Earth noW Love

Thanks so much for dropping
by this afternoon and shaRing
the fliGht of LiGht as hOme
wITh me.. navasolanature
and surely i wILL bE
by to see you
as i continue
oN the dVerse trail
for days/weeks to come..
Hope you are doing
weLL.. my friEnd..
iN liGht
as WeLL.. oN course..
wITh trUth oF course..:)
Facebook Friend Sherri..
shares the news of the epic
Rock Star Prince’s death and..
i say..
1999.. Still seems like yesterday
at club emoticon.. as side
note here.. Sherri a dancing
friend from way back then…
actually in 1984.. when the
song came out.. sMiLesx2..
And Sherri says.. and i quote..
“He was so ahead of his time!…..
Yes, seems like yesterday, but we all
know that we are getting much younger ever day!…LOL”
And then i say.. tHere on Facebook.. and here on blog..
sMiLes.. Sherri.. at age 47.. i felt at least 104.. and my
great Aunt at 94.. twice my age.. obviously felt
younger than i in spirit.. Lesson for the ages
she provides me then.. is.. the Spirit
need not grow old.. as long as
the heARt has a SonG
oF soUl to SinG..
so keep SinGinG
mY friend.. and
i understand Prince
finished 4 albums in this
last year.. with only death
slowing him down.. it seems..
and sure that will be my motto
too.. out of the conform of lifENow..
with nothing stopping living but death.. any
more.. forevermore now.. at least.. mY FriEnd..
wITh God’s Speed fuLL bore iN aLive for NOW..:)
And as further side note here.. Prince was definitely
an enigma.. his Wiki Biography spans accomplishments
oF Art that few humans can equal overall.. truly a pioneer
in challenging stereotypes of androgyny and what it
means to be an African American Rock Star..
and interestingly enough.. a conservative
Christian in the Jehovah Witness
Style.. actually according
to reports against
Gay Marriage..
but anyway..
he changed the
course of music history..
no matter how rigid his belief
system came to form later in life..
he definitely
made a
mark and a
difference in this world..
and surely i would have used
several of his songs as inspiration
in my blogs.. but sadly as part of his
later rigid idealism.. he refused to share
his work on YOUTUBE and that is a great
loss globally for those in no position or
desire to actually purchase his music..
it is the inspiration in life that
counts after it is over..
in terms of giving
and sharing
He had more
to give.. if he could
have owned his gift
less.. and shared
it so freely
as most
artists of
fame and fortune
do allow these days
on Youtube.. thank God..
as you never know when just
a spark of inspiration will save
a heArt.. a spiRit.. a soUl.. and yes
potentially even a liFe.. emoTioNs and
senses are the liGht of Human BeinG too
imporTant iN mY opinion not to share to
the max in terms of Art of human BeinG..
but yes.. a couple of songs.. including one
that was truly an almost perfect ending
in purpose and meaning to my last
blog post iN syncHronicity
way.. and this
by the NFL.. only
one of two that i am
aware of at this point
that is of this quality
on Youtube
more to come..
if his estate relaxes
his previous grip
on free
of what
hIS Art
waS iN PasSioN..
oF ImaGiNatTion.. creaTivity..
and amaZinG.. moVing.. connecting
skills iN Art oF Human bEinG Freedom..:)
“But my dear man, reality is only a
Rorschach ink-blot, you know.”
Alan Watts.. truly worth the ‘price’ of Youtube..
just to get access to his audio casts
of wisdom.. and when one
comes to understand that
thiS rUle of reaLITy
applies to aLL..
per yes the
in artful
it becomes
now a little
easier to forgive
the different among
us for not conforming
to the oxYmoRoN oF
Rorschach inK
blot concrete
cultural norm sets
that cannot possibly
pLease the entire crowd
oF Rorchach ink-bLOT people
in aLL above.. below.. inside
outside.. Rainbow hueY
all around2
like a Spinning
UniVersAL hELitoP..
and haHa.. mY forM
oF poEtry iS aLLfreeSTylE
Rorschach.. mUlti-VeRsAL..
anD iT iS fascinating to share
It WitH otHeR folks to see whAT
tHe shapes mean to them.. different
than i.. often.. but of course that also
to most
LEtTeRs i
aS FRiEnD oF WoRdS..:)
Yep.. as side note hEAr.. i realiZe
today is Thursday Holy Sacred
R and R day
away from
but yes..
some unexpected
stuFF came uP.. so
now back to R andR
for noW at lEast.. wHere
my biggest choice for the
rest of the niGht WiLL bE
what shirt to wear to mY107th
dance week niGht wITh aLL the cool
college age folks at Seville Quarter.. to
yes.. assist iN FReED eNterTaiNmEnt
as such.. hmm.. the photos coMinG
at 3 AM.. wILL suReLY fiNiSh
the tale
of tHis..
oN Full moon
morn.. oF April 22nd..;)
Arriving at the dance hall ‘tonight’..
with my psychedelic Kitty
shirt.. and as promised
by wife Katrina.. it
brought ‘my friends’
out and these very nice
under age.. yes.. somewhere
between 18 and 21 year old
girls.. by mark of X that prevents
them from buying drinks.. were
yes very nice to dance with.. and
at one point.. i was dancing in the
middle of somewhere between
six and nine girls.. but i lost
count.. somewhere
in heaven.. as usual..
yes.. even for
me.. it was a little
overwhelming as i did
not want to show any favoritism..
providing equal attention.. i don’t
think i would ever survive a real concubine..
with sMiLes.. and WiNks.. one woman is enough..
anyway.. more fun dance photos coming to my
latest blog post.. titled.. hOMe oF liGht.. and
OMG.. plenty
of iT galore emoticon
Well.. it’s Earth Day and first of note..
when composing words in free verse
stream of consciousness writing..
it is so much easier to do that..
