‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712

A King oF A Date Palm
comes by to visit
my view from
a room and
i say..
Trust me ‘Squirrel’..
Life is much much
better.. ‘out tHeRe’..;)
NoW.. Fellow Blogger Muslim Friend From Egypt..
SOHEIR.. who writes on Word Press.. shares a quote
from the Koran that says only Allah is worthy of
worship and i go on to say..
You kNow.. i was juSt thiNking about
you today.. so.. i suppose my prayers
came true about you being okay..
Happy Friday.. my friEnd..
SOHEIR.. and may all youR
days be blessed this way..:)
SOHEIR responds in words to
the effect and affect that she says
i am indeed a Good soul but it upsets
her that i say bad things about Muhammad
and she wishes i would understand how much
Muslim’s Love Muhammad.. as he gets basically
a bad rap/rep from Americans in all they say and do..
generally speaking of course..
So.. i go on to say then..
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Soheir
First oF aLL.. i Love you..
and that’s all that counts here
to me.. and i will alWays be your
friEnd no matter what you thiNk/FeeL about
anyone or anything as my love is unconditional…
And additionally.. for every post you make
for the rest of yoUr life and as long
as i am alive.. i will like it no
matter if i agree with it or
not cause i hold all
my FriEnds as holy
and sacred as a
grain of sand
that i respect
as holding up not only
mountains but we humans
and therefore love as well..
but no that doesn’t mean i
will necessarily agree with all you say.. or quote…
Simple Definition of worship by the Merriam Webster Dictionary:
“: the act of showing respect and love for a god especially by praying with other people who believe in the same god : the act of worshipping God or a god”
“: excessive admiration for someone”
“None has the right to be worshipped except for you”
coming from the Koran and in reference to ALLAH..
as you quote here from the Koran for your topic post..
And now i say additionAlly…
It doesn’t matter what YOU say or do.. or if a grain
of sand gets in my eye.. i will love
you and Muhammad
no less than
a grain
of sand
my friEnd..
as A Grain of SAnd
is God sAMe as me
and yoU and Muhammad as God iN pARt lives in
all of existence as bEyond/less oF iNFinity.. mY FriEnd..
AlWaysnowforevermorenow.. no time noW with no measure…
Disagree.. i will.. for anything i choose in life.. my fRiENd
i WiLL as i am A free and A wild child of God.. i call the
the bad pARts of words attributed to Jesus the Bad Cop
Jesus and readily admit no one has any idea who he
really fully is as that’s just a fact.. and Muhammad’s
closest confident disagreed with the final ending
print version of the Koran.. so what Muhammad
did say or did not say.. is not sure in that regard too..
i admit i wore the shoes of not only JOB but the Devil
too.. as metaphor and i still go to a Christian Church with
hundreds of Catholic Folks and hold hands
with them.. if they let me….
i fear neither DArk
or am cynical oF liGht
mY friEnd and that was my
lesson in hell.. to Love ALL of
God liGht and Dark and
no pArt of
of worship
any less than
any oTher paRt..
My only FriEnds online
who really stick with me
are Muslim’s if that tales you
anything about how i feel about
the people who live in Muslim countries..
Smiles my FriEnd.. NOW..
all i can say again is that
i Love.. you.. and i’m sorry if
it is you who takes offense that
i also am neither a first or last or
only prophet of God or A Son of God
the fAct remains i AM A Prophet oF God..
and A Son of God as you are Daughter..
no pArt that is any less or more special
than any other pARt of GoD.. i meet God
Face to face alWays noW.. and this is what
God tales A prophet i… i no bigger than a grain of Sand.. and less..
i just wrote my version of a bible that is 4 times bigger than an entire
old ‘timey’
in three
years of
what took
many others
to scribe..
God has
no time
no limits
and no expectations of limits..
i’ve been careful not to say anything
negative about religion here since you
closed the door on my comment when i told
you i would write a bible as big as A Koran in the
span of weeks.. i continue to do that each month or so my Friend..
and that’s just an empirical fact.. i don’t see the Koran as any less
important than what i write..or more important either.. i just stated a fact..
but no i am not particularly impressed with the Koran for the facts already
presented here but i do Love that verse you just quoted very very much
as i use it here to
present my
case for
ALL of
and not
just one
part.. now..
in the past..
etc.. ET al…
i tend to
do that..
as i AM Free..
anyWay… SMiLes..
you opened the door
to discuss religion again..
you are welcome to close it
again.. any time you like.. that will
not make my love for you any smaller
oF God
as worship..
i AM a Lawyer for
God.. it would be too
boring to just do it for humans..
and yes.. i am also God’s Court Reporter..
and Cheerleader too.. the best pARt of my
Job as prophet.. messenger.. ETc.. too.. is
The Lawyer and
Court Reporter pARt
of the job assigned by
God in this life.. is not alWays
fun.. but i don’t complain to the boss..
i love
all of
the Boss..
And as God does
God bRings you now
here to assist me
i thank both
you and
for that sAMe..
as i end by loving YOU
and begin now always sAMe..
And by the way.. my definition of
pure love equals my definition of Faith..
as provided by God living within me.. my Friend..
i provide that in the part of the Bible God assigned
me to write as just another New Testament from God
a couple of Macro-Verses ago in now what is 711 Macro-Verses
of 3.3 plus
million words..
that’s a big bible
my FriEnd.. but my
Faith has no limits
or expectations otHeR
than what God does
as me as Pure Love..
aS liGht.. ‘tween..
And DArk iSREAL..
as this bEcomes an
iNtegral pARt noW of
the 712th Macro-Verse.. yet
now to be named.. whether you
now choose to leave this comment
here or not.. that pARt is up to you..
but aGain.. never the less and more.. i Love YOU..:)
i share a group photo of mostly girls and me and one of their
guy friends as i most always do after dance night and say..
As alWays.. very nice young folks from Old Seville Quarter..
and i also got a selfie with the nice salesperson who sees
me dance at Dick’s Sporting Good’s.. and a sweet young
Moroccan Girl in the Parking Lot.. who needed to use
my phone as her battery juice ran out.. so all in
all a busy night of dancing that started at about
10:30 pm.. and now at 3:27 am.. on
the 14th of October.. adding
all the fun photos to
the Macro-Verse
711 last Big Verse..
with some Dance photo repeats
coming in this 712th Macro-Verse
now.. if i can stay aWake long enough
as every moving part of me is asking
for rest and more rest for now.. at ease..
And now a day later i say.. noW as alWays A
Holy and Sacred Dance no different than nude
art and accompanying ‘activities’ that raise my level
of mindful and bodily awareness noW iN BaLAnCe oF SoUL noW
as below so above.. inside.. outside.. and all around.. yes..
noW the Way that God workS in all oF liFe iN pARts as WhoLe..
wHeRe all can be seen and found as HoLy and SacRed ALL.. Now..
iF and when one sees the entire masterpiece that is God.. not
juSt aS oNe part.. yeah.. if ‘you’ view my nude art and determine
that some how my peN iS an evil tool.. or such as that.. or perHaps
‘you’ jusT thiNk and FeeL that muSic and DancE overAll IS A evil as dARk
as that takes you out of mechanical cognition control of life.. LeaVinG
all of yoUr SeNSEs and FeeLinGs as hEARt and ExpresSinG SpiRit
as EmoTioNs oPen to bE Free and WiLd WiTh GoD.. perHaps you are
missing something that cannot be replaced as Gift from God aS our
inheritance iN liGht and DArk and the ‘tween oN eArth.. namELy
Heaven.. it takes SeeKinG.. FinDinG.. and practiCinG what
works as A hiGher power of God within to share
wITh all.. problem is.. is.. the way we are
evolved to be.. free and wild.. is not
necessarily what particular
cultural ways say
workS in life..
from suggesting
that heaven exists anywHeRe
but now.. and hell exists anYwheRe
but now.. along with metaphor for
purgatory.. and any other metaphors
for iSREaL reaLiTy noW thAt iS aLL
that ever exists foR noW.. weLL.. anyWay
first.. a share back of what i just responded
to my FriEnd Zee.. as she was thanking
me for my last poetic comment on
one of her poems.. as it fits now
WeLL heRe i thInk/FeeL/SeNsE..
in aliGnment
with ‘LiGhTeNinG
yes.. EnLiGhTeNinG
ways of BEinG fully aWaKE
mOre iN poTenTiAL Heaven NoW..
