Sea StoRies oF God WiN

NeW rUle..
carrY.. PeNs..
And hELL No..
they do not fELL
LiFe GiVinG tRees..
tHey pen
aS PeN
Once again.. from the home
of Facebook Friend Rafiah
iN Pakistan
who shares her
poetic status that
sayS noW sTiLL..
Nights are beautiful.
There are no outwardly disturbances.
You can embrace yourself by being on your own..
And as before i say..
i like going far out in the forRest.. or the beach
away from footprints of culture
and stressful energy
from humans
as the plants
and animals
live with the
Peace of God Free..
and i surely feel it.. with
bliss of open skies and free earth..:)
And Rafiah.. after a school delay
of several days says..
I am imagining the scenery
to be very pecaeful. heart emoticon
And i say.. in response..
WInks.. if you get a powerful enough
iPhone and broadband access you
can see it all on my blog.. Hope you
Are doing well.. My friend Rafiah..
smile emoticon
And then Rafiah changes
her cover photo.. to what
looks like multi-embered
fires in the dark..
And i say..
Wondering if that is
everyone in your
having BBQ’s..
from the view of your
Terrace Roof.. of course..:)
And then i add one
of these E-Land
age LB of wisdom
sharing thingies by
saying.. now
Oh God.. mY friEnd.. gigoid..
the burnout.. the potential
incredible disadvantage
of the Asperger..
ADHD.. Bi-Polar
way of bEinG
and extended
broader phenotype
spectrum as such
that constitutes
10 to 15
percent of
the population
per the over systematizers
vs empathizers of social
animal way
of culture
Great advice..
to get out in the
forest away from an
digital online Jungle..
(note to self.. go see
that movie by Disney..
“The Jungle Book”..
this week..)
and the nice thing
about allnaturale
art.. one
can see in
real time nothing
hidden of the ravages of
sitting too much.. and
eating ‘cheetos’
life… in my case..
it was months of
fast food burgers..
and increasing girth of
waist.. and 10 Lbs
to 230 LBS.. sTiLL
230 LBS butT finAlly
getting bacK iN
NatUre.. i guaran
God dam bET
ya theRe WiLL
bE much less
illness iF aLL
walK naKed
from birth in a reasonable number
oF friendly population iN knoWinG
each other as such.. as clothes
do hide cultural functional
disabilities from the
reaLITy oF
less than
Free and wiLd
hUman animal now..
anyWay.. been getting out
into.. the forRest.. the beaches more..
and away from what has alWays becomE noW
a Restrictive Repetitive Behavior aS Asperger
Way for me.. to miX iT up.. iN reaSon and hE aRt
oF miNd and boDy.. Yin and Yang Balance.. SpiRit SoUL
is certainly sTilL a great TAO
way to
But anYway.. when i was
young and more or less
mute.. volume of i iN exPreSsinG
SpiRit of talk and emoTioN one
and sAMe non-verbaLLy too..
turned way way down.. then..
mY hiGh spiRit
elders as
story talers..
including.. A salty old
sailor named Mick who was
my boss for over a decade at
the Military Bowling Center i worked
aS DOD employee.. for almost
2 decades aT..
told these wonderful
sea stories.. of his bar fights
and other adventures across the
Ocean of Navy boats on float..
and Liberty
of course FREE..
i could write technically
but paragraph creating verbal
expresSinG was way beyond my
ability then.. except for rote fActs
here and there..
and now i have
sea stories too.. yes..
even a few bar room skirmishes
to tale too.. but better yet.. Jesus F
iN Christ.. i’ve got an iPhone6s and mY
real Goal of a lifetime dreAM
finAlly comes
to fruition..
i AM fucKinG
ForRest Gump..
Life IS A FucKinG
Box oF Chocolates
and God dAm.. iF i can’t
FucKinG provE iT.. with thaT
iPhoMe 6s.. a lInk(s) to a third of a
million word poem.. another 3 million
word blog that is a poem longer than
any in recorded history with
633 major verses
wiTh tens
of thousands
of micro verses
of macro whole
of 3 Million aLL
and more more
to come as nows
go by.. and yes..
leg pressing close
to half a ton on YouTube
way.. and Jesus F iN Celebrating
God In David’s more vile ways..
iN the most pasSioNatE arT
oF aLL..
the human
boDy sensuAlly
Michelangelo flesh
and asPiRinG neW
heiGhts oF New Age
Renaissance way.. noW
and yes.. the documented
record of 800 or so photos with
me and all the smiling girls..
ear to ear with
hand gestures
of Peace
and Victory
at Old Seville
too.. and oh too..
the logs of Dance
Walking 5300 miles
plus noW iN 33 months
all across the public
in metro
area stores..
with YouTube
videos of that
in tow too.. noW yeS..
