranger stuff than that goEs doWn..
then and now2..;)
Facebook Provides an avenue for another wonderful two day show
of my flesh and blood activities in video slide way.. and i also say..
now that Facebook Friend Nicole shares a video that shows those stuffed
bear.. eTc.. claw machines you see in places like Super-Walmart..
and the all you can eat buffet.. and generally
speaking everywhere the lottery
buying population goes
to BuY beer.. cigarettes..
coffee beans.. and otHeR
consumer items to get through
the day so i say in return to Nicole..
That’s like
The rest of
The consumer
Way.. Stuff
Brings shallow
Joy.. i gave stuff
Up too.. including worrying when
someone scratches my metal glob of car..
or the aluminum siding on my house flakes..
it’s all stuff to me now..;)
And then i go on to say..
Art brings lasting joy
in moving connecting
and creating.. Art is Love..:)
And more on that next.. as i go on
to review some Facebook Algorithm
free assistant shared Macro-Verse Memories
from a year ago.. and more.. to date.. just for fun..
yes.. and JOY..;)
Oh yeah.. but first.. it’s also worth noting.. (at least
to me.. hehe).. that Facebook Friend Ashes provides
evidence that the constitutional amendment on the
latest ballot for November that talks to solar power
is actually a ruse to prevent the growth of solar
power in
So as usual..
i add some ‘Fredtalk’.. and say..
yes.. sadly LA.. is continuing to spread to
Florida in Lower Alabama ways..
And then coincidentally.. in
synchronicity way (at least
for me).. Facebook Friend
Cortney Shares a Video Slide
that says.. the fact that Homosexuals
are born in Alabama is proof that homosexuality
is not a choice for human beings.. and i go on to say..
And neither is Alabama..
at least for me.. but it’s
worth noting that
we live in LA..
yes the lower
part.. here.. overall..;)
And now i say..
Well.. the truth is Alabama.. knows
not what it does.. there are great explantations..
for the widespread narrow ways of thinking there..
as yes.. its known as a Black Belt State.. along with
other narrow thinking places.. overall to live.. a place..
away from socio-economic resources.. where a bible belt
of old testament mostly ways came to flourish to bring social
cohesive power in the First Baptist churches for folks to help
each other out.. get job leads.. etc.. take care of each other as
humans need a common binding meaning and purpose of life liGht/dArk
in sacred and holy whatever ways.. to get through and survive.. even
if that means the different among us suffer for not fitting their
molds of life to make it work good enough to at least live..
reproduce and keep the basic cave way at least2 for
life going on.. going on some more.. with
sun made ice tea.. hunting.. fishing..
plenty of guns in the cabinet..
you know the Jeff Foxworthy
stereotypes.. huh.. of what Hillary
and her cohorts still refer to as the
‘other ones’ in society out of the
elite circles of city life abundance..
hmm.. truly it’s a half dozen and a Baker’s
dozen of thirteen or 6 or less eggs.. as tHeRe are
disadvantages of red neck ways vs.. white collar
ways in everyday life.. human connection beats
ignorance from what i see when the head hits the
pillow at the end of the night.. ‘they’ may sport frowns..
over Hillary and anti-oldtestament sentiments coming
to the forefront of cultural ways today.. in political way..
but in ‘tHeir’ ‘red neck’ farm home ways.. they still hold
hands during the ‘Lord’s Prayer’.. and mean love..
at least in their smaller farm group homes circles..
hey.. that’s better than being less than
a nuclear family in a big or small
town separated from flesh
and blood contacts..
as without true moving..
connecting and creating..
humans are lost.. just lost..
and the truth is you can do that
fishing and hunting with your forAging
buddies.. same as the good old days.. with
the good old boys way back when.. then.. so when i say
‘red neck’ that is not without an understanding of the
positive aspects of living the ‘red neck’ life.. as i as a
participant observer anthropologist and cheerleader for
God.. scribe.. etc.. prophet.. whatever.. messenger as
such too.. visit the farm once a month.. and those
folks do know and feel still how to be humanly
happy holding each others hands.. although
it’s true.. not a place where God’s folks
who are born differently would
be accepted much without rude
comments behind their small or big
backs but hey that is still the old testament
way and the part in the New Testament that says
hate the folks who don’t see life like the Jesus says you should..
but of course that wasn’t the Jesus who said love your enemy..
turn the other cheek.. those who live by the sword die by the
sword.. gentile.. jew.. servant.. free.. woman or man no
more.. no that is the one.. who says i bring a sword
instead of peace.. and i am FucKinG God.. follow
me FucKeRs or burn in hell for all of eternity..
yes.. the Trump Jesus is alive and well..
in those ‘red neck’ avenues too..
as long as you follow the
rules you are loved
as part of the family..
but if they find out you dance..
naked on the Internet.. you might..
not get the same level.. of non-stoning support.. hehe..
i can say that with a certainly level of jest.. as burning at the
stake for being epileptic.. left handed.. or whatever is no longer
FucKinG legal… where ‘those’ folks can exist peacefully with
those of we who are super not white bread folks.. at least..
in the good old U.S. oF A.. and of course it helps
to be a proficient 230LB martial artist.. to
do public ballet.. in red neck LA townS..
