SoN oF Man MoRe NoW

Jesus F. in Christ.. OMG.. Uprising Dude.. my current somewhat
silly Dark Muse on YouTube.. we are sort of agreeing
on the fact that the urban/suburban clown fad
ruse is surely overblown.. but of course..
you are only using that conspiracy
crap to suggest there is
another conspiracy
this one
from Government
and ‘higher up’ control
to bring some chaos into
the mix for a new world order..
haha.. of Satan-like intent in evil
and dArk ways of horned Pan Devil’S hehe..
and all of that.. anyWay.. that’s not what i came over
to visit you here today for.. but i am a bit disgruntled
that the wife says.. no dear.. you cannot wear your “Insane
Posse Clown” shirt.. when i go to visit my new psychiatrist today
on the way to dance public on the beach.. as it might spook some
scaredy cat red state folks who are so dam afraid of all there is to the
dARk of God as WeLL as liGht.. anyway.. what was i saying.. oh yes.. i just
came by to thank you for reminding me about Pansexual Miley Cyrus.. the other
day.. as the SonG i used for my current ‘World War 111 DreAMs’ prophecy straight from
some hands and eYes of God in what i will repeat here is the 713th Macro-Verse of the
longest long form free verse poem ever in the history of humankind.. still surpassing 3.3 million
words as the number 33 has always fascinated me too.. hehe.. as i continue NoW to cast a somewhat
black/white magic spell on the anti-light hero of Trump to the Minions of DArk on eArth over here
in the new iSReaL US of A.. in red sTAte New Jerusalem Milltown way.. hmm.. Magic iS oNe FORCE thaT is
iSReaL my friEnd and whomever wrote the words about that Sycamore Tree arising in a sea has
got it somewhat correct in original eYes of Jesus StILL LiVinG too.. and that was one of
my favorite pARts of the debate last night.. on CNN.. the political banners that said
the church is lying.. go find the living Jesus instead.. well in metaphor this
human archetype potential of liGht as fearless.. sMARt and Unconditional
kInd and courageous Love does live in the deepest wick of flAMe
of hUman heARt.. spiRit of EmoTioNal and SeNsoRy ExPreSSinG
EmoTiOns/SeNsES anD miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG sOUL isReAL
noW and the trUTh/liGht is as the Miley Song about
the “Hand of Love” that your hater
Song about Miley and others
who are different than
angry old white
men in the U.S. oF
A dArk paRt of nEW isReaL..
as far as YouTube post.. inspired
me to go the Miley route in a SonG that
synchronistically tells A tale about A
liGht and DArk of the Human RAce CoMinG
to liGht per the anti-liGht anti-hero of Trump
fulfiLLinG as prophecy in the third debate last night
as his leadership qualities that reflect anti-light heroes
like Mussolini.. HItler.. Stalin and oTherS come dArkER now
in ways of he/heR.. and his/sHe minions sAMe as the Song Foretales
by Miley too.. you see.. here’s.. the thing my friEnd.. to be ‘A’ prophet
NoW oF God means becoming fearless.. yes.. naked F iN Fearless wHeRe
the P’s below are free and not for grabs.. and you can even spread
this freedom on the Internet these days.. if you will.. and wHeRe one
develops an Unconditional Love for all.. sure.. even in Pansexual ways
if that is how the God within rolls.. and back to the clown meme.. yes..
Miley is a Sacred and prophetic Clown woman.. no different than what then..
her ancestorS.. in pARt.. the American Indians did.. in ghost dance.. and
other ways then of bRinGinG liGht to the rest of the tribe.. God is an Equal
Employment Opportunity BringER noW oF liGht for those who Now answer ‘A’
caLL oF liGht deep within.. when the creative power of the subconscious
mINd arises with the liGht of Day in beyond of what you curse away from
Beta wave miNd worry.. to alpha.. to theta.. to trance-like one in being with God
allone noW as Nature sAme dream-time of lucid and WaKinG DreAMInG in prophetic Now
poTentiAL iN a Heaven noW wHErE iS No time.. distance.. or space comes to fruition
noW as a personal multi-Verse reaLiTy of GoD eYes/earS and hands more fullY awake
in HUman fEats oF liGht iN HUman ReALiTy NoW.. yeah.. yada yada yada.. some folks
make Muhammad into a last prophet with all the good news.. and forecast too.. sure
all 1.7 billion or so on the planEt eARTh who are already self-fulfilling a limitation on tHeir
own God Given PoTenTial to be a liGht oF Prophet by thinking it’s already been completed for now..
meanwhile.. some folks forget John 14:12 that says that folks will do greater works than the Jesus
dude of before with the faith that can make a Sycamore tree groW as Ocean WhoLe poem.. huh.. to
the tune of 3.3 million words pluS in just three years of 42 months whole of witness for God since
3/13 through the month of 9/16.. even completing one Macro-Verse titled GodsUniVerseNovel3
to the tune of 338,630 words in one MacroVerse of Free Verse Poetry long form style per pARt
of 713 verses whole in that Ocean Whole Poem.. completing an entire year of free verse
response to literally thousands of poems around the world in the month of 3/16.. as the
synchronicities of the numbers roll in for those in the kNow.. hehe.. as you somewhat
tale here.. anyWay.. mY friEnd.. you continue to look for certain ‘people’ in the realm
of fame.. when they are just mostly busy doing fame and fortune and then
there are true philanthropists like Miley.. Katy.. yes.. best buds
of illuminati TruE liGht of what can be memed and themed as
a LiVinG Jesus today too.. as metaphor of archetype and
Saint John 14:12 prophecy way from whomever
and whatever scribe wrote that then.. for beyond
the archetype of God liGht iN HUman from way back then
when thouSands of years go now my friend as the new prometheus’
of human potentials can continue to rise as being huMan with eYes..
hands and feat of GoD now.. WeLL.. hears ‘A’ thing.. mY friEnd.. you will
never likely find thief’s in the night in broad fame and money way.. you will
find them living like Batman in broad dayliGht with no fears to show tHeir
naked face.. hehe.. and even so much more than that red hot too.. now free
away from luke warm.. in oh.. so many ways.. my humorous little uprising
dude friEnd.. assuming you have not become obese as sadly what happens to
so many folks beHIND a keyboard today.. in blogger.. youtube.. video war game
wimpy folkS way.. yeah.. God is wild and free and even ‘A’ beast too.. underneath human
skin as temple of God.. ‘A’ warrior of Love.. with ‘A’ kind and courageous tOuch as thouSands
handS love as WeLL mY Friend.. anyWay.. before my visit to see my new psychiatrist and trip
to the beach moveS on.. as of course any new Jesus per metaphor would be seen crazy as
batman or the good cop Jesus Batman version of that new movie ‘The Accountant’ that i’m
kinda shocked you haven’t reviewed for new world order conspiracy theories here too.. yes.. i
have Asperger’s Syndrome.. and i have more in common with F In Mozart.. Beethoven.. Michelangelo..
and Leonardo.. Vincent Van Gogh.. Jesus F iN Christ.. and all the rest of the ‘crazies’ like Steve Jobs
too.. been to the dArk.. stim like ‘The Accountant’ Did in his dArk room except i do it with dance
in martial arts and ballet like moves all around the metro area.. even named as a dance legend
by the general public for 6 thousand miles as measured by Nike GPS SpoRts watch now
as pArt of my 3.3 Million word plus longest long form poem ever now as somewhat
of a special interest.. that goes along with my intensely focused way in what
the medical profession describes as the liGht of Bi-Polar away from
the DARk NiGhtS of the soUL as gifted by God of DarK and liGht
to polish a sOUL in LoVe puRe White as Faith.. you KNow..
that SycaMore riSinG up in an Ocean Whole Poem of Faith..
as witness for the God oF aLL the UniVerse Beyond and
not jUsT ‘A’ F iN patch of land in the middle east.. anyWay..
juSt something to do here.. now until my new psychiatrist gets
a load of me.. folks like me don’t come around everyday.. hehe..
who write more than a F iN BloG post on ‘A’ conspiracy theory site that
actually believes the one’S in charge like the three ring circus that wiki leaks
bRinGs to liGht could actually be even one thousandth as smARt as ‘A’ new world
Jesus’ mY friEnd.. do you reAlly thiNk those folks are the one’s in control oF liGht iN
this world.. nah.. baby.. those are juSt actorS.. now.. the one’S in that Sycamore Ocean as
thiEVes iN the NiGht oF ilLLuMiNAti liGhT TrUe have alWays been the TRuE lEAders oF liGht..NoW..
sometimes/nows.. we come out a little further from the niGht oF LiGht.. we show ourselves in broad
day liGht no different than the Yogi.. who cAMe down from the Desert after 40 days.. then my FriEnd..
we don’t need no bucks noW as my other new age truE iLLuMiNAti fRiend Sia says.. our cheap thrills come
from ‘A’
Dance of GoD
Free in the Kingdom
of God within like the
Good Cop Jesus pArt of
Luke Chapter 17 says. my FriEnd..
we are the watchers.. we are the writers..
we are the artists behind most prophecies oF liGht..
mY FriEnd.. tHeRe are those who spectate and then.. yes ACTORS..
thEre are those.. who direct.. produce.. and play ‘A’ liGht oF GoD Free..
welcoMe to ‘A’ liGht my FriEnd.. ‘A’ TRuTH and ‘A’ Way thaT sTilL liVes..
noW iN heARts.. SpiRits.. soULs of frEE HUmans now.. ‘World War 111 dreAMs’
iS heAr noW aS ‘A’ DaRk and liGht of ‘A’ human soUL iS NOW ilLLuMiNaTinG noW..
and sure.. wE are aLL iN this gAme oF liGht and DArK toGetHEr.. this Revelation would
have never been fulfilled as the original Definition of the Greeks term Apocalypse says
iN lifting the veils of ignorance.. if it were not for the Trump dude as prophesied too.. while
some folks were expecting a war.. ‘the devil’ just shot himself in the foot.. hehe.. but you see..
it is often the Judas who bleeds most.. Trump lives in Hell already and only God can Judge the
whys and ways of that allone.. bottom line though.. DArK is naked in liGht now my Friend in the
New iSREAL of
the U.S oF A
as this shit
has gone
down for
iSREAL Now..
like my other iLLumInAti
Bud.. Mr. Flo RiDA says NoW wITh
his Gemini sage too.. with a birthday
somewhat like mine on 6660 that sHows
jusT how much of a sense of humor the big
guy/gal/eTc. in the sky has too.. per stars of
duST iN Sentient HUman plus way.. nah.. baby..
yA don’t have to live in Hollywood to be a StaR these
are those days.. remember.. My FriEnd the parable of the
first and last and the meek who wear trUe and liGht liOn sKIns
of FReED
GoD aS and
iN BEinG HUman
now.. the water in heaven
is sTiLL inViTing mY FriEnd..
i’Ve provided several invitations to
you to see what’s happening over ‘tHeRe’
just for fUn.. the invitation iS STiLL out for
all prodigal sons and daughters.. eTc.. to
CoMe BaCK hoME.. to TrUE and liGht..
fearless and smARt unconditional
pure love as faith.. my friend.. noW..
who kNows and FeeLs Now no
iSREaL enemies.. other than
LoVe mY FriEnd.. A Lamp
IS oWN the FeASt Begins
A BrIDe LiVes isREaL
iS heAr Groom sAMe Lamp oF
GoD liVing TrUe and liGht.. no liMits
mY FriEnd.. when God’s LamP liVes wE oF LiGht..
SeriouSly.. SO
you were
‘A’ man
a white robe OWN..
nah.. baby.. i/wE wasn’t
born that way.. as my/oUr
oTheR prophet
so eloquently says..
A NEW old AGE iS HeAR.. aLiVE oN eARtH..
