Culture is the Virus

i can remember
long ago..
I am really special
and so much better
than all the other animals
with my air-conditioning..
hot water heater..
and grocery stores
that provide all I want to eat…
And then i got older..
and weaker..
and tired..
and stressed out..
and eventually fell apart..
and almost died
and wondered..
what it in the world went wrong..
it used to seem so easy to live…
the thing about culture is..
it is very deceiving..
an advancement
over years past..
But no..
in my experience now
it is anything but that..
In fact..
in my experience now..
culture is like a virus..
humans are not.
In traveling
to the earth
from space
as one moves in
and sees the cancer
of technology driven by products
of human culture..
originally derived
from our ability
for complex language..
recording knowledge..
collecting knowledge..
and sharing it..
the answer is clear..
as it is for astronauts
who first return
to earth..
and see the truth
of what culture does..
not human beings
alone by far…
The answer is this..
Human beings are not evolved
to live in social groups as large as they do now..
Culture is the adaptation to an inherently insane way of living…
Does it work..
but sadly and illusory not well at all
for the average individual..
to even gain simple homeostasis
that most animals can and do easily attain
on a day to day basis..
after the rigors
of gaining subsistence
are done for now.
We are only as advanced as we feel
day to day
in the only reality that is now…
And what separates us
from just the basic reality
of animal homeostasis
that animals so easily gain..
however requiring a text book
for some humans to gain
in meditation..
and other ways
to escape the trap
of complex language
and culture..
is true sanity…
A kiss if one wills..
Keep it simple stupid…
To be clear that is a metaphor..
it is not directed at anyone here at all…
But I’m not too stupid to admit
that my life for decades was crazy..
to try to be so dam smart
in the intellectual way..
And so dam dum at the expense
of being free…
i learn from real
enlightened beings..
in wild life..
yes in nature free..
than ever from a book..
or any other illusory way of life..
beyond nature true..
The illusion is that culture makes us special..
for the most part no..
in my opinion culture is the virus..
and the animal who is human..
is not a bad fellow at all..
at core
of what it truly means

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