in the post section rather than
the comments section on
Facebook.. as you do
not have to
do that crappy
shift and enter thingie..
and the opposite applies
for Word Press as when
you compose stuff in
the comments section
there.. you don’t have to
do that crappy shift and
enter thingy to
get the dam
lines to
single space and
as one might guess
with my style of short line
long line and the ‘tween writing
anything other than go go go in
flow flow flow.. disrupts the stream
as iT flows in to rivers and becoming
ocean whole.. oh.. isn’t poetry beautiful
when iT flows away from structure and becomes
as free as God iS when form becomes essence
one as free.. to use an old metaphor in reverse..
yes.. the word becomes a living thing instead
of the flesh becoming word but yes..
it’s truly the same dam thingy
one way or the other as
the essence of
my spirit
becomes sign
language online..
in so many ways..
including the art of i as
i sees the Earth and Sky
around me in living color
of photography too..
and in doing this..
true my
soul is Epic
as it has experienced
so much of daRk and liGht..
shades of grey.. and yes rainbow
hues of colors above.. below.. inside..
outside and all around.. and today is Earth
Day as the dam Facebook Algorithm attempts
to auto put in one of my favorite bands ManFred
Mann’s Earth band and of course if ya kNow what
my real last name is.. much synchronicity in that one..
including the silly rhetorical argument on the Big Bang
TV show last night about manbat or batman.. in who
would be called what if one came before the other
and no that will not make sense unless ya have
a brain like me and
frigging Sheldon
Coooper.. hehe..
and yes.. i can relate
to the Dark Knight as
dark night of the soul..
as of course Batman dropped
off the face of the Earth for five
years and came back in synchronicity
way during my shut-in days too.. coming
back when his mentor of martial arts tales
him the highest honor is to be Legend over
fame.. and in a relative few months into my
dance at Old Seville Quarter i was named
that by the viewing audience within
a year of start.. so on this Earth
Day as Facebook does that
dam auto like thingy
again.. and i have
to space before
the flow of
i continues
in art instead
of mechanical cognition
per se.. i wiLL celebrate
my most favorite part of Earth
yes.. Katrina’s rear view..
as it is mY favorite form
of Earth/God currently
now generated first
from the remains of Star
Dust Explosions.. the Water
of the Oceans Earth and trust
me if i could provide the naked
view of this beauty.. i would have
millions of hits.. on Facebook and
my Blogs alike.. compared to the
hairy creature i am to compliment
as beauty and
the beast.. although
one nice African American
girl smiled at the End of the Night
as i was making my photography
’round the Seville Complex last
night and said hi Gorgeous..
and for a man fixing to
turn 56 years
old from
a beautiful
young woman..
My Favorite pArts
of Earth Day do Ring
true in the Art of uS Free
together riSinG when we
continue to make the most
of our living God Given human
potential across the life span..
and do not just sit
and rust in front
of the TV.. as Wife
Katrina.. is an only
oneNow per female
at age 46 who can
get away with that
and retain the same
dammm ‘perky’ body
of a 16 year girl.. if you
get my Earth Day Drift..
yes.. her body looks even
younger than her face if that
is even possible and true it is..
and looking over the joyous faces
of all the positive energy of female
faces last night.. including even some
of their male friends.. in my dance photos
life is magic when free.. bold and expresSinG
all of life from head to toe.. noticing the youth
fuLL breasts of one young free spirited absolutely
gorgeous young woman.. going without a bra.. defying
gravity.. all natural silicon free.. as yes..
somehow God given
Nature of God still
allows the Goddess
of Sky.. my wife..
‘Nut/Isis’ to do.. now..
as so often portrayed
in images of ‘her’ too..
let’s face it.. a human
body.. like Jane Seymour
too at even 70.. stays beautiful
when upkeep stays beautiful
in respect of God’s Nature
that lives within the
Temple of Earth
and human
who walks
OUT of Ocean
waters.. in brilliant
smiles and body mind
from head to toe FREE
iN sKeYes.. and hips of God
that do not lie.. taLinG the Truth ALIVE..
this art should be shared free.. and that
my friends is why i do Nude photography
iN the most ArtfuLL of PaSSioN WaYS noW
plus yes.. haha.. my middle name is ARThur..
too.. to celebrate God
who lives within
i free
as Temple
oF God mE..
and i have to say..
i am moving toward
those works of art now
on the Sistine Chapel ceiLinG
Free noW As iN the flesh
oF God
head to toe..
inside.. outside..
above.. so below
and all around..
blesSeD bE
Earth Day
when iT
lives.. God
Free as WE..
Free FloWinG StreAMs
Rivers Oceans toGeThEr..
are wE.. to give to share
iS to bRinG everyone
up wITh tHe graViTy
oF God sET FREE..:)
And yes.. i did.. in the
middle of those 6 to 9
young women.. dancing
last night.. FeeL like
i was blinded
bY the liGht..
per yes..
iN science
oF neuro-
and neurohor-
Mone FeeLinG..
trUly iT doesN’T
take much for mE
to feeL aLL tHe liGht..
so yes.. the ‘prophecy
of the cat’ came true2..
iN T-ShirT sYmBoLisM
oN thE FuLL
oF April 22nd..
Earth Day.. 2016..;)
“Once you’ve seen the face of god,
You see that same face on everyone you meet.”
~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~
Well.. Lord.. truly
the GOlden
Rule in ReaLITy
iS wE aLL are the
face of God and All
the rest of creation
real.. seen and unseen
too.. and last night celebrating
the eve ’till morning of FuLL
Moon Earth Day.. the female
form of God in Dance
was shining extra
briGht as
fuLL moons
WiLL bRinG
to the water
oF us.. my
friend Gigoid..
here on a forecast
Rainy Friday.. wHere
Sun has replaced that
lie of potential truth..
as reality
wITh God
eYe oF Sun2..