F A i T H iS Re AL..:)
Well.. back from the brand spanking new introductory visit to
my New Psychiatrist after a long 14 Month period of not being
assigned one since my first Psychiatrist who traveled with me
through the dead zone of hell from 2008 through 2015 well.. for 7.7 years..
to be precise.. left his practice.. inspired by me.. he said.. to teach movement
therapy down in South Florida further away from the pharmaceutical fixes that
he had been entertaining for folks with issues in the Air Force as a reserve Major
for the area Air Force Base.. and thanks God.. the New Dude was great friends with
the old dude so he took his recommendations from the old shrink in how i deal with
my Asperger’s Prometheus brain of super sensory sensitivities and fuller Empath Angel
Affect of Feeling everyone around me too.. yes.. through Dance AkA movement therapy..
a recognized therapy for emotional regulation and sensory integration for folks on the Autism
Spectrum that i first self-prescribed for me.. all innately.. instinctually
and intuitively.. way before they started talking about
it.. as an actual effective therapy in clinical
practice on a widespread basis..
so.. he got the full
Fred head history
and the body parts
too.. along with the 6000
miles of Dance Story and the
12 million words of writing since Thanks
Giving day of 2010.. yeah.. the part about
me not speaking until age 4.. folks mistaking
me for a female.. like the McDonald’s cashier
around age 12 in middle school… where he
said.. hmm.. there ain’t a dam thing about
you that looks androgynous now.. sure..
stuff changes.. yeah.. i look more
like Batman and Superman
than Sheldon Cooper
or the stereotypical
presentation of Asperger’s
nerdy wimpy boy/man now..
yeah.. in terms of movies.. currently
playing at the theater.. the Ben Affleck
playing a Super dark hero with Asperger’s
on that show.. that i highly recommended my
New Psychiatrist go see too.. to see how they
are portraying folks with Asperger’s at the theater
these days.. as Bond hero.. Batman.. yes.. a super
hero to the max in real life too.. in the actual movie
named ‘The Accountant’ for a most unusual way to
portray the Autism Spectrum now.. anyway.. when
i told him about my negotiations with Store Management
to get a license to dance there.. no.. not a license to kill.. hehe..
he said.. hey.. i’LL write you a dam prescription to dance if they
ever give you a problem for what you must do to be comfortable
in this world and your skin too.. to mitigate.. your Prometheus Fredenstein
Brain issues everywHeRE you go in the general public for Dance StiLL NoW..
so.. anyway.. he told my wife when meeting her.. well dear.. to be honest we don’t
get folks as unusual as Fred in here.. but i must admit he is most unusual in a cool
way and sure you must be a hero to be his wife for close to 27 years now.. not in words
did he say that but he did have a look that said he was amazed that anyone could keep
up with me for decades on end.. and still be sitting pretty like an eternal teenager too.. so
yeah.. he made me feel like it wasn’t so bad after all to be weird like me.. more like the
Movie.. ‘The Accountant’.. and as my current psychotherapist still treats me since 2011 now
too.. wHere they seem to think.. i have more in common with Mozart and folks like that
than anyone they’ve ever met on the FucKinG Planet Earth now.. yeah.. baby.. i was.. AM
born to be this way.. i AM weird and i don’t Give A F what anyone thinks or feels about
who i AM now.. as i accept myself for all of who i am.. and if other folks don’t like it
they can go on what ever merry or not so merry way they are on for now.. and
as the new guy identified too.. some folks would Judge me based on my
Law Enforcement and Military general look and not see deeper into
what it means to have a Fredenstein head.. it is what is.. and
the Munster’s were alWays one of my Favorite T V families
then now.. too.. yeah.. just call me Bond.. Baby..
Herman Bond or Mercury BoNd..2 YNoT noW..;)
It was really interesting in a Synchronistic way.. wHere the movie..
‘The Accountant’ came out the week of my appointment with
the first psychiatrist in over a year.. in my entire regional
area.. even willing to see a person with Asperger’s
Syndrome.. who takes my insurance.. as
many Doctor’s have no idea what it is
fully.. nor have any idea of how to
help with the symptoms of
issues associated with emotional
regulation and sensory integration..
to put it more clearly.. there really are
not any drugs that work well for many of
these associated human variance issues..
in innate way of being human.. as biodiversity
goes on in God of Nature’s Animal Kingdom that
includes the weird variety of humans too.. anyway..
as that movie about Asperger’s said in clinical way2..
who is to judge what normal iS in terms of overall survival
of the homo sapiens sapiens species as such in total hand
to hand cooperation in maKinG the whOle human soup work..
as far as gaining subsistence.. including.. shelter and reproductive
success.. as well.. this Famous Muhammad Ali pose that’s kinda hard
to see on the Bright Beach as such with the red gloves.. played an
Integral pARt in the Movie.. ‘The Accountant’.. in that it was a puzzle
of this iconic photo of Muhammad Ali that the younger version then of
Ben Affleck As Super Dark hero.. as much more autistic child.. couldn’t
find the last piece of the puzzle and really freaked out.. and sure
that’s how my life was until July of 2013.. came.. and i Rose out
of the dead zone then.. alWays ‘A’ piece missing it seemed then2..
self-actualized now.. in Yoga Unity WiTh God complete..
Weird or not.. Balance WiTh God iS i For iSReaL noW2..
anyWay.. the T-Shirt with this same famous Muhammad
Ali pose is one that kinda jumped out of my closet
at me this morning .. and to celebrate getting this
FucKinG pArt of my liFe out of the way as this
Doctor is at least as cool as my last one iN
understanding what and who i am born sTilL
as now.. i floated in sand as air and water in
reverse with my Athletic shoes on as moon dancing
surfing on God’s Sands one Beach as me living lifE noW..
like a Butterfly who doesn’t even have to Sting when he or
she floats with God in feats even greater than walking on water
with a surf board these days.. all i need is feet.. that feat a move
as rest of a body too.. A Unity WiTh God noW as Yoga is BliSS and
Nirvana isreal that continues to take me hiGher and HiGher iN BalanCinG
of A iSREAL noW
Heaven that can and WiLL
bE Now for those who seek iT..
FiNd it and make iT A lifE LonG
Practice oF miNd And BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL as SpiRit oF HeARt eXpreSsinG
EmotioNs and SenSes fully noW too..:)
WeLL.. as alWays Thanks God for
Facebook Algorithm Memories..noW
and a Year ago Profile photo BrinGS
A TrutH and liGht and yes DarK reaLiTy2
that the wife allows me to wear my ‘Insane
Clown Posse’ Shirt a year to date ago then..
so at lEAst tHere is memories while scaredy cats
reign.. seriously.. why so serious.. i actually heard
they have pulled clown masks out of Target stores.. hmm..
i aIn’t scared..
but yes foR noW..
i AM sTiLL saYinG
yes dear to the Wife
in her request for the
Crazy Clown to somEwhat
stay in the closet.. hehe.. lET’s
juSt say aT lEAst for JesTer noW hehEr..;)
Hmm.. To Party With GOD IS DIVINE.. Macro Verse Memory from two years
ago.. but oh.. so sTiLL TrUe and liGht now.. and that weirdo song that
i aM currently playing from Connor whatever hIs nAme is STiLL.. hehe..
is what i sTarted out on my Partying Dance Celebration WiTH
God today on the beach.. as hey.. let’s just say..
in these new old days..
is the
new black
of cool more
and more as art
and almost aLL oF liFE does sHow..
and speaKing of shoWs.. this Macro
Verse goes from from Pensacola Beach
to Seville Quarter all the way to a Mullet
Festival in photo way.. and sure.. Free Dance too..
and this weekend comes the Casino Trip with church
to the Golden Nugget.. since misSinG the September trip
when celebrating my 42 months of witness for God from
3/16 to 9/16 with the Paternal side of my family then..
although.. i was just a Prodigal Son of sorts.. as it was
my rich Uncle’s Birthday and i was just a guest then.. heHe..
anyWay.. DanCinG in a crowd of hundreds to a thouSand
or so at the Big Niceville Annual Fall Mullet Festival
wHere they have some big name bands.. and let’s juSt say..
down here in the deep Trump red state way.. i am usuAlly
the only one joyous enough to break out in Free Dance.. Hehe..
F u N..
FucKInG liNe..
Weird iS CooL noW..
ulTimAte KooL Now..;)
The Wife Katrina said.. as she purchased ‘this shirt’ for me
this week for dance that i would receive many more dances
than if i had worn my ‘Insane Clown Posse’ Shirt and
i must admit the American Indian Girl.. with the
Patriotic War Paint and feathers did
the dance trick and treat
sAMe toniGht..;)
WeLL.. surely Life is Magic.. as i mentioned
i haven’t seen the original Charlie’s Angels
at Seville in quite a while.. and that sooner
or later they would pop-up unannounced
and there would be smiles and hugs
of dance iN Joy.. and sure enough..
the earliest member of Charlie’s
Angels.. named Chelsea.. who i’Ve
been dancing with.. running now close
to two and a half years.. and very first
regular dance hall mate in the Summer of
2014.. pops-up unannounced and the joy
of dance is on for fun.. once again so free and happy..
as dance friends do make me.. all sMiLes as such NoW..:)
A Trip to a New Psychiatrist.. A day at the Beach.. and all night
of Dancing and finally a trip home to record it all in two Facebook
Video Slide Algortihm production assisted ways to remember all the
emotions through visual images of the day.. sure.. literAlly 5 hours of
Beach and Dance Hall DanCinG.. and additioNally noW thouSands of more
words written in the SamE Day too.. along with Travel to the Beach and
always an opportunity to learn about liFe.. smARts.. and EmoTions.. from
Shrinks of liFe too.. the Inner UniVerse of BeinG HuMan IS As expansive
as the physical one of visual images outside.. above.. so below and
all around.. when one goes deeper and deeper into human
potential it becomes easier and easier to see.. feel and
sense that we are reflections of God and mini-me’s
sAMe.. A Beautiful and complex
machine of magic
ARt iN hUman
FacEs oF liGht..:)
DaNCe IS A path oF LiGht in a greater
EmoTiONal.. Physical and overall sensory
and sensual experience oF liFe.. so in oTheR
words Dance IS A pATh.. to Greater LiFe liGht
and nowHeRE NOW i kNoW and FeeL and SeNse are
the SMiLes of liFE anymore genuine than on the Dance
Floor of Non-Verbal Language thaT iS Free Verse dAnce..
An ecstatic experience wHeRe hUman BeinGS are Free to
express all tHeir EmoTiOns.. SeNsory FeeLinGS and SeNsUaliTy
from head to toe.. GeneraTinG thE experiEnce oF aLL oF thiS and mORE
in the rhythm of A NiGht oF SpiRit that all can share with a sOUl ConNected
NoW TogeTher as HUman liGht aS oNe SoUL oF GoD as hUman RiSinG HIGher and
hiGher no different trUly than what our ancestors of so-called primitive and still existing
tribes iN sMall Village do with drums of Nights the Flutes of Song and Naked Hips and
eYes that do not liE a SonG oF God so Free.. So Free iN liGht of Moonlit camp fire
of HUman
in courAge.. Fearless Unconditional sMaRT oF
Love wHeRe the tribe bEcomes one Force oF GoD..
perhaps iF Donald and Hillary could have danced naked
they too would have shook hands WiTh GoD aT NiGht..:)
So my Facebook Friend Cortney.. long time Dance Friend from
Old Seville shares a talk on Facebook of other rigors of achieving
the runners high in miles of approaching what it takes to gain that
euphoric feeling of free from anxiety inside floating on a WinG
WiTh NaTuRE sAMe.. and she asks how long it takes
her other runner friends to achieve this high of life..
and i respond.. with the following brief words..
It takes me
Less than
OF Dance..
#tryanothersport ..;)
And Cortney who didn’t
make it to the dance hall last
night with Dancing Friend Chelsea
so beautifully pictured smiling in the
Facebook Algorithm assisted video slide show says..
Oh definitely! Dancing is life with
several heart emoticons attached.
And in summary i say..
and QFT.. yes
quoted for truth..
yeah.. do A hash tag
and shimmy2.. Ynot..;)
Fellow Blogger Friend.. and super nice Muslim young College Student.. Zee..
from Pakistan thanks me for my thoughts and feelings associated with ‘Clarity’..
and i say in somewhat brief return..
SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Zee..
Would always much
Better be obsessed
With Love or
Even tears
Or even
Numb to
Me is the most
Painful place oF aLL..
Point zero
oF FeeLinG
And SenSinG
As my
New Psychiatrist says..
The one who monitors me
In case i go back to Hell.. this
zero point in his practice is
Rare but this HeLL iSREAL..
