So Fires below so Fires Above

i only need a ‘little diversity to EXPAND MY CREATIVE POTENTIAL.. the whole THING IS
NOT required.. and i give credit to all my dancing friends..
for providing a LITTle
Well, I for one personally do not give a FIG what the naysayers in life say; even one person can make a difference; and I am stuck behind this computer for two and a half years after not even being able to even do that for the first two years in shut-in disability; but as soon as the disability goes away, I get off my butt sitting still in front of this ever limiting SCREAM
in screen of life and get out in FLESH AND BLOOD LIFE;
and I dance; a little awkward at first;
but I do not give a FIG
and now in 23 months and 3900 miles of dancing walking a unique all free style martial arts and ballet-like dance everywhere I go in public; including 67 weeks of Rave dance helping to lead 100’s of college age folks every Thursday Night; I am named by the college age folks in entire metro area in terms ranging from legend to spirit animal to the most recent one of an ICON of Pensacola Florida for dance.
If a shut-in person diagnosed with a synergy of 19 life threatening illnesses, assessed as permanently disabled in both medical and legal terms, with no assessed possibility for recovery; CAN FRIGGING DO That; IMAGINE WHAT a so-called normal healthy person COULD do if they just developed the relative HUMAN free will to exceed the expectations of science, culture, and or religion too.
I am not going to wait for the rest of the world to
that a human being CAN create
and imagine their own life as a
purpose of heaven in now;
in waking up the rest of the tribe where they locally live.
I AM THE CHANGE I wanna BE; AND IF ENOUGH PEOPLE grow a SPIRIT OF EXPRESSING HUMAN BEING as I do now; not only the local places will change, one person at a time; the WORLD WILL CHANGE TOO; BUT the reality is there will be NO ONE so-called Savior to do this; perhaps one person might spark it; but it will take entire ‘armies’ of so-called saviors world-wide to make life be what it truly humanly potentially most definitely CAN BE; AS I CURRENTLY PROVIDE irrefutable evidence for on all my blogs every day now.
I am excited about life simply ’cause I create life to be exciting with imagination and creativity in super tuned mind and body balance; that shines a light brighter in flesh and blood life than some folks remark they have ever seen before in human terms; but hey like they say a mustard seed and all of that; that lives within me expressing human heart, soul as lighting and thunder spirit; just call me Thunder boy; if you like; haha! with some lightening mixed in for brighter measure; heHE!..:)
Words are cool; but dance can literally
a little
bit as
“A Simple Band of Gold Wrapped Around my Soul”
“Love Unconditionally With Kindness and Courage!”
Two years ago.. almost to date..
i meet a Pearl on the Internet..
an extremely Bright White Fiery
heArt expressing Spirit of Pearl..
and with the simple words
of ‘i love you more’.. then..
to stranger some 32 years
older without a face.. this
heARt of soUl Expressing
as spiRit of words.. LIGHTS
a flame of emotions Bright in
me.. that the world does not
see.. since 1997.. or so..
when the dark starts
to slowly envelope
my life of culture
and work related
stress.. if i only
with you just
that one
you will NOW
still mean as much
to me.. as your Kindness
and Courage to Love a
faceless stranger
gives me life
still as
the sun
shines now
as me.. greater
than ever before..
with a core of White
Pearl.. still behind it all..
believe it or not as Ripley
says.. it is true as Love is Truth..:)
So.. here’s another song.. and i will
always be here.. for you.. my friend of NOW..:)
Yes.. and then God points
my finger to the sky and say
s in GOD’s skEyES language.. take a
picture Fred everywhere you dance the art of life…
Some people have ability to inspire war and most importantly peace in scale of words writing.. and you X are one of the best at doing that as your soul sings freely through your words in open mind.. and body balanced heart.. of soul.. expressed in spirit kinda way..
And it is that open mind and body in balance.. wHere emotions and reason work together with the force of GOD within.. and if one speaks of A Holy Spirit filling one with force of dance and art in photos and writing signs or as ‘nicely’ described at church or as synchronicity away from church.. that is fine..