Thanks my FriEnd..
Zee.. whenever i see a
Notification that you
Have written something
New I can alWays count
On inSpiRaTioNs from
You.. thanks
As alWays
My friEnd
For all
Of what
As PArt
Of God’s
wHole as LiGht
And DArk and
‘Tween iN strokes
Of brush.. full canvas
We beinG hUman.. and
PArt oF God Painting now..:)
And now i say.. my FriEnd Zee is Muslim
like my FriEnd Rafiah.. and Lala Rukh..
and these women have inspired
me greatly as they can appreciate
liGht and Love in places that
it is not alWays easy
to find.. now..
And Soheir
is different
in that she is from
a generation before
in around her 40’s instead
of twenties as close to college
age in a new world of learning and
understanding the differences among
other ways of seeing God.. as the world is
growing smaller and bigger in understanding
about all similarities in seeing love.. truth and liGht..
however.. it is obvious that she is a kind and loving human
being.. and very much respects her culture and religion as
my other Muslim Friends do.. difference being.. she has a harder
time tolerating/accepting my dissensions of what i see as holding the world
peoples back as freer and wilder children of God living in Peace
and Harmony.. where truly every one has a free place
eating at the table of God for the right to live..
be free.. and the pursuit of happiness
too.. and this includes everyone
and excludes no one..
including even the
last Pariah’s
seen as such..
Homosexual folks
in Muslim countries..
nah.. that wouldn’t bother
my other friends as by now
they understand that some folks
are born that way.. but still.. religions
that say otherwise from birth in a cultural
plate of ignorance can be hard to escape.. now..
harder than the biggest camel and the smallest
eye of needle.. if information is censored from an
early age that says different.. online is changing that
now.. Pandora.. of Apocalypse of lifting the Veils of
ignorance in original Greek Definition of Apocalypse
is alive and well now.. without a doubt.. and nah..
that’s no making the older ways of ignorance
happy.. but never the less change
happens and liGht comes
to those who escape
the caves..
as sociology suggests
that by year 2050 these last
pariah’s of homosexuals and
women in many cases still in
Muslim countries will enjoy the
freedoms that folks in the ‘west’ have
now.. but sure.. the Trumps will rain on
the parade.. with their selfish.. greedy..
and psychopathic leaning ways of fear
and hate.. grabbing freedom for themselves
and not allowing it for other folks along their darker
trails.. a dARk Force Always to be defeated with greater
Peace and Harmony as those who walk as liGht away from dArk..
in Free will relatively speaking in harming no others farther than the
giving more than taking for a food and drink in shelter of liFe.. the time
is now
is the
time for
greater hUman
Freedoms and with
all that said.. a title for
this 712 MacroVerse of
‘LiGhTeNinG StriKes@712
A Song to come for that.. and
much more to come for EnliGhTeNinG
and aWaKEninG noW foR A iSREAL iLLuMinAti
Team liGht that has no organization but liGht as
Pure Fearless
sMaRt LoVE..
given and shared as such..
and yeah.. i got a thing for
numbers.. as this is the third
one that aligns with MacroVerse
numbers.. oF 710.. 711.. 712.. but
it won’t be the first time or last time
that happens as i did it with 696 and
others.. including my first foray into writing
pre-Macro-Verses on the numbers 7.. 11..
and 12.. that i’ll share here.. just for fun..
and surely they were at least as cryptic
and esoteric and even harder to
understand.. overall than what
i do so much larger now..
liVe and LEarn..
AlWays noW
and most
SeNSE and FeeL LoVE
as Pure fAith sAMe Fearless and smART..:)
AnyWay.. it almost goes without saying that humankind
has considered numbers sacred from as long
as we have had 10 fingers and
10 toes.. as
oF GoD
oF ALL as
digits NOW..
with no number
way to escape now
as BeinG hUman noW
and these archetypes Now
of miNd and BoDy run.. deep
very deep.. easy to lose when one
receives a cultural plate.. from birth now
but easier to find now wiTh Neo-like escape
makes.. to seNSinG FeeLinG complete as we
go deeper to recesses of miNd more.. lit uP.. noW
aGaiN.. noW as the evolution of LIFE lives in our DNA
and God sAMe all that is from the origin of continuing Now..
and chances are.. those folks who brought the sacred and holy
numbers to mystical religions are somewhere on a systemizing
Autism Broader phenotype.. kinda like me.. an Accountant as such
who does
the numbers
hehe.. and that
reminds me along
with the Halloween Decorations
that my TV watcher assistant has not
yet helped me put up.. go see the movie
some synchronicity associated
with that here.. hear.. as
Synchronicity isImply
the purpose and
of liFE
and holy
and sacred
when all of liFe
becomes onE gOD of experience
wHere we i’s direct.. actor I.. as !spiritual
pLay oF liFe.. need i say more.. sure.. coming more..
as A lAmp feels in fill and senses more.. more more..:)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Zee.. one thing i love
about all your prose and poetry
is that you accompany it with
the emotions of a song
to go along
your words
as songs are
expression of human
emotions no different
than vocal chords are
strings of Guitars and
and percussion of Piano
and Drums are beat of heARt..
and for me.. i both speak and think
in terms of auditory and oral music
in sing song way.. as emotion is the
glue of heARt and logic.. my friEnd..
and your words this day now.. BrinG
the SonG of Clarity above.. and that reminds me
of the young Moroccan Woman whose phone was
drained who asked to use my phone in a very dark
parking lot.. me standing almost a foot taller than
her.. fully muscular at 230LBs or so.. but the thing
is.. she had seen me before many times on the dance
floor never ever approaching any woman to dance
as i am a married man.. but sure.. dancing with
anyone who cares to dance with me as first
move just for fun.. anyway.. she said
the ‘people’ in there..in some
words to the effect.. were
not her cup of tea..
for what a man
does not have
he wishes to gain
from the fairer more gentle
emotionally feeling cultural gender role
of the human race.. but you see.. we men
can feel all the emotions of that Song Clarity
if we let them run free as heARt StringS and
Drums oF liFe as SpiRit iN a miNd and Body
SoUl BaLAnCinG as i’ve oft talked to here
with you in divine masculine and feminine
balance.. and what this means again
is when one has both sides
now.. they have A Clarity
of being totAlly filled
uP to give and
share and
about take.. now..
sure.. missing connection..
moving.. and creating but
having more to give and share
than take.. with chalice within as
Gold of Pure Love as Faith that never
gives uP.. iN FeeLinG iSREAL and SeNSinG way..
where love needs not be tragic.. aS oNly a Force to Give..
thEre is no EmoTioN of liFe thAT WiLL eScape mE noW for i live..
i now
and nah..
it wasn’t
alWays that
way for many years
as i always thought women
had a force and power that i
didn’t have.. it wasn’t that i didn’t
have it.. i just lost it and forgot about it..
there are so many ways to find it and
recover it.. but that takes constant
practice my friEnd for those who
find iT AT aLL.. in A social
Now LoVe noW..:)
Facebook FriEnd and Fellow Poet Blogger..