Embrace LiFe aLWays.. My
FriEnd Zee.. A GiFt oF LiGht..:)
And now i go a ‘little’ deeper and even L O N G E R..
by saying.. that in addition.. my new Psychiatrist
who is somewhat of a pioneer in the field of
Cognitive Executive Functioning.. published
and all of that in Medical Journals..
iN assisting folks with issues
associated with memory
loss and such as that
as we age older..
says that zero point loss
of emotions is rare and almost
limited to the Autism Spectrum for the
young child who has the light in their eYes..
and one day is suddenly dimmed with no motivation
to connect to others.. as the psychiatrist says in total clarity..
memories are emotions.. and the language associated with those
emotions is not primary but secondary as guide posts of cognitive
executive functioning in abstract constructed human symbols to
enrich the emotional life.. NOT TO TAKE AWAY FROM IT.. AND
YES HE’S THIS GOT THIS CORRECT.. as not only have i read
about this.. i participated with other folks on the Autism Spectrum
directly in written text communication on the Wrong Planet website
specifically designed for folks on the higher functioning part of
the Spectrum who can at least communicate in monologues of fAct
finding ventures mostly away from human emotional written text
of symbols covering the heARt of LIFE away from machine cognition
mind.. of how standard IQ measures of data download and lectures
in school mold our minds more machine than even human these days
in so.. so many ways of life away from the social empathic cognition
that colors life farther.. so much farther than even rainbow colors as
metaphor of emotions than black and white FucKinG Data download noW
oF liFE iN school aWay from humanity and painting liFe with many colors
fuller of God aS Nature that lives within sAMe as Gifted by Greater Nature
as all that is.. yes.. i literAlly spent everyday for around 33 months or so..
from wake to sleep writing with those sadly mostly emotionless numb human
creatures to escape my dentist drill like pain in eye and ear.. to avoid
the necessity of ending my life.. with what is technically named as the
suicide disease.. type two Trigeminal Neuralgia from wake to sleep then
for all of 66 months.. where the first 33 months.. i could not even read
or write or listen to a word.. without intolerable pain.. i got used to hell
in an attempt to escape it and success came with me gaining my emotions back
on A path of poetic language back to HeARt.. then.. back to eXpreSsinG HeARt
oF EmoTions as SpiRit finALLy reborn as butterfly out of mid-life autistic burnout
of regression no different really than those little children who lose the light of
their life at age 2 or so.. that seems like a puzzle piece that has no clue to be
put back toGeTher as liGht oF Humanity more fully as colors of the Winds of God
as gifted to Sentient Star DuST pLus hUmaNiTy as LiGht of Rainbow Human EmoTions
iN MoVing.. ConneCting and creATing greater colors oF liGht to Make an Eternal
NoW of heaven noW
moved to give and
share wiTh ALL thE
woRld oF Humanity noW
as Technology in transhumanist
ways allows iN part.. by those
folks lost from EmoTiOns who made the
computer brain systemization of this
infrastructure possible to actuALLy upload
one’s SoUL as HeARt and SpiRit noW iN MiNd
and boDy Balance relatively eternally now forever
in a place oF liGht wiTH no moon or sun or golden
floors of pearly gates.. yes.. a place wHERe Souls LIVe
LIVe oN as any empath Angel EYeS aLiVE WiLL do to Love
WeLL after the Sentient Star duST pLus nap for the individual
Point of LiGht oF God thaT iS HuMan Being now as leaves FaLL
From a Tree oF liGht as liFE that enriches and fertilizes the oTheR seeds
aS Points oF liGht thAt are Human.. HOlDinG Hands toGether to sprout
a name of liFE at essence aT coRe of HumaN heARt.. SpiRit and SoUL..
and yes.. when one communicates in text.. for one as me who is watcher
grown.. from experience.. i can MeAsurE the SoUl.. as heARt and SpiRit
empiricAlly as such for the content of Language in colors of Flowery
EmoTiOns or only 50 shades of grey to BLack and WhitE
science abstract machine computer cognition
of mind that has become a video
game of play
and white
of HUman terms..
question is.. how much
of the death of the Human
SoUL and a TsuNami.. of Zombie
Apocalypse iS iNnate.. or produced by
the culture we live in that truly is becoming
technically more autistic all the time in term
of lack of non-verbal facial communication face
to face.. and sure we have plenty of sharing of mutual
interests.. plenty of diverse interests but still what is lost
now IS A face to face where we become avatars instead of human..
Online would have never been enough for me to regain my humanity
back.. i had to dance face to face to become fully human again.. and
as i continue to grow in this eternity of heaven now.. i continue to branch
out as a soUl with Leaves that never die.. in relative terms of LoVinG Online..:)
Well.. Mistwineyet.. and i’m
guessing it’s okay to call you Shawna at this point..
as i’m sure it’s almost time for you to go again..
caught a glimpse of you on thefeatheredsleep
site.. there.. where the link said
your blog was already
gone but
here it is
a live again..
and i’m kinda writing
a wild and free Macro-Verse
today headlined with Lana Del Ray’s
SonG Ride so what better way to celebrate
the wilder freer side with Shawna for another
hit and run.. as long as this blog stays
a free
verse run
of anything
hit and run goes..
yeah.. Alabama girls..
crooked teeth.. and souls
of beers.. Jesus.. Trump and
whatever goes in red state land
roll tide around.. inside.. above..
so below.. and sometimes within
a toilet
that TrULy
wiLLs to come
above as Love outside.. rain.. of leaves green..
other than that i am yoUr friEnd.. and they do come
get a chance
and for now
this is my
i’m gonna
take it ’cause
i can and WiLL.. mY FriEnd..S..;)
i like the number
41.. it comes wriTE
beFore 42.. and
of pain too..
i Love iT all
no more hate for me..
hmm.. and just a note
that Black screen can bRinG aNYthing..;)
And to clarify..
the youtube screen
was bLack.. and at
that point
Meant to be
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
Yup.. like i sAid..
“I Can’t See The Light
In The Dark I See”
People with red hair..
in ‘a sense’ aren’t from
‘this world’.. and sure
i’ve got
some too..
in a mustache
of Ireland with eYes
of green changing
in any ocean blue..
i have to admit..
i am focused
on her body
butt sure..
i’M all naked at heARt..;)
First.. i had to close
a zillion tabs on imAc
crowded UniVerse of screen..
and thanks God again for
A to Z lyrics
to get
the cliff
notes for
poetic response
of sorts of free
of wings..
i’M going to the Biloxi
CaSiNo’s tomorrow to dance
on the beach while Katrina
plays with the
one armed
if i was
in Los Vegas..
i’d find a way
to dance beach inside..
while everyone else sinks
into arms of gold.. dancing as
a star is so much more fun for me..
and that reminds me.. use that new
Song From Bruno Mars to reflect a dance of casino too..
Oh by A way.. Katrina dared me to Anthony text the world..
i took her
uP on it..
and it iS aS
hilarIOUs as
any Oscar Meyer six package
up close and personal.. heHe..
but not as pretty as her but…
SerIOUsly.. i exploit
commercial art
for money
all the
time for
free.. hehe..
but yes.. i give
back in the all the ways..
i can come back with more..;)
Creativity is the free association
of all that is aka God
with no fear
of dARk
and no cynicism
oF liGht and this
is what i love most
about my friEnd Shawna
yes.. I Love you.. and i wonder
sometimes if my Asperger’s Love
you kNoW/FeeL.. Kind that has no limits
or expectations scares you.. as it kNows
and feels no ownership of God as all that is..
i was gonna
go with that
Bruno Mars
Song but
wide open
more reflects
the moment
of now my friEnd..
when wE bEcOmE eYes
of God and Hands that no
foRE oF
goD as free
alWays now
as We our
oF liGht..:)
Man.. i mean woman..
i mean Shawna.. relationships
are surely
art and
not science..
and that’s
what makes life..
that Sings..:)
Hmm.. four videos
i think i’ll take
a short cut on this
one first and Wiki Ellie..
yeah.. i know the science
thing and all
are cool
to crux
“Her musical style encompasses country, soul, rock and blues.”
That’s enough
for me..
as ALL i need..;)
oN a
Now i’M FeeLinG
like Shawna
is speaKinG
directly to me..
like psychic and
she kNew i would
be cOminG heRe
we’ve got
the sAMe taste
in women.. delicious
aren’t ‘they’ from head to toe..
seriouSly.. it’s not the motion of the
or the
the tongue
that tastes all
of liFe to coMe..
and all the lips of LiFE
of Hips..
yeah.. my Asperger’s
tactile and emotional sensitives
have their draw backs but oh the
toUch that
the LiFe..
wHere every
cell iS miLlioN
Points oF eXplODinG liGht..;)
sooNer or later
i promise i’LL
rise and
as paraChutes
are no longer a dRag of souL..:)
First oF aLL.. a note.. i had
to press update on word press
as the wind is blowing here
and if the power
goes out
poof.. you
might go poof
too.. and it’s like
whatever i did that i don’t
even ‘know’ i’m doing won’t be
tHeir to review at least one time
to see it all fit togEThEr strangely
i N S Y N C H R O N I C iT Y noW..
as creativity in streAM oF consciousness
writing does.. as prophecy at waking up
at one second to six when the power of suggestion
as real can be..
anyWay.. never be
predictable or computers
will come to be human..
anYwayw thE reaSon i do it
all is for no
reAson atTall..
but i muSt say.. A
video thumbnail
of open wide
with your
current name
as essence of mistwineyet..
A UniVerse liveS iN letters words
and all of NatuRe sAme as God breathes
iN wE of
sHit iF onlY
the world was as
deep as wE ours would
bE peace and harmony..:)
And this
is how
paints Love..:)
All of
me belongs
of ME..
and that is
thE key to
a new testament2..:)
And here’s the thing..
some folks are stuck
in stone..
but wHEre
a heARt.. a sPiRit
a MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUl goes free tHere are no liMits
to what we as HUmans can Hold
hands and accomplish toGetHeR..
no borders
In GoD’s Land
of HeARtLand Free..
and that is just another
reaAson i Love you Shawna
as i can be free here and really
what is more important in life that
someone who just lets you be ME..:)
i seriouSly have the entire trilogy
of the Hunger
but i am
too hungry
to watch as
doing is so spine
tingling all noW in a mood of Now..
and that reminds me.. i have a new
Psychiatrist.. first visit yesterday.. and he
said we never get anyone as unusual as you
in here..
but he
butt.. yes
the wife..
it’s unusual
cool.. me and not
her butt.. and i swear..
he literally wrote me
a prescription for dance..
and i did not ask him to do this..
he asked
me if
he could..
the world
is changing my
friend.. from pills to free..
but what i do do.. for spines of
video cases of movies.. is go to best
buy.. and dance free style taking in every
dam spine.. for what comes next in how the mood shines
a dance
of life free
moving.. connecting.. creating
wHere star blast iS noW iN eYes oF Free..
never buy a thing.. grow grow groW aS iS LiGht..:)
A new dance
move to do.. do
iNfiniTy oF moVes..
emoTioNs.. seNses
seNsuaLiTy fullY liVes..:)
Dance IS A
Star noW
soUL BriGht
A SHiNing sTAr sKIN..:)
Hmm.. wondering
if anonymous
is actuAlly S..;)
go with
hers and that’s
the most hilarious
pArt of Spencer gifts
DanCinG in the aisle
of Dido’s and watching
and never
ever them
kNowing i notice
beYond shades and
a dead PAN fAce..
and what’s reAlly hilarious
is when their boyfriends hold their hands..
and rarely are they sMiLinG heHe.. hUman NatUre rUles..;)
i don’t about
you but i don’t
anyone around
to go
Ocean Blue..;)
My relationship
is so simple..
