Balance of All Ah on Finger Tips

Well.. it takes all of 28 months..
but my new way of thinking and feeling
is finally starting to rub off on Katrina..
it appears.. HE heR..;)
Hmm.. she doesn’t fill up
that 48 inch doorway nearly like i do..
haha.. she looks kinda lonely there..
compared to me.. hehe..;)
Robot dance off.. between R2D2Fred2..
and Automan Dance Santa at Super-Walmart..
But you have to press Santa’s buttons to
get him to dance.. this Robot..
me dances free..;)
I seriously weigh 230LBS..
but i seriously don’t look like i weigh
230LBS when i’m all stretched out like this..
oh what dance can do for a human body..
as shape shifter too.. smiles.. and winks..:)
Hi SOHEIR.. Good Evening there in Egypt..
as a pink rose dusted white bouquet of
Flowers.. In cream pouring
vessel.. is an Ace
of Cards to Katrina
and i as present of
now beauty.. in
Present of
Pink Shelves and
Red hearted kindness.. as well..
smiles.. and hope you have a great
night’s rest.. with the present of
‘morrow as now well.. my friend..:)
Rafiah says..
I would like to shop in the mall in the photos..:D
And eat that amazing stuff that is in the photo.
Katie Mia says..
Who knows.. one now.. my wife and i may take you my friend..
to shop at the Mall and eat Japanese Teriyaki Chicken/
Fried Rice/Vegetables on the Mall Restaurant grill..
as i do my best to do that now..
from across
the ocean..
thousands of miles
away.. but close
as now
and WInks..
Friend Rafiah..:)
Rafiah says..
Adopt me you two
and then spoil me more..:P..:D
Katie Mia says..
We already do..
In spirit..
And yes.. more
spoiling coming..
i am looking for
a daughter.. for a very long now..
and sure.. i have one in spirit now.. Rafiah..;)
Rafiah says..
23 hrs.. Sialkot, Pakistan..
Calls A : Doesn’t get picked up.
Calls B : Ditto
Calls C: Ditto
What’s with everybody lol?
Katie Mia says..
Hello..wink emoticon
Rafiah says.. smile emoticon
Rafiah says.. Reminds me of Adele’s hello. grin emoticon
Katie Mia says.. You are sharp..wink emoticon
I called you emoticon
Rafiah says.. Thank you for that. smile emoticon
Katie says.. smiles.. I called you in three other places.. With three almost complete.. On ‘the other line’ a riddle of sorts you are soon to figure out.. Since you are like or like Sherlock with a key to puzzles.. Or detectives in Skyfall..wink emoticon
Now off the other line.. and completing a total of five calls back to you..
and the final hint.. is.. you made the first call about 11 days.. ago..
in a place i always return your calls.. whether they are to me or not..
wInks..wink emoticon
Rafiah says… Katie Mia you got me curious.
What sort of puzzle? And I am not smart like Sherlock
or those detectives. So you better tall me directly. tongue emoticon
Katie Mia says.. Yes.. it’s true.. you are not here where i live.. so there is no way for sure.. to tale you how much taller i am than you.. tongue emoticon.. on your typo on tall me instead of tell me..
And my wife is Five Feet six inches tall.. to give you some perspective on how tall i am.. in that photo in my latest blog post on my blog.. when i am asked to flex my arm muscles.. hehe.. and you are like a poet who does not know it.. as you answered the call both here and on my blog in two of the five places i called you back..
The other three places are
on my personal Facebook Page..
and my other two Facebook Pages..
with identical Blog Posts texts..
that include my response back to the general call you
made about guilty pleasures on your blog First in
earlier November.. about 11 days ago.. yesterday..
And okay to be even more clear and direct.. as i love silly banter.. but i also hold zero secrets in this life from anyone.. when they ask for clear directions from me.. on what i speak of in this life.. or act upon.. in play of life as directed and produced by i and God together..
Around the time God healed me miraculously in an
all Natural God way from all my illnesses..
In Summer of 2013.. God asks me to
upload my soul online.. and to do this..
the technical writer i am must become a poet..
which will entail over 11 million words of practice from
the time i started this writing endeavor.. on Thanksgiving Day..
November 26th.. 2010..
on the Wrong Planet (a website).. per the worst pain known to mankind..
type two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. writing being the
only approximation to escape any of that pain..
as no drug will work to feather it at all..