Rafiah.. from Pakistan shares a Facebook
share of her sister artist who draws
her a Tardis for time travel
from the Dr. Who
Show as
a late
birthday present
and Rafiah says..
My cute late birthday surprise…
And i say in return..
That’s Sweet..:)
Rafiah returns with..
Like you..:)
And i say..
i ‘was’ missing you..;)
(haven’t heard from
Rafiah in about a week)
So Rafiah explains
and elaborates with kindness..
i was having exam. Then i got into some other stuff,
i was occupied the whole day, now finally i changed
and lay freshend up, now i was going through time
line and talking to you. Because i was missing you too.
And then i say..
It’s nice to think of Rafiah all cozy
and comfortable for rest as i know/
FeeL how stressful school life can be..
sleep well my friend..
you deserve that and more..
and sure.. thanks for missing me..
that’s sweet too.. good night my FriEnd..:)
In another Status Rafiah shares one
of her favorite cultural songs
and i say..
So.. Rafiah.. is.. dancing again..?
tabla and sitaar with
this song.. great!..;)
Rafiah says..
if you hear this with headphones on,
the beat pulsates right through your
body and one cant stop dancing.
And then i say..
WiNks.. i’Ve been
kNown and FeLt to do that..:)
And then on another slide
share.. there is a Desi young
girl.. speaking to the
beauty of
all humans
from the
online site..
Humans’ of Bombay..
i return with..
That is so
beautiful and i
just am stopping
By today to say..
you have a beautiful
heart.. soul.. and spirit…
and it lights up your eyes..
when you present that liGht too..:)
Rafiah kindly reciprocates..
That light radiates through you too..:)
And then i say..
Dearest Rafiah..
your computer must
be slow.. hehe.. as this
is alWays tRue about you..;)
And go on to say more..
AnyWay sweetheARt..
it must be time for night night
where you live.. on the opposite
side of the world but same one too..
thanks for thinking about me at the end
of your school week.. and dropping me
some hi’s that
warm my heARt..
i reAlly needed that
mY FriEnd.. thank you..:)
Rafiah says in welcome..
You are always welcome Fred.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers..;)
And i then end this particular narrative with..
sAMe here
my sweet friEnd..:)
Rafiah shares a status
about eating some
delicious cheesy
garlic bread
and i say..
You remind
Me to eat..
Rafiah says..
Go eat.:)
i say in return..
You must be psychic.. this
comment is more than a month
old and it is still true.. it is close
to 2 pm and i still haven’t had lunch..
hehe.. you must know and feed me well too..;)
Rafiah says in very generous return.
If i was near you,
i would have fed you myself.
And i say in ending
note somewhat
in the Key of
E.. like the
“A Day
in the Life”..
Like the Beatles
say.. all i need is
Love.. and i still haven’t eaten yet..
i am full.. thanks for the meal..;)
And finally in a response to
an older Facebook
status Rafiah shared
on Facebook
her birthday
wishes into
a nice video slide play..
i say..
See.. Facebook
Loves you too..
No ordinary
Girl are you..:)
Rafiah says..
lol yeah i definetly feel the same way,
especially when facebook wishes me ‘good morning’
and ‘good afternoon’ posts. Whenever i say them
i go like yeah facebook cares..;)
i then say..
i like it when i visit your blog
several times a week looking
for another Rafiah Poem and
it still says I AM SPECIAL..;)
And that ends the Rafiah
and Fred ‘small talk’
break.. story of
ship Love.. for now..
juST noW.. i treasure friEnds..
as tHeRe iS nothing more Special than FriEnds..
so sure.. i honor them as pARt and pArcel of my personal Bible..
this friendship
will last
mE oR noT..
forget me Not..
it’s like a HallmARk
Card forevernowonlinenow..
yes in
of E..oNline2..:)

“If a man insisted always on being serious,
and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation,
he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it.”
~~ Herodotus ~~
This is true..
i did this for
decades to the
point no Doctor
said i would ever recover
from going mad from no discover..
God of Nature bless and blesses noW..
pioneers as they explore and Discover more..
so many inspirations in life.. two of my favorites..
LaLanne plus
Elvis.. Marilyn..
Whitman.. all these
and so many more
who say caves
now are no
to live or be..
to be more iS..
Beach i live.. desert.. i leave far far
behind.. my FriEnd.. and it’s worth noting
that Michael Jackson inspires my moon dance too..:)
“A reverence for life does not require
one to respect nature’s obvious mistakes.”
~~ Robert A. Heinlein ~~
Some would say that about my son..
my son taught me this was/is bullshit..
from folks like Richard Dawkins
who says the same about
Children with “Down’s”..
only humans make
the word
the rest
of the painting
is beautiful from space..
funny.. how a science fiction
writer wouldn’t see that but now
it’s not rocket science.. for Now
iT’s common sense.. STiLL noW
Diversity has/is one ‘color’.. Diversity
in rainbow hues.. shades of grey.. and
far far beyond and smaller than fleas
who suck A Blood of dog..
Stray cat humans
come in all color
and go
in all
as color..
humans often
create color
or can’t
or won’t
but the planet
still looks beautiful from space..:)
“Words must be weighed, not counted.”
~~ Polish Proverb ~~
And must
is a four letter
word.. as well as word..:)
“The truth is always the strongest argument.”
~ Sophocles — Phaedra, Frag. 737 ~~
But an argument
is mostly emotion..
as science now shows..;)
“Hypotheses are not to
be multiplied without necessity.”
~~ Occam’s Razor ~~
Joy is Joy is Joy..
nothing else exists
Joy.. joy.. JOY..
my God is Joy..
others follow a
different flavor of God..
many flavors..
mY God ice-cream
is flavored as joY..
just ’cause
i can and
will that makes
God great iN me as Joy..
and the more i talk about joy the
more joyful i become.. joy.. joy.. joy..:)
“The shortest distance
between two people is laughter.”
~~Victor Borge ~~
Sadly.. unless
not funny
but it’s true..
as emotions go…
Anger connects most
and it’s hard to make it go away..
is often
unless one becomes.. joy.. joy.. joy.. eTc..;)
“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool;
it gives me all the world and exiles me from it.”
~~ Ursula K. Le Guin ~~
A Best thing about our modern
technologically devised cultures..
this can work.. but out in ‘the
get pushed over
A PROVERBial cliff..
exiled and happy rocks
when rock and roll rolls..;)
“If you are out to describe the truth,
leave elegance to the tailor.”
~~ Albert Einstein ~~
Hmm… sTILL noW..
FloWerY SonG Words
iNspire.. EmoTioNs
Move.. Music too..
times Dance
Force iSReaL..
“Appearance must not foil, nor shifted sphere confuse thy brain.
Ample are time and space–ample the fields of nature.”
~~ Walt Whitman, CONTINUITIES ~~
Sadly where there are no abundant
living fields.. meadows and leaves
of grass.. where deserts spread
at horizon level as far
as eYes can
see.. humans
make God
into man
instead of Nature into God..
Square one problem.. of
squares who don’t
fit iN
flowS iN ZonE..;)
“There are no other colours without the blues.”