Katrina mopped
the floor this
morning and told me
i’d have to wait a few days
my Art..;)
ABest pArt
aBout liFe
for someone
else to put up neon
lites IS A day of pasSinG noW
Money sucks.. it really does..
without a need of money
supermen would run amuck..
with superwomen too.. ETc..
butt the thing is..
instant gratification
can be a bLock to do more..
than struggle for reinforcement..
hmm.. i suppose that’s why a tOuch
of Asperger’s aS Such.. Bi-Polar etc..
a Sistine
as the reward
of human tOuch
AS So long to find
that Art comes from hell
and Breathes a SonG oF Life..
i mean seriouSly beFore i had A
FucKinG word of Play i wrote close
to 6 million words on the Wrong Planet
wHeRe iF i was lucky someone said something..
anything at all.. to me.. once a month.. devoid of any human
touch.. and beyond that with no emotions to feel anything..
i kNow
the place
of Intermittent
gratification.. and
i suppose the DarKeSt
Place is what makes mE
liGht that WiLL not be turned
off no
the FucK
happens neXT..
key is do it for God
who lives within as you
mYFriEnd.. then allone iSREaL
and tHeRe iS no alone aGain..:)
aLL i
kNow and
FeeL is Heaven
iS uP tHere for iSReaL..
at lEAst
the body
language of
the skirt says heRe..;)
sPeaKinG of Chanting.. this youtube
song that manages to escape
age restricted censorship..
is like the most motivating
youtube video i have to dance2
in public.. it’s like Heaven
when it’s
with a veil
and you see more than ever..
anyWay it was time for a song change
and libido iN all the ways iT can and will
come inspires creativity more more more..
and science proves it now.. in terms of measuring
lubrication and girth to put it bluntly in places that
feel so
much without
restraint of chains
that say we are less
than a Bonobo hand shake
totAlly FReED..
hey and A best
thing about online..
totAlly sanitary.. never
messy and always disEase free.. heHer..
haha.. iS it a wonder i receive so few comments
and OMG..
so many
and open mind
and body IS A place
to visit and leave no tracks..;)
so easily
yes.. and triggered
too.. for
it’s like an orgasm
every now above the neck..
literally too..
Man (S) i swear.. speaking of
or in
my case
shaped things..
i saw that movie
‘The Accountant’ last
week with Ben Affleck
who literally is diagnosed
with Asperger’s as a Batman
a Cape..
and he like
goes haywire
if he don’t
he stArts..
hmm.. sound
like anyone
with.. hehe..;)
Had to remember
tHeRe were kids
in the
as far
as Lolipops can go..
okay.. literally a blueberries one..;)
“You’re gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.
And then you’ll see, you’re gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, who you are-are.”
Hmm.. it’s true what T.I. and Rihanna
says.. but only in pARt.. as we are
humans and social animals
need a touch of
a social
role that
counts.. however
we were weren’t born
with fancy clothes and
fancy cars.. we are born
as naked stars with Love
of the Fearless Kind sMArt..
that moves.. connects and creates
for subsistence.. for shelter.. yes
for the work
of the niGht
and day
and Reproductive
success.. but the fact
remains we are born
in greed.. in hoarding..
in boarding up the hUman soUL..
hmm.. and the wife called me away
to see some Halloween Cakes on one
of many of her favorite TV shows with
Harry Connick Junior.. and the first cake
was a whole live looking roach to the chagrin
of some of the audience who see no further than
shell of life.. and then a dead
rat.. with blood
out his
mouth.. i
felt empathy
sorrow and compassion..
the audience laughed like it
does.. at Catholic Church when
they water board-lite the baby in
screams of discomfort.. mommy and
daddy.. WTF are you doing to me..
i trusted you
i trusted you
and now
is laughing
at my distress
and wonder of
trust is over if you
are really gonna drown
me next.. so thank god the
next one was Harry Connick’s Face
and the next one was a pumpkin and
seriously a lollipop would have been
to that dead
rat like the headless
people on Facebook
and the
just a
speck of
a brown nipple of life..
the world is fucked up in
jealously.. greed.. hoarding..
and all stuff related to fear.. repression
and oppression of emoTioNs and SeNSes
including Sensuality and Sexuality too.. and
when pArts are missing from the love and lust
check list to keep it all in Naked BaLAnCinG Force
of God
the naked
rat dead and
bleeding pissed
me off.. in a way
that says cold.. from life
cold from living all toGeTher as a team of Life
in respect
of all
that means
to live.. mY FriEnd..S..:)
And on top of that science shows
the human connection is the number
one source of happiness and when
folks make over 50K or so to meet
basic needs money and stuff
don’t mean
and i for one
totally agree..
as money means nothing
to me.. and stuff and concrete
of naked
flesh and blood…
at Core within…
as my fingers dance
across a Keyboard FReED..:)
Whatever you like
and money
it.. A ruse
of the lottery
that doesn’t
lots of emptiness
out there reflected in art
that says six inches this way or that
or maybe so much more or whatever..
of bucks
to fill
a space
will not
bring the
eternal life
of heARt.. A SpiRit..
a SoUL that’s wide awake..
and on top of that when it’s
is when
it’s tight..
as dollar
bills are never
wet with deeper stuff..:)
My theory
is brothers
and sisters now
take it on on each
other for what they
cannot take out on the
bullies at school.. in case
that is part of the entire pie
of life..
other than
that even kittens fight..;)
What! you’re
at church..;)
this sounds
more like Japanese porn..
that’s only funny when consensual of course..;)
Imagining Shawna writing this at church on her
i kNow that’s
not what you meant..;)
Your Body
IS A wonderland
is my
Song pArt
from her Xpartner..:)
the WTF WiN..
as i continue
to move
to your bottom..
and i’ll be back up
at your top in a few..
to check that out again2..
as i
past 42..;)
The wife
says i make
her head spin
as i eat life all at once..;)
anime stuff again..;)
okay.. i’m stARting
to get a little
for another
naked woman
to keep me gifted..;)
Red sith
i suppose
in somEways
i give that image2…;)
Cherry wine..
a fine drink
at the end
of 42 and
back up
to the
top again
for 42 first..:)
But i’m not moving
all the way to the top…
i’ll start about neck
high and
move up
as a Ribbon
uncoils some more..;)
is the fear
of losing
a steady
warm and fuzzies..
or perhaps ownership wHole..;)
what visual
image does that
word bring.. hmm..
i’m kinda tired now..
but the pay
off is
all the
pARts of
the puzzle
fit back toGeTher..
time for naked sun and sand
dance.. to get my libido of life back uP..
meanwhile.. i haven’t found a comment from
you.. but the delicious reward my friend is just
your existence
just your creativity
just your soul that i’ve
already come across here..
and Love to see.. and that’s enough
as don’t need no instant gratification
you kNow
where to
find me
when you ever
wanna say hi..
and yeah this makes
44.. it’s a number of destruction
in the bible.. but i can make any
and any
word love
juST cause
i can and WiLL..:)
WiNks.. you
can to New
Kid to
in YoUR heARt..
and sTiLL liVe
in Alabama too..
New York.. New York..
all refreshed now after
Sun and Sand Dance..
it doesn’t
me uP.. hehe..
yeah.. you are one
oF only ONE aLL that
caught the metaphor
of the Robot Prongs connecting
to all of rises arms of sKeYes..;)
giving an impression of vague unworldliness.
“his mother was a strange, fey woman”
having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.
fated to die or at the point of death.
“now he is fey, he sees his own death, and I see it too”
-from the top result on a Google Search.. hehe..
and me thinking you’ll take the first two out
of three for glass much more than
half full
this Fey
is more
than real…
iN FaCt it’s reaLiTy
in dreAm tiMe once
iS dropped
out NoW oF
cultural heLL..
and pews and such as that..
anyWay.. glad to see you aGain
mY FriEnd aGaIN..(s) and catch you
on the world wide poetry web.. alWays
comEs aGain..;)
Yes.. i love to do ‘that’.. Zee..
today in my yard..
in fAct.. very
recently.. less
than an hour ago..
i was outside reading
this as i always come in
with ten fingers to write
a SonG back to what muses
me in life in terms of fingers
dancing across
of HeARt.. and
a shadow under the
fence caught my eYes
without prescription sHades..
i saw the melting snow left in the
year of ’72.. and the strange depression
at seeing a clear azure sky with ever green
leaves sTiLL in February then.. to contrast life
in all its glory.. but the problem was and is sNow
is rare here as DArk can be without struggles of liFe
that see the blood
and guts
of survive
my friEnd..
and sure those with
blood and guts.. want
support to kNow and FeeL
that otHeRs share that pain..
and sure..THeRE is more want
of pleasure that feels and senses these
days than numb as less than pain.. Emotions
are what moves uS dArk and liGht as Muse of HUman..
celebrate the liGht and respect the dARk i FeeL to see
kNoW sEnse..
and noT
jUST pARt..
of God’s HEart..
it’s worth noting
aGain.. that HE
is only
HeART mY FriEnd..
and both are worth
celebrating in divine
he and divine art aS oNE
FoRce of GoD aLLonE..:)
sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Candice TFS.. oh what
a relief becoming an Anthropology
Major iN College was/iS away from
Red State
of closed
mindS in ways
of seeing A patch
of dirt iN panhandle
way no different than
middle east tunes of ISIL
without the bullets but rockets
sTill of shAMing Different iNto pain..
anyWay.. cultural differences that range
from teaRing foreskin off to genital mutilation
to the black teeth Japanese women suitable for
tYiNg maRriAge riGhts..
thE TruTh
And liGht..
wE maKe
oUr realiTies
what tHey are through
environment of cultural
spoons.. fed from birth..
faCt remains…
wE can now
also be thE Director..
Producer and Actor
oF our own pLays witH
CaN WiLL aS Self actualization coMes..
aWay from pLays oF otHeR choirs thaT sheet tHe sAMe..:)
Good morning gigoid.. three days late to comment i am arriving
as the last several days have been jam packed with mostly
blue sky and flesh and blood activities… including
seeing a new Psychiatrist with the usual
extra long version of a Fred-talk.. and
dancing.. floating.. as a winged
seagull in reverse with
Athletic shoes on
in deep sugar
white sands
for miles and
miles on endless
horizons of beach..
then home.. then dance with the usual
writing to accompany all of that accompanied
by a new world Fred record per se of only competing
against myself in replacing eight 45LB plates with
Four 100LB plates and adding a couple more 25
LB Plates on my parallel leg press with arms
raised in sky moving from 930LBS to
1020LBS now for 33 reps..
where the ‘fellow marines’..
didn’t make a sound
while finishing
and when
i started out i heard
a strange popping noise
from underneath my feat
but thank Goodness.. hehe..
nothing broke.. and nothing hurts
after the high of that is over too with
accompanying ballet and martial arts dance
using all the Nautilus Machines as sparring partners
too.. anyway.. i make the best of what i came with
with no limits.. and a visit to a new psychiatrist
had been weighing heavily over me
now for 14 months.. as there
is always the possibility
in logical terms i could
go back to hell..
and sure..
i want to make
sure my life is still
saved if i ever go there
again.. although i personally
with no logic at all have 100% faith
i will not as long as i stay away from
the machine of the system that enslaves
the human heart away from human into
empty machine itself.. and there was
no psychiatrist in the range of 50
miles of home who would
even accept new patients
with my insurance until the
one i found that i visited this week..
most of them will not see a person with
Asperger’s as they have no drugs to fix the
problem.. whereas my new doctor after he heard
i had negotiated a dance for mind and body balance with
area public stores actually offered first and wrote me a prescription
for a somewhat license to dance within the realm of the laws that protect
Americans with Disabilities as an act to insure everyone can mainstream
with their accommodations into society.. including a wheel chair as
dance.. people in my area are surely ignorant not to understand
that our emotions and senses are regulated and integrated
respectively through the art of movement.. little autistic
children spin and flap as a form of dance to innately
instinctually and intuitively do this in a world
that is highly stimulating or not stimulating
enough depending on the kind of
Autism a person has
as its just
a label
like all others
for the neuro-diversity
and general bio-diversity of
the human condition.. anyway..
just catching up.. as i always look
forward to your art of wisdom here
to riff off of.. as creativity when set fully
free in stream of consciousness writing
from deeper within.. no different than so-called
holy prophets in biblical way.. just another kind of
human intelligence that machine cognition will not bring
alone as you surely know and feel.. a gift that comes greater
later in life too.. as we extinguish the requirements of machine
cognition in a world truly overall grown too complex and convoluted
to even be
human these
days in feeling and
sensory greater ways
of the tribe toGeThEr iN
smaller group units to forAGe
for Survival and even thrival toGether
as A Team of GreAtEst liGhtS iN fEarless
and smARt Unconditional Love noW for each
oThA togethA as a rap song might end/Begin for Now..;)
“In the moment between stimulus and response lies freedom.”
