Yes..i still GET around

Shirt of the day..
as it is hard to see from this perspective
and should be considering the topic of the
“I GET AROUND”..AND yes i do..
i get around dancing everywHere i go..
and today is just another fun marriage counselor day
in FT Walton Beach Florida..
but as the title of the city does most definitely have beach in it..
the beach is close by and beach fun must come..
and today the beach trip ends up at Navarre at the place long ago..
that i walk and down the beach..
three or four days a week every Summer
and today is another desolate pristine like early Fall day at the beach..
where there are only a handful of folks..Dragon flies..ugh..biting flies..
and expanse of sugar white sand..emerald green gulf..
a few dunes left after all those hurricanes in the early 2000’s
and the GOD of Mother Nature as far as one can see..
simply where i do get around today!
@a now i only dream and live now!
and yes.. to come..
post card like photos
of the most beautiful beach
anywhere in the world….Navarre..
the place my family settles alone on an Island long ago….with only Ferry’s to get to the mainland..for work..away..from..PARADISE.
 Just a car and some gas..and anyone can be in paradise where i live..
is it any wonder at one point there are more churches per square mile
than any locality in the world..per Guinness World Record book..
yes..there is more proof of GOD where i live..
than most places in the World….relatively speaking..of course…
I wanna that i have new
and am RE-tired.. ALL ARoUND.. DANCING 
ALL OVER this country..taking photos..
and blogging about it too.. perhaps coming soon..but is hard.. to leave.. paradise TRUE. YES..IT IS.

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