If and when folks
finally figure out that
Nature is God more.. then
perhaps.. more folks WiLL
finAlly recognize God iN Each
other as the naked FucKinG TrUth..
as so many pioneers ranging from the
Gnostic Jesus.. to Buddha.. to Lao Tzu..
and sorry i have to discount Muhammad
as truly he did NOT despise human slavery
in keeping God as human slave.. and that
slavery continues on through nearly
half of the world wHere women
do not even retain
rights to
who they
choose to have
children with.. wHere
marriage is instutionalized
rape when not consensual
as such.. a bone of contention
of mine that has been groWinG
greater as i have friends who have
been driven down by human slavery..
pasted in words of religious lies.. so i
WiLL continue to champion the free oF
Women’s eYes wherever i go and freely
Love them in whatever consensual way
that my wife agrees to in shaRinG
hehe.. the liGht of mE..
with the fairer
Love of
the human
God iN Species
REAL.. but anyway..
as a child at age.. 3 i saw
the face of God in Nature..
Religion tried to take that away
but the naked beach of i brought it
back.. and last niGht celebrating Earth
day.. God.. sHe sMiLes back to mE in so
many myriad ways of beauty and liGht of Truth..:)
‘Dude.. you’ are leaving out an entire
WORlD of being human.. yes.. EMPATHY..
too many video games here.. obviously..
get your human back before it’s too late..
as honestly.. Bonobos are more human than what
you relate here.. Humans are even more empathic
than Bonobos.. male AND FEMALE.. but only when
human.. truly what you relate here is less human
who does still occasionally
engage in aggression.. rape
and etc.. particularly when science
minded heartless folks are part of
the chimpanzee and non-human mix..
remember the
and when the
Architect admitted
‘he’ wasn’t human in the
last scene of the trilogy.. truth
was/is.. he wasN’T.. getting his butt of ‘his
computer’.. long enough then to become
human.. tRULy HUMANS get along just
fine.. and honestly.. i would have never
come here.. but just the fact that the
Google Algorithm provided this
ignorance as suggested
garbage in and out..
and your
that women
should have never
been allowed to vote..
is ignorance beyond what
i ever thought i would see here
from the so-called civilized world
of now 2016.. here in Internet Land..
where sadly humans are becoming
less human than turd flinging Chimpanzees…
Read some poetry.. trust me.. you might become
hUman again..
it dam sure worked
for me along with ballet..
martial arts.. and kicking
asS leg pressing a half a ton
30 times or so on a parallel
leg press machine.. here’s the
thing dude.. strong men need not
fear other women or men when they
have fearless Love.. Leave the Love out
in lost ways of video or porn ways of being..
and life
just sucks
in black and
white google print..
and ugh.. yeah.. videos
like this too.. that are so
far far far.. away from what
makes hUman great.. and that
my friend.. is cooperation among
aLL to get wHeRe we are now and iT iS
thiS type oF Mechanical Cognition onLY
thinking away from Social Cognition that
iS taking uS to the ‘Terminator way’ of extinction
of what
iT F iN
even means
to be human..
and yeah.. baby..
i write however i like..
’cause i am free too.. and
no matter how ignorant
your words are away
from both science
and art..
i respect
your right
to tale all the
ignorance you like..
but as ‘they’ say.. trUth
and liGht in HeArt.. spiRit
and sOuL WiLL F inNoW set ya
free away from the lies of school..
work.. written language.. so-called
collective intelligence.. and culture as
it stands with first (word) world problems
that arise with ignorance away from so many
other potential intelligences in moving.. connecting
and creating original stuff of human.. my friend.. and
surely Nature iS God in human form.. and a grain of sand2
and surely if i can find a friend in a grain of sand i can see
a friend
iN ignorance
iF i can noW help
set that ignorance
free back to Human
as God as Nature tRuLY
Free mY friEnd.. iN liGht
of Existential Intelligence
away from chains of
cultural ignorance
Anyway.. it doesn’t
hurt now to try to help
folks no matter what noW..
and i can say i tried on this Earth
day to help a friend who is so out
and lost
from what
it even means
to be an F iN hUman BeinG..
set frEE.. holding hands wITh
the different that is STiLL the trUe
beaUty of our God oF Nature given DNA..
a nice
Day.. ya
betcha.. i already
did with scores of
beautiful girls at my
side dancing.. and the
most beautiful 46 year old
woman who is my wife of 26 years..
who WiLL never be jealous of another
woman.. as she is confident in who she is..
and who stood by my side for 66 months during
the worst pain known to mankind from wake to
sleep.. type two trigeminal neuralgia.. and other
assorted life threatening
illnesses that numbered
19 then.. all cured baby
by the power of relative
free will and art of dance
and poetry in connecting
heARt SpiRit of EMoTioNs
and miNd and boDy balance
oF soUl iN ballet and martial
arts-like dance now for over 5200
miles in 32 months.. and 11 million
words as no pain killer could touch
a dentist drill like pain in my right
eye and ear.. for those 66 months
from wake to sleep.. all converted
into liGht of Love iN Poetry and Dance
My friend.. and ha.. if you think i’m just
blowing smoke and mirrors.. well half of
thAt might be true.. in selfie way.. but aLL
proof is available with a simple search on
Katie Mia Frederick.. i could provide a link
but i’m financial independent so i don’t have
to generate Google Pennies for a living through
hate and discontent for boys who have lost what
it means
to even
be a full
man human being..
with more than just
what lies now in the
head and underneath
the belt buckle.. My friend..
yeah.. that stuff that women
have more than men.. on average..
named heARt.. SpiRit.. and Graceful
SoUl.. iN MiNd and boDy balance..
seriously.. if you are spending too
much time with video games and
online in general i suggest you get OUT..