But if one relates the same
experiences with a doctor..
it is just chance.. coincidence.. and perhaps even a personality disorder associated with magical thinking.. specifically labeled schizotypal personality disorder that obviously affects everyone who dances with the spirit and receives the language of GOD..
and particularly those of us who share those signs..
with how sages of the ages relate as eyes and ears
who cannot see and hear..
or most importantly heARt
for perhaps a
better metaphor..
the eyes of GOD
that live inside us…
This Holy Spirit
that does live
within us communicating
freely when we let our emotions
dark and light go.. in flow.. and
GOD coming back to us in
GOD’s sign language
of Synchronicity
is never something i witness in
cold latin-like mumbling Catholic masses..
with no spark of spirit to set hearts of souls on fire as holy spirit..
and the emotions that help fuel that fire are devoid in Catholic hymns
in church then too.. then something happens to the Catholic Church and that light starts to grow.. perhaps it is the women’s hair exposed that start to ignite that fuel.. as human creativity.. emotions and lust.. are all pArt of the spiritual mix of Love in and of life as REAL as it gets.. in this gift of life GOD gives all now…
Sadly as it must be..
after school takes
much of my emotional life away
in the GOD connecting pArt
of my human being..
i must find this spirit out of the doors of church..
the place i start to see it back.. is in philosophy class 101 in Junior College..
with an open minded world religion weathered and retired X-military and newer aged philosopher.. Instructor Mr. Hunt.. in his 50s’.. as i am today.. and in class he sometimes goes into a trance-like state.. and the words start to flow from a deeper place than books of words..
i CLEARLY can see THEN this higher power OF GOD in his eyes..
EVEN before he speaks.. and he becomes newly aware of it as well.. and even is so surprised by the words that are flowing through his lips that he asks if anyone has a recorder to record what he does not have a conscious control in mechanical cognition of remembering philosophy facts from books.. yes.. the holy spirit of human creativity is in his grasp.. and GOD speaks deeper through him.. now then.. then ever before.. and now i see his eyes in my eyes of my fifties too…
And the flow of GOD can go
on and on and on..
in my fingertips like they have brains of heArts of Soul expressed as spirit of their own.. but i know it is that we and all are connected and when we reAlly open our minds expelling worry.. guilt.. and regret and all the negative emotions out of our gut.. and the rest of our emotional and sensory bodies..
the dove or seagull flies in and we fly higher and higher in skEyes of GOD set FREE.. and oh my GOD this accommodation of a typing device like this.. are like mouths of words of philosophy class that flow freely in fingertips.. and do not lose any translation along the way.. for memories of oral tradition and such as that.. like what scholars suggest is left of maybe 18 percent of the ‘good book’ teachings of the original human Jesus..
So yes.. this avenue for the holy spirit of blogs
is an incredible light of the
world that is
growing greater..
and for those of us
who are outcast
darker than
the darkest refuse of life..
and learn the courage to truly let it all go
and express all of GOD in us in words
and the other signs of stuff..
like stream of consciousness
in taking photos
receiving signs of GOD..
in hidden messages
tHere.. too..
may one day SPARK
LIGHT to more people that
this life is not the random soup that folks
like Dawkins describes as the patterns of nature..
that indeed those patterns are the signs of GOD’s language
AND PURPOSE ALL ONE FOR THOSE OF US WHO OPEN OUR MINDS.. BODIES.. in balance with EMOTIONS.. SOULS.. EXPRESSING A HOLY SPIRIT OF THOSE SIGNS COME WHAT MAY.. no matter WHAT the naysayers and critics of life both Militant and Atheist RELIGIOUS folks do NOT feel ALIKE.. in the messages of hope AND FREEDOM GOD BRINGS WHEN
WE connect with GOD
and each other
in freest ways
of gift
of LIFE..:)
i appreciate
the inspiration
Mr. X of THEN
Your friend..
always F..:)
That’s a nice song..
and a big caution in life for young people
with their first loves.. when the entire Universe
is blinded between two eyes.. yes.. the best feeling in the world..
but it is important to keep love open for the rest of the world..
as well.. and i guess a lesson every first love must learn..
as i know it takes me a very long time
as a young person to find
closure with that
first person..
and move ahead
to truly find what the unconditional
Divine Love of Allah is about.. that is never possessive.. and allows us to give all of ourselves to everyone knowing that each unique relationship of personal connection establishes a new life in the eyes of Allah for joy as Allah wants to feel joy more than pain.. although pain is part of Allah as well.. of course.. hmm..
and it must be so much harder living in a culture where arranged marriages occur.. particularly.. if the two that marry are not inherently suited to each other as compatible as such.. but to love everyone as eyes of Allah.. can make that as much love as well.. as love is action and never receiving noun alone.. and if you are not talking about the song.. as instructed.. i won’t ask for details.. smiles.. my friend..:)
Well, one thing for sure is selfies are an excellent away to raise human charisma in non-verbal expression; and while everyone is doing it today; still it is mostly the young folks who are doing it; and when Obama does it in 2013; it is recognized as the selfie of the year; for the greatest trend of catch phrase of the year as well.