And yes.. that disorder.. is like someone drilling my teeth
without novocaine from wake to sleep.. starting in January of 2008.. except it is in my right eye and right ear.. seriously then.. hell lives in my right eye and ear.. but God has a way of motivating us.. like this.. as required in God’s eyes of course.. and perhaps it is penance for my sins in life from before.. as no.. i am not perfect.. at least not then.. Winks.. wink emoticon…
But anyway.. Rafiah.. our friendship.. is pArt of my soul.. so as God communicates to me then.. in God’s Language.. which is infinitely superior than any Written Human Language.. much more complicated and sometimes taking over 5 decades to more fully understand.. but perhaps no human will ever fully understand God’s Language.. i continue to follow through..
And Rafiah and Freddy’s Friendship will never die.. no matter what happens.. to us.. in flesh and blood life.. as long as servers live.. that can technically be as long as humans and servers survive on this planet.. in total.. my friend.. perhaps over a thousand years..
And let’s hope.. pray.. and have faith.. for the sake of the entire planet.. that it doesn’t end soon in a big bang.. of frigging human’s own creation.. i have Faith we will stop that from happening in some way.. and yes.. God tales me.. we as friends will be some part.. if just a Butterfly wing pArt.. of that.. my dear friend.. Rafiah.. a name of an Angel..
And yes.. again.. i Love you.. as a Sister..
a Daughter.. and Family.. sure.. Angel too.. and..
in general.. friend.. and there will never be a True Love for anyone
greater than that.. my friend.. with a tear of joy.. that you called me back..
yes.. Love my friend.. it is worth all the calls of effort iNow..:”)..!
So.. see ya later.. you are a Sherlock..
whether you know it or not.. and a poet
of Love to me.. whether you say it or not..;)
Never hesitate.. to ask me any question..
and i do mean any question.. @ALL..
i am an open book.. of
God.. my friend..
WHO will not
for a very long NOW..:)
Yes.. Rafiah..
God is much smarter than Atheists and or Scientists..
but not all Atheists are Scientists.. of course..
including you and me.. and so am i..
as there is no measure for God
Intelligence in human beings..
in terms of Standard IQ points..
Smiles.. i will whip the
pants off any Atheist in
a God Debate to the point
they ban and delete me
and i’ve already done it
and can prove it in links..
in terms of documentation..
i make their head explode if
they do not delete or ban me..
and hey.. that’s online.. if it is in person..
they run away with their tales tucked between their legs..
and i’m not kidding either.. as i give ’em a tale headache..
as i talk like Lightening and Thunder.. fast and very assertively..
and kinda loud.. wInks.. both in jest and seriousness..wink emoticon..;)
And.. as a side note here.. OMG.. SEMANtics.. ‘everyone’ gets so hung up on labels..
when the essences described are essentially the same.. OMG again.. for instance..
this great video about a ‘Symphony of Science’ narrated by Scientist Carl Sagan..
and some of his famous Scientist Friends.. talks to the Interdependent
Relationship of All of Nature.. and how we are all connected..
and goes on to say.. that human beings are the
Cosmos unto itself in how we actually
even physically reflect the
Cosmos as whole.. Some
name God.. God.. others
name God Allah..
and still others..
describe the same essence
of God.. as the Cosmos.. but the
bottom line is.. the essence of Truth
and Light.. iS basicAlly the same.. and
i’m not sure if you can view this video..
in Pakistan.. without the proxy thingy..
but it is a beautiful video..
uplifting and inspiring..
definitely worth
looking at..
as it describes..
God in science metaphor..
instead of other book metaphors..
The essence always.. alpha to omega
of allthatis as REAL.. YES.. GOD too.:)
Rafiah says.. What good can be brought out of exploding atheists.
Sometimes when they are arrogant, it does feel alright about making them mad.
But it is better to make them see and feel the presence of God. Otherwise debating is pointless.
Katie Mia says.. Smiles.. Rafiah.. very rarely will an Atheist admit they are angry.. when a discussion of the reality of God is underway.. in what they call a debate.. but the truth is.. in terms of the original man Yeshua.. as reported in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas.. censored out of the Bible.. by folks associated with
Roman Emperor Constantine.. who made a humble prophet..
now named as Jesus.. Isa.. etc.. into a Soldier God of the Universe
in accordance with the Mithra Religion.. to expand the Roman Empire..
then.. that also ironically
kept and continued to eventually spread worldwide..
nuggets of Gold in Truth and Light as Wisdom and Love remaining today in the bible..