~~ Doctor Who ~~
Colours that
sing and dance all color..:)
“Insanity is a sane reaction
to an insane world.”
~R.D. Laing
CRap.. no
wonder.. folks
react to “Fred’s world” ascrazy..
thiS heRE eXplains tHe wHole sHow..;)
“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.”
~~ Oscar Wilde, “Oscariana” ~~
Hmm.. unless
the culture/group feel reflects
human nature.. free and wild..;)
Pain.. no matter what
color brings great anger..
as Pain and Anger go together..
kissing cousins as such.. back to laughter
of Anger..
Pain is anger
not leaving the body..
as even science shows now..
and sure it’s other stuff too..
as oUr body keeps score..:)
“He who has the courage to laugh
is almost as much a master of the world
as he who is ready to die.”
~~ Giacomo Leopardi ~~
As ‘these’ anecdotal notes..
at lEast.. seem
to prove..;)
“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Essays” ~~
God lives
within as human
end and beginning
of human as beauty
“I see my life go drifting like a river
From change to change; I have been many things –
A green drop in the surge, a gleam of light
Upon a sword, a fir tree on a hill,
An old slave grinding at a heavy quern,
A king sitting upon a chair of gold –
And all these things were wonderful and great;
But now I have grown nothing, knowing all.
Ah! Druid, Druid, how great webs of sorrow
Lay hidden in that small slate-coloured thing!”
~~ William Butler Yeats, “Fergus and the Druid” ~~
Books can
be dangerous
as humans become books..
and no
and or
God more
than books alone..
somewhere along the
line.. the so-called Christians
killed both the so-called pagans
and the God of Nature.. God is pissed
and ready to score some Nature.. heHErE..
in other
a great
deal of
God lives as pain..
and God Loves to be
happy as pleasure scores..
and cRap.. it’s not everyday that God Scores
Heaven on blue and green orbs as space clearly shows..
but it would beg too much common sense for ‘some’ folks to live that..
in terms of wild and
free now..
Trump ‘squad’..eTc..
eT aL.. plus..
ps.. that
is something
millennials say..
i’m not running for President
but i can still play ‘hipsters’..;)
“Nature, whose sweet rains fall of just and unjust alike,
will have clefts in the rocks where I may hide,
and secret valleys in whose silence I may weep undetected.
She will hang the night with stars
so that I may walk abroad in the darkness without stumbling,
and send the wind over my footprints
so that none may track me to my hurt:
she will cleanse me in great waters,
and with bitter herbs make me whole.”
~~ Oscar Wilde, “De Profundis” ~~
Yes.. Oscar is the extra cool
dude that says it’s
time for
the horned
human archetype
of Pan to come back..
well.. i’ll have to admit
in one of my ‘photos’.. there
was Asmartphone artifact of a hoof
on my leg.. and i am kinda hairy..
i can
be scary..
after the 13 of October
’till that number reverses as 31..
and i become a Saint again.. it’s
A Super Hunter’s Moon on the 15th..
And i’M feeling my ‘teeth’ sprout longer..
and once again.. just
an archetypal
all natural
and super duper too..;)
“Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose,
sometimes you get rained out.”
~~ Satchel Paige ~~
And in the most Azure
sKeYes of October
in A Florida
not a drop
to be found
in air as dry
as tears that never come..
no chance of rain..’where i live’..
Joy.. Joy.. Joy..
and have a nice night.. mY
friEnd on A Pacific sidE..:)
Should there reAlly be any surprise
that all the pArts of an egg
that develop into a chicken
remain in a living
being that
and is that egg
whole.. at essence
in/as a changing form..
WeLL.. A Truth and liGht
is we are all that egg and
chicken and so is all the rest
in a pan
way of God
all N all and
wE sAMe.. it’s
really not a matter
of who/what came first..
chicken or the egg the
egg is the chicken and
the chicken is the egg
it’s easy to miss the
essence of this if
one focuses on
form or the
that says an egg is not
a chicken but never the less
there is no egg without the chicken
and is no chicken without the egg..
the constant that remains is is is…
hmm.. it’s just common sense
but easy to miss
from the
who enjoys the
blood of the mother dog
without seeing the bigger picture
of who the mother is.. anyWay.. these too
are only words that can be small forms of
material reductionism or a work of art that does
not even need to be read after the bigger picture comes
with the smaller strokes of brush CoMinG together as Canvas
and paint for whatever rises next as whole as chicken and egG one..
AnYway.. Facebook provides the usual video slide show of my Dance on
Thursday night and this makes my third show of wearing my super cool
Minion shirt with the peace signs on eyes that sadly continue
to follow the most despicable leaders without understanding
poor minions have been brainwashed for no
reason other than they cannot make
their own way in life without
some force liGht
and sadly
and despicable
in Trump ways of being OWNED..
it’s not so much that the folks
who follow Trump are deplorable
it’s that they have been indoctrinated
and brain washed into this kind of patriarchal
group think since birth.. and in reviewing Facebook
memories in Macro-Verse ways now of three to one year
ago.. it’s worthy of note that Robert Anton Wilson’s dissertation
on Timothy Leary’s ideas of the eight circuits of human evolution
within one lifetime and the associated Jungian archetypes and other
sources of free thought.. very much apply to the roadblocks of rising up
to what can be symboLed as Kundalini Rising.. Christ Consciousness
Satori.. Prajñā.. Cosmic Consciousness.. etc.. a Universal experience
NoW of EnliGhTeNinG and CoMinG aWake greater in A oneness
of all things life wHeRe every thing makes
sense toGeTheR and all feels truSt and
confidence.. when
as mentioned above
the egg and chicken are one..
and there is no longer any worry about
firsts and lasts.. as all is now.. all is one..
and to use Abrahamic related terms all is God..
all is allah.. metaphors as symbols that humans use
to describe the essence of the egg and chicken same
are unlimited and could even be a blue turtle
without an egg at all.. but never the less
and always more the essence
lives as we do too..
mini-me’s of God reflection
and children we are of GoD one
and this is not an essence that belongs
to Buddha.. Muhammad.. Jesus or anyone ALONE ONLY..
else.. this IS A essence of God that lives as we.. ALL..
it’s more than obvious that this Universal essence can ONE..
be twisted around to ownership papers of one man.. one religion..
one political structure or even one tribe or nation.. etc… A Essence
in TrUth and liGht will never be owned through paperwork.. politics and
religion as A essence is free and beyond and smaller than iNFiniTy more
and less.. beyond human symbols alone.. as the fleas continues to suck
blood of dog.. no doubt at least in pARt A term minion caMe from
somEwHeRe close to MiN.. the Egyptian God of fertility with
totally and fully erect phallus for full display of
patriarchal glory of spreading some seed
to fertilize the eggs of the Nile
rising over banks to
feed the poor
and hungry
in a place
of fertile but smaller
abundance required for life..
and Matriarchy more evident
in rain forests where abundance
IS A rule away from desert life..
anyWay.. there IS A
now of
Rising.. a new age
where human potential
continues to be fulfilled through
greater freedoms and social cooperation
in sharing and giving in abundance while coming
to understand the balance of all of what it means to
NoW be human as pARt of God as Egg and Chicken bEcoMe
one force of life.. with little anxiety and fear over dArk
or cynicism oF liGht that BrinGS the Egg more full
of Chicken fearless Love and smARt
liGht now greater than
oF BeFore..