Lower Alabama Florida..
hmm.. people are different
yet same all over.. we do need
to move.. connect and create..
but we do need to learn better
how to understand each other better..
tolerate each other and even accept the
differences that are environmentally and genetically
‘inborn’ that we cannot change.. there will always be the
more conservative leaning genetically produced human being
per brain structure.. neurohormones.. and neurochemicals.. of
difference.. etc.. with environmental influence.. and the other
like me..
Super liberal Super
Rover Super agents of FucKinG Change..;)
And now off to the two Macro-Verse memories as
i slowly bring this ‘BeYonD 711 Macro-Verse’
new testament of miNd as such to close..
as intuitively i kNow and FeeL i coming
close to the limit of 20K or so words..
where the Facebook Status function
will require three parts instead of two..
to even back up the text part of this..
to preserve what i continue to do in
more than one basket with the eggs here
i continue to deliver.. yes..
hehe.. to keep it all toGetHer
yet diverse.. to keep it alive and
GroWinG as Nautilus shells WiLL..
for that little creature and or wizard
of OZ that lives inside.. hmm.. i could really
go crazy with these hashtags.. but that could
take some of my creative flow away into mechanical
cognition land.. checking to see who saw this or that
shared that or this.. how many followers i have now.. how
many likes i have now.. hmm.. views is enough to take snap
shots of now and then.. just for the record hehe.. as my KATiE/
MiA/Aghogday Blog.. 1 of 5.. public provided ones.. in Google
Blogger way.. is arriving in the next day or so.. at the magic
number 166K views.. as oh God… i Love all numbers
particularly sacred and holy ones that i make
as such.. as the more numbers i make
holy and sacred the deeper my
Ocean of Love grows..
and that’s the thing..
life is only as full
as the moment
is.. make it more
holy and sacred in every
way and make iT more positive
in liGht as eternal now.. now is all
there is.. live life as constant discontent
and live discontent.. live it all holy and sacred
in every mindful and bodily aware way.. and it
all becomes holy and sacred heaven eternally now..
people get stuck on owning symbols and forget it is
the sensory and emotional experience of life at essence
of heARt.. SpiRit expreSsinG thaT heARt.. and mInd
and BoDy BaLancinG souL overall that makes the
difference between FucKinG Heaven..
Hell and all the purgatory
‘tween that most folks
find in the
line of SuperWalmart
as their garages continue
to overfill with stuff.. stuff.. stuff..
essence in MoVinG.. COnNecTinG
and CreAtinG iS wHeRE HeavEn iS
for mE when all beCoMes.. Holy and
SacRed and as my fingers fly across
this keyboard in HoLy Spirit ways
inCluDing all these cap changes..
at close to 130 words per
miNute or so.. my wife
says Jesus.. it sounds like
you are WorKinG a FucKinG
JackHammer on that keyboard..
slow down Fred BeFore it eXplodes okay..
and is i say.. When the Holy SpiRit cOmes
you go agAin with it and come BacK aGaIn..
as when it comes.. it comes for Now.. and only NoW..
and as i say now.. with sacred shapes and archetypes
provided directly through me by God oF aLL within my friEnds..;)
So wHere was i..
Dancing Bears don’t break down..
all about miNd and BoDy BaLancE and
i would quote every word.. if it wasn’t so
easy to click on the liNk and fiNd all the TrUth
and liGht there as received by NoW A sAme hoLy
SpiRiT of Creativity in essence by the three word
metaphor of allthatis one God.. as force and hiGher
power within wE all no matter.. word or religion or other
symbols that
folks try to own
with greed and jealouSly
over the source oF GoD within
that is AlWays Free and never held
in Chains by any word or other human
abstract constructed symbol alone.. that essence
will live long after the last word is erased from the face of the
as humanly
contrived.. constructed
and owned like stuff too..
as i once told my friEnd who
kept quoting limited verses out
of the Kuran and Hadiths.. that i had
already heard many times over before..