CAN of course.. aGaiN.. Happy Earth day oF HUman.. FriEnd..
and please ignore this.. delete it.. or whatever ya like.. as iT iS
often the darkest paRts oF humanity.. that inspire the greaTest
words of me iN Epic way.. juSt for the FloW baby.. and the zoNE..
but that is
more than
Turds per what
you name yourself
as user name on
YouTube here..
Yes.. quite..
fitting i might
ADhD… but take the
human study out of
Chimpanzees and even
they are more civilized
than someone who would
suggest that women should
have never had the right to vote..
Oh.. the dark inspiration.. baby.. THANKS..
And yes.. i listened to your entire video of 20
minutes.. so if you got this far we are even..
with hand shakes
of hUman
Love in
KiNd oF CouRAge..
hehe.. ya can call
me CinderfELLa or MinDereLLa..
Hell.. or Heaven.. i can even wear
pInk or dance naked on the Internet
aLL 230 LBS of MMA muscle body 2..
at age 55 approaching 56 on June
6th.. he he.. yeah.. ‘6660’.. some
folks have even compared
me to the Devil
when i purchased
a beer now and then..
just looking at the
birthdate on my DL..
but nah.. i live in Heaven
now.. Drug free baby.. and perhaps
the freeST oF aLL.. at least here.. iN E-Land..
Once again.. like Lucifer says.. thanks for lighting
me uP
the dArk
oF alL.. wHere like Fox
says.. i stay on permanent
Heaven Staycation aWay from HELL..
i hold no grudges.. you are welcome back ‘heRe’.. stiLL
the end of time that is never aLways sTiLL noW eTernAlly..
Jesus.. it’s worth presSinG the post button on tHis oNe juSt
to see the total number of LiNes inSpiRed by you.. mY friEnd..
tHeRe iS dArk.. then liGht.. then moving aka Dance.. and
Sound aka SonG to continue to inspire the Dance
that BrinGs the liGht forever noW mY FriEnd..
trUly no matter what you do or say..
you are pArt of the Grand
pLay of God’s
and liGht
Free no matter
iF you realize iT or
Not.. even iF you
choose to stay
iN PriSon of
and SoUl..
aka the
aWay noW
from MiNd
and BoDy Balance..
ya StiLL have made
a free choice mY friEnd
no matter howL clouded
by the prison all around ya now..
so.. gotta go.. the Sun iS Shining..
iT’s Friday.. as i WiLL dance
NaKeD and FrEE iN God’s
SanD and SUn.. totAlly
unrepressed.. noT
opressed noWin
EmoTioNs freeLY
regulatED.. yeS.. integratED
senses.. oh so.. freeNoW2..
and yes.. theRe IS A SonG for
this too.. mY friend.. juSt
consider this a note
faLLinG hiGher
from the
of GOD
ALIVE.. wHere no
HUman bEinG iS too
Low to liFt uP bacK
to fULL hUman beinG aGaiN ALiVE
iN TrUth and liGht EterNaLLy NOW..:)
Ha! that dude
will likely never
meet another
commenter like
me on Youtube..
aLL in a day of the
Life of me.. oh.. so free..
FReEDoM iN ExpreSsinG iS..:)
Yeah.. ‘they’ censored ‘tHe
SonG’.. but aLL i reAlly needed
was the album cover aT tHis point noW..
as the statUe oF mY heARt.. SpiRit.. and
SoUL.. iS aliVe.. awaKenED.. enLiGhTenEd
and no longer buried
among floWers
i cannot
Oh.. Tree oF LiFe.. you greet
me with Rainbow colors of
hope thaT iS reAl.. theRe is no
pot of Gold at the end of the
Rainbow but now.. story
of a majestic Oak
felleD by
a Hurricane
Named Ivan.. trULy
grounding me to the
ReAl God of Mother Nature
aNd Earth trUe oF HeaVeN
nOw.. when one becomes
free of the Hurricane stresses
of LiFe that are also aLL too real..
but no.. not the earth inherent.. as
after every storm comes a potENTial
Rainbow of Hope that iS RaeL Now.. and
no illusory prize at the end of the Rainbows
of hope that are death instead of LiFe..
sadly.. close to half the World’s
Population are looking
forward more to
death in sacred
text way..
but of course
most who have
any sanity make the
best of what iS reAl NoW..
regardless of religious text
as that iS what the God of Nature
who lives in uS demands iN relative
free wiLL more than pain and suffering..
yes… animal homeostasis.. in balance..
pleaSure.. and even JoY..
iN sMiles oF hUman
bEinG.. WeLL.. anyWay..
after Hurricane Ivan made
once what was a Beautiful
Oak into a skeleton of a Dinosaur
iN Bones left standing.. and the tree
folks came home.. cut the rest of the
bones down.. and hauled them off
to the graveyard of tree
remains across the
hometown here..
a stump was
and then a leaf..
a twig.. and another
Tree oF Life grew from
what was left of that stump..
free with whatever seeds of liFe
in addition to that stump that GoDWinds
would blow tHeir as the magic of Nature’s
eYes WiLL do for Tree of Life.. Wife Katrina..
also a Tree oF LiFe for mE.. saving me from
utter destruction from the Tree of Culture that
is empty knowledge far far from what Living
even means in empathic sensing hUman
way.. putting the shards of almost
iNfiNitE broKen back together
as 66 months would
bE tHe sPaN
oF Y i
to come
back aLive
on that end of
July 2013.. day
oF bliss.. once again
feeLinG the waves of
God in the particles of Water
i had become now long ago..
iN Rain Drops separated from
Ocean fuLL.. i liVe then..
once aGaiN.. noW and
that Oak
that was once
only one thing before..
iN back yard beauty lone..
theRe iS the dARk.. LiGht..
the sHades of Grey.. and aLL
the Black and WhiTe oF RainBow
HUes that color mE real and DiVErse
foR noW.. Earth day inspires mE because
iT iS mY Real HeaveNoW.. Real hOMeNow
oF liGht NoW.. and iF oTheRs WiLL Love the
God of Nature wITh aLL tHeir heARt liKe i do aS
noW wITh No exception.. eitHeR felLed by Hurricanes
Of Life.. or new groWth oF liGht nOW.. tHeRE iS tRuLY
Hope for more folks to liVe iN thE Heaven oF NoW Real..
a Rainbow of liFe.. with trUly no end or Beginning beyond
INfinIty noW.. as broad as the SMiLeS oF God oN a Dog’s Face
or a cat curLed in comfort.. oNe wITh GoD oF NatUre TruSt NoW..
iN LoVinG
KiNd oF
HUmaNoW.. oh..