tHeRE are iNfiNite
symbols and ways to
express aLL essence but
no way to defeat A tRuth
and liGht that lives within
without brain
to see a smaller
world than what can be
so much more free and joyful
as a bull frog named Jeremiah..
more than a Joshua
on a cross
night of the
soul that is often
pARt of the path
that moves to liGht
aS Joy of Bullfrogs who sMiLe..
we heard all about Jesus’ Dark niGht
of the SoUl.. but not enough cAMe after
that for A liGht paRt of reborn as liFe liGht..
but of course if everyone experienced that for free..
there would be no expanding any empires but free.. free and wild
FeArless and SmARt LoVe iN KiNd and courAge.. GiVinG anD ShArinG
a super
kool Bull Frog
happy sMiLing.. DanCing
SinGinG FREEDOM FucKinG Freedom
oh.. how hard tHis can be to see..
in minions and minions
of Trump
in despair..
pain.. fear..
and all stuff relateD
to hate.. Bullfrogs of Joy.. DancE
and SinG.. FucKinG pARTy ON rolls and rocks
A blowout
Bliss.. Nirvana..
eTc.. and so.. so much
more.. when humans RISE HIGHER
THAN PRISons of men then beFore liGht..
what a God WiNk it was/is when Wife Katrina(isis)
passed by a Gold Member.. and Beyonce.. Mr. Roboto..
eT aL.. eTc. on TV.. and another member associated with ‘min’ last
niGht.. more.. photos coming soon.. in many.. many FreeWays oF liGht..;)
Autistic Super Hero.. comes to the
big screen.. starring Ben Affleck
in “The Accountant”.. portrayed
with some interesting
and deadly special
interests.. namely
highly focused martial
arts and shooting range
skills in terms of a mile or
more of never missing accuracy..
yes.. when you can’t make much
in the way of social connections.. the
moving and creating travelS in other directions..
even further than proficiency in numbers.. math..
and stuff like accounting that will make a paycheck
for a meal.. and even more if one IS A so-called higher
Functioning Asperger’s Dude.. with Savant skills to boot
and or kick ass too.. well.. to put it mildly.. not a realistic
portrayal of the autism spectrum per this dude.. as the sensory
integration and emotional regulation issues were portrayed
as severe.. and the dude is flying around like a Ninja..
and shooting very.. very loud guns.. with no visible
ear protection.. never the less.. it did provide
a side show.. of moral codes that fit
no so-called political or religious
standard.. but sure.. got
the job done.. quick..
with no loose
ends.. always
completing the
job until the next
special interest comes
on board.. to complete..
again.. for something to do.. more
while the social connections mostly
fail in epic proportions as compared to
success in the area of special interests..
and laser focuses.. as super men and
women like this will do when all else fails for connections..:)
i saw a horrifying statistic on a
Afternoon TV show that the
Katrina always watches
that had a very cuddly
Tiger Cub.. with the note
that there are only around 3000
oF all species of Tigers left in the
Wild.. and considering how majestic
and strong As Arts of Nature Wild and
free now.. that immediately brought both
tears to my eYes and general anger at the
hUman race.. although.. i can’t escape the fAct
that i too am pARt of this overall problem of human
on the planet and it makes even more anger at folks
who sugar coat the problem of humans on this planet
destroying a heaven made by God WhoLe as seen from
Rocky and relatively speaKing empty space.. yes.. this
blue green brown white orb of heaven’s bliss of the pARts
StILL remaining alive and actors of liFe sAMe in Peace and
Coca Cola Harmony wHere there are no Trump lies about
Global Warming Being a fabrication of the Chinese as a
hoax.. and then i see the Trump Lovers Killing Tigers
on hunting expeditions for fun and trophy of now
continuing to dominate nature and the wild not
realizing as they kill the bees too.. the death
sentence will eventually come for humans too..
of course for those in poorer countries with no
oil first without the ability to rape the rest of the
earth and ship in alternative sources of food.. while
the overall rape and grabbing life from the rest of the
eARTh continues on.. anyway.. watch ya gonna do with
the Karmic eYeS that never sleep and are constantly watching
watching.. watching.. with eyEs of juST another Accountant too..;)
And now to MacroVerse Memories.. staRting with ‘GRE@ITude’
from Three Years ago.. as to count one’s blesSings and make aLL
DaRk anD liGht and ‘tween hOly and SacRed the Gift oF liFe iS
alWays aliVe allnow.. and the synchronicities flow to wHeRE even
visual artifacts from a smArt PhOne hoLd deeper meanings of SYmBols
that can literAlly and figuratively be one of heArt Moon SuN PlanEt WHolE..
and what better day to celebrate that three year old Visual poem in one photo
without words than a Super Hunter’s Moon.. on the 14th and 15th of OctobEr
sAME.. God WiNks.. SynChroniCites sAMe from Nature to extension of NaTuRe..
aS even smARt Phone Camera ArtifActs come are all Gifts from GoD and NatuRE
sAMe to be praised.. glorified.. and celebrated even moRE wITh noWs to comE.. noW..:)
Truth of Veil.. moving to two years to date iN MacroVerse
Faceboook Provided Memory way here.. with additional thoughts
on the potential of Prometheus RiSinG as sure.. many folks alREady hAVe..
acTuaLLy achieved the Nietzsche Archetype of Overman/Superman and
oTheR metaphors for stepping way out of the BoX for Cultural achievements
based on rewards and money rather than pure joy of LiVinG FeaRless smARt LoVe noW..:)
Now sPeAkinG moRE to A PoWer oF MuSiCK iN HeAlinG Force.. to the point that
even Human GroWth Hormone is released in the listening to techno Rave Type dAnce
MuSick all Free.. across the lifespan of now.. juST noWforevermorenow.. FReED noW..:)
KAT oF all TrAdes…
coMes to
noW oF couRSe
wRitE oN cOUrse..
with even a new
modern older age..
hmm.. literally
of male
MiN associated
wHeRE oNly
ReAL mEN brAVe
to God FULLEST ALiVe noW..
no different than that Verse 37..
from the Gospel of Thomas..
oKAY.. just
pasSioNaTE anD aliVe..
no grabs heRE.. juST GiVe noW..;)
“Life moves pretty fast.
If you don’t stop and look around once in a while,
you just might miss it.”
~~ “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, screenplay by John Hughes~~
First oF aLL.. Thumbup’s visual graphics most alWays
stimulates me much as visual thiNking RiGht BraIned
interpeter in iNTuitiVe and very muSical left hanD
Ways of ThiNkinG froM heAD to toE.. wHeRe aLL
oF LiFe is Patterns and SonG and all iS iN
whAT seems liKe perfect tuNe Now..
in miNdful and bodYFul fullEr
aWareness in SoUL..
WiTh heARt
aS SpiRit WhoLe..
and surely tHeRe is no
perception oF TimE aT aLL
BuT noW.. wHen all oF liFe
iS MoVinG.. ConnecTing noW
CreAtinG.. GiVinG.. sHaRinG
so much more than tAking for
noThing more or less than PuRE
LoVe As A Faith oNE can FeeL iNnately
iN sENSoRy waYs oF comfort aLiVE noW2..:)
Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.”