If you take a stick up the butt candidate like Romney or McCain is with little Charisma in robot-like communication as compared to someone like Obama who is hip with Charisma; the newer voter, liberal younger folks are naturally gonna get more excited about the hip charismatic candidate; AND THAT is a real plus in the real world of getting to the voting booths and ‘feeling’ in the winner circle with pencil or button push.
Problem with Hillary, is she comes across stoic and stiff; not too much different than McCain and Romney; with more political clout and experience of course throughout her years of visibility, as well as actual experience now.
But just the fact that she is a woman makes
her a ‘sexier’ candidate and that
is metaphor for the
ACTUAL ‘sex’.
Interestingly, of course for Obama; the ‘NEW Black’ then is a black President; and now the ‘new black’ now is a female President; just FOR breaking that barrier for a civil rights nuanced feeling for the oppressed, overall, who have to struggle in life with real discrimination; as a real motivator to get out to the booth; no matter how charismatic Obama is or how boring Hillary can be; but you can bet your bottom AND TOP dollar that we will be seeing some selfies of smiling wild Bill and boring Hillary together charismatically before the election is over; and if some stick up the butt religious right dude comes along on the Republican right there ain’t a snow ball’s chance of ’em winning in the new age of selfies, baby.
Anyway, per my issues with disability and Autism, I have taken somewhere to the tune and photos of ten thousand selfies from head to toe; and my human being expressed as heart and feelings effectively in tune with other folks in reciprocal social communication can be measured empirically, as increasing from start to now, as I Increase the size of my heArt Love muscle by not just thinking about Love but doing it in practice, practice, practice; and yeah; I am probably the most well known person now in my metro area just by face, baby; with them having no frigging Idea I am approaching 11 million words on the Internet, and around 80K or so photos in the last couple of years; since my birth here in E-land words, back here on Thanksgiving day on November 26th, of 2010; without an avatar face, ‘write’ here on the Wrong Planet; amusingly so as well; smiles, in metaphor of course and winks.
And then I get the courage and literal strength, as each word is almost intolerable pain to write in tolerating lights of screams on computer screen; and scan my smiling LOVING baby photo of the Love I hope for in the deepest reaches of my dead soul then, amusingly and coincidently on December 25th Christmas day; of 2010; HA! a dream of a soul is born in WP Aghogday Avatar then on Christmas day; for me; and only psychological meaningful for me of course; as hope that I can only write as empty shell of soul; and not feel as expressing spirit of heArt at all then; beyond any FEELING OF sadly enough, as a tear will be a blessing beyond belief for me then; EVEN JUST ONE tear, like a Lazarus drop of life in hell..:)
Non-verbal communication comprises anywhere from 60 to 93 percent of human reciprocal social communication as far as reciprocal communication goes; and there ain’t no better practice of it than selfie taking in making the human expression of connection art and not robot stone ways of looking; so haha! I am no longer the stone statue I was for almost a decade looking like the frigging statue on the front of this burial ceremony by the Beatles album cover in remembrance of a stone dead person I am alive then; and with ALL that said I will share both ends of that in video stone album cover and dance for your scientific and heARt perusal with smiles and winks AND science mind fully still in tow as well, for me..:)
Selfies make love better; they are truly A greatest treasure of folks like Bill Gates and Steve Job; with or without a heart, soul, and spirit; their efforts with mechanical cognition in cold software and hardware ways, then; are making life real NOW in human art everynow with MORE AND MORE SELFIES EXPRESSING THE HUMAN HEART AND SPIRIT INCREASING THE SIZE OF HEART AND HUMAN SOUL IN CONNECTING BALANCE WITH HUMANS AND THE REST OF NATURE; ALSO KNOWN AS GOD;
AS FOR me I see the
truth of heart and
soul as spirit
the windows
of human eyes
as soul; and let
me make sure
now I back
this up
line ironically,
as associated
with that;
but hey,
the expression
with organic
life of human
heart and soul
expressed as
spirit in organic
flow of word
in patterns
of shapes
as symbols;
can still
be found
of expression
rains like the
waves of a Tsunami
on my blog site of
true human
my friend,
As evidenced time
and time again
in my life, at
least I adapt
and survive;
and if the
do not adapt
in selfies; they
are literally more
likely to lose; there is
nothing at all confusing
about your post Ana; but
I don’t need stuff spoon fed
to see basic or DEEPER metaphors
in reciprocal social communication,
as I am blessed as such and can only
feel empathy for those who are not..:)
Oh yeah; here’s that album cover
and song; and any dance song
can fill in the REST OF THE
Ha! yup; but now as correctly predicted by Timothy Leary; most anyone with an online connection and a smart phone can get way more than their 15 minutes of fame in selfie ways; one no longer has to be a ‘King’ to get recognized in the world; as contributing something Unique/Original in Imagination and Creativity.