Question iS.. WiLL anyone
have the patience to siT sTiLL
long enough for me to tale them
the hell i cAMe froM iN 19 medical
disorders.. including.. the worst pain
known to mankind.. named type
two trigeminal neuralgia..
like dentist drill
in right eye
and ear for
66 months from
wake to sleep..
Sjogren’s Syndrome
too.. with eYes no
longer making tears..
Severe Degenerative
Arthritis in spine..
fused vetebra
in spine along
with spinal
stenosis and
closed up nasal
sinuses per deviated
Congenitally Septum
way in nose too.. Severe depression..
Anhedonia.. Alexithymia.. Severe
Anxiety.. Panic attacks..
and a dash
of PTSD too..
with Agoraphobia..
shut-iN oF bedroom
liFe for 66 months as
not so well.. aT aLL..
and yes.. last and somewhat
least as far as all these
challenges go.. the
New diagnosis
of Autism
Disorder still
classified in Sweden
in Gillberg way as
Asperger’s here
noW trUe
sTiLL for me..
and Bi-Polar
sTiLL too..
that’s enough..
the rest of the disorders
are minor compared
to all that said
and done and
overAll remissed/
cured by attending
professionals own
report.. on or about
July 22nd of 2013.. then..
Well it’s true.. we live in noW
a Twitter age of bits and bytes..
only the much older folks WiLL
likely have the attention and
focus or even interest
to listen to a Sea
Story iN liFe oF
adverSity.. chaLLenge..
and chanGe in Victory
noW thiS loNg/EPiC..
so if they
still read..
i’ll just give ’em
the google lInk here..
and this new post.. noW..
“Sea Stories oF God WiN”
WiLL FiLL the BiLL of whaT
i oWe tHe God of NatUreNoW
aS aLwAYs LiVinG wiThiN
shaRinG thiS
Box of
iN sweet and
sour oF aLL NoW..
You kNow gigoid.. i am very tempted
to shut my online presence completely
down.. except the record that stands
so tALLnoW.. just become a vagabond
on road of rail tracks every which way
and loose.. shaRinG my
like a hobo
oF aLL one..
yes.. Red Skelton
way.. as you sTiLL WiLL n0w
remember his Clown too.. noW
but iT iS a few folks like you.. mY
friend.. to name some more.. Rafiah..
Himali.. Prajakta.. and whomever in
the Autism Community who are
likely the mainstay left
overs from my
28 or so
month stay
on the ‘Wrong
Planet’ of they..
the hundreds of silent
folks who view what i do
on my blogger blogs each
day who are not talkers but
the readers only that i too once
was.. who will keep me here.. but
i aM getting too FucKinG close
to work by making
a milestone
of responding
to every single
prompt and link
from dVerse for a year..
i am gonna move back
more to plaYinG aGaiN..
gET mY health
back wHere
iT aLL naturAlly
belongs.. and just
FloW aGaiN.. iN bliss mY
friEnd.. as the wars and
thE battles for mE are over
foR NoW.. tHeRe iS proof enough
that God oF Nature lives WitHin
mE noW.. for anYone
but the
most fearful
of dArk or cynical
of liFe lost on the
terrestrial plane oF
Earth noW.. i WiLL
do aLL i can.. but heLL
no.. i ain’t sacrificing mY liFe
for the lost among uS.. as mY..
FucK yes.. ME.. ME.. ME.. ME!
MY Gift iS mY liFe and i owe it to
to sHoW God thE
liFe ever
in mY temple
oF God NoW..
and the rest
wiLL FoRrest FaLL iN plAce
of course.. sitting on a bench
iN heaven just BeinG the free
FloWinG feather that the God
of Nature makes mE NoW onE..
but i WiLL dance first and continue
to SinG poeTry when my legs become
too old.. and the bench oF Love iS REaLiTy left
MoreOver noW thAt
i sTiLL can.. i WiLL
to thInk
And 70.. ha!.. ‘Ed’..
yeah.. ya.. gotta bE
after aLL
i’ve been
through.. 120 plus
is gonna bE a
cinch.. just
some iCinG
oN the peAce
oF LiFe aLL thAT iS
trUly Cake by
the Ocean
oF Y i
As God/W/iN
mE.. and when
i die.. i WiLL onLY
have the strength
one more
sMiLE.. mY friEnd..
thE sAMe sMiLeNoW
iF i moVeOnoW
aS pArt
ofF ThE
BooK oF ELi
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..:)

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