~~ Steven Covey ~~
And when the two
become one
die alive foR Now..;)
All that is harmony for thee, O Universe,
is in harmony with me as well.
Nothing that comes at the right time for thee
is too early or too late for me.
Everything is fruit to me that thy seasons bring, O Nature.
All things come of thee, have their being in thee, and return to thee.”
~~ — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus — Meditations, iv, 23 ~~
Nature is seasons
Humans are seasons
i am A
of the
seaS Ocean wHOle..:)
SMiLes my friEnd.. love the
poem you shared and truly
it plays to A
of GroWinG
Older as we
appreciate beauty
and the act of life..
and strive to share
LiFE in free acts of Creativity..:)
“Reality is a cliche from which we escape by metaphor.”
~~ Wallace Stevens ~~
As my new Psychiatrist
agrees.. metaphors are
forms for underlying essence
of EmoTions and SeNsory
not surprisingly
metaphors grow
greater as well as
the ability to understand
them when our EmoTiOns
and SeNSEs and SeNSuaLiTies
are sEt free.. away from PriSonS
of mechanical cognition as even science
shows that social empathic communication..
in terms of connection.. in moving.. creating
ways is inhibited by the reason of nuts and bolts
tools of
survival for
potential thrive
as long as the
essence of what
it means to be human
is not run over by a FuckInG Bus
in terms of nuts and bolts and tools..;)
“Who are you?”
~~ Curious Bee ~~
i AM
“Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving till the right actions arises by itself?”
~~ Lao Tzu ~~
and sTill waters..
wait and see it’s true..
Patience makes stiLL waters too..:)
“If you would hit the mark,
you must aim a little above it:
Every arrow that flies
feels the attraction of earth.”
~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~~
no gain..
story of LiFe..
and deATh
and LifE..
Death.. ETc..;)
“Do thou restrain the haughty spirit in thy breast,
for better far is gentle courtesy.”
~~ Homer ~~
And if thee don’t find
an appropriate
place to
the inner beast
the’LL never be
all tHee can be either.. heHE..
in terms of conFident and FReED..;)
“Gli arcobaleni d’altri mondi hanno colori che non so.
Ma lungo i fiumi d’altri mondi nascono fiori che non ho.
[The rainbows of other worlds have colors I don’t know.
But along the rivers of other worlds flowers are born that I don’t have.]”
~~ Fabrizio De Andre ~~
iMaGining onLY
colors one can see..;)
“The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.”
~~ Leo Tolstoy ~~
And A best
place oF all
is wHeRe
and Time
never exists @aLL
“What is man’s chief enemy? Each man is his own.”
~~ Anacharsis (f1. c. 600 B.C.), Scythian philosopher ~~
~~ Stobaeus, Flor., II, 43 ~~
No one can
“In every enterprise consider where you would come out.”
~~ Publius Syrus — Maxim 777 ~~
water swims
me and air flies me..:)
sMiLes gigoid.. sorry you are
feeling a little down as i remember
by your last of three blog posts i am
behind on and a fourth one to come
momentarily if not already i’m sure..
but hey.. there are two rides
on a bus back and forth
to the Biloxi
as i ready
for that next..
along with a Mullet
Festival of public dance
with whatever Band is playing
there in Niceville Florida after
church.. and the best part of all
is i will spend no money at all..
relatively speaKinG as usual it’s all free..
cheap thrills life is.. alWays for me my friEnd noW..
as crazy is as crazy does when alWays Happy now..
and the main Casino we are going to is named the
Golden Nugget.. when i walk in i Am A King of that
i Am
a naked
Nugget.. my FRiEnD..
and now a Bruno Mars
Song to accompany this too..;)
So.. yeah.. A ballet-like dancer.. weighing in at around
230LBS.. Leg Pressing 1020 LBS noW in parallel way
at 33 times.. hmm.. don’t mistake grace for weakness
hehe.. and yes.. the rest of my body is accordingly as
strong as that.. and has.. lET’s juSt say.. a great deal
of stamina to keep going as i did ballet on
sidewalks moving that mass..
9.11 miles today all
around the Boardwalks
of Beach in Biloxi Casino way..
hmm.. it feels really good to be able
to sting like a butterfly floating.. in grace
of control in moving art.. but what i must always
be careful of is not to run into anyone and even
make sure they don’t run into me.. if the brick
wall metaphor gets through to what it’s like
to be Superman2.. for real.. no joke for real..
i don’t move unless i want too.. when folks
run into me.. as i am anchored solidly
to the ground in balance.. but when
i float i am the air.. the water same..
but when i stand my ground..
let’s just say i own it
as half a ton leg
pressing feat
of toNnage..
wiLL NatUrallY noW do..
and although alWays.. quite
strong after i hit puberty and those
concrete plates with the plastic covers..
i always wondered what i would be like
to be as strong as a linebacker and move
with a grace of strength like a ballet person
too.. well.. it’s magic.. don’t need no head banging
football game or boxing matches.. but the fire in the
Force within.. Fearless.. in both essence and form is
full of steam.. and grace as water and air as gift.. and
i feel blessed but if you think it was easy getting to this
place.. you likely haven’t done your Olympic training yet..
as yes.. i work-out as hard as an Olympic Athlete as well..
when i’m not painting a Sistine chapel and more with words..
a symphony as such.. that relatively speaking not many folks
even know is going down.. well.. epigenetics and neuroplasticity
in adaptation to struggle for change.. makes.. or breaks us weak
or strong.. i pick the Lucy show and no.. not the red headed version..
the one of branching out more.. online and the real world too.. in hU
man potential.. no limits.. no expectations only more as i continue to
grow stronger and more creative as life gets both older and newer at
the sAMe
now now.. the
reAlly good news..
is considering all my
challenges of life.. it
seems the only thing
holding.. most folks
back noW from this
kind of poTential Now
is yes little faith that is
correct.. FAiTH IS A Force oF
hUman EmoTioNs and seNsoRy
Power of pure positive fearless and
smArt Love that can gRow wHeRe no
one else and more will go even higher and
HiGher but first things first.. seeking.. finding
practicing a FaiTh that is more than juST a word..
as empty shells of form go wITh trUly little essence oF iSREAL..:)
OK.. now back to A Casino Day Video slide presentation
with Facebook Algorithm helper as so free
with ease and breeze.. scent of salt
air beach French settled home
of Biloxi living with seafood
at touch of abundance
for living in warm
lands somewhat
of even winter.. hehe..
particularly if you even move
and circulate the blood all the
way from head to toe.. yeah.. too
many folkS iNcluding me.. spenDinG too
much FucKinG timE noW liVing iN tHeIR
FucKinG Head to the point they believe God
lives in a book or closed in.. in temples and
spiRed Buildings only pointing straiGht uP..
Well Nah.. don’t forget the real Temple
oF God.. EmoTioNs.. SeNSes.. SeN
suaLilTY and yeS SeXuAliTy
FloWinG noW iN ZoNE oF
FEEL THE TRUTH OF LOVE.. that feels no fear
of doubt.. hate.. as Dark and Cynicism oF LiGht
WeLL.. long long long ago.. on September 11th..
yes 911.. the nile overflowed its banks according
to myth and legend sAMe as reAL to fertilize
A Land of Abundance.. with the first reAlly
Stiff Egyptian God MiN as God of aLL
Fertility to spRead some Good news
aS Seed oF LiFe.. WeLL.. these
hUman ARCHeTyPes
are STiLL cOmiNG
iSREAL lEt’s juST
say as positions
continue to change..
iN soMe iSReAL places.. hE.. HE
for those in the kNow and FeeL oF ALL THAT iS..;)
And here.. the tide of Facebook Macro Verse Memories
waveS in ‘Feat of Joy’ from two years ago.. A much smaller
MacroVerse of course.. as hey.. when the Nautilus sTarts
MaKinG A sHell not uNLike God and the UniVerse plUs..
stuff seems to be kinda compact and condensed..
lEt’s jusT say.. at first in BeGiN and eNd as
NoW too.. so it WiLL continue to
BE iNteResTinG.. heHE.. @lEAst
to mE to see how this total
NautilusFredSheLL continues
to uNFoLd oNLiNe as
tHaT IS A place wHeRE
MeMoRiES.. and soULs
lAst lOngest.. as hey.. we are
StILL LooKinG at Mona Lisa..
are not we doing that and no one
even KNows for suRE who sHe even
was or iS.. butt the bottom liNe is thaT
woman inspires oTheRs no matter iF sHe
even existed or NoT.. the EmoTioN.. the SeNse..
and FeeL of iNspIrATioN IS As reAL as IF sHe
never existed.. as art IS A new verse of God’s UNiVerse
alWays as that iS whAT hUman BeInGs do bEst wiTh
iMAginATion.. sET free iN MoVinG CoNneCtinG and
cReAtinG wAYs noW.. aNyway.. more gorgeous
photos oF Navarre bEach of what used to be
the quaLiTy of the best greeting cards for pay
in HallmARk way.. hey.. Baby.. this tUrn oF A
A FriEnDlY cArd iS as ISrEAL FrEE as tHey coMe NoW..;)
‘Back to the Future of Pan Sand Now’.. Rhyming and tiMing for aLWays
NoW.. @LEast He HE.. and this is the MacroVerse i was WiLLinG
and Able to wear my Insane Clown Posse or whatever combination
of words say that on that shirt from a year ago.. when the
dVerse Poet Theme for lInks was/iS also Halloween..
then.. and the Sing of that SonGs dArk and liGht
of FuN for this Tween of 13 days
bEfoRe Halloween and
ALL Saints dAy eve
too.. as liGht
and dARk
miXeS for TwIliGht
Bright iN smArt and Fearless
UnConDitioNal Love maKinG
aLL F liFe Holy and Sacred fearless
of dArk.. and briGht oF liGht the stairway
to Heaven is alWays oPen for those who pray
an iSrEaL pLay oF liFe allToGeTHeR aLLonE allthatis
HoLdInG Hands wiTh God SAMe sKeYes all thatis noW toGeTheR oNe..:)
YouTube Facebook Memory share from
three years ago.. “Don’t Let the Sun Go
Down On Me”.. my first and practical
somewhat last attempt at Karaoke
at a pARty relatively shortly
after i got well.. and
my singing has improved
much after this at Catholic
Church but hey.. already have
enough irons in the fire of creativity
in wriTing.. Photography.. and Dance..
Male Nude Renaissance aRt.. etc.. etc..
to become a Superman Singer too.. but
meanwhile.. A Sun/Star continues to rise..
all free without fame or money.. but hey.. as
Batman’s mentor said during his 5 years of
dArkness.. go for legend.. and according to
the Dance Audience.. all ready got that title..
over a year ago.. that continues to grow just
for fun.. and that’s the thing.. do what you
love to do and love it and people will
eventuAlly express tHe same for
you.. with or without fucKing
Green BLack Dollar Bills..
My Sun is all star
and no
Lincoln Pennies..
or Green BLack Washington
Bucks to stifle my Creativity in
anyway of modern rules that choke
hold creativity for modern bucks of luck..
nah.. no gamble when aRt iS Free verse aLL ThE SaY..;)
And hell no.. i don’t just alWays cover the original song..
and that’s the way creativity goES for Free when no
contingency iS tHEre for competition..
and improvisation comes as riff juSt
for Fun like Jimi Hendrix
or Syd Barrett and a holler
of ‘American Idol’.. for me..
befoRe the Dance even got
in full gear.. i Love SinGinG..
blessed like my mother with
perfect pitch.. when i BrinG iT
oR noT juST for FuN.. i dAnce and
SinG wiTh Visual iMages and words
oF poEtry iN moVinG way of Motion pictures
too.. wE HuMans when moVinG.. CoNnecTinG
and creATinG toGether iN GiVinG ShARinG ways
make this liFE a Great AdVenture woRth liVing noW
on what this Planet truly is made to Be for those who exercise
the gift as inheritance of heaven now.. hey.. let iT aLL go.. and flow..
and with that said.. as small side note.. my first nude art blog
is back on public from private.. as it’s all for fun.. and when
i wasn’t in as good a shape as i am now.. it would be
highly hypocritical of me.. not to show the before
photos.. as hey.. i am here TO FucKinG PROVE
30.. 40.. or even 50.. and even noW as the first Atlas
and Jack LaLanne sHowed.. not even at 60 plus and
70 and past those numbers.. and on top of that the beSt
paRt IS A SpiRit never need GroW oLd iN EmoTioNal
and SeNSory way oF mINd.. and BoDy And heARt/+
SoUL BaLanCinG.. FeeLinG and SenSinG aLL oF liFe..
wheRe one day the majority of folks have adult blogs
with warnings that naked is coming on next.. jusT for
Fun to show they are not ashamed to wear God sKIn..FREE.. do you have
what it takes to be this free.. bottom line of unashamed to be a child of GOD..
and perHaps one day people will see the body as just another natural gift oF God Free..
all of the
body with
no parts excluded
or functions as anything
less than holy and sacred
in a New York.. New York.. that
one can feel from head to toe ALL FREED..
but of course only if they and WiLL to do it..