It is simply amazing that I as a permanently and totally disabled person in my underwear, without any connection of eyes and ears or feelings to anyone in the world; locked in my bedroom for more than 5 years; like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame gets close to 1.2 million views on Google Plus in poetry way there, in a span of a little of over two years; as just one of many online avenues I use for communication; and then there is dance walking everywhere I go, 3900 miles in 23 months; with literally hundreds of people video taping me and sharing me across the globe.
Seriously; that dude on Breaking Bad should have pursued poetry and dance instead of making meth; he wouldn’t make any money; but he could dam sure feel 10 times better than any drug can make any human feel; considering the all natural blissful feeling literally never goes a way when one makes it a practice of life; and it’s so much better than Hollywood fame; as one still can retain their freedom and not be pestered by their real name in life..:)
Oh.. emotions can be so powerful.. so complex.. so nuanced.. so overwhelming.. so distant as well.. hmm.. such a conundrum that Greek Gods are even created to provide external symbols of core emotions.. but emotions are not just stuck in one’s head.. not just fuzzy images of comfort and distress swimming in mind.. emotions flow throughout the human body.. and not just at 7 points in similar metaphors of chakras that relate to endocrine glands.. as receptors in neuron ways all around the body.. have happy or sad and all the nuanced sensitivities of feeling inside and outside our entire existence as is.. it’s about time Disney and Pixar come out with a movie to provide symbols for the greatest Universe of mystery that can be human emotions and senses properly regulated and integrated to provide motivation to even get out of the bed in the morning and make breakfast.. find friends.. keep friends.. and almost all activities in life required for greaTEST thriving survival.. but it is a life practice that requires a fully open mind and body balance to keep emotions running smoothly like a train of thought and senses and feelings working in concert instead of head of disconnect.. yes.. most importantly it requires an art of movement in increasing physical intelligence as the body.. again.. is where the emotions and senses exist.. and when the body becomes physically balancing.. the emotions and senses will better flow.. and a biofeedback to cognitively execute control of emotions to aid in life surviving and thriving can be as close away.. as a free style dance step in leverage of one foot and the other.. growing in artful style throughout the lifespan.. as the perception of happiness and age.. is more a state of emotional and sensory being than any number or material thing.. that we purchase in life instead of innately.. instinctually and intuitively earn.. in everynow moving ways of life.. happiness and balance in peace of mind and body ways.. is certainly not free but definitely possible for one who searches inside outside.. as above so the fire of passion in imagination and creativity below lives.. as well.. as all around connecting with emotional empathy with others and the rest of Nature
but for sure until one loves oneself fully with no conditions..
or restrictions.. it is impossible to move into the realm of
Unconditional Divine Tough and Passionate Love
for all others and that rest of all that is.. AKA GOD..
Anyway.. i have to admit i get drowsy until the movie gets around to imagination and dream land.. and then i wake up to greater things in life.. both in the movie.. and the real stuff.. i verb as life now always.. in simple and complex but effective and AFFECTIVE balance..:)
Well, although some folks will suggest that Standard IQ folks of Mensa numbers are of genius intelligence; Mensa intelligence is often useless in creating anything new in life; in fact, some Mensa folks are so functionally disabled in areas of intelligence well outside the scope of Standard IQ intelligence that they are functionally disabled in life areas of cognitive executive functioning, like focus and short term working memory; as well as functionally disabled in the creative and imaginative physical intelligence of moving that allows one to regulate emotions and integrate senses in ways of better gaining existential intelligence in even basic ways of being comfortable in one’s own skin; and able to connect in successful ways in the greatest intelligence of human being social cooperation of Unconditional Tough and PASSIONATE Love for Living, surviving, connection, and yes of course; reproducing; as humans are among the most viable reproducing mammals on earth; when healthy, and yes; also when exercising the intelligence of sensuality as an all around intelligence associated with sexuality that as science shows is an origin of human creativity and productivity; of course balanced with the emotion of human love as necessary attribute to bond and stay together as a village in raising children to be fully human too; as science shows that humans not properly nurtured with kind and loving touch feely Love in the first two years of life, in particular, do not make the proper wiring to ever become fully human in ways of connecting to other human beings successfully as it intrinsically feels good to do that; and much better than not to do that; all naturally of course; in oxytocin ways of bonding reflected in mirror neuron ways of connection in empathic connections and expressions, as well.