along with similar experiences about the
same bible verses i have read over and over
and heard over and over until they almost lose
their sacred and holy significance or lies from sheer
boredom.. tale me friend.. tale me friend.. tale me a new
story from God.. don’t you think God gets bored with the same
dam old thing.. written by human hands.. well.. ‘they’ thiNk God
lives as words..
no.. humans make
words. God lives as free
what comes from the holy
spirit is humans and that iS pARt
oF God and OK.. iN all the dARk and liGht
ways that come from God too.. but God iS all
and hUman is paRt.. and God has bigger eYes than
words.. as all words come from god as wE are all God
but only iN pARt.. oKay.. there are no only man Gods or
last prophets.. AS God is unlimited and only human
as words
and other
Golden Calves
alone okay.. make
it all holy and sacred
and feel the heaven burn
as jewel of life oKay.. or not..
yoUr will and choice to create heaven
or stay in the same place that was created
before in caves of what yesternows brOught
iN pArt from GoD aLL too.. tHeRE is AlWays
more.. God is more like Lucifer than
a Jesus who can say no more..
or a Muhammad who
says no one will
but he..
that is snake
oil used car lot
sales people talk
for control and subjugation
all real prophets realize how smAll
they are as voices of God.. never ever
even having only or last as part of tHeiR
God vocabulary as reAL iSREAL alWays morE foR noW..:)
It goes without saying.. hehe.. i ain’t gonna get back
to dVerse in this one.. as Holy Spirit
rules when new
and iSREaL..
with no
rules @aLL
and WiTh hUman
rules too as all is interrelated
interconnected GOD aLL noW.. OK..;)
And now off to the second MacroVerse.. the last
one about bears from two years ago.. and this one
from last year.. titLed iT is IS IS is iT.. and trUly
it speaks to more about MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG our soUls and even more
towards makinG all HoLy and Sacred
in gaining more meaning and purpose
across the life span as we go.. and it also
speaks to what i make holy and sacred of numbers
as my numerology report speaks to the number
711.. as my first four challenges as documented
in photo way in this Macro-Verse.. are 0 then
1 then 1 then 1 across the lifespan for life
challenge numbers
with the number 1
life path number..
the number 7 for
life destiny number
and the number
11 for life
and sure in terms
of what the folks constructed
who made this numerology holy
and sacred.. those numbers are
at the height of human potential
and perhaps it is just coincidence
that my numbers came out that way
giving me total free will and choice
for whatever the FucK i wanna do in this
liFE as an old soul who has done all the other
stuff required in previous lifetimes to get here to
this privilege to serve humanity this way for free now..
as one who seeks Truth and liGht and now promotes Peace
and harmony in the world.. if i can just avoid becoming
tyrannical in Trump ways of the Jesus temptation from
the devil of tyranny in the desert as such too.. as metaphor
and human archetype too of course.. well.. i take all meaning
and purpose as holy and sacred that i create and react to in life..
but it is all a fortune cookie to me.. wHeRe i choose liGht iN
positivity over negativity in dARk as Relative Free WiLL in
creating my own life now.. if the numerology report
sAid something negative i would make that into
Lemonade from Lemons too..
be careful what you
wish for.. make
it heaven
instead of
or the worst
place of all.. numb
with pain in hell on earth..
i’ve learned my lessons WeLL..
in the tough crosses and knocks of
life.. tHeRe is alWays more to lEarn for a gRain of sAnd..
NoW like mE.. no matter how many times of what i may or
may not have accomplished in a previous lifetime or whatever
God had/has iN my miNd any oTheR moment that iS alWays now.. i rise..
i continue to rise.. as the other place is not rise.. and that’s the bottom
i rise
yes that’s a WhOLE
lot oF OK’s i say today..;)
And with ‘that said’
i’m going on R and R
Holy and Sacred Thursday
Vacation.. with all the cool college
age folks from Old Seville Quarter
DanCinG iN my 130th Holy
and Sacred
way at
least for
me tonight..
don’t wait for
heaven.. make it happen
now.. or trust me you may
never see it.. as far as i kNow
and FeeL for noW.. aT lEAst..
with yes.. more fun DanCinG
photos coming after this 13th day
of October ends at around 3 AM
on the 14th oF October.. note to self..
put up the Halloween Decorations for
the kids in the neighborhoods who are
not afraid
of the dArk
enough to make
Fun oF iT like a
Happy Clown who ain’t scared
oF any pArt of God aLiVe noW..
and yes the ending photo of the
clown as i play thAT pARt too.. is
three yearS old too.. alWays three yeARsold..new..
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)


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