Cover uP iF yOU want to.. but i have no secrets to hide..
seriouSly privacy is something created in hell for people
to look
at all of
God without fear..
i ain’t scared baby..
how ’bout you.. go team
go teAM Got teAM liGhTnoW..
After all if the holy rollers can support
a man who brags about sexual assault
i can FucKinG Dance naked and even run
for President.. if wanted to give all this freedom away..
of just being me.. legend.. never suffering at the hand
of fame.. or ‘important’.. hEHE
the meek.. the fiRst
the lASt
all that
jazz and irony2..
i go the inside
line with God
naked noW..
and F iN FReED..
New York nude baby..
yeah.. i AM tHE FucKinG
Anti-Trump.. i don’t grab iT..
i Bring iT oN all For FReED..;)
SMILes.. mY FriEnd.. Prajakta..
it seems to me it’s true that
home sTarts and ends
iN a place
oF heARt..
SpiRit free
ALL of Nature
uS and wE and
mE and
wiTh CreAtiVity noW iN
GiVinG and ShArinG Now..
no less than so-called homeless
people like the one’s i met as people
under bridges of holding hands.. and then
the African American Man and his wife as if
melanin matters.. stopping on the side of the
road in their car away from a casino.. to see what
we were taking a picture of.. and eventually pulling
over and asking me to say a prayer for the God oF all
Nature i see and feel and sense while hOlDinG Hands…
Home to me is wheRE aLL of liFE dArk and liGht bEcomes
as LiFe..
anyWay.. nice
to see you writing
and have a nice day now.. My FriEnd..:)
WeLL.. my FriEnd gigoid.. back
aGain after a very long day oF ‘a day
in the life’.. of me.. and of course
that reminds me of the Beatles
and one of my favorite
pieces of album
Art that has
so much
principle psychological
significance.. as i create my
life WitH NaTurE oNe.. yeah..
that God thingy.. as all is interrelating
and interconnectinG as i/we/us/oUr sPeak..
iN terms of ME for noW heHE.. but anyWay..
alWays thOught iT interesting that years of Biblical
stuff has ended in a metaphor aS Son oF Man.. hmm..
so what IS A Son of Man.. could be daughter.. etc.. etc..
too of course as trUly anything of creation too.. iSREAL
and BeYond aS Such iN terms of Quantum ways oF LooKinG
bEyOnd reAliTy too.. we meAsure and obServe.. as Such in direct
way seeing smaller than wHole piCture ONe witH sMAllEr than WhOle
hUman eYes.. etc.. anyWay.. we are in a unique position of album cover
aRt wHere all those folks on the cover can eventually come to life aGaIN..
except hmm.. perHaps for that somewhat anonymous status of a Law Enforcement
officer as stone statue from John Lennon’s home as Burial Ground Decoration with
flowerS and all of that however of course the hope is that Stone Statue becomeS now
sonS of men who are wise instead of elders who fail sTiLL WiTh igNoRance mY friEnd..
as anti-Apocalypse in original Greek DefiNiTioN oF course.. on course..
so iN A way
the book iS
oPen iN terms
oF IT.. eXploding
all types/feeLinGs oF ArT
and BeyOnd aS SciEnce
too.. where trUly the BRIDgE
of Frankenstein is thE FucKinG INternet..
hehe.. anYway.. it’s true i do look an awful LOT
like that Son of man riSing on that album cover set
in stone.. with more to Koan my friEnd in Long Form oF course..;)
“Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.”
~~ Jean Anouilh, Ardele, 1948, (2, translated by Lucienne Hill) ~~
And tHeRE
are many
languages of LoVe..
And perHaps oNe faiTh
as aLL that iS thaT and moRe..;)
What is the first business of one who studies philosophy?
To part with self-conceit.
For it is impossible for any one to begin to learn
what he thinks that he already knows.”
~~ Epictetus — How to apply general Principles to particular Cases ~~
~~ Discourses, Book ii, Chap. xvii ~~
i know noThing..
thEre ‘foRE
mY heARt is FilLed
moRe than nOthing..:)
“I am the shadow my words cast.”
~~ Octavio Paz ~~
Some days the shadows
seem larger
but sure
that’s all i know..
and more than kNow..:)
“In’I no expect to be justified by the laws of men.”
~~- Bob Marley ~~
alWays change..
justifiEd bY PoliTics..
tiCK.. tocK..
cLock.. ticK
tocK tiCK head change..;)
“Brains first and then Hard Work.”
~~ Eeyore, Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~
neVer coMes
unTil A first Step..
soFt wAre..;)
“It is one thing,
to show a man that he is in an error,
and another,
to put him in possession of truth.”
~~ John Locke ~~
“The human condition is such
that pain and effort are not just symptoms
which can be removed without changing life itself;
they are rather the modes in which life itself,
together with the necessity to which it is bound,
makes itself felt.
For mortals, the ‘easy life of the gods’ would be a lifeless life.”
~~ Hannah Arendt ~~
aS in otHeR words
“We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.”
~~ Anais Nin ~~
we are
Costing not less than everything.
~~ T.S. Eliot ~~
iN addition..;)
It’s worth noting.. to mE..heHe..
YeLLow Boy IS A MiNime..
Now.. Back
to An original
schedUled ProGraM
wiTh no F iN PlAN..
But first.. a note.. for those of
you in the occult KNow.. of Aleister
Crowley and stuff like that.. remember aT
the end of ‘The Book of the Law’.. yeah..
i know ‘he said’ beware of discussing it like
‘they say’ the bible can’t have any words added to it
and Muhammad has the last prophetic words// well.. at
least the book version of Jesus said in 14:12 that there will
be those after who do greater works who believe in what he was
saying back then.. or whomever scribed it ‘tween his death
and after 40 years of Aramaic oral tradition.. the literate
and educated Greeks then came on board with writing to
select what of many sectS.. inNCLUsiVe oF Christianity
sounded cool to them.. ranging from the belief
in one God to twelve God’s.. so yes.. round
table discussion among illiterate peoples
changes much over 40 years and hell
no faith does not mean just
’cause someone said it
to someone else second
hand and thousands of hands
it IS A gospel truth.. unless you
will to do that with your own choice
of course.. ignorant or not.. of new factors
and feelings and senses that come into play
iSREAL as such now.. too.. and then of course the three
to four hundred thousand scribe mistakes.. many honest
copying mistakes to on purpose and hey.. it might sound
better if i add ‘this’.. while no one is looking.. hmm.. and sure
as scholars show too.. it’s only likely that about 2 books as
letters of Paul are even from an actual Apostle of
the flesh dude Yeshua back then.. and it’s a ‘Wiki
Fact’ that Muhammad’s house mate and closest
confidant disagreed with the print version of
what he said.. after Muhammad died
and what he supposedly said got
all written down.. and as we
understand noW in a big
new world.. that yes..
folks can go to a
deeper subconscious
pArt of tHeir mind iNclUding
the genetic memory pArt and
BRinG uP Human Archetypes of
the distant past that we all share
in ways of EmoTioNs and SeNSes/SeNsuaLiTy that
we attempt to share with each other.. creating
abstract symbols known as letters.. words and
yes.. numbers too.. and back to Aleister Crowley’s
book of the law that preSents a somewhat callous
masculine side of human for will and survival that will
do whatever it takes in tribal war time and such as that
to ensure subsistence and reproductive necessities are
in order to keep the tribe going in areas wHere abundance
is either non-existent or threatened by others and now of
course that abundance includes cultures and symbols
as such that folks hold holy and sacred.. including
Lincoln cents and Washington bucks.. eTC.. and
literally and figuratively anything that humans
assign value to from the time they are spoon fed
values almost from birth in the particular culture
they are born to be in.. so.. Mr. Crowley starts/ends off by
saying that do as thy Wilt is the only law
with Love as the guiding principLed
Emotional Force that counts with
one’s True WiLL being iN BaLance
wItH GodETc.. of Nature.. he for
one became sentient of as thaT varies
for the eYes aS Multi-Verse of the
human who sees and feels and senses
more of Nature allthatis in Interrelating
and Interconnecting Force oF noW aLL that
some folks see more or less of from A to
Z and bEyond.. well anyWay.. after that Mr.
Crowley went his own way devising a religion
that folks could share if they willed to do that.. thOugh
never a contingency of something BAD happening.. yeah..
like eternally burning in a psychopathic leaning fire
if you didn’t obey the folks who spoon fed you
that from birth and all of that.. anyWay..
he attempted to share the essence
of what he believed in through
that deeper part of what
can be termed holy
spirit wHere God
lives within.. yes.. liGht
aND dARk.. and ‘tween of
Beyond sHades of Grey and
hues of Rainbow plus colors too..
and Mr. Crowley was at least humble
like Jesus enough to say that greater folks
would come to do more.. and in his case he
forecast one special person that can be everyone
if they read it like that same as John 14:12 IN THE
SO-CALLED Jesus New Testament too.. for whom and
whatever scribe wrote that.. with tHeir deeper thinking
and feeling caps on to help the species go on.. Free..
surviving and even thriving and this my friends
is named the attribute of Altruism that sees
the wHole as Bigger than pArt as mE..
and like Spock said the needs of
the many outweigh the needs
of the few.. and considering that
Mr. Crowley tortured small animals
as a child while his Mama called him
a beast.. like the devil.. and perhaps she
was part of what made him leave his fellow
mountain climbers to die on a mountain as
altruism wasn’t fully a power he had.. but anyway..
the dude was a rational Genius who attempted to move
to human archetypes and higher powers of libido through
practicing sensuality that even science shows now increases
productivity and creativity.. and sure it feels like magic huh and
works as libido.. like any 13 year old girl and boy doesn’t
already understand this along with the 60 year old
bleached blonde with push up bra pointed at pastor
in church.. particularly if the pastor looks and
moves anything like Magic Mike XXL.. heHE..
people are funny when they deny tHeir
human nature.. they make me giggle..
and turn all red and such as that..
haha.. well anYway the
Aleister Dude says someone
will come and peck the eyes out
of Buddha.. Muhammad and then even
Jesus hanging on a cross.. and here’s the
thing.. that just means for metaphor.. perhaps
that the myths will be uncovered as what “they”
are as vehicles and vessels carrying and houSing
TrUth and liGht and sure some FAlse and DArk too..
as marketing 101 says is necessary in
emotional.. including sensual hyperbole
like Victoria’s Secret in the mall..
to sell the product that every
one not only wants but
needs too in the basics
of food.. drink.. shelter
and reproductive powers
of success to make the work
of the night and day more creative
and productive to make the grade of LIVE
and even thrive alive as rise.. per Kundalini..