(Note: I have very high standard Verbal IQ; so some of my sentences are long; but I develop a creative way of of overcoming that so some folks can wade through my expression of that; no longer allowed on ‘this Internet site'; so pardon me for my expression of high standard IQ up there; as I do play by the rules at hand, as well, as dictated;)
And here is an excellent resource on the difference between liberals and conservatives; and in general
conservatives are more averse too the spicy of human sensuality where muse of life is both
given and received in full body ways of emotions and senses where the middle
parts have not cold and dead in feeling as yes; once again, use it or lose
it applies. So, since there is no real objective test to measure
creativity consistently as Even Einstein is not good
at math; and he himself credits imagination
for his achievement over book learning;
but almost no one discredits
him below the status
of Genius for his
he does is NEW;
Close minded individuals
will obviously never
match creative
over open
minded folks;
but on the other
hand closed minded
folks can have incredible
standard IQ’s and still be living
at home; extremes in standard IQ
are more often an indication of an
imbalance of human intelligence rather
than truly balanced intelligence and overall
effective and affective greater overall intelligence.
There is no doubt that this rules true in my life as
I have no problem admitting that I am functionally
retarded in physical and emotional intelligence
before I gain that well after the age of 50.
Recently I am assessed by a poet of an
online International Poetry
site as having
most of my creative
genius in empirical
measure at highest
heights of creativity
occur the day or so
after I Rave dance
with scores
Gorgeous women
and practice an
extremely sensual
intelligence in
male nude art
that some of
my dancing
me out
of interest
in that ART.
Yes, there is a science of creativity
and without understanding that
the liberal values of an open
mind for sensuality is
a sure block
to gaining
the greatest
of human potential
in human creativity;
as a balance of lust
and love in open minded
ways of liberal being; is
reported as most
definitely associated
by science; there
is no doubt in
my mind; as
before I gain
my wings of
freedom in liberal
freedom of expression;
my creative wings are clipped
to the bone; and people call me
computer head; instead of guy
with profound genius. Life is
much more interesting
when one lives it
Liberal; but
of course not
all humans are cut
out for that; as even
science shows in
the general animal
kingdom; about 20%
are born as sitters
and the rest rovers;
and of course our
mechanical cognition
culture over social
cognition in the age
of the machine rather
than human being bring
that percentage up closer
to 30%; but the rest of us
now thrive in creativity with
technological tools created,
ironically, by some folks
who are effectively
not liberal
at all;
when it come
time for fuller
measure of that..:)
Don’t feel too bad; most folks assessed as LIBERAL creative geniuses; LIKE VINCENT VAN GOGH; are assessed as such after life; as duh; they are ahead of their time and so-called common folks do not understand what they do; until they as a group catch up to understand what they DID.
I am like Grand MA Moses; as I start later; so I accumulate my riches first; that makes me even more functionally able to create at ease; without satisfying the LIMITATIONS AND EXPECTATIONS IN opinions of others who have no frigging idea what I am doing yet.
WHAT’S kinda cool about a Vincent Van Gogh today; is there is a clear historical precedence for that; so ya don’t have to feel so isolated and alone; although of course one often is; if one does not play by the prison of cultural norms and regulations; not to get outcast from the herd or sheep at hand; whatever the leader of the group may dictate that as..:)
Technology and stored riches provide the answer for that; as being outcast now; does not necessarily; though often still does; spell starving to death conversely WITH money in the bank; a retirement; and a steady supply of grocery store, and buffet food as I regularly indulge in and share, as my own personal creative effort as ART, online now..:)
No telling what Grand MA Moses could of done now if she only has an iPhone, iMAC, iPAD, IPod, and MacPro to deliver the creative goods; with her talent of course, still fully in tow and in the creative know and feeling of THAT..:)
HELL, WE should all be creative geniuses by now; with all those free association tools for those who expand their mind out of the box of school stuff too..:) If a person does not work and just createS now; the possibilities and potentials over the course of life now are practically LIMITLESS like that movie by the same name too! and Lucy too; that movie is super kool; and OH MY GOD does she increase her physical and emotional intelligence too!..:)
I love ‘Lucy’ the most i think; of all those trans-human movies coming out now; and just to think; it’s already possible without drugs for the folks in the know and feel all about THAT..;)

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