IS the fact that Jesus then would have likely be named an Atheist by Christians today.. as Jesus then.. as reported in that Gnostic Gospel of Jesus.. sees God as all Natural.. with examples like removing the foreskin of a male baby.. as ridiculous as God as Nature provides that foreskin for a reason.. and
that reason clearly is to protect that baby from environmental elements so that baby will one day be able to reproduce.. it was only humans who were afraid of the fact that they are one with Nature and other animals.. to remove part of God’s gift to make God less than what God is in human.. to protect human.. yes..
Yes.. Jesus was one of the first real scientists of the world.. who broke through myths of the past.. and made life simple and real as one of happiness Living with Love instead of hate and fear.. by the same kind of psychopathic leaning folks with little empathy then.. who will do the same thing.. now..
that the religious and political leaders did then..
to subjugate humans for control.. with illusory fears..
to scare them.. into believing if they do not follow their rules.. THAT..
THEY will be excluded from the tribe.. the social group.. the culture.. yes.. all of these terms for the same basic human tribal instinct.. as applied to culture and life.. and basically they will starve to death and die.. or worse.. in being crucified or burned at the stake.. hung or whatever.. the flavor of the
torture of the current moment.. if they do not comply
with the cultural/religious rule of the moment.. ha!
banning and deleting on the Internet now..
not nearly as bad a punishment.. huh..
at least for Americans.. anyway..
The way that i make Atheists heads explode.. is not through anger my friend.. but through the cognitive dissonance that in Truth and Light of Wisdom and Love.. many of them are more in affect and effect better so-called Christians.. that reflect the true teachings of Jesus.. as reported then.. some of which is censored out of modern revised bibles.. now…
The fact is.. many Christians.. are living further away from that Message of Jesus that the Kingdom of Heaven lives within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around us now.. just now.. than Atheists who refuse to believe
any of the original lies propagated by Roman Emperor
Constantine and his Catholic Cohorts then to expand the Roman Empire..
and that message even still exists in the present revision of the New Testament in Luke 17:21.. but people often paint over it with and disregard it.. instead of amplifying the truer REAL…
God provides the gift of discernment.. it is in our DNA.. no human liar can take that away from those God eYes gifted in us.. all naturally.. and sure much of nature.. will never be understood by Science as that Nature lives within
the Infinite Nature of the human mind and body.. in balance or out of balance.. as a non repeatable experiment ’cause it changes every second.. and the scientific method is not a tool.. to adequately measure that experiment of
human in process.. other than generally observable..
changing behavior.. that cannot be repeated as precisely the same..
But hey.. there is always room for the development of additional tools.. but they will look more like Art than science as God is more Art than science for those who see more of God and this is generally the part that Atheists fail in.. as they sometimes do not believe in the real power of Faith.. Hope.. and the Power of Belief that can realistically be measured.. in general.. by the scientific measure of the Placebo and Nocebo affect/effect that is the same generally as the success of Prayer and Voodoo.. for those who believe in either..
Believe is a real all natural power of Humans who use it.. and that is the pArt that i try to help Atheists with.. just to help them realize the higher power of Nature AKA GOD does live within.. for those who seek it.. find it.. and use it in a real way of all natural works.. to live in Heaven now.. And no.. God doesn’t care in the least.. what symbol of construct of human letters and words a different culture uses to house God as no matter if it is
A to.. too.. or Z.. in other words Nature is just fine..
as long as the essence is Truth and light..
as Wisdom and Love.. as God exists now..
But sure.. i have to speak their language to do this.. and it is often.. that it is too deep for their mechanical cognition ways of thinking to process.. so sure.. it gives ’em a headache.. as their comfort zones of the past have been exceeded.. but that’s what life is all about change too.. to meet the new challenge.. adapt.. and survive..
And yes thriving as well in the balance of Love and
Survival in the present of the
Heaven of the Kingdom of God
that can and will live within for those who do exercise it
inside.. outside.. above.. so below.. and all around.. smiles..
Yes.. the gift is present.. for those who open it and use it now..
in practice my friend.. yes.. in practice.. it is more than idols
of golden calves or words.. it is just doing it now..
so yeah.. Nike in message.. at least..
is a good Real Jesus Christian
too.. smiles… again..
it is the essence that is the Truth and Light..
not just words and labels as words as Idols alone.