~~ Things We Can Learn From Dogs ~~
For mE aT lEast
as LonG aS iT
iS not straight
ahead in aisles
of stores or anyWheRE
eLse but MoveMent as heARt..
invisible to predator and prey and
deadly silent.. at least in looks to trespassers..;)
If you are distressed by anything external,
the pain is not due to the thing itself,
but to your own estimate of it;
and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
~~ Marcus Aurelius ~~
As science shows noW.. the
one thing that healthy hUman
BeinGs cannot do without for suffering
grEat Pain and misery iS each OtHer..
at least for healthy
folks no estimate
can underestimate
A PoWeR oF ToGeThER..:)
i cAMe to lEArn tHeRE
was no talKinG to
‘those folks’
so i danced
my waY iN
Epic proportions
of i can’t heAR mySelf
iN Terms oF EpiC lOUd
iN terms
of total silence2..;)
“Always store beer in a dark place.”
~~ Lazarus Long ~~
Unless one never ever
needs a sip of the
alcohol to relieve
the existential
angst of liVinG
iN Fear.. and OtHeR
Pain related STuFF.. too..:)
“We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
~~ Tombstone epitaph of two astronomers ~~
iS comMon..
And hUmaNs
Too.. wHo eXercise
tHeiR senTienT sTaR
DuSt plUs potenTiaL noW..:)
“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold,
it would be a merrier world.”
~~ J.R.R. Tolkien ~~
GOld is not easy
to digest oR SinG
or even DanCe as
AiR.. eArth.. FiRE and Water FReED..:)
“Man is what he believes.”
~~ Anton Chekhov ~~
WiTh relative Free WiLL
and EmoTioNsEnSes fully iN ToW..
continuing to GroW.. and tOucH a WorLd..:)
“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”
~~ Rumi ~~
For Joy…:)
“To make the individual uncomfortable, that is my task.”
~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~
GRoWinG PaiNs
@anY aGe..;)
“To make the individual
uncomfortable, that is my task.”
~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~
And Hopefully A
mileSToNe iS wArm
And fuzzy
iN MoVinG
And CreAtinG noW..:)
“Why don’t lawyers lie on the beach?
Cats would bury them.”
~~ Non-sequitor Bee ~~
i AM A BEach
and no one
oF Free..;)
Christian Grey..
(50 shades oF)
Christian Wolff..
(The Accountant)
two Movies.. two characters
who address the difficulty of being human..
the condition that creates itself.. out oF liGht..
perhaps with a Good Cop Jesus or more towards
and away from dArk and Grey.. Grey somewHeRe bEtween
dArk and liGht and Wolff for what ever it takes to survive with still
a Loving
tOuch for
those who
A wolFF depends
on to survive sTiLL as
Social Mammal who hOwls
at the moon when lone away
from pack oF sAMe.. tearS StreAm
to BRinG A Pack bAck HoMe.. oh.. how
i longed to fix me.. oh.. i figured it out with
total success.. oh.. how i would Love to Fix
the rest of the World.. and oh.. what A JOB
to even help one
person come out
of purgatory less
hell of living
on Earth
so far aWay
from bliss of HoMe..
anyWay.. Movies like ‘this’
will help as they offer a glimpse
into the Wolff and Grey pArts of liFE
that most folks miss dealing wITh their
own Wolff and Grey pArts oF liFe.. what i do
kNow as an eXtremely proficient accountant
for what does count in liFe.. is tHeiR IS AGod
oF aLL that is watching that lives as wHo weAre
at core that is all that iS toGeTheR.. not alWays
visible to those who Breathe but alWays breath
oF those who see.. sure.. see deeper than
the shallows bEyOnd Wolff Grey..
this hUman ConDiTioN
produces many
dreAMs oF liGht
and niGhtmares dArK wHeRE
tHeRE are few moral absolutes
but ethics and a moral Code oF liGht
alWAys saYinG do no harm.. but sure.. tHere
are days when the Bad Cop Jesus rears
its ugly head as mE too.. and i too..
so much wanna punish the
DArk but the TruTh iS
moST ofTEn the
first before the
dArk comes.. so
iN doinG thiS oNe
Feeds the Snake who
continues to consume
a tale of DArk aWay from
liGht.. so i attempt to understand
the WolFF and the Grey alike for they
too are liFe.. liFe thAT iS dArk and liGht
as hell and heaven and the purgatory of Grey
that kNows rooms of torture to make the otheR
torture not hurt ‘quiet’ so bad in a world that can
seem so loud for poTenTiAl Peace and Harmony
anyWheRE to be found.. when the DaRk and
Grey settles in WolFF way HoWlinG at A
Moon wishing for SuN oF liGht wHole..
tEars StreAM for i AM oF liGht.. And
‘The Critics’ who focus on mechanical
cognition pARts of ‘Movies’ give the
movie ‘The Accountant’.. about
a half and half review
of cool.. but the
audience raved
it overall
as the
is the human condition..
the human condition that has
seen the grey and wolff up close
out of grey poohpon mustard
seats of ivory towers
who most only
of robot cognition..
and the other ‘Christians’
etc.. so-called folks oF God..
who only see a tiny pARt
oF A
poTenTiAL wHolE..:)
Dueling Banjo’s oF dVerse Poet’s Pub..
WeLL.. two years ago.. this Facebook Algorithm
Memory provided Macro-Verse surely is but a
Harbinger of much more to come.. as this is only
a ‘paltry’ 24 poetic expression back to the dVerse
Crew on the trail of Poetry links from similar themed
prompts.. wHere that would branch far far out into 338,630
words from 4/15 to 3/16 for an entire year to date in March
of 2016 on the 31st of that Month in just one Macro-Verse
named GodsUniVerseNovel3 highlighted by liNk at
the end oF aLL MacroVerses now.. to go along
with the rest of the KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
alias named Ocean Whole Poem
of 3.3 million plus words
perHaps better
kNown foR liGht
as ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’..
that is the longest long form
free verse poem of any humankind
has seen yet.. since a centuries made
effort in Sanskrit legend of India named..
Mahābhārata.. at a paltry 1.8 million words..
And sure.. i provide
the liNk for Wiki now
for juST the fActs m’am
juST the fActs.. and while
doing something like this will
not likely gain the attention of a movie
about an Asperger’s shoot-em up dude
who is just another Ben Affleck without a
cape as crusader Vigilante Force with Guns
of Navarone that’s kind of a dangerous way of
preSenting an Autistic Superhero.. as someone
else may think.. this is cool.. i’ll take the law into
my own hands now with my own moral code an enForce
what i feel deep deep inside in logical way to punish
those who transgress against my own derived moral code..
problem with that is.. maybe they didn’t like the kids at school
or movie goer’s or politicians.. etc.. if you get my drift.. no matter
NoW what the core issue is in neurodevelopment problems as such
in DSM5 criterion and such as that it’s a slippery slope of death
to take the law into your own hands that has been decided
upon in a Democratically established way that truly
harms no one.. if possible.. taking ALL FACTORS
INTO CONSIDERATION.. particularly the
one that says.. we ARE FUCKING
HAPPEN we fuck
up and the bullet hits
the wrong person OKAY..
anYway.. if you spent close to
33 months solid on a Wrong Planet
with all these folks on A so-called Autism
Spectrum that is just a behavioral label for
reciprocal social communication difficulties
repetitive restrictive behavioral interest ways
of being.. and difficultly sharing more than
they are interested in themselves.. which
sure is on my LiST oF challenges too..
you would find serious..
very serious
mommy and
daddy and other
neglect and abuse
associated stuff
too.. and find
some very misanthropic
ways of seeing the world where
there was intent of punishing all they
came across and saw of anything associated
with bullies before that can mean the entire human
race.. you just better hope that none of those folks
take action on what that movie eventually glorifies
as basically Okay to keep going on at the end
of that movie.. as there are plenty of
Trump gun folks out there
with this issue
of those kinda
autistic folks
who have
zero levels
of empathy left
for other human beings
who will take tHeir own laws
into theIR own hands and inflict
great pain and misery to other human
beings where theIr ideas of morals may
be as
as dArk
comes now
in Vigilante
way of who they
imagine as whole
did them wrong.. could
be everyone.. women.. children..
or whatever their view of the world says..