Satori.. Nirvana.. the Kingdom of God as Heaven
within.. and infinite other numbers of metaphors that
express the iSREaL Human shared as similar experience
of Enlightenment sTill today.. so at the end of ‘The Book of
the Law’.. yeah.. per that book that Paul McCartney was
speaking of in “A Day in the Life’.. although you will
never see them elaborate.. as they may even
be spooky about the voodoo scientific proven
opposite Affect/Effect as the negative power
of suggestion as converse nocebo
effect from the same scientifically
proven power of placebo in positive
power of Belief/prayer as suggestion..
yeah.. if you belief bad shit happens to
yA.. it’s more likely you will subconsciously
now come to act upon your internal power of
suggestions in belief.. so weigh your will
in words/prayer oF liGht if you want yoUr forTune
cookie to sing a happy song iN positive consequence
after the action you do next.. inspired by Song of Emotions
as guided by associated symbols of words.. etc.. in what
ever you find dARk or liGht or ‘tween value of in life as
you or you let others create your life for you as you go
with great or little Force as Power of relative free will
with the rest of Nature plus.. also Known and felt
and sensed as God allthatis.. so yes.. at the
end of the book of the law2.. Aleister who
has come to make many human symbols..
sacred and holy with shared meaning and
purpose.. lists a bunch of letters and says that
someone eXplains coMinG after him as IS A prophecy of human
some Egyptian Gods and Goddesses said no different than
the burning bush of Moses.. and just another Gabriel
in a cave.. per what Muhammad said he heard deep
within too.. in sacred mEaSuRe oF symbols to house
the essence of that in vehicle and vessel of human
symbols kNown as language then for whomever
sPeaks words as forms for essence like Angels
for the liGht inside and devils and demons
for the dArk inside.. as eXpreSSinG thAT
through what becomes
then.. so-cAlleD holy
and sacred text.. next..
so sure.. the key again..
is the more you make holy
and sacred in life aS meaning
and purpose in positive intent
inspiring positive action and
consequence the higher you go
in the Kingdom of God.. could be hell
or heaven.. or the ‘tween of 50 shades of
grey that sadly Mr. Crowley spent most of his
life in with drug addiction.. failed marriages.. including
some of the folks close to him ending up in insane asylums
as he explored the dARk side.. of the places that are pretty
stupid to go.. but hey.. trial and error to warn the rest of the
tribe you don’t wanna go there.. but still.. folks take his
message of doing drugs still to heart and die of
overdoses.. indirectly as a result of that
dark inspiration still.. the point is.. tHere
is alWays room for prometheus improvement..
and that includes everyone and never just one
man as the end all of eYes and ears for the pARt
oF God that lives freer or not as the human race now..
i AM not afraid.. that allows me to go free high and higher
but i am more like a Captain Salt now.. than then Sergeant
Pepper whose goal was to become the Devil’s Chief
of Staff.. yes.. the Dark side he explored and the
dark side he reaped in the abuse of drugs and
other folks selfishly until his death..
thAT don’t work for the liGht
of A
Salt in terms
of Stone Statues
on the albums of covers
oF LiGht more.. now with or
without mustaches of meek..
and last and first inside to do more..
and help the rest of the tribe to rise uP
to liGht and away from the pain of dARk..
the water is sweet as free and Love ToGeTheR..
do no harm.. be free.. and love each oTher is what i say iSREAL..
sAdly.. tHeRe are many dArk strAnds of life to travel to get to GOLd..;)
“76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word.”
-Aleister Crowley
from ‘The Book of the Law’
Is whateVer
bE liGht iS uP 2 yoU..
And mE.. anD wE aNd uS and oUrs Now..:)
Facebook Friend.. Rafiah.. protests
in terms of Pakistani Feminism as follows..
We still are treated like cattle.
And we are expected to follow
blindly what we are told and
commanded by the superior
sex that have happen to be
superior on the basis that
they happen to be born with a pair of testies.
And i say in return and defense of her view…
Rafiah will become A Female
Leader of Pakistan and
‘Fix’ ‘this issue’..;)
Anyway.. without
A woman
To lead my
ADHD.. i
Would become
God lives
For Free in
And as all of
Life and when
God as Living
Within Demands
Free God aS and oF Free eventUally
Wins.. as
Affirm noW
Will be A
ReaLiTy iN
By 2050..
God wins
Free aS and
iN We Freed..:)
And now i say with Skyfall music
in the background.. that i initially
used for the last Micro-Verse as pARt
of what will be named as this entire 714th
Macro Verse as ‘Son oF Man More’.. as soon
as the brew of it is over for now.. hehe.. anyway.. “A Day
in the Life’.. fits what comes before all of this jusT finE.. noW..
yes.. and what did i say.. oh yes.. and today at Catholic Church
the Good Cop Jesus appeared in the scriptures to back up the different
among us with Unconditional Love.. and the new Priest man who is employed
by the Pope there took advantage of politics and took a swipe at the Democrats
out of Wiki Leaks that tools a swipe at the fundamentalist systemizing archaic ways
that still go on in the Catholic Church.. again.. the legal abortion supporter.. the Hillary
as of course if the Pope and the Catholic Church had their way.. medically safe abortions
would be abolished and we would become a third world country in effect of what was
already going on with unsafe abortions over here before 1960.. and as World
Health Organization studies show.. countries where medically
safe abortions are not allowed has little to nothing to do
with any less unsafe abortions per example of
mostly Catholic Mexico.. where abortions
are illegal there and birth control
is against the Catholic
Rules other than
abstinence that
does not work with
Human Nature off course..
and the fact is.. without effective
birth control rates of abortion go up..
and as the World Health Organization studies
show.. these countries have huge numbers of permanently
disabled women.. and greater suffering to the unborn through
the unsafe practices of abortion.. where there is statically as many
of those going on in Mexico… like we had before.. 1960 over here in
the U.S.. too.. Bottom line is.. when faced with unwanted pregnancies
and particularly when there is barely enough subsistence to support the
rest of the family humans will do what it takes for the other children to survive..
it happens in a global way.. and when there are no medically safe alternatives
as greatest safe alternative for effective birth control.. the consequences
can easily and are sTiLL Measured in terms of human misery and
suffering.. unborn.. born child and mothers and
fathers and all who are associated
with human
in what could be
fixed much better with
words as simple as effective
birth control.. yes that is insane
and stupid and archaic when there
IS A much better reasonable way where
there are neither Unwanted Pregnancies
or Abortions.. with safe and effective Birth
Control in lieu of the dArker paRts of life that
come.. with or without a license in safe medical
way to do abortions.. and it is the same way with
marriage.. make a women stay in an unhappy one
or man same.. and more human misery and suffering
comes at the hand of the church of course that convinces
folks they cannot be free children of God.. but nah.. don’t
try to convince the closed minded of these simple facts.. as they
would rather see people suffering vs.. admitting they are simply wrong..
by the books as it says.. full of dArk and LIGht inconsistencies without
integrity of ethics or morals.. as already highlighted in other Macro-Verses..
particularly.. “710th MacroVerse oF Faith”.. yeah.. the bible IS A Dr. Jekyll and
Hyde dARk too.. depending on the scripture in chapter and verse that comes
one’s way in church.. there are no good answers for ignorance as pain.. misery
and suffering usually end the day.. wHere rEasoN.. noW WiTH TrUe Unconditional
Fearless LoVE rULinG thE day Now away from ignorant chains.. of past inconsistencies..:)
The Facebook Video Slide Assistant provides a nice overview
of Sunday crisp Azure skies Catholic Church morn to celebrate
a Hallway for someone very special to come to church.. namely
some folks who need to be covered from the rain and such as that..
in disability ways of traveling too.. and then the October Fall Festivals
continue to March in October.. with the Niceville Mullet Festival.. moving
a little to our East here.. but never the less more and such.. Red State
fundamentalist hell as such.. as even the Country Music Band
members were lauding the man from bragging through
grabbing as sexual assault of women.. as
yes.. no different than the sTiLL Cattle
of Pakistan that Rafiah Highlights..
as objects to control one way
or the other for birth control..
as all patriarchal religions at least
now origin in Abrahamic religions to the
Roman Empire.. expanding huge tribes to gain
even greater subsistence in control over other folks
too.. where fear and repressing and oppressing human nature
is most always the sad song of the empty HeARt.. SpiRit and SoUL..
Day and Jesus F. iN Christ not even one person out of a crowd of
hundreds to a thousand and more.. would not do at least a duo
with the solo of me dancing fast and fearless and furious
just for fun.. anyway with enough practice and
laser focus
come both
iSREaL and easy
in effortless effort
as reward from God Living
WiThIN and fulfilling hUman
Nature potential greater greater..
as there is nothing wrong about being
strong.. walking tall and no bowing to
those who would slave you.. and even make
a Humble Yogi-Like dude named Yeshua.. into
an only Begotten Soldier Sun God to originally
expand the Roman Empire as Emperor Constantine
road the coattails of that myth and constructed a
monolithic Sun God Statue of his self as Trumps will do..
anyway ignorance walks in dARk corridors of soUL away from liGht..
i’d really
love to
turn them
on.. and sure i’LL
keep doing it solo for the
end of days as beginning of
lifting the veils of ignorance
in the real original Def of Apocalypse
now that means just that opening the blinds
now.. away
from doubt.. fear
and all stuff related to hate2..:)
Hmm.. i suppose i now should pay some homAge to
the field of audience who as Katrina says.. generouSly
filmed my dance antics solo in front of them for literally
hours yesterday.. yes.. to the tunes of two country bands
and that goes to sHow i do not discriminate against music..
hehe.. as nah.. it’s not my first choice but to expand one’s
artistic mind and body in balance one must open it to other
genre’s of art and thOught per se and yes even the other thoughts
and art and bodies too that are more restricted.. repressed and yes..
oppressed too.. depending on the culture one is spoon fed from birth..
hmm.. and this is red state U.S.A… if there was ever a place where even
sociologists show this is the worst place in the U.S.A. to attempt to be
different as most everyone sings of the same sheet of choir music to
the Tunes of Trump mostly.. in ignorance of more of what life
has to offer when Newly freed and unplugged away from
the matrix that has been delivered to them
and sometimes force fed from birth..
yeah.. like don’t don’t move in
Church and School.. don’t
smile and laugh or cry
Johnny.. be a real
man and make sure
you are strong enough
to go to war for your country
and yes.. that makes sense too..
if you are raising soldiers to be cold
blooded killers to take empathy away
that naturally is aversive to harming others
PATCH OF DIRT.. that is not fertile where folks struggle
for even something to eat.. overall.. people do have enough
to eat.. we even have a social net that provides food stamps as
such.. and social programs that allow folks to maintain basic subsistence
items when they fall under hard times.. including mental and physical
disabilities.. so the Declaration of Independence can continue to come
true as American dream for the right to life and liberty and the
pursuit of happiness and i don’t know about you but for
me that is reason to dance everyday 365 days a year
for at least a few hours and if this was Ireland still..
or the Indian Pow wow.. there would be at least
some more folks dancing as a tribe instead
of sitting like knots on a log as audience
instead of player as they are doing here..
although.. obviouSly.. many of ‘them’
are either interacting with
4 to 5 inch screens
vicariously or
hehe.. just hiding
the fact that they are
video taping me to share
on Facebook later in Niceville
town.. to share the wild and free thing
in human form they saw at the fall festival
with all their local friends as such.. hehe.. but
sure.. what ya gonna do.. when the 230LB dancing
man who flies through the air on terrestrial land with
the greatest of ease suddenly comes to a complete rested
stop.. and aims his camera directly at you hehe.. like he caught
you invading his privacy which is not private at all.. ‘ya ‘big dummies’..
so go ahead.. free for all.. this is a public place and public stuff is ongoing
you can see as free.. why the fuck not share it for free.. and sure.. inspire some
of your red state friends to move out of the box with neo plus too.. and hehe..
i could have
shared some of
my restricted links
consensually of course
with no Trump Grabs.. but
only a few young military wives
were nice enough to get close to
me to give me some big grins of hey..
sure.. i saw the younger version of Magic
Mike XXL too.. and i can dig this too.. hehe..
at least from a distance of course until i meet
you at
on girl’s night out..
anyway.. free is for fun..
life is for joy.. and anyone
is welcome to dance with me
as long as the heArt iS in a place of Free..
oh yeah.. and one good old boy stopped me
for a handshake on the way out and tried the bone
crusher hand shake with me.. i suppose.. assuming
he thought grace means a limp wrist as such and sure
i showed him what it was like to shake ‘Superman2”s hand2..
every day a surprise i have for the ‘other ones2’ of course..
yeah.. not only do i parallel leg press 1020 LBS 33 times
now with my arms raised to the air like a ballerina.. there
is a hand grip machine that i use with 200LBS to the tune
of 100 reps or more.. if i have time before they close as i
be like the
Army Rangers say2..