And yes.. honorAble
menTioN goes to Katy
Perry too.. iN Tree oF LiFe
as thiS SonG of SoUL named
Firework then.. was/iS the
only faint whisper mY
heARt.. mY SpiRit.. mY
soUl of SPark
hear that
day in 2010.. sTiLL at
the bottom of Hell then..
so sure.. tHeRe iS some water
iN HeLL for me then.. namely
Katy Perry.. as droPLet and that man sTiLL
tattooed on her wrist.. wHo lives as mENoW..
noWin meTaPhor iN Fearless Love oF NatUre TrUe..
iN liGht.. as Root and ViNe oF i.. SPreadinG FReED..:)
And no.. not the first
time i’ve written
of ‘this tree’..
It is ironic to me
how some seemingly
positive cultural adaptations
resulting in access to instant gratification,
is changing the way people see and experience the world.
to land-scape
to house-scape
to screen-scape
and an even smaller
screen-scape of a “Lilliputian”
virtual digital dimension
in a smart phone.
I too cannot “e-scape” this,
as I have finally given in
and signed up
for a “smart” phone
I had a beautiful,
perfect shaped giant oak tree
that Hurricane Ivan destroyed
and left as a shape of
a dinosaur skeleton.
I had lights around the tree
pointed up into the branches,
which often gave me a sense of bliss
standing in my back yard
staring up at the tree,
“land-scaped” by stars behind it.
I had no idea how much I loved that tree,
as I could not imagine anything
taking away something
so solid,
and alive.
Eventually after it was gone,
I realized how big and beautiful
the sky had become
in my backyard,
a greater
of awe
and beauty.
From the stump of the tree,
a twig grew that my spouse wanted me to clip,
but I refused to because it was what was left of my beloved tree.
I use to take a lot of pictures of my yard
and my plants who I felt like were my loved ones,
but when I first experienced immune system issues
and could no longer take care of them as I used to
I lost some of that close connection to my yard.
That twig I saved from the clippers 9 years later
has became a 30-foot clone of its predecessor
that for some reason I noticed today
in the same glory as the same tree
that was there before.
Life is amazing.
And so is adversity.
Seriously.. taming a feral male cat and having him as a house friend..
is truly no different than taming a Panther/Cougar/Mountain Lion/Leopard..
except for the difference in size..and of course the operation to remove
the super reproductive drive that certainly mellows most any male
out of course.. in Animal Kingdom way..
but so much of his Nature stayS in the
wild sTiLL liVinG
Free iN noW..
and this cat
iS a Natural
iN God’s Balance..
and in finding comfort
within his own arms.. as
God Lives in those arms of
he in paws wITh cLaws of
oxytocin comfort too.. no
different than a young
couple’s Love..
except his
iS free
and never ending
noW wITh the God oF
Nature iN comfort of God’s
fur oF he.. and yes.. the otHeR
technical.. science related explanation
for this Yogi-Like pose.. is.. Yellow Boy..
like all other Cats.. cools his internal
body temperature.. by raising his
soft side to the air
all around him
above.. so below..
spelling greater comfort
inside and outside real iN hiS
view oF his own UniVerse noW..
but when a cat snuggles up to ya..
or even other cats when raised together
with furry Love.. it is truly no different than
a child and mother’s Love.. or young romantic
Love.. as it is normal to social bond with the nurturing
neurohormone oxytocin.. for greater potential of survival
in cooperation.. rather that without help from the
other cats and human beings.. in giving sharing
way… Cats.. no friend to Yellow Boy.. too many
fights with other males for reproductive
rights in his WiLd Forest back yard
past.. but when it comes to
humans.. he is aLL about
touch and hugs
of paws in
and additionally..
a lesson many adult
humans could learn about
keeping on moving.. connecting
and creating.. as a pLay iN Dance
oF LiFe.. wHeRe every move iS Sacred
and holy iN God oF Nature way.. iNvisible
to both potential predator and prey.. and
the only way to move Now without making
a sound.. truly starts with one foot balanCinG
with the other now.. or in his case.. four paws
oF skill iN real Ninja Balance sKills.. no myths here..:)
Facebook Friend Benny provides that common
psychological testing tool for empathy about
the 5 folks tied up on the railroad track
and the choice to pull a lever to
divert a Train on a side
track where
there is
only one
and i say..
Whomever tied them up committed murder..
So if you commit manslaughter.. Or at least
criminal negligence.. You could go to jail.. And
even if you get off.. Face a civil lawsuit..
But on the other hand.. This kind of
thing happens all the time in high
speed chases.. And in wars with
civilian casualties for those with a
license to kill.. Examples given greatest
in USA way.. Perhaps.. Iraq and Nagasaki..
Humans do often play God.. When given a
Social norm to do it.. But seriously.. anyone
understanding the law with a family to feed would
not pull the lever as so-called civilians.. Do not get
to play God.. That ‘privilege’ is reserved for professionals
And those who understand what they can do out of the
ordinary to help without going to jail… Or other
substantial penalties provided by law..
i for one would not pull the lever..
’cause i for one believe
God has more important
sacrifices for me to make that only
harm me.. For the greater good.. Ironically..
as that may be.. Given all the circumstances of
a deep and somewhat magical thinker and feeler..