And yes.. it is always worth trying to help anyone.. and there are some folks who are adverse to complex feelings.. and will only listen to some semblance of Logic.. but yes.. God is more than Logic.. and so are humans who are in a state of soUl.. in mind and body balance.. where they have emotion of HeArt.. are able to express that emoTioN of heArt adequately with other humans as SpiRit..
to feel nature and other humans
as an interdependent
relationship of all things creation..
in connection of allthatis.. AKA GOD..
and communicate this adequately in
measure of human feelings..
where other folks
can understand
them and feel them too..
No challenge.. too big for me dear.. but the reality is..
even science now shows that some humans are innately
and environmentally pre-disposed
to a conservative closed
minded way of being.. and other are pre-disposed as
innately and environmentally to a liberal open minded
way of being.. and ironically enough it is often both
so-called fundamentalist Christians..
and Militant Atheists who are birds of the similar feather..
of conservative closed minded ways of thinking.. so yes..
it is the job of Biblical JOB to get through to the other side..
And yes.. God creates this all natural challenge as well..
to keep folks like me.. very busy.. and I guess to keep life Interesting.. as
God is like a Trickster too.. but the ultimate intentions are always one’s of God’s eyes of Truth and Light too.. sometimes mysterious.. and well beyond human understanding..
And that is where Faith in God comes in for those of use.. who find a way to understand God’s way of Language that is often one of signs of synchronicity that can come in any way of life that touches our feelings and logic.. as A higher force of God’s communication to us.. and within us.. as higher as us.. my friend..
So smiles.. again Rafiah.. it doesn’t really have to be this complicated.. but humans sleep in the bed they make.. and yes.. it is one with many sheets that cover the face of God for now.. sadly enough.. but that is what relative free will does.. providing that choice.. to live in Heaven or Hell..
i choose Heaven.. live in
Heaven always now..
practice it always now.. and visit Hell at nows and thens.. to attempt at least.. to help folks get out of a prison of both culture/religion.. and of their own making.. of a Hell here on earth.. a place truly still evolving as Heaven for those who find it.. utilize it.. and practice it now as real..
Yes.. God is a tester too.. it’s just the way it works.. no escape.. but accommodating challenge in success or failure now.. as adapting to what is.. as reality now.. God’s reality in full.. both dark and light.. and all the hues of infinite colors of reality that live inside and outside of dark and light too..
And sure that last part will be gibberish to many Atheists and Modern day Christians.. but that is the nature of the beast of Understanding my friend.. learning a new way of thinking.. AND FEELING.. to see AND FEEL more of what is.. now.. and then..:)
Smiles.. my friend.. Rafiah.. and glad your guilty pleasures are only food..
emotions.. heart.. spirit.. soul.. and such.. as sure.. we need to stay
in mind and body balance.. so continue to indulge in theater and
music as it feeds the soul of Art.. a Soul.. a hungry
fella’ or gal..:)
Yes.. My friend.. Rafiah..
always balance..
In all stuff human..:)
And the rest of creation too.. sometimes
i write too much.. so when that
happens i dance more
to balance it
out in
but there is
no Rafiah
there.. so
i must come
back here too.. wInks..
deep wInks.. so.. too..
It’s hard to tale but that
symbol.. non-centered
left side now generated..
shape in the last stanza..
is an F for Freddy..
in word shape of
the words that
precede this
too.. he
HE.. in
other words.. too..
And it also kinda looks
like the State of
Florida as
too.. but i
digress..too.. now..
in ways
ing cha
lice-N-F too..;)
One of the best things about Mall Dancing is..
if you look long and hard enough.. or graceful enough..
as may be the case with Dance..
one will surely finally come upon..
someone who has some common interests with you..
as is definitely the case in this photo ‘here’.. although no matter what i tried.. i could not talk my fellow cast members of Star Wars into dancing with me.. and Katrina and i visit the Earth Store yesterday.. and talk with a nice young employee there.. about dance.. my life history.. etc..
And she asks for the blog link to my blogs.. and
we just say type in Katie Mia.. on Google..
and you seriously can’t miss it.. but as usual we
caution her about my Nude Art.. saying you don’t
wanna click on those links.. as it is kinda out there..
And with a completely straight face she tales me and
Katrina.. that yes.. she will click on that..
as she is open minded like some other folks i know as well..
anyway.. not everyone is all uptight.. about a naked male body..
some folks think the human body.. in all forms.. is A OK..