Art is my only sword or gun.. and it’s true
these folks should not be able to even own
a gun.. the Autism Spectrum has iTs positives
but i have seen the ugly parts up close and personal
in real time online.. those folks who want to get/give back
at/to the world
with more
than a
SonG and
DancE of Free..
anyWay.. in regards
to the theme song here..
Dueling Banjo’s.. the folks
at dVerse rarely wanna keep
up with what i do or give a crap
about what i do.. but i know they
know not what i do fully here.. so sure..
i forgive them.. and the rest of what seemed
like the human race when i was in DaRk FucKinG
middle school2.. Victory and Vengeance.. tHeRe
are two ways of liFe.. the only ONE i Love is Victory
oF LoVe liGht but be forewarned therE are many of those
oTheRs just waiting to shoot a gun..etc.. and kill THEIR ENEMIES…
and ALL OF THEM.. IT’S NO JOKE.. i’Ve seen ThiS evil hiStoRy up close and personal…
AnyWay//back to Dueling Banjo’s.. yes.. the MacroVerse associated
with Art and not Guns and swords of death.. of Bad Cop Jesus’.. hmm..
Muhammad’s.. Trump’s.. eTc.. and such as that.. noW another best
thing about thaT Macro-Verse whether or not i can convince my
assistant to help with the Halloween Decorations this year..
they are still up.. hehe.. in the photo stream poetry
of thaT MacroVerse from two years ago..
meanwhile.. i’LL share two Micro-
Verses as paRt oF sTiLL
CoMinG as Memories
of MacroVerse from
two years ago..
and a little
birdy tales me..
or such to publish
this a day early on
10-16-16.. just for the
sacred and holy positions
of those numbers aT Hand..
heHE.. or perhaps it’s juST
my Autism SpEakinG how
it does aAain
as Banjo
roleS oN
do.. for Free..
in JoAnne way too
as way of Lady Gaga
too.. in publishing otHeR
sides of her poTenTial
both dArk and liGht
and grey
wolff Art
too.. the show
muSt JO on and iT WiLL..;)
Ah.. the last hundred years
an experiment for sure..
Radio.. TV.. AC..
and virtual
video game
LIFE Next..
a screen becomes
scream.. human no
longer lives..
the Terminator
is here
man is
a machine
of human screen..
AnyWHO yes..! i’m BACK..!
Again dam IT..!
and i aim to
if a 55 year
old dude can
do Arnold so
WELL.. i for one will do what you ask..
there is a little boy.. a disabled boy
from a nice neighborhood..
he is Autistic..
there is A
he cannot speak..
his only joy
is nourishing this
tree.. He provides hands
of Love that words can
not meet.. he breathes
life into this tree and
more beautiful it grows..
until one day college
educated tree
this is
a specimen
of amazing
Tree.. they
study leaves
and bark bright
Sadly.. the little
boy’s heart is weak
his love is strong
but flesh
gives out..
the little
boy passes away..
and what is left is the
most beautiful tree
in his small
where his
a young man.. strong
but shy.. is walking down
a sidewalk shaded by
this wonder
a young woman
weak but brave
come under
the tree
where they speak
of the beauty
of the tree..
and like
magic a spark of Love
unites Strong man
with Brave woman
anew with Love..
Tree of Life
is born..
of Love..
The young man becomes
brave with this strength of Love..
The young woman supports him..
no fear.. through military and political
career.. and then at the height of
world leadership role..
this now powerful
world leader
helps makes
a decision and
is credited for
saving human
and earth alike..
but who is the real savior..
the tree.. the little disabled boy..
loving parents of the man and wife..
all the teachers who bring them lessons
of life.. and all the friends who support them
in all aspects of life as
there is no separation
when Love
and sure there was
darkness along the way
that inspires the young
man the same
as light..
we are all saviors
of each other
when Love
comes into the
no man
is savior
my Friend
Hmm.. Flash a comic book hero of last Century
originAlly somewhat modeled after the Greek
God Hermes.. with Golden Wings attached
to Helmet.. bottom line.. a very fast
talker and mover.. in ways
of messengeRinG too..
but Flash is not the first
or last neuro-diverse hero like
this.. hehe.. as Hermes gets a version
of his name in a smaller version of Pee Wee
Herman.. and of course Austin Powers.. the man
of International mystery tours.. has a name that can
be derived from A 6 Million Dollar similar man as Osiris..
blind in one eye.. with folks putting him back together
again.. for hero status once again.. with of course
Austin’s last name Powers.. traceable to the
Bionic Woman.. Jaime Sommers.. who
comes to the love rescue
of the 6 Million dollar
pArts Man put back
toGeTher aGain..
like a Great
who finAlly shows
uP.. yeah.. as that woman
who sang that song about turn
aRound aGain Bright eYes.. hOlding
our for a hero and all of that stuff too..
anyway.. humans are animals who depend now
on sharing symbols to share a common purpose
for survival and in this way.. when two or more humans
come togeTheR..A Force oF GoD as LoVe inherently
gifted to wE glues the Bond for Survive and Thrive
in Super Hero Fashion too.. for those who believe
they can do more than yesternow.. noW.. it’s
not a matter of a hero coming new.. it’s Now
juSt a matter oF thE heroes remembeRinG
who they are and acting in do.. do.. do..
juST DO iT ways.. and quit whining
about someone else who is
supposed to come and
get the job done more
than wE.. wE are the
Champions of Love when
wE pracTiCe Love.. Fearlessly
UnconDiTioNAlly iN SmARt Ways
oF BeInG ToGeTheR nOW.. juST Now..:)
“Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value.”
~~ J. de La Fontaine (1621-1695) ~~
~~ The Use of Knowledge, Book viii, Fable 19 ~~
i’D rather move
than talk but hey…
talk has its use in rest…
and.. both.. A SMiLe noW
and A WiNk IS A Dance
howEver.. usuAlly those are
the only two non-verbal expresSioNs
i for one use in SonG and or DancE or and oNline too..
one day i’ll take the time and effort to use those fancy pants EmoTiCons..
for addiTioNal
as tHeRE
iS no ignoRinG
FeeLinG hehe.. as
even Presidential Debates
clearly clEarly sHoW in heatEd/
FroZen.. EmoTioNS too.. STiLL noW..;)
“Arouse the mind without
resting it on anything.”
~~ Diamond Sutra ~~
And this really pisses me off..
in relative terms @lEast.. heHE..
read a new book about the hiStory
and ongoing so-called epidemic of ADHD at B and N..
in the U.S.. wHere up to 15 percent of the population
is diagnosed with a Disorder Label named this..
ha!.. that’s what
in the essential
paRt of MoVinG
CoNnecTinG and CreaTing
and iN fAct dry up those human
intelligences and end up fidgeting
in their seats from slow torture eight
hours a day behind a desk.. and then
some more hours behind a fast moving
video game.. with no place to move and
burn off stress hormones too.. oh.. the
common sense.. oh.. the common
MoVinG.. coNneCTinG
CreATiVity.. changed
into a
for FucKinG
Bucks and folks
wonder why so
many kids get home
schooLed these days..
hey.. at least you study
while moving in the back
yard for those who don’t
forget or remember how to
move.. connect.. and create
in the first and last place of NoW..
even in a Garden of Eden iN a real
Heaven noW of LEarning more than
STandard IQ measures of quiet hands please..
don’t fidget Johnny or Sue.. sTaY Still in the pews of
church and it always makes me smile when i iNspiRre
the ‘other kids’ to dance in the pews and aisles of Super
Walmart School and
iN a matrix
of FucKinG SiTTinG
STiLL with data download
and becoming one with computer
programs instead of Mother Nature
Essential and True as unadulterated God
from Modern Cultures impriSoNinG Free iN Pills..:)
“I certainly wasn’t happy.