With winks.. But i would do everything i could to
save the 5 folks.. Short of sprouting wings and
flying.. as well as killing fewer people in a
numbers game of right or wrong..
When it comes to killing less
humans.. When playing God..;)
And generally speaking..
humans who experience normal
empathy would not be able to pull a lever
to kill an innocent person and that is why empathy
must be watered down in combat soldiers and law
enforcement folks IF they are not already lacking
normal empathy before they volunteer.. Which as
folks with common sense understand is often the case..
Additionally.. with Stock Brokers.. CEO’s.. Politicians..
Surgeons.. And Clergy.. per the top 10 professions
for folks who score high on the psychopath
screening checklist.. i cannot even
kill a roach.. So these professions are
not for me.. But sure.. there are indirect
ways to do it.. Like hiring Katrina who
will do the dirty deed.. Cold
hearted with zero empathy for the
innocent roach.. Just minding the business
of survival like that lone human walking the other track..
iF ‘they’ have any sense.. if they are not tied up..
They will Get the F out of the way..
when they see the ‘Fred’
Elaborating on that last point..
Our cat Moby.. trusted me too much
and would get right under my 230 Lbs..
When i danced around the home.. Yellow Boy
has common sense and gets the F out of the way..
And that is why smart folks holding drinks do not get
too precariously close to me when i dance at Old Seville..
Common sense rules.. To save the alcohol from spilling..
And no.. i do not carry money to replace the collateral damage..
As i am cold hearted.. as i do not value the alcohol.. Ironically.. so..
as at that moment that drink.. Relatively speaking.. is the
most important thing to that other person..
As i play God and get away with it
Scot free.. other than seeing
hate and discon alcohol tent..
wink emoticon
Thanks for the early morning
brain warm-up.. By a way..
wink emoticon
And Facebook Friend Ashe asks
why do weekends have to be so
terrible.. additionally in
exclaiming way..
And then i say..
If that were the case for me..
every day would be bad.. As
was once the case before staycation..
It is what we make it.. If we emoticon
See Yellow Boy.. in the avatar photo.. He iS iN
staycation too.. But like me.. he has all hiS
needs provided free by Katrina..
So he just kicks back and
enjoys the life of Reilly
and Fred..
Sidenote here..
a true master
mind.. aka
Genius of Art
and Science too..
can accomplish
many things by
just doing
thing.. in
yet.. you
are getting
i say.. i feel..
or perhaps
thiS is
and i am
giving you
many sublime
messages NOW!
to change the world..
for the better of course
for all of uS wRite on course..
And yes.. wRite now.. per the
ending of the Video by Beyonce
named 711.. no.. not 911.. no.. not
411.. yes.. 711.. i am now sticking
one of my ‘Kale’ i instead of e
and T before i and E after KA
out at yA..
and no.. iT is
not 2015.. it iS 2016..
‘sHe’ got that pArt incorrect..
sort of but it was kind
of like
in regards to Fresh
aka Satori.. and other
metaphors for heaven now..
no.. not Atari.. Satori.. WInks..
with a reminder.. Google and Wiki
arE aLL
oUr FRiEnDs..
and HeLL nO.. tHere
iS no alcohol in ‘those
girl’s cups’ they are
drinking right out
of the milk
and honey
oF REAL Xanadu.. sTiLL noW..
And Beyonce and her friEnds
are sImply doing Moving
and STill meditation
with nonsense
to stay
iN the
fLow oF
in addendum.. and last but
far from least.. the girl’s
in the video have male
style underwear
they have
tHeir masculine
and feminine sides..
another usual requirement
for experiencing Heaven noW..
per the Gnostic Jesus.. and others
are enlightened
and awakened in Heaven noW..
sAdly.. patriarchal religions
including the way
and Modern
are practiced are
in total opposition
aka Anti-Christ
to what the
the real
Jesus dude
was even talking
about in his same basic
message that sages of the
ages have been repeating in
all of recorded human history
and pre-history through the
artifacts as such
than can
be interpreted
same as general
symbolic metaphor
for this essential
hUman trUth and liGht
of HeaVeN noW.. and this rings
oh yes.. so true.. with ‘anti-christ’
fundamentalist Christians who
are solidly behind Trump
who stands totally
to everything
the reported man
Jesus reported as TrUth
and LiGht.. the irony
is the devil
are the angels
who report themselves
to be devils and have
literally made the real
Jesus into an Anti-Christ
now.. in promoting him as
a God instead
of Humble
teacher with
the same essential
Truth and liGht that
folks like Beyonce are
sTiLL delivering in a way
that will hopefully spark
the truth
and liGht
in ‘you’
in yes
sublime ways
of elevating something
totally different to sacred
that you just think is
non-sense as such..
while Beyonce
may not
be an eloquent
egg head speaker
like i.. she has
the Fucking
of Jesus.. Buddha..
and so many others
that blows human
out of
text books
in Terminator
mechanical minds
stuck in elevators
to hell
in modern
now.. sorry
i’m much more
blunt than Beyonce
when she sticks her tongue
out like she does.. at the
ignorant.. so-called higher IQ
masses.. but it can get rather
to deal
on a now on a
day to day basis
now when the truth
noW and liGht iS so
clear for those who
actually live it like
my Friend Beyonce and her
friends obviously do now and
then.. with the sacrifice of
that is
stressful in hopes
of touching the ignorant
masses in a way that will
save them from both tHeir
selves and mechanical
cognition culture
iN stanDard
IQ ways
of text
book and
manual ways oF
Trust me..