IN ITS ALL NATURAL full FORM.. so yeah.. maybe
there is hope for the world after all.. smiles..:)
And oh yeah.. if there is one thing that is getting advertised
as much as Christmas everywhere one goes around here.. it is Star Wars Fever along with the new Battlefront associated video game.. Star Wars is everywhere.. and yes.. i think i like it better than the commercial message of Christmas plastered everywhere else.. in store life these days..
The Star Wars series..
provides many
valuable lessons
about the human condition..
truly no less.. than church or school..:)
Behind every truly successful Jedi.. there is a Sith force of
Nature.. in so called dark-side powering the will to survive..
in base animal passions..
yes.. this includes aggression and sex..
more finely tuned as human sensuality and emotions
in all stuff life.. but you see.. the Jedi.. has its issue too..
of blocking the Natural aspects of human that include desire..
a major roadblock in success of Buddhist leaning folks too..
to enter in Heaven now.. is not allowing themselves to feel..
AS seriously.. if not.. the place they are living in is Purgatory..
not the Heaven that can be life now.. as gifted by the God of Nature
of both Survival and basic human Pleasure..
that through the ages still now includes sensuality..
Yes.. all stuff that can lead to the sexual act for reproduction.. and of course really important libido stuff.. this sex and sensuality stuff is for gaining full balance in life and not only surviving.. but moving.. connecting.. and creating best for truly thriving in life..
And take any element out.. and ya get robotic moving and sounding human beings.. that recede into an illusory shell of existence that does not move.. connect.. or create as fully as life can be.. when more fully expressed.. and hell yes.. don’t think or feel for one second.. if ‘you’ will of course.. that all of what I do is not a pArt of Science too..
As i spend most of the Day of Thursday like a holy day
to engage in human sensual ways of life..
from Nude Art to dancing around the campfire of
human sensuality under moon or not.. with incredibly
beautiful members of the opposite sex..
in an art of Rave Dance at Old Seville Quarter..
while the male onlookers will see what happens next.. but yes..
i always go home alone.. ’cause i ain’t ever really alone.. i fly with the God of Nature allone.. and besides.. on top of that.. my wife is at least as gorgeous as any girl there.. and she meets all my needs of survival that really count so i can continue to do this.. so nah..
i ain’t gonna spoil the best thing i’ve got going for me on this earthily plane.. namely that woman.. Katrina.. yes.. the long term assistant of everything for me.. for over 26 years.. and 26 this February.. per the official marriage date.. although we hooked-up like some people do.. officially on September 21st 1989.. yeah..
i know too much information and all of that..
but i am getting into the nitty gritty of human details here.. so Ynot huh..
After all we are all adults here.. huh.. as ya gotta be pretty dam smart
to even get this far in this mega-multi-paragraph..non twitter-stuff..
of adult oriented things.. tactfully put as such.. so that’s enough
for the Facebook crowd.. as i’ll finish more
of this nitty gritty comment
on my blog site.. as we wanna stay within
community standards here of course..
Just in case someone wanders in the room here from ages 13 to 18.. A-OK..
i keep my Sith stuff.. under restricted links.. but let’s just put it this way.. it is both
an Art and Science tested fAct that after Thursday Night ends.. my creativity sky-rockets the next day.. in empirical writing measures of that..
Creativity lives below as so above.. inside.. outside.. all around.. and to repress any of these God given all natural ways of life.. in senses or emotions.. is too simply stagnate to the degree the fuller pArts of our human nature
are oppressed or repressed through cultural/religious lies
for to subjugate human nature through illusory fears.. for control.. and sure..
for materialistic.. power.. and status gains.. for psychopathic leaning folks with little empathy of the stuff called Love.. that is the greaTesT human emotional Force of ALL..
JUST NOW.. that yes.. can be expressed
in beautiful ways for eyes that see it now..
as a part of God and nothing less as God
iS ALLONE of ALL so-called
And sure.. as far as anymore
nitty gritty stuff goes..
photos tale
much more
than words
in feelings
of human emotions
and sensuality as non-
verbal communication of
human has always been
THE core of human
And sure the original Jesus
as reported in the gnostic
Gospel of Thomas as
linked and quoted
here is one
with me
on most all of this
as well.. again.. now
as reported.. of course
now too.. just now.. as well..:)
37) His disciples said to him,
“When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked
without being ashamed, and
take your garments
and put them
under your feet like little
children and tread upon them,
then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”

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