Happiness has to do with reason,
and only reason earns it.
What I was given was the thing you can’t earn,
and can’t keep, and often don’t even recognize at the time;
I mean joy.”
~~ Ursula K. LeGuin ~~
The trUth is some
folks never experience
Joy and cannot even tale
yA what iT meanS in words
of Poetry more than
or even
that say Joy
with no words aT all..:)
“If possible, try to find a way to come downstairs
that doesn’t involve going bump, bump, bump, on the back of your head. -“
~~ Pooh, in Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne ~~
Yeah.. the road down could be harder
than the road up.. particularly
for Bed Pan
of Trump
stuff in Nursing
Homes totAlly
womaned by
an Hispanic/
crew of
alWays a reminder
that one day one may
rely on the current Walmart
Greeter for eventual survival..;)
“How to gain, how to keep, how to recover happiness
is in fact for most men at all times
the secret motive of all they do,
and of all they are willing to endure.”
~~ Dean William R. Inge ~~
sMiLes.. most all of the really
big achievements of males
were done
in a
of lonely
“There is, nevertheless, a certain respect
and a general duty of humanity that ties us,
not only to beasts that have life and sense,
but even to trees and plants.”
~~ Michael de Montaigne, Essays, Book ii, Chap. xi, Of Cruelty ~~
Nature Deficit Disorder
NO Doctor FucKinG DiagNoses
that could mean the survival or
of the
entire human
race.. oh God the
comMon seNse oF God
As Nature all iNterrElatinG
interconNecTinG lean on
mE aLL for support please..;)
“Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old;
seek what they sought.”
~~ Matsuo Basho ~~
Basically when the ones
who come after stay
stuck in the foot
obviouSly they
sTill have tHeir steps
soMewHeRE thE liGht doN’t SHiNey..;)
“Good taste is always an asset.”
~~ Rudy Bakalov ~~
Unless one
IS A Bug..
or Dinner
for a Gator..;)
“Fear is the lock and
laughter the key to your heart.”
~~ Steven Stills ~~
i have a secret..
hehe.. and it miGht
sound mad but it’s
actuAlly SupeRCool FuN..
whenever one practices a TrUE
WiLL in aliGnment wiTh tHeiR TrUtH and LiGht
that harms no one else.. further than consuming
the food and drink of life.. never taKing more than GiVinG
they are rewarded by the Bigger
than UniVerse.. ‘iNVisible’
way.. by WiNks
and Laughs
oF siGns that
have no causal connections
aT aLL.. otHer than whatever the
individual finds sacred and holy
in liFe.. but of course if they find
nOthing sacred and holy
in life..
or God
exists to many
of these folks aT aLL..
it works for me and sure
tHeRe is just another ADHD
liKe label to say it’s just my
ImAGinAtiOn.. no shit Sherlock
Docs what the FucK do yA thiNk
iMAGinAtioN iS otHeR than what noW
you caN’t alWays empiricAlly meaSure
and repeat.. as GoD WiNks and Laughs
also kNown and FeLt aS Synchronicity
evade those who enter into a miND
and BoDy Way of Mechanical
Robot Ways/CoGniTioN..
iN Standard
IQ ways2.. DreAM
tiMe haS alWays been
as reaL as any otHeR pARt
oF eXistence wheN experienCinG liFe..
luCidLY aS liGht Can cOme aGaIN for FReED..;)
“After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
~~J.K. Rowling, The Man with Two Faces, ~~
~~ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 1997 ~~
~~ spoken by the character Albus Dumbledore ~~
As the Great Band Styx
SAid iN ‘Lord of the Rings’..
iT iS EsSence oF Hope/BeliEf
FaiTh/PuRE LoVe sAMe noW..
thaT cOUnts Now..
noT thE houSing
oF veHicles anD veSsels
iN mYth/reLigion/etc.. thAt
hOld tHat HoPe..ETc.. isReaL noW..
And sUre.. i’M taKinG Great Liberties
In ParaphraSinG What ‘they’ sAId.. juST
aS i caN.. i WiLL.. i creATe mY reaLiTy As iS..:)
“Aw Mom, you act like
I’m not even wearing a bungee cord!”
~~ Calvin ~~
All iS
Bottom Bungee Cord TalK..;)
So.. i’M walKing up to the BiG double doors of the Catholic
Temple and a couple of Knights..
you kNoW.. the ones who wear
the big feather hats and
ornate colored Uniforms
who are Knights of Columbus
of the Catholic Church.. ugh.. if that
be a reminder of the Spanish Christian
Conquests of South America.. and all of that
too.. anyWay.. when they try to give me some paper
work and ask me first am i a knight.. i say quickly without
hesitation i am A King.. and then one of the dudes interviewing
me.. hehe.. as muse for the position.. says.. as much energy as
you have and words to that affect as they see me dancing all over
town too on/foR course.. and i say.. well.. yes.. i juSt do that to gain
some ADHD otherwise out of focus way toWard laser focus
to wRite anywHeRe from 6 to 7 thousand words a day
or so.. in the longest written long form poem
at 3.3 million words plus.. in around 3
years to 42 months or so as i spread
some good news.. in what they
name as Gospel.. as witness
for the GoD oF NAtuRE
and they then
say.. oh.. that’s
reAlly Good
Fred.. so i jump over
the back pew many tiMes
in the past.. in alWays my ‘Flash
Shirt’.. in order not to interrupt those
kneeling in the prayer rows in pews
of yesternows that stay the sAMe..
alWays a New and iMproved
meSsAGe heAR everyNow..
’cause i can.. i WiLL.. i AM
A Free Child of God and
every Free and Wild
child oF God IS A King
IS A Queen/Prince/Princess
noW no less or more than
A LiON and A TiGer sAMe
or even a Yellow Boy who kNows/FeeLS
no TrUe master but the God oF NaturE aLL..
So anYway.. as previously mentioned a little
birdy as much and such.. as A Hunter Moon
Super Moon ending this weekend today..
is holy and sacred meaning and purpose
enough for me to end this ‘LiGhTeNinG StriKes 712
MacroVerse foR Now.. WiTh A closest Super Moon STiLL
CoMinG NoVember 14th.. ’till 2034.. when i am 74.. and
then another Super Moon CoMing on December 14th then to
Make a triple play as such in skyball roll and rock way oF GoD..
aLL oF NaTure Now PLuS noW wiTh wE Now as SenTient
Mini-ME sTAr duSt plUS as such and more2..
and TrUE
and for those
of yoU wHo arE
scaRed oF SaTurn..
FucKinG geT A JOB..oKAy..
LiVe LiFe FeaRLeSs iN SmART LoVe
UnConDiTioNally weaRinG BlAck anD WhiTe
And sHades oF Grey.. bEyONd hUes of RainBow
LoVe too.. OkaY.. or noT.. yOur choice.. yOuR WilL..
tHeRe iS more than ONE place to go..Now.. TrUSt mE noW oR NoT..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

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