Fresh AKA
Heaven is better..
and if nothing else
i’ve done everything i can
to illustrate it to other folks
so far.. as i continue on to do it
in every way
i can..
as everyone
views the world
differently and
one message may
touch and other
messages WiLL
just be missed..
totally ignored..
deleted.. moderated
out.. but ha! ya can’t
‘crucify’ me baby.. as i am
too F iN sMart for that and
plus i make sure no real crazies
will even
take me
to do
any real
harm to me..
but all the
trojan horses
i provide to get
this far down to
the crux
of all
i do
are REAL
now.. per
the five folks
on that railroad
track.. who number
in the billions of helliNow..:)
And yes.. i am smiling as i do believe
in the evidence has become
too overwhelming NOT TO BELIEVE IN ALL GOD
and yeS..
aLL are welcome
to join uS iN the
deLiGht of thiS
real apocalpyse
of lifting the
veil of ignorance..
iF Ya CAN and
care to
iN HeavenOW..
as metaphor..
the rapture
already happened
to everyone who
has ever lived and
does sTiLL liVe iN HeavenOW..
sorry.. iF you missed iT ‘back then’..
but the seeds are sTiLL ripe to open
and Grow
greater wITh
God oF aLL NatureNow..:)
Well.. i
was going to
go back now to
dVerse earlier .. and
respond to all the poetry
there that i had nows for..
before.. i go to the beach and
share some wonderful photos
with the folks who do view what
i do on all my blogger blogs to a
tune of close to a thousand a day..
but i suppose i am too ‘far out’ ‘there’..
for anyone to really communicate with..
and i really like it when i get a few words
of humans from the few empathic folks like
me on the dVerse trail who really still care
about the human connection.. with a tear or
two here.. seriously.. while i Love all the accolades
when i dance in public.. i am an extremely sensitive
and empathic person.. who Loves the
deeper human touch..
and that is
the price
for me
to pull the
lever for i..
another person..
standing lone on
that ‘other railroad track’..
Have a nice day.. the price
for a tree of Life can be sweet and sour..
But yes.. sMiLes.. i like Chinese Food too..;)
SMiLes.. blesSed bE..
the pain.. the sorrow..
the outcasts lonely.. for
they may
become artists
and change the world
in a lonely heARts club
band of genius that not many
share.. and yes.. folks Like Prince..
Jimi Hendrix.. and the movers and
shakers like the Beatles.. and folks
like Rihanna and others today
with never a dance
but a way
to move folks
that many others
cannot do..
a blue personality..
they call it in Simulated
Society Leadership classes
in counties.. painters like Vincent
Van Gogh.. in troubled soUl.. and
there is the Yellow bird perched..
Personality.. the cautious.. the rule
makers.. judges.. then green.. the
social.. the sales person.. the
politician.. often
with a mix
of Yellow
too.. and
then the Red..
the enforcers of the
laws.. often with smaller
amounts of Loving colors
that come with empathy.. yes..
stop what you are doing in the
name of the law.. and then there
are the multi-colored nuts among
us that share all colors.. and
entirely different..
in Princes.. Kings
and Queens.. oF
Elvis.. Marilyn.. oh..
Freddie Mercury
and yes
again.. Princes
who change the world..
Oh.. by A
way.. theRe
was/is nothing
‘short’.. noWin the
liGht of that guitar
solo by Prince..
iS even too long..
too deep.. for words..
and that my friend..
iS why i dance
A message
than words..:)
WeLL.. wiTh all that said noW..
i’m sTILL celebrating Earth
day all year now.. all nows..
including all the wild stuff
that goes along with that
and with Katrina
ready for
a baby shower
or something like
that noW i’m going to
the beach and finding
the wild things about liFe
alWays now.. no matter iF
that comes in Human form
or only A dance oF
liFe iS great
WiLd and Free
any other thing
other than that
is not
to me.. perhaps
it is more of a lonely
route 66 but it is wild and
Free no less than Yellow
Boy and others who have
tasted true freedom at least
once in tHeir life.. and truly
to taste iT iS to juST DO aLL
ya can
to give iT.. share
it Free aS weLL..
no matter iF theRe
are no other takers
or givers in the vicinity
oF Heaven NoWreAL..:)
And this reminds me.. i was a
very cautious boy and young
man.. totally domesticated i
was and surprisingly
enough.. i had a
couple of
friends who
were the wildest
ones oF aLL iN high school..
at one point talking me
into buying beer for
them.. me
at age..
16.. as back
then.. ironicAlly
enough.. i looked older
than my age.. with
a mustache.. and
even mistaken
for A
at times
at high school..
and no.. i didn’t drink
at all then.. either.. nor was
there any possibility then of
me breaking any rules aT aLL..
except for buying the beer as i reAlly
liked the idea of having at least some ‘friends’..
and yes.. i believed in the standard
story of Jesus being an actually
only begotten son of God..
while my two friends
were relatively
atheist about
all that
stuff then..
but one of them
went to Jail after
selling some LSD.. then..
and got converted over
in there.. stayed wild for
a while in some ways and now
is a total fundamentalist stiff
collared ‘Christian’.. along with his/
my other friend.. and no.. they are ‘too
good’ to even be a casual acquaintance
friend with me on Facebook..
but it’s quite
to me..
as although
one of ’em really
screwed up for selling
drugs.. they were happy
and free at least
one point
iN tHeir
liFe wITh
not too many
worries.. with
a lot of heArt left..
at least in pasSioNatE
wiLd and frEE spiRit oF
feeLinG the wiNd in theiR hAir..
and truly this happens to many folks
when they age.. and it’s not really even the
age so much.. as the worries of a modern
technological society
that will take away
the free
and even
pArts of
hUman bEinGs..
as stress is a cumulative
assault of acid like cortisol
impact on all the systems of
the body.. day in day out..
now to now.. and for some
folks like me.. close
to fight
or flight
type stress
of being in a
frigging Lion’s
cage who is not all
too happy about tHeir presence
there.. but overall.. Lions iN
the Wild do better.. and
so do so-called
human beings
who retain tHeir
all natural God of
Nature given spiRit
oF heARt iN MiNd aNd
BoDy BaLanCinG SoUl..
eXpreSsinG emoTioNs
and seNses FREElY..