HE HE.. as the water can kick as too..
if necessary.. after a hurricane comes to town2..
with calmest center eye liGht to shine on ‘you2’..
nah.. humble does not mean weak or boWing dOwn..
but sure.. if i was emperor psychopathic leaning Constantine
i’d be sure that a verse for your control got put in that said
the other
cheek.. and
i’ll slay/hate you if
you don’t do what i say..
oh.. the lies.. oh.. the sweet lies..
that control human being.. yeah.. now
like the one that says lustful thoughts
are evil when they are the human source
as science shows for productivity and creativity
when balanced with love… ‘Apocalypse’.. in original
Greek Term of lifting the veils of ignorance…
iT’s what’s for Dinner for FReED..
per Neo’s and New age
Jesus’.. eTc.. as
originAlly free..
and other real
flesh and blood folks
wHo FucKinG uNPluG noW
WiTh eYes and eARs and
sKIn naked free wiTh and as
pARt of GoD whOle Ocean SinGs JOY..
Well.. as i continue to build this Nautilus shell..
less and less it becomes necessary to seek outside
inspiration.. but of course i am not a small sea creature
that works alone like that.. i am human therefore i must branch
out further than my own autistic shell that is tempting to revert back to
too.. but not a place for being human.. anyWay i’ll do both.. as the motto
of the Nautilus Logo of my University of West Florida goeS in Oliver Wendell..
Holmes speak of build thee more stately mansions.. and it’s funny.. on the last
day of three degrees of that school.. feeling accomplished without a clue of what
i would do next.. having no idea what kind of work to do for money.. no idea that i would
work close to two decades in a Military Federal Civilian Service Bowling Center rising up to Manager.. then support assistant
for a Captain of the NAS Pensacola place of employment in a reduction of force.. back to
Community activities Director and then Athletic Director at end of that quarter of a century
career that started earlier at age 16 as Janitor cleaning stuff up and picking up the
loose ends as such then with the addition of Book Store Clerk and Research
Associate in Archeology at University towards graduation with a full load
of school with these part time jobs after i already succumbed to
one break down.. not understanding i was on the
Autism Spectrum with a touch of bi-polar then..
as that diagnosis complete was not even
in the books then of shrink school..
as sure… i exceeded by social capacities
of life in stress and my condition became
disabling but only for three months.. and i came
back stronger than ever before then.. and anYway..
as i left school.. i knew i was gonna do something no
one had ever done before and sooner or later they would
say yeah.. he graduated from here.. i have no idea how i knew
that then.. it was just intuitive.. and although what i do here is beyond
the comprehension of 99.99 percent of the population at hand where i live
at least.. iT doesn’t lesSon the fAct that i am all i can be.. in appreciation of this
gift and these gifts of life both dARk and liGht.. and the 66 months of hell.. yes..
literal hell in a life threatening break down of mind and body balance soul from
ending fight or flight stress that i could not escape for the last 2 years of my
career culminating in that hell from January 2008 to July of 2013.. is the
source in darkest nights of soul that BrinG this explosion of creativity
and productivity here.. like a big bang from total darkness..
as above so below.. i reflect the creater whoLe of
aLL i can see.. and all of this is both a prayer and a tribute
to God.. even if God that lives within is the only one who listens
and speaks as the Ocean grows bigger and bigger as beyond
the archetype of Nautilus and even what Oliver Wendell
homes was speaKinG about coMes
trUe in a new old age
of Freedom..
it’s what
life is all about
to be all you and ours can be noW..:)
As the Chambered Nautilus growS iN Memories
of past travels.. so does the one here continue.. wiTh
Facebook Algorithm Memories.. and one from two years
ago here named.. Scarecrow aWAKES.. to the
metaphor tune of the Wizard of OZ of course..
to the reaLiTy of Human archetypes
of the reptilian serpent brain
for basic survival and of course..
autonomic bodily functions.. liOn
in raw courage.. to the emotional
heARt brain of limbic system that
is more involved with connecting to
each other.. when Tin man comes with
oil of love.. and of course the Scarecrow
that lacks a neo-cortical brain of reason in
analyzing what does or does not work noW from
past to present in trial and error and book learning
ways of life too.. in collective intelligence cultural ways Now
of life in clothes beYond naked innate instinct and intuition too..
so sure.. and then there are those who are in control like the Wizard
of OZ making devils and demons in books to scare folkS into suBmission
to build whatever golden empire is going down for illusion away from
free.. or perhaps transhumanist aids to grow higher and hiGher too..
as Lucy
of Diamonds
iN human potential greater..
anyWay.. as always more fully
illustrated in the Macro-Verse liNk
to more photos.. other liNks and dance
niGht from two years ago too.. celebrating
Halloween culture making fun of the dARk iN
the Good Old U.S.A oF i ain’t scArEd too.. hehe..;)
Hmm.. ‘NEW GOD’ EXISTS.. another MacroVerse from
two years ago.. that really just goes to sHow that the
new god is the same old god and aLways god
of natUre that the so-called primitive
folks experience as verb of
being now.. interconnecting
and interrelating to all
of Nature same
as God.. naked
barefoot as no less
or greater than gRains
aS Sand of God.. both a humble
feeling and one of strength oF allone
in thE greAteST test of Existential Intelligence
of total and complete power of faith in will and focus
of healing power now.. as gifted in the inheritance of
our God of Nature given DNA.. for the struggles of
our ancestors in success to bRinG uS to this point
as poTenTial oF Heaven now.. on this beautiful
green blue brown white orb Earth that is
Heaven compared to all the rocks and
liGht we see above/below/inside/
outside all around the colors
of human emotions.. feelings..
senseS even more that
other animals
on this
Planet Heaven
here.. experience more
of God than even we do
in tHeir Special senses/feeling
way of doing thaT differently than wE..:)
‘Dark Chocolate Dreams ‘ from a year ago to date..
addressing the pain and pleasure syndromes
of human being.. and my ongoing
conversations with Muslim friend
SOHEIR.. as we discuss the
differences and similarities
of viewing God from
a bigger picture
view when
cultures come
toGeThER and
this response floWing
from what is Holy Spirit i..
is worth repeating again.. as
it plays to the crux of difference
and same oF aLL religions and
God if one believes all is one
Force of God Free and not
imprisoned in
or human
beings.. period too..
in books or not.. and
seriously2.. any child of God who
lives in Nature sAMe.. undeRstands
these trUths and liGhts by doinG
God iSReAL and not an empty
sHell of close to nothing but
vagueness iN a book..
God isReaL
NoW when
one experiences
God as pArt
iN MoVinG..
CreAtinG wHolE..
GiVinG shARing noW
ways alWays giVing
more than TaKinG noW
in a BaLanCinG ACT
as child of God.. Now
pARt whOle oNe.. NoW
and whenever an elegant
shape like this one comes
it is more than likely that i for
one am closer to god aLLone
and i cannot explain that further
than what the shape sayS iN all
innate.. instinctual.. and intuitive fashion
with hands and eYes of God thaT create FReED..:)
Smiles.. actually i did
NOT say that the books
are NOT revealed to humans by GOD..
of course all prophets words are eyes of GOD..
What i did say is ON a desert Isle.. as your other video
states those prophets and or books are not necessary for
God to live there with humans
as those prophets and books
do not exist
there at all..
That is just
common sense my
friend.. something
God gifts to us
with God’s
eyes too..
with peace..
And here.. a one year ago
share of a stand alone
micro-micro verse pARt
of a Micro-Verse as pARt
of Macro-Verse from a year
ago.. similar to the one as spoken
to Soheir above.. except it is
a Micro-Verse as sliGhtly
bigger.. pARt of Ocean
WHole poem sTiLL
GroWinG past
3.3 MilLioN
Words aka
SonG of mY SoUL
and KATiE MIA FredericK!iI
aLtogeTheR as website liNk too..
per this 714th Macro-Verse
noW riSinG uP.. named
‘Son oF Man More’
as hey.. even
the so-called
Saint John
dude in
14.. verse
12 of his
book said
that folks who believed
in what Jesus was speaKing
too as liGht would do even greater
works than Jesus as far as who could
undo the sandals of folks to come who will
do more as history shows they already have
many times over.. per the words of a humble man
who was not too proud to say folks will do more than
‘theY’ in hopes of course iN lifting more of the human race
up as any truly ‘normal altruistic’ human will do.. not adulterated
by books and tools that become human more than core of fearless noW
smARt and Unconditional Love in old age new age golden rule ways.. oF FReED2..:)
Ah.. squirrels.. they run..
they climb.. they do tight
wire acts across poles of
streets.. pay no mind to
religions or cultures
A year ago share of my profile pic on Facebook that
is Katrina staring up at a high rise ride at the Pensacola
Fair.. like she’s looking at the most amazing thing oF all
that she can relate to as the child who was thrown in black
water river at Carpenter’s Park when young and told
swim or sink.. learn to FucKinG swim..
hmm.. yeah.. tough
makes tough
and strangELy
enough as shy
as Katrina can be
she is very tough when
need be.. drill sergeant style
as such.. born into the wild of
struggle and what comes as strength with
survive.. and sure.. she would have to survive
the devil in hell for 66 months to help me out
to even
as what
i do now
as ‘Superman2’..
as such in metaphor
of course out of the dArk
side of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde too..
anyWay.. she is smiling in glee to see the
challenge of a terrified young adult on the
high rise thrill as challenge of life machine..
and i don’t do heights as i already float on land..
and am supersensitive to falling down when up.. Now..
Katrina has no fear of heights.. just dance.. overall..;)
And finAlly.. a somewhat rare photo of me and
Katrina doing the selfie thingy at the Interstate
Fair last year.. that is soon to repeat this
Saturday as October Fall festS
come to an end for
Azure skies..
and just a memory
for me too.. as the
teenage boy who dreamed
of holding hands with a girl at
the fair that would not come true
until 18 years old.. well.. here’s the
you see..? both Katrina and i are considered
legally and medically totally and permanently
disabled with she having a condition of almost
Daily Epileptic complex partial seizures that leaves
her out of this world for a short period of time and
then disoriented for up to hours and even losing memories
of her entire life or weeks or falling down in stores.. thank God
only one time so far.. with only one Grand Mal Seizure that
was life threatening when she was in Labor with our child
who lived 51 days.. and me.. not speaking until age 4
with Asperger’s Syndrome not diagnosed until
middle age along with Bi-Polar syndrome
where my lows are much more
difficult to deal with
in death-like
state than
the highs
that can be managed
with Dance along with the
super emotional affective sensitivities
and sensory spidey man Autistic senses too..
as long as i do not exceed the limits of what
i can handle as stress including being made into
a cog in society’s machine.. that i am simply not evolved
by God to do.. in an all natural neuro-diversity and bio-diversity way..
you see.. we are those Boot Strap folks that so-called Republican evangelist-like
Christians look at as totally normal.. ’cause from the outside she could
be a fashion model.. and sure.. i could be a law enforcement officer..
even FucKinG sheriff.. as i am mistaken for both law enforcement
and military for years now everywhere i go.. just ’cause i walk
tall.. broad and strong now.. with obvious FucKinG fearless
as Bruce Lee can get now too.. but i work
for that in stimming ways no different
than Ben Affleck in what he did to
gain fearless Balance in his life..
in ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’ movie.. now..
except he as actor went a step
further and took amphetamines
along with his strobe lights of
rock hard music.. and see..
that’s why i go the distance
and climb a mountain high and
higher to be free.. as i’m not here
to move mountains.. i’m here to climb
them higher and higher.. and if this all
ain’t a FucKinG real human miracle now of
Son of Man More.. what the FucK iS it then..
other than Miracle of iSREAL GOD NoW.. and
the point of sharing all of this is.. hey.. if we can do it.. so can yoU..
liKelY.. as this ends another Macro Verse of Both mY souL and Freedom isREaL..
when i see/feel the rest of the world.. i am the one who sees it as functionally disabled
do whatever
i can to inspire
folks to be re-born
again as free children
of God Naked free unchained
from cultural repressions and oppressions
that frOwny
face that hurts so deep..
that i can feel every ounce of
when i dance at Super Walmart..
and i suppose that iS iN pARt why God puts
me here.. as sadly these folks in the area
with the most churches per square mile
in the record books are lost
in the dark
of priSon
more than
most anyone
i feel in the world..
and that includes now..
folks i meet all around the world..
here.. in a heaven with no sun or
moon.. or golden floors and pearly
gates.. a place where mY soUL WiLL
riSe and lEave oN for ages in fAll
wHo kNows
perHaPs now two
thouSand yearS..
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

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