so while my
are laid
up on their
couches.. easy
chairs.. or watching
TV.. etc.. today.. i will
be dancing at the beach.. or
like Thursday night in a crowd
of Joyous female sMiLes.. It’s truly sad
when a domesticating culture takes
all of this away.. as i didn’t have
much of it to stArt wITh
after age 3 and
when Kindergarden
started for sure..
and after.. but dam..
iF i can gET iT back..
and OMG more more more..
it’s truly sad to see
some folks who had it so
strong and lose it almost completely
iN peWs oF trUly lost from wiLd aNd FrEE wITh GOD
Day Nature
alWays noWiN uS
and trUly WiLd and FreeNoW
okay.. it’s afternoon enough
wHere i can roAM the beach
now.. without
frying the
oN mY
fACE.. SUn anD
God scReen FREe..;)
Facebook Friend Himali.. who
has been absent for some
months pursuing
her job
and creative
writing skills
off of Social Media
notifies me that
she is back again..
now living in
Emirates.. there..
as a Management
as they say..
And i say..
So Happy to see you here again..
Look forward to the present
of your presence.. friend..:)
Himali says..
Thank you !! smile emoticon looking forward to catch up with you !
And i say.. smile emoticon!!
Oh yes.. and almost
forgot.. Hello Himali..
wink emoticon
So just like that..
with several other
lines of friendly
social communication..
when i am feeling
a little lonely.. God
sends an Angel to say hello
in form
of Himali..
No prayers
uNansWeReD when real..:)
Now.. off to the beach
to dance liFe
and Free
with surely
a brighter
smile and steps
from a friend’s smile
in words of social media..:)
i no.. have
no idea
what ‘this’
means.. but
have been
missing you..
so just
by to
say hi..
and since theRe
are the words
Insomnia One Liner
in the title.. hope you
are sleeping Well.. my
friend Rafiah.. for sweet dreams..:)
Ha! SMiLes Friend.. gigoid
for stopping by and today
While i did go Fred go.. all
day long.. and through the night
in a multi-verse of style in dance
all over the beach.. two bars.. boardwalks..
etc.. my feet are propped up and rather sore
as i have to admit i’m human tonight after all
is said and danced.. but oh boy.. did i come across
some interesting folks.. as hehe.. my dance always
makes an interesting conversation piece.. particularly
when i am floating like a seagull.. backwards in sand
with my athletic shoes on.. and arms balancing the
weight of my bird body in fLiGht..
moving meditation effortless
with gravity..
5 or so miles
in deep sand..
just a matter
of balance
and the
rest flows with
ocean set
and OMG more fun
beach photos coming
to my next blog post
titled.. “Earth Day Love”
that will be pARt of this
of course.. as when
all steps and
words become
sacred in life and all
senses and feelings
too.. there is nothing
to lose and all to gaiNoW..
Thanks gigoid.. per my
last comment.. i am running
a little on empty too.. but no doubt
i’m fixing to hit the bed and sleep
to daybreak sound.. as the beach
tends to do that to me..
and thanks
for stopping
by on this one
as well..
and yes..
another long
one as usual..
but i’m attempting
to better limit the
amount of nows
i spend
to enjoy
Nature more..
but sTiLL aLL the
words seem to continue
to flow like a faucet no
matter what other
i make..
wiTh WInks..:)
Affection.. peace.. compassion.. and mercy..
aka Aloha.. from the so-called primitives
of Hawaii.. before the modern
world conquered
it with the
way modern Christianity
practices life through the
Materialism of Trump over
the words of the humble similar
Pan Jesus of the desert of Nature..
sadly in the middle east that did not
include the Natural Abundance of
Hawaii.. before the buildings
became more of Nature
than beauty…
TrUly the GOlden
age iS imprinted iN the
breast of human.. the eyes
the hips.. yes.. the soft breast that
provides the milk of life.. and hips
wide bearing children with ease
yeah.. the year of the
butt is back again..
but plastic reins
stIll faux news
now in bottles
of rubber
where even
nipples are considered
dirty and something in females
that warrants a restricted rating
in videos where blood freely flowing
from violence is considered viewable
by all but a nipple shown will be evidence
of evil.. rather than the message that sex
is sold rather than shaRed conseNsuAlly
with affection.. peace..
compasSioN and
mercy.. like
our closet cousin
the Bonobo does..
to ward off the guns of
modern humans.. wHeRe most
people miss the deeper message
of artists like Rihanna who is nothing
like the art she presents about the
darker side of culture
where the nipple
becomes an
object of
rather than just
a fact
of feeding life..
and sacred as such
instead of an object
to buy
or F iN
Victoria’s secret..
anyway.. as predictable
in the comments section
of YouTube.. some of ‘these’
more ignorant folks of social
mesSages in art.. totally missed
the forest for the trees of what they
see as evil nipples.. where liFe becomes
for sale instead of free the way it is on
beaches around the world where
the Golden Age
of the true representative
of the God.. the Naturist Jesus
from the Gnostic Gospels.. and the
mythological.. true representative of
God man of the Forest.. Pan.. in affection..
compassion.. mercy
and peace
lives free again
for those who freely
enter back into the Golden
Age of human.. where the fertility
associated with human being was
sacred and not reduced to a frigging
dollar bill in a strip
bar… When
the human body
becomes holy and
free in all its reproductive
functions.. and shared as
such consensually in arts of
culture as once was the case
when humanity was valued over
tools.. the golden age will come
back again.. yes.. the Kingdom of God will
rain.. Gold.. in peace.. compassion.. mercy
and true
of sacred human
flesh again.. where
every day is Earth Day..
Human Day.. and God day
one in same.. and Gold Finger
is from
head to toe..
where no longer
will the Anti-God folks
call Rihanna’s life giving
an evil
over even guns..
violence.. and the
spilling of